“Shooting Star” by Sinthya Somorra – Video Tribute – Dog Shot By NYPD

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“Video about the dog named Star, who was shot by NYPD police;  she is alive & well. I really hope this girl finds a warm loving & caring family, someone who will love Star the way she loved her previous owner. There is nothing vicious about a dog protecting the person she loves; had the dog been a Chihuahua, things would have been very different!”

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Star was shot by an NYPD officer in August 2012 while trying to protect her owner, a homeless man who had passed out on the street, as police approached him. She suffered soft tissue, bone, neurological, and eye damage from the gunshot to her mouth. 

She was brought to Animal Care & Control of NYC, which took care of her during the required waiting period. Her owner relinquished her to AC&C, at which point Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists was able to perform the necessary surgeries to remove her damaged left eye, remove metal fragments, and reconstruct the bone and soft tissue injuries to her head. The surgeries were paid for by a generous donation to AC&C’s STAR Fund (name unrelated to Star’s name). When she had recovered from surgery, she was transferred to the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, which transported her on its Wheels of Hope van to a rehab facility, where she will live until she is fully healed and ready for adoption. The Lexus Project assisted in Star’s excellent care.

To pitch in toward Star’s rehab care, make a secure online donation and mention “Star Recovery Fund” in the designation:http://www.AnimalAllianceNYC.org/donate. Thank you for your generosity!

Video produced independently by Sinthya Somorra. Thanks, Sinthya, for your dedication to Star’s cause!

Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

Wheels of Hope of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

Animal Care & Control of NYC (AC&C)

Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists

The Lexus Project

Star’s photo album





10-day Hold Ends On Star The Dog Shot By NYPD – Public Concern Continues

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“Thank goodness for this story, as I was going crazy trying to find out if the dog was actually killed at the scene or was taken to hospital…all reports at the time were conflicting, as I wrote in the original article below! I understand the cops were scared of the dog, but you don’t provoke it by kicking its owner…they should have got some chicken or a burger to distract it, while they attended Stankiewicz. Perhaps all the NYPD should have some training to deal with matters like this, so that next time, no guns have to be drawn!”

The 10-day hold ended today for Star the dogthat was shot last week by an NYPD officer and was taken to the NYC Animal Care and Control (ACC).

The end of the 10-day hold means, that if Star’s owner Lech Stankiewicz, did not come forward to claim her, she now becomes the property of ACC.

Star, shot by police

With ACC refusing to give the public regular updates and pictures on Stars progress like most rescues and shelters do; and conflicting reports surfacing on her survival and her emergency care; the public is wondering if this is shaping into a “good old fashion conspiracy.”

In one of the most bazarre stories over an animal case to come out of New York, Star the dog is quickly becoming a drama that should be labeled “the X-file.”

The day of the shooting the New York Observer took a statement from a police source that stated, “The dog died after the officer shot it a single time.” The next dayspokesman for ACC stated the dog is in “stable condition.” The police source was a little less optimistic, though and stated, “Last time we checked, it was still alive, though the prognosis wasn’t very good.

Anne Camperlino Dunleavy Cicchino, just one of the concerned citizens questioning the ACC, stated today, “Has anyone physically seen Star? Cicchino went on to state, “I don’t think anyone has seen her yet, and if she’s supposedly getting medical care at the shelter that in itself concerns me. Not even an attorney from the Lexus project has seen her? Are they going to tell us she didn’t make it but fought hard when they feel things have quieted down because they don’t want us to know now that she is already dead? What is the problem here with someone seeing her?”

Sinthya Sommora another concerned citizen that is trying hard to follow Star’s case, stated, “This has been a strange case, makes you wonder about the things that go bump in the night!”

Sommora went on to state, “Well the 10-day hold is over, so what next? Time to make some noise; we have waited and understood the legal part of this, being Star had a 10 day owner claim hold on her, but now what? Seek and You Shall Find!”

Sommora and Cicchino’s comments seem to sum up the public’s questions surrounding Star’s case.

The ACC’s silence and lack of proof of Star’s survival is making this a conspiracy in the public’s eye that could make it into an episode of the X-files; it is leaving them with the impression “I want to believe,” but the public wants “the truth.”

More Examiner articles : snippets from each!

The gun shot heard across the web-the shooting of Star the dog

East Village, NY, Lech Stankiewicz 29, described by his friends as a drifter from Poland, adopted Star who had been abused, from a local animal shelter. Stankiewicz and Star bonded quickly.

Stankiewicz is a known epileptic which is aggravated by his drug and alcohol use, according to his friends. People in the area knew to leave Stankiewicz alone when he was passed out, because Star is protective and aware of his vulnerable state.

Johnny Rodriguez, who was visiting the Eye and Ear Infirmary nearby, said he and three other people alerted nearby police officers that Stakiewicz was in danger of being hit by traffic. “He was having a seizure, I saw him lying down on the ground and his head was twitching and shaking.”

The two officers who responded, called for backup and walked up to Stakiewicz, when the officers verbal commands failed to arouse Stakiewicz, the officers started lightly kicking him to jar him awake; the officers did not know Stakiewicz was having an epileptic seizure.

Two more officers show up to the scene and assisted in controlling the crowd that was forming.

Instead of calling the ambulance, they started kicking him,” said lower East Side resident Aida Feliciano.

“The homeless guy looked like he was having a seizure, the dog started acting defensive,” said Christian Pimentel, 21. “The dog started barking at the officer.”

“I told one of the cops, “Hey, that dog is growling, be careful, “ Rodriguez stated.

Alejandro Cararubia, 28, who works at a nearby restaurant, saw the shooting. “The dog barked and jumped at the cop. The cop shot her in self-defense,” Cararubia said.

After the officer shot Star in the head, the officer to his left proceeded to pepper spray Star, which caused her screams to intensify.

“Passersby on the block, including small children, began to cry at the sight of the bloodied animal,” Pimentel said.

The dog was just defending her owner and the cops shot her in the head,” said deli clerk Ines Pauling.

“If you kick the dog’s owner, the dog is obviously going to attack,” said Alan Crosby, 40, who saw the attack.

Star laid in the middle of the street with a bullet in her head and pepper spray burning her face and wound for over 10 minutes before a catch pole was placed around her neck and she was forced to her feet.

Stakiewicz received no medical aid for over 10 minute. Not one official came to his aid even after Star was shot.

Stakiewicz and the two officers involved in the, were taken to Bellevue Hospital for minor injuries. The officer received care for Tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Stankiewicz was ultimately arrested on an open warrant charge

Lexus project releases update on Star the dog shot by NYPD

“Lexus project released this statement about Star earlier today; “We know that so many of you are concerned, worried and outraged about Star. This is an update and although I know you want more but please respect this is all we are permitted to say at this time. Star is very much alive and receiving medical care and holding her own. We will update as soon as we are permitted to. Thank you for your support and understanding”

The Lexus project was founded in 2009 after a high prey greyhound named Lexus was declared a vicious dog. Lexus sat on death row in a Rhode Island kill shelter waiting to be put down. Robin Mittasch read her story and asked her husband Richard Rosenthal, an attorney to motion for her release.

The Lexus project is now a law firm for dogs. They provide legal defense on a case by case basis for dogs they believe are improperly or unfairly facing dangerous dog designations or euthanasia.

Questions surround Star the dog shot by NYPD

” The next day, Richard Gentles, a press representative for ACC, told DNA Info.com “The dog is being provided medical care by the ACC and is in a stable condition at this time.”

Sasha Sabbeth, one of the many Star supporters that are concerned about the dog’s welfare and medical treatment, told Examiner, “I have been working fervently along with many others to find pit bull rescues that will assure that she is getting complete proper medical care. Star has had at least one bullet in her head now for five days.

“The rescue, Smilin’ Pit Bull, one of the rescues contacted by Sabbeth, was informed by an ACC contact, that he can’t pick up Star because she is not at ACC. The rescue had been told by his ACC contact that Star had been taken to an offsite clinic in their STAR program.”

When Sabbeth shared this information with her many rescue contacts, their reactions became split to this information. Some animal advocate and rescue groups believe that she is still at ACC and that ACC is using Star for their fundraising agenda depriving Star of the in depth medical care that she needs.

Others animal advocate and rescue groups believe that ACC might have her at an offsite clinic because she is such a high profile dog. “However, if it is true that Star is in an offsite clinic, it does not mean that she is receiving the high level, emergency medical care that she needs.” Sabbeth stated.

In other critical care animal stories, whether from abuse or accident, other shelters, rescues, and vet clinics, gladly share the progress and condition of the animal. With Star, there is suspicious secrecy, lack of cooperation, and insufficient information to make the public, confident that Star is being given every chance to recover from this assault. Sabbeth stated, “I am profoundly concerned, as are many around the country and perhaps the world who watch the news video and experienced the five minutes of unconscionable agony that this dog was forced to endure without help or concern from anyone.”

“I have spent hours, and hours, contacting rescues, police, ASPCA and HSUS, as have many others as we are all looking for Star, attempting to get Star into the right medical hands versus being in the hands of politics and hidden agendas.” Sabbeth told the Examiner, “I feel as though I am wading through a strategy of smoke and mirrors mobilized by ACC with an End Game that is at Star’s expense. I don’t want Star to be another martyr as was the dog, Lennox, in Belfast, Ireland.

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/10-day-hold-ends-on-star-the-dog-and-the-public-concern-continues?cid=db_articles


Top Nevada court grants another stay for dog that killed baby

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CARSON CITY — In another order from the Nevada Supreme Court, the killer dog Onion has received another stay of execution in Henderson.

In one of four appeals regarding the dog that mauled and killed a 1-year-old boy, the court has temporarily prohibited Henderson officials from taking any action against the dog. The ruling overrides other appeal decisions in which the court refused to delay the dog’s death.

Chief Justice Michael Cherry and Justice Mark Gibbons have signed the order granting a temporary stay “until further order of the court.” They said their order is in effect until parties have time to consider any motion opposed to the stay.

The Lexus Project, a New York nonprofit group formed to protect dogs, is waging the legal battle to save the dog and place it in an animal sanctuary in Colorado.

Elizabeth Keller, the dog’s former owner, signed over her 6-year-old, 120-pound Mastiff/Rhodesian mix to animal control in Henderson after it killed her grandson, Jeremiah Eskew-Skahan.

But the Lexus Project says Keller signed ownership to it. Henderson officials maintain they are the rightful owners.

The boy was at his grandmother’s house to celebrate his birthday on April 27 when he crawled toward Onion to pet him. The dog grabbed the boy by his head and started to shake him.

The youngster died at University Medical Center from the injuries.

This case has bounced back and forth between the Supreme Court and Clark County District Judge Joanna Kishner, who last Thursday refused to grant a new stay of execution.

Fate of killer dog discussed with Nevada judge

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“Just got one thing to say, what the hell was a toddler doing on the floor, with a 120 pound mastiff-Rhodesian ridgebackdog???”

LAS VEGAS— The fate of a 120-pound dog that killed a toddler at home in Henderson was being discussed Friday at a meeting involving a Nevada judge, city attorneys and lawyers for a New York-based animal rescue group that wants to send the animal to a sanctuary outside Denver.

Clark County District Court Judge Joanna Kishner was being asked to reconsider a May 11 ruling giving Henderson city officials the go-ahead to euthanize the animal as vicious. Kishner said at the time the Lexus Project didn’t have legal standing to take possession of the 6-year-old mastiff-Rhodesian ridgeback mix named Onion.

No immediate decision was expected Friday on the request, court spokeswoman Mary Ann Price said.

The situation has drawn intense interest and an appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court, which issued an order this week halting any action against the dog pending Kishner’s ruling. The animal is healthy and being kept at an animal control shelter, Henderson police spokesman Keith Paul said.

Henderson officials took ownership of the dog from the child’s grandmother on April 27, minutes after the fatal mauling of the 1-year-old boy. Family members later said the dog reacted suddenly when the toddler grabbed its fur to pull himself to a standing position.

The family later said in a statement that ownership of the dog had been turned over to Henderson animal control officers, and family members would no longer comment on its future.

Rescue group head Robin Mittasch submitted documents to the court saying the grandmother didn’t know what she was signing when she gave up ownership to the city, and that she wanted the animal to go to the Lexus Project.

Lawyer Kathy McCarthy, representing the Lexus Project, said the grandmother’s move gave the rescue group a legal basis to take the dog.

Kishner didn’t publicly release a time for Friday’s closed-door meeting. Lawyers for the Lexus Project of Oceanside, N.Y., did not respond Thursday and Friday to messages.

News Link:-http://online.wsj.com/article/AP19ba68bc01294a41a160ab531308cda4.html

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