UPDATE: Justice, The Dog Set On Fire, Receives No Justice

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Update August 21, 2013 10:35 a.m:Since the District Attorney‘s office is considering an appeal, the petition asking for the maximum sentence (link is below) has been reopened for signatures.

In April, 2012, an 18-year-old man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.Darius Ewing poured lighter fluid on a four-month-old puppy, then flicked a lit cigarette at him. The police report stated that a group of people watched and laughed as Ewing threw his lit cigarette at the dog.

Darius Ewing

The Labrador puppy suffered from third degree burns on more than 70 percent of his body. His poor little body could not handle it, and ten days after being set on fire, the puppy died.

The puppy was named “Justice” by his rescuers, DFW Rescue Me, since that is what they hoped he would get.

But that does not seem to be the case.

The man who lit Justice on fire, Darius Ewing, pleaded guilty to one count of felony animal cruelty. Ewing entered a plea on Tuesday, agreeing to a five-year sentence. The judge on the case, Larry Mitchell, reduced his sentence to two years. WFFA.com reports that the judge “lowered it to two years, saying prosecutors failed to prove that a ‘deadly weapon’ was used.”

Three others also pleaded guilty to one count each of felony animal cruelty. Darius Carey, 25, was sentenced to two years in jail. Richard Valentine, 25, and Adrian Ayers, 21, each received 15 months in jail.

Ayers, Carey, Ewing

In Texas, State Jail Felonies are punishable with a fine of up to $10,000 and/or a jail sentence of up to 10 years.

Jonnie England of the Texas Humane Alliance says all who were present for sentencing in the courtroom were shocked. “There was just no justice for Justice here today,” England said.

Prosecutors are considering an appeal for Ewing’s case.

Animal advocate group Hand4Paws wrote a petition asking that Darius Ewing receive the maximum sentence. The petition received over 37,000 signatures. The petition was sent to the judge on the case, Larry Mitchell.

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/justice-the-dog-set-on-fire-receives-no-justice?cid=PROD-redesign-right-next

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Firestone man, 73, sentenced to 9 1/2 years in dogs’ deaths, witness intimidation

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Posted on behalf of mum!

GREELEY — A Weld District judge sentenced a 73-year-old Firestone man to 9 1/2 years in prison for the 2011 fatal poisonings of his neighbor’s two dogs and subsequent intimidation of a witness in the case.

Joseph Losinski appears for sentencing on Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012, at Weld County District Court in Greeley

Joseph Losinski pleaded guilty to one count of felony aggravated cruelty to animals and one count of intimidating a victim or witness, also a felony, in October. Weld District Judge Todd Taylor said Losinski failed to take responsibility for the crimes and would be a risk to the community if not incarcerated.

The sentence came after the judge listened to arguments that Losinski had so terrorized his neighbors in Firestone that many armed themselves and had installed security cameras.

“This offense seemed to be motivated by cruelty and some sort of sadistic pleasure in causing harm to the dogs and ultimately to their owners, and that is a grave offense,” Taylor said. “That hurts people, that hurts the community, and it is as real as any other crime.”

Losinski fed strychnine-laced meatballs to his neighbors’ dogs — Dozer Boy, a chocolate Labrador; and Kyera, a German shepherd — on Aug. 8, 2011, while they were in their own backyard, according to police reports. Both dogs died. Police reported that the dogs were found about 20 minutes after they had been allowed outside at the home on the 500 block of Fifth Street. Losinski and his neighbors share a fence line.

Losinski used an Alford plea in the case, which means he acknowledged that there was enough evidence to convict him at trial but that he maintained his innocence, according to Weld County District Attorney spokesman Heath Montgomery. The Alford plea is still a guilty plea, he noted.

Losinski and his wife moved to Firestone from Minnesota a few months before Travis and Tesla Dougherty’s dogs were poisoned. The couple had moved in next door only two weeks prior to their dogs’ deaths.

Photos of the crime scene shown in court showed that the dogs died with their muzzles nestled close.

From left: Dog owners Travis and Tesla Dougherty fight to hold back their emotions while listening to statements at the Joseph Losinski sentencing, Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012, at Weld County District Court in Greeley

Tesla Dougherty said she found the dogs just before Kyera died. She said the dog tried to comfort her even as she died.

Defense attorney Jeffrey Larson said he is client did not kill the dogs and took the plea agreement only to put the case behind him. He said Losinski suffered from cancer and that his wife is entirely dependent on him.

“To incarcerate Mr. Losinski would surely be a death sentence in this case,” he told the judge.

Taylor sentenced Losinski to 18 months in prison for felony aggravated animal cruelty and eight years for felony intimidation of a witness. Taylor said the sentences are to run consecutively because the crimes were distinct and involved different victims.

Court records from 2010 show that a restraining order was filed against Losinski by one of his neighbors in Minnesota. The neighbor told police that Losinski once told him that he used poisoned meat to kill animals on his property. The neighbor also said his cat went missing shortly after he filed harassment charges.

Prosecutor Jennifer Hill argued that Losinski was terrorizing his Firestone neighbors just as his former Minnesota neighbors said he terrorized them. His former neighbors believed he poisoned animals and tossed the bodies of slaughtered animals in their yards after disputes. She said investigators found Internet postings in which Losinski offered instructions on poisoning animals and how to fake innocence.

Taylor said he did not have much hope for Losinski rehabilitating.

Losinski also sent a threatening letter to a neighbor of the Doughertys who was a witness in the case, according to the Weld County District Attorney’s Office

News Link:-http://www.dailycamera.com/ci_22179048/firestone-man-73-sentenced-dogs-deaths-joseph-losinski?source=most_viewed


Hundred people bring pets to Wausau courthouse during animal cruelty trial

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– About 100 people brought their pets to the courthouse in Wausau yesterday – the same day a woman appeared in court for the torturing-and-death of her boyfriend’s dog.

The case of 20-year-old Sean Janas of Wausau has attracted international publicity.

WAUSAU – About 100 people brought their pets to the courthouse in Wausau yesterday – the same day a woman appeared in court for the torturing-and-death of her boyfriend’s dog.

Prosecutors said she wrote in a diary about enjoying how four-year-old Mary – a German shepherd and Labrador mix – was suffering. Officials said Janas poisoned Mary to death in June. Yesterday, Janas was ordered to stand trial after she waived her right to a preliminary hearing in Marathon County Circuit Court. She’s expected to enter pleas November 12th to charges of animal mistreatment, poisoning an animal, and obstructing police.

Yesterday’s pet demonstration was called the “March for Mary.” Stacy Cole of Wausau radio station WIFC has been making people aware of the dog’s plight – and she says people from around the world are asking the defendant be fully punished. And t they’re also asking for tougher anti-cruelty laws. Almost 50,000 people have signed online petitions in support of the dog that was killed. Prosecutor Lamont Jacobson said he has received thousands of e-mails saying the same thing.

News Link:http://www.piercecountyherald.com/event/article/id/49154/

Arrest Over Second Seizure Of Pups

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A 46-year-old man has been arrested at Dublin Port after the search of a van led to the discovery of 56 puppies.

Image from Sky News

This is the second foiled attempt this week to traffic a large number of puppies bred in illegal Irish puppy farms to the UK.

The dogs have been cared for by the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) since their discovery on Thursday.

The animal welfare organisation said this brought the total number of pups seized to 92 in just three days.

The latest discovery includes mainly small breeds, aged between six and 10 weeks.

Gardaí have since released the suspect, pending further enquiries.DSCPA chief executive Brian Gillen is warning people buying a puppy to be vigilant against trafficking.

This second seizure in a week has to make people aware of the problems of buying from an unreliable source.“Do not buy from the boot of a car or a van and always arrange to meet the puppy with its parents at the breeders home – the conditions the mother is living in is a good indication of the health and welfare of the animals.”

On Tuesday afternoon, gardaí uncovered 36 animals in two cars in the Coolock area of Dublin.

Twenty-five Jack Russells and a number of other breeds including Cocker and Springer Spaniels, Terriers, Beagles and Labradors were found inside boxes in the back of the vehicles, which were stopped on the Old Malahide Road

Two men arrested in connection with animal cruelty were subsequently released

News Link:http://www.u.tv/News/Arrest-over-second-seizure-of-pups/08af7242-e145-4eb3-a263-57b079e47397

Abused and abandoned puppy found with hind legs broken

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“OMG…Watch the video…what is wrong with the world, again, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not kids that did it…my heart breaks for this precious little angel. I hope those who did it are caught & beaten with plywood or a baseball bat…see how they like it.!! You have no idea how hard it is for me not to type what I really want to type about the scum bag that did this…but then, if your anything like me…hopefully you do, because you would type the same. I will try to get updates on this, or if others get them, please post a copy to me, thanks!!”

SAN ANTONIO—An abused puppy was discovered abandoned in the woods, with both hind legs broken. Animal specialists believe that the dog might have been hit with a baseball bat.

San Antonio Pets Alive, a nonprofit group, is now trying to save the life of the five-month-old Labrador and Shar-Pei mix.

Havana” was found sitting in the woods by a park ranger who brought her to San Antonio Animal Care Services.
When she arrived, she was barely able to move around and had to balance all of her weight on her two front legs.
X-rays revealed that she had two broken knees, and that she will need surgery to correct them. The surgery is expected to cost over $1,000 per leg.
But now, the animal is receiving a second chance at life.
Dr. Susan Isreal with South Texas Veterinary Specialists has agreed to do the surgery pro bono.
Isreal says the bones in Havana’s back legs are severely displaced and have already started to heal incorrectly.
She and her medical team will use pins to correct the problem so that the puppy will be able to go on and have a normal and happy life. Havanah’s surgery is scheduled for Friday morning.

Left for dead in Tracy ditch, pup now looking for a home

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“OMG…wouldn’t surprise me if this was done by kids…unfortunately some parents aren’t fit to have children! Their behavior can manifest itself through to the child, who then doesn’t know how to deal with the things they have seen or felt; thus they take their rage out on defenseless animals or smaller kids etc Please if anyone know’s anything, contact the local police!!”

TRACY Larry the puppy had a bad start on life. Found in a Tracy ditch last month, he had been abused, his right eye poked out, and was left in the dirt to die.

But the Labrador pup is resilient, and after being treated for his injuries, is now looking for a new home.

“Our foundation was contacted after an anonymous good Samaritan found the puppy and took him to the local animal shelter,” said Larry Hite, founder of the Noah’s Ark Foundation.

“Seeing his injury, shelter staff took him to the local vet and that’s when we got the call. When I saw him I knew I couldn’t walk away. I felt so sorry for the little guy that I ended up paying most of his vet bills out of my own pocket,” Hite said. “His right eye could not be saved.

The pup was nicknamed Larry after Larry Hite, both of whom are blind in their right eye.

Noah’s Ark, a non-profit, was formed by Hite, a Tracy resident, in January. The goal of the foundation is to rescue sick or injured animals and be able to cover their medical costs. The average surgical cost for a dog could run $600 to $800, and in one case it was upwards of $1,000,” Hite said.

The foundation has helped both dogs and cats in multiple cities including Dublin, Brentwood, Tracy and Stockton. It has also been featured on the morning news show “Good Day Sacramento.”

After surgery, the pup was placed in the care of Sharon Silbert, a member of Noah’s Ark.

“Larry is just a love,” she

said. “He gets along great with other dogs and even cats. He has a mellow personality, which is rare for a puppy. He’s very playful, housebroken and has manners. Who ever gets him is going to get a wonderful dog.”

This past week, Larry traveled to Dublin where he will remain in foster care with Tri-Valley Animal Rescue until a home can be found for him. Larry is current on his shots and has also been micro-chipped.

“He has so much energy and loves to play,” said Chris Stein who is now fostering the injured puppy. “When you watch him play you realize that he doesn’t even know he had this injury. And, on top of that, he is highly intelligent.”

Stein plans to bring Larry, recently re-named Raider, to their pet adoption fair which is held Saturdays in downtown Pleasanton at the Farmer’s Market. For information on adopting him, call Stein at 925-461-4347.

News Link:http://www.contracostatimes.com/bay-area-news/ci_21176512/left-dead-tracy-ditch-pup-now-looking-home

Arrests made in dog death

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“Stupid & ignorant, I hope they get charged, make an example of them & warn others about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars!!”

Charges were pending Sunday after a brown Labrador was found dead in a car parked at the Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre in Vaughan.

York Regional Police arrested a man and woman from Northern Ontario after the discovery around 2 p.m. The couple were returning from Woofstock — a dog oriented event — in Toronto.

A shopper noticed the dog in the car and informed mall security, who in turn dialled 9-1-1. The dog was in distress as the window was barely open a crack, Insp. Shelley Rogers said.

“My truck thermometer was registering 34C,” she said. “And that’s in a cooled down truck.”

The car was parked in an area with no shade. Police believe the dog was in the car for at least two hours before a passerby noticed.

The dog was alive and fading quickly when security was called. It was still alive as firefighters tried to give it water through the window crack and used their tools to open the window further. The dog went unconscious in the car as efforts were still underway to get it out.

The dog’s owners came out to the car and were taken into custody.

Even 10 minutes is too long to leave a dog in the car on a hot day, she said, adding that the largest penalty a judge could issue for cruelty to animals is $2,000 and/or six months in jail.

News Link:-http://www.lfpress.com/news/canada/2012/06/10/19860931.html

Genetic tests prove animal was Labrador Wolf

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It turns out it wasn’t a coyote after all. After much debate, genetic tests have established than an animal killed on the Bonavista Peninsula was actually a Labrador Wolf.

Watch the video:-http://ntv.ca/?p=2610

Phoenix man arrested on animal-cruelty charge

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A man suspected of animal cruelty was arrested Friday morning after police witnessed him throw large rocks and pieces of concrete wall at his dog, according to the Phoenix Police Department.

Police said Omar Beltran Nunez, 32, told them he was punishing his 3-year-old, Lab-shepherd mix, Oso, for running away the night before.

Police received a call around 10 a.m. saying a yelping, barking dog could be heard from the backyard of a home near the 5600 block of West Lewis Avenue.

When officers arrived on scene, they heard loud banging sounds in addition to a dog’s cries.

An officer jumped onto a fence to look into the yard and saw Nunez throwing rocks at Oso “like a baseball pitcher,” said Sgt. Tommy Thompson, a Phoenix police spokesman.

The officer also saw a rock hit the dog.

The dog tried to move away, but the police officer said Oso was tied to two tires with a piece of wire.

Police said Nunez ignored the officer’s orders to stop and swung a shovel at the dog. He eventually threw the shovel down and went back into his home.

When police tried to speak to Nunez, they said he initially refused to open his front door. However, after several minutes, he eventually came out of his house and was arrested.

Thompson said Nunez put up a struggle.

He was booked on suspicion of one count of animal cruelty, which is a felony.

Nunez had several misdemeanor warrants for his arrest.

Oso was turned over to the Arizona Humane Society.

Animal cruelty charges against South Jersey woman

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“OMG…This makes me so angry & so very sad, I don’t mind saying I cried when I saw his picture…I want to scream “how could you” at the person who did this…heartless doesn’t seem the right word, stupid & ignorant seem more fitting! Surely this deserves jail time, if not this, how bad does it have to be??”

Hercules was barely a dog anymore, confined and forgotten in a Gloucester County basement like a box of dusty, old toys.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Roxanne Notaro’s chocolate Lab “Little” had food, warmth, and love.

Officials with the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals say it’s a miracle Hercules, an American bulldog, is alive after police officers found him locked in a small crate, covered in feces, urine and fleas in the basement of Notaro’s home on Vassar Road in the Wenonah last week.

Hercules weighed 38 pounds.

“He was literally skin and bones with little or no muscle mass,” NJSPCA spokesman Matt Stanton said in a news release.

The NJSPCA filed six counts of animal cruelty against Notaro in Deptford Township Municipal Court on Monday, including one charge for the condition of a cat found living upstairs in Notaro’s home. The cat had to be euthanized, Stanton said.

Officials were surprised to find a chocolate lab living upstairs in good weight and health, except for fleas. Stanton said Notaro offered no explanation why she cared for the Lab, named Little, but not Hercules. She signed the Lab over to the NJSPCA

“It is very difficult to comprehend how a person starves one dog in basement and feeds another upstairs,” Stanton wrote.

Notaro could no be reached for comment Tuesday, but a picture of her “beloved” cat and Labrador was on her Facebook page. She expressed grief on her Facebook wall that the chocolate Lab was gone.

“Little no matter what went on we will always love you,” Notaro wrote this morning.

Stanton said Hercules was anemic and could not stand on his own when animal control officers removed him. He is being treated at the Delaware Valley Veterinary Hospital, where he will undergo surgery to his elbow once he regains weight. The NJSPCA will be accepting donations for Hercules’ medical care at www.njspca.org.

Contact Jason Nark at 215-854-5916 or narkj@phillynews.com, or follow on Twitter @JasonNark.

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