Preteens Accused of Animal Cruelty on House Arrest

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“I hope & pray the judge will come down heavy on these little shit heads, if they have the mind-set to do that now, what are they going to be like when their in their late teens…it will be kids or the elderly…if this isn’t nipped in the bud now!”

LAS VEGAS Two 11-year-olds accused of animal cruelty that led to the death of six kittens appeared in Clark County Family Court Monday afternoon.

A judge ordered house arrest for the boys. They are required to wear ankle monitoring until Oct. 30 when the judge will decide if the case will go to trial. “IT must go to trial to get these psycho’s off the streets until they understand the ramifications of their actions”

The boys were caught after neighbours told police they saw them throwing rocks against a building in the area of the 9600 block of West Russell Road in the southwest Las Vegas valley.

It was later discovered they were…

throwing the rocks at a cat giving birth.

The pre-teens each face seven counts of animal cruelty.

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Kittens killed in arson attack on house in Wigan

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Four feral kittens died after an arson attack at an empty house.

They were killed along with their mother at the property on Larkhill Avenue, Wigan, at around 9.30pm last night.

Police are investigating reports that two men were seen to break in before the fire started in the living room.

The kittens, who were just days old, were taken by an RSPCA officer to Greater Manchester Animal Hospital, but their condition deteriorated and they were put to sleep.

A joint police and fire service probe is under-way.

“If anyone knows who did this, please contact the police, killing animals is a crime & those who commit such an act must be punished before they turn their evil ways towards children or adults!”

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Video just obtained of kitten torture by Philadelphia restaurant owner

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A restaurant owner in the Logan section of Philadelphia was arrested and charged on Thursday with multiple counts of animal cruelty after Police observed the actions on video.

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Man caught on camera abusing kittens

The Pennsylvania SPCA was alerted to the situation by Philadelphia Police who were investigating another situation in the area.

While reviewing surveillance tapes of the property, the police discovered footage of the man, believed to be the business owner, intentionally harming the cats in the back alley, according to George Bengal, head of Humane Law Enforcement for the Pennsylvania SPCA.

“The images caught on the tape were extremely disturbing,” said Bengal. “He was swinging the cats by their tails and throwing them around and other acts of cruelty.”

SPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement Department arrested 25 year old Yu Zhen Chen , at the Red Star restaurant on the 4900 block of Old York Road charging him four misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty of the first degree and four summary counts for torturing four kittens earlier this week.

After executing a search warrant the mother cat and 2 of the kittens as seen on the tape were brought to safety at the PSPCA headquarters in Philadelphia.

The cats have been named Carmella, Sonic, and Eko by PSPCA staff members.

Additional charges are pending.

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