Join our big online protest urging Kharkiv to comply with our stray dog agreement

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Join our big online protest urging Kharkiv to comply with our stray dog  agreement

FOUR PAWS is initiating a large-scale online protest urging the City of Kharkiv to accept FOUR PAWS’ conditions for the stray dog project: People can send our protest email to the Ukrainian authorities to convince Kharkiv that a humane solution for the stray dog project needs to be realized and the killing of dogs has to be stopped.

FOUR PAWS has already been implementing the project successfully in other Ukrainian cities.

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Ukraine launches program to sterilize stray dogs before Euro 2012

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Following a storm of protest by animal rights activists over the culling of stray dogs, done to tidy the streets of Kiev prior to the Euro 2012 football tournament, a dog sterilization program has been launched.

Street cleaning squads, sent to tidy the streets of Kiev before the arrival of international fans, were killing stray dogs, provoking outrage from animal rights groups. According to the London Evening Standard activists reported dogs were being poisoned, incinerated alive, and hanged, with more than 12,000 animals slaughtered in Kiev in the last year.

The charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) drew attention to the issue last year, urging the Union of European Football Associations to become involved. PETA’s campaign resulted in German footballplayers joining in demands that the city use humane methods to deal with the problem of stray dogs.

Naharnet reports that the animal rights activists have now succeeded in their demands for more humane methods to be used as a program of sterilization is launched. Vier Pfoten (Four Paws) is launching programs in Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv and Donetsk, each of which will host matches in the football tournament.

Four Paws representative Nicolas Entrup said “The idea here is to use the atmosphere, the world’s focus and the European championship to develop something very, very long term.”

He added “Our ambition is here to provide a positive solution, a positive program where people work together with animal welfare, activists as well as veterinary experts. It’s a positive program to stop the killing of stray dogs, to decline their population, so the relation between people and animals can flourish and be positive.”

Some locals remain worried that sterilized stray dogs may still attack people. Katya Gorchinska, the victim of a dog bite, said “Sterilization is all well and good, but dogs don’t use their genitals to bite you.”

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Stray dogs of Kiev rounded up and slaughtered for making Kiev look untidy for Euro 2012

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01 June 2012

 Stray dogs are being rounded up and killed in the run up to Euro 2012 so that Ukraine can look spick and span for visiting foreign football teams and supporters.

Campaign: a dog sits beside a poster during a protest by animal rights campaigners against plans to put stray dogs to death

Animal rights activists found animals were being shot, poisoned and hanged by “street cleaning” squads — with some even being taken to crematoriums and feared incinerated alive.

The slaughter, which in the last year is believed to have resulted in the death of more than 12,000 animals in Kiev alone, is allegedly continuing despite government promises to end the barbaric practice and build animal shelters.

Tamara Tarnavska, of local charity SOS Animals, said that these public pledges meant nothing as her network of investigators were still finding daily cases of stray dogs being culled.

“In Kiev they are poisoning them, and some are even shot,” she said. “The poison can take up to six hours to kill the animals so we believe some are very possibly being taken to crematoriums and burnt while not yet dead.

“I challenged the Mayor of Kiev and he admitted some people were still killing strays. Outside the capital the situation is even worse. Last year in Lisichansk there were mobile incinerators roaming the streets.”

Ukraine, which is co-hosting Euro 2012 with Poland, has spent £6.6 billion preparing for the tournament. The animal rights charity Peta, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, found the dog-killing programme was focused on the four cities hosting matches, with approximately 7,000  allegedly being killed in Donetsk alone.

Dogs not immediately killed were being taken to the municipal animal shelters and left to languish in ramshackle enclosures with no protection from the elements, the group’s German branch announced this month.

Rounded up: these are some of the lucky dogs as volunteers save them from the ‘hit squads’ patrolling the streets of Kiev

Ukraine is spending hundreds of millions of euros building shiny new stadiums but it’s the dogs on the streets who are paying the ultimate price for the country to play host to Euro 2012 matches,” a Peta spokesman warned.

But one international animal welfare organisation is attempting to help the dogs.

A convoy of 11 animal rescue vehicles from the Four Paws organisation arrived in the city in March with a group made up of vets and activists from more than 12 countries.

The team is working in mobile clinics to carry out a wide scale neutering and vaccination programme for the strays.

Dogs that are neutered are also given vaccinations, anti-parasite treatment and health checks.

Ukraine’s environment minister announced a ban on the further killing of dogs following a campaign by animal activists against the practice at the end of last year.

He subsequently pledged £2.5 million to build 200 new shelters to house the country’s estimated 500,000 strays as well as a four-month sterilisation programme.

SOS Animals said it had never received the sum promised to its shelter and reported there had been no sign of the sterilisation programme being instigated. It is claimed dead dogs’ coats are made into hats and their bones ground down for animal feed.

The Ukrainian government said it was seeking ways to enforce the moratorium on dog killing and has warned that city mayors who disobey the directive will be punished.

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