Police Investigate Turkey Tossed, Killed At Frat Party. Petition to sign

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LAWRENCE, Kan. –Lawrence Police are investigating the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity at Kansas University after responding to a call of animal abuse.

According to two members of a Kansas City-based jazz band, who played at the Beta Theta Pi house during a winter formal on Friday night, fraternity members tossed a turkey around and handled it “like a rag doll,” until the animal died.Turkey

“Someone threw it like a football in the ballroom,” band member Chad Boydston said. “The turkey was running for its life — gobbling — and feathers were everywhere.”

Boydston and fellow band member Lisa McKenzie said they asked multiple times for the torture to stop.

“They said ‘No, it’s our turkey and we can do what we want’,” McKenzie said.

The band members guessed there were close to 200 people at the party and plenty of adults, yetnothing was done, according to Boydston.

“Out of all of these adults, including alumni, no one said anything,” he said.

McKenzie said she called police after seeing one fraternity member break the turkey’s neck on the front porch. Today the front steps to the house have feathers scattered about.

Lawrence police released a statement today about the case.

“On December 14, 2012 at 10:46pm officers from the Lawrence Police Department responded to the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, 1425 Tennessee Street, in regards to a cruelty to animals situation.  Officers determined the fraternity had a live turkey in a cage during a party at the house.  The animal had allegedly been poked by individuals through the cage and heckled during the evening.  At some point the turkey was freed from the cage.  Witnesses report the animal being chased and abused by several individuals present at the party, seriously injuring the animal.  One individual allegedly then killed the turkey, stating he did so to end its suffering.

Officers took statements from several individuals and prepared an offense report for Cruelty to Animals, case #02-12-15989.  The case will be forwarded to the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office for charging consideration once the investigation is complete.”

No one answered the door at the Beta house on Monday, students are on break. The national Beta chapter says it is aware of the allegations and is working with the local chapter and KU to find out what happened.

The university released a statement late Monday afternoon in response to calls for comment.

“A case of possible animal cruelty at a KU fraternity is under investigation by the Lawrence Police Department, the fraternity national chapter and the KU Interfraternity Council. The university expects anyone with information about this incident to cooperate fully.  Behaviour such as that reported is reprehensible and is not what KU would expect from its students.”

No arrests have been made, the investigation is ongoing. Once it is finished it’s up to the prosecutor to determine if charges will be made.

On Tuesday, December 18, the national chapter of the Beta Theta Pi suspended the Kansas University chapter indefinitely.

News Link:-http://fox4kc.com/2012/12/17/police-investigate-turkey-tossed-killed-at-frat-party/

Please sign petition here:-http://www.thepetitionsite.com/706/339/099/justice-for-turkey-tortured-to-death-at-party/

UPDATE: Guilty Pleas for Men Charged in Dog Stabbings

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“The laws related to crimes like this need to be raised to felony charges! 7 months for their brutal attack is pathetic! When someone has purposefully & intentionally killed an animal without any provocation…what does that say about their state of mind? Will they have forgotten all about it in 7 months…No…likely to do something like this again..YES…but they will make sure they are undetected next time. Look at the anger, the evil in their eye’s…watch out for these names in the future, they have a mean streak, they will offend again!” 

UPDATE 9/13/12 @ 11:20 a.m.
LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) — “This is the meanest act I’ve ever seen,” were the words of Judge Oakley Clark Collins Jr. just before sentencing the two men who pleaded guilty to stabbing and slitting the throats of two dogs.

Jonathan Jiles, 20, of Pedro, and Brian Sharp, 20, of Pedro, pleaded guilty to prohibition concerning companion animals and criminal trespassing during a hearing in Ironton Municipal court Thursday morning.

Each man was sentenced to seven months in the county jail, three years probation and fined $1,200. They must also pay restitution of $800 to the dog’s owner and can’t own a penned animal for three years.

The dog’s owners, Josie and Michael Scythes, found “Bubba” and “Bear” stabbed to death in the front yard of their home in Pedro last month.

Sheriff Lawless says following their arrest, both men admitted to their involvement in the stabbings and said they were drunk at the time. They also said they did not target the owners of the dogs.

Both Jiles and Sharp told the court they were sorry for what they did but the dog’s owner said they wish more could be done in cases like this.

“I just couldn’t believe why they would do something like this. Why they would want to do it. I’m very pleased they got the max the law would allow for such a brutal act. It should be considered a felony,” said Josie Scytes.
UPDATE 8/30/12 @ 9:10 a.m.
LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) – A second person has been arrested in connection with the stabbing deaths of two dogs in Lawrence County, Ohio.

Sheriff Jeff Lawless says Jonathan Jiles, 20, of Pedro, was arrested Wednesday night. Brian Sharp, 20, of Pedro, was arrested Monday night.

Sheriff Lawless says both men admitted to their involvement in the stabbings and said they were drunk at the time. They also said they did not target the owners of the dogs.

The two dogs were found stabbed death in the front yard of a home in Pedro early Saturday morning.

Both men are charged with prohibition concerning companion animals. They are also charged with criminal trespassing.

When it came to choosing a charge, Lawless tells WSAZ.com that “When you have a crime like this, where people have targeted these innocent animals, we wanted to go after them. And as we looked at the statutes that would govern this for the Ohio Revised Code, cruelty to animals is certainly a charge that would stick so we wanted to research to see if there was something that was a little more stringent because we felt like the nature of the crime warranted a little bit more. So we were able to come up with a prohibition concerning companion animals charge.”

The charge is a misdemeanor one, compared to cruelty to animals being a misdemeanor two. The prohibition charge has a stiffer jail punishment.

The men face six months in jail if they are convicted.

ORIGINAL STORY 8/27/12 @ 12:30 p.m.
LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) — A family from Lawrence County, Ohio is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who can help find the person who stabbed their two dogs to death over the weekend.

Josie Scythes says it happened sometime early Saturday morning outside her home in the 300 block of State Route 373 in Pedro.

She and her husband found their two dogs with multiple stab wounds and their throats slit.

“I just don’t understand what kind of a person could do this to an innocent animal,” Scythes said. “And if they can do this, what’s next? Somebody’s kid?”

Scythes is asking anyone with any information to contact the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office. If a tip leads to an arrest, she is offering a $1,000 reward.

News Link:-http://www.wsaz.com/news/headlines/Family-Offers-Reward-after-Dogs-were-Stabbed-to-Death-167566755.html


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