URGENT PETITION…PLEASE sign and share with everyone:-
31 bulls stuck at the Bulgaria/Turkish border…been in transport truck since set off on Nov 20th. Not allowed to unload. (Video on the petition page, no longer viewable). No animal deserves to suffer like this, regardless of whether they are meant for slaughter or not. Please help them!


This petition was started by Occupy for Animals on December 1, 2012.

For more information on this petition, please visit: http://www.occupyforanimals.org/truck-with-31-bulls-stranded-at-the-bulgariaturkey-border.html

A livestock truck with 31 bulls from Latvia is stuck at the border between Bulgaria and Turkey aiming to take the animals to slaughterhouses in Iraq.

The truck does not have a required document allowing transit via Turkey and so has been stuck at the border since 04:00 on 24 November. The animals have been on board the truck without being unloaded for this entire period.

The latest report from the border, according to Compassion in World Farming, confirms that the truck is still stuck at the border. The Turkish authorities will not allow the bulls to enter Turkey. The Bulgarian authorities will not allow the bulls to re-enter Bulgaria because the truck has been on the Turkish side of the border and the Bulgarian authorities say that certain infectious diseases such as foot-and-mouth are endemic in Turkey.

The bulls were loaded on the 20 November in Latvia and have already been transported for over 2,000 km. Another 2000 km are still ahead of the animals until they reach the Iraqi border – if they are eventually allowed to continue the journey.

Please sign this petition to send an instant message to EU-Commissioner Dr Tonio Borg, asking him to get in touch with the Bulgarian and Turkish authorities to resolve this disastrous situation and to allow the bulls to re-enter the EU and to be taken to proper facilities where they can be given rest, food, water and veterinary care.

A copy of your email will be sent to Mr Erler from the European Parliament‘s Intergroup on the Welfare and Conversation of Animals, and Mrs Erminia Mazzoni, Chair of the Committee on Petitions at the European Parliament

Please circulate this to everyone you know, the bulls are counting on our compassion to save them…please; lets not let them down!