Your help Is Needed Desperately – To Save 2 Horses From Slaughter – Before 23rd March

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“I learnt about this as a members of Care2 – but anyone can do it – Please click everyday”

” ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CLICK 5 TIMES ON THE RED DOT ABOVE THEIR PICTURE….A lot of animals are FED & SAVED doing this simple procedure everyday…if you translate the page you will see other ways to help all the animals – more are listed on the right hand side of the page;you can click 5 times for all the animals, to help save a life”


Please click, text or donate to help save these beautiful horses

This is a translation about Benoit
Benedict has one and it’s a beautiful foal stroke Comtois. Malgrès this, his destiny is to satisfy the appetite of some people … The only way to save her life is to redeem it before it is booked by the butcher. We need everyone’s help to raise the money needed to purchase it so that Benedict can know the happiness of a life in safety, away from the cold corridors of slaughterhouses.

650 euros is the price of rescue Benoit, the price of freedom!

This is a translation about Azia

Azia is a pretty filly seat. She was separated just three months of her mother, for the slaughter. This separation too young, it still has serious consequences: a big not upright at the rear, making it definitelyinmontable. People who had bought the merchant chose to exchange itagainst another foal mountable him. Why does it has been exchanged? Just because of the fact that she was separated from his tiny mother, she now finds itself handicapped. Azia Soback to square one, waiting to take a butcher in his truck. Our association was very touched by his story. We want to offer to redeem a sweet life.
So if like us her story touches you, help us! “580 euros is the price of rescue Azia.
Azia and Benoit comdamnés from the slaughterhouse? It is not inevitableif, again, for these two, the clickers are mobilizing to Actuanimaux byFriday, March 23. 
“I.E. if there have not been enough clicks, texts or donations; these horses will go to slaughter”
“I have tried translating & formatting these pages but it’s not quite right, so the pages may still be in French”
How to get automated mail so you click daily:-
Please CLICK the red circle to click & save:-

“This is why the above is so important to me…Below is “my” beautiful horse Lillia, a 16.2H Gelderland Mare. My daughter just sent it through via IPhone….lol…She doesn’t look too impressed, drying under the heated lamps; after her first shower of the summer…:)”

“I couldn’t bear to think of her having to go to slaughter because I could no longer afford to feed her –  5 clicks isn’t much to help save a life…is it?

Lillia is lame

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My beautiful best friend is lame…..AAaarrrrrggghhhhhh

Vet doesn’t know how she has done it but her right hind hock is like a balloon….so she is on bute & antibiotics for a week, I pray it goes down soon!

Periodontal disease in horses.

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Had to get vet today to see my horse Lillia.  She has periodontal disease (Teeth & gum problems) and today her chin was swollen so taking her to get head X-ray.   If only the previous owner had taken care of her and got her teeth checked twice a year the disease would have been caught and probably have been treatable.  I found out she had it 1 week after buying her…I was foolish and didn’t get her vetted, cos I just fell in love with her.  I think previous owner must have had her slightly sedated because the 3 times I saw her before purchase she was fine with a normal bridle and bit.
Once I got her home that changed, I could see terror in her eyes every time she saw the bridle coming so I knew something was wrong.  I got the  Dentist asap, and after a lot of  sedation so the dentist could get near here mouth, she said her teeth had obviously never been looked at!  Of course I was devastated, my poor horse must have been in agony before I bought her.
Lillia is 15 now, in all those years never having a dentist to check her teeth, has ended up with me footing a large vets bill just short of £1500.  A  lot of work had to be done and teeth pulled,  nothing I could do would change it, all I can do is try to just  keep her pain free.
Apparntly this disease is the number 1 cause of pain in the mouth area, which obvisouly manifests itself as the horse  being difficult, shaking their head, over reaching, trying to get under the bit, bolting….many vices are related to Periodontal disease, yet nobody I talk to (who all have horses) has ever heard of it.
Lillia is and always will be only ever ridden in a bit-less bridle.  I will never put a bit in her mouth again as it would cause her soooo much pain, I hate to think how much she suffered before I bought her, poor thing!!


In fact, the bit-less works just as well as a bitted bridle so i think i will start my little man (Bengie) bit-less.  No point in having nasty metal causing pain in their mouths if there is another product that lets you ride as well, and the bit-less does.  I take her out on hacks through busy traffic, on the beach and not once have I not had complete control over her, and yes her brakes work just fine.
I for one, will never put a metal, bronze, copper or any type of bit in any of my horses mouths ever again…they don’t need it, no horse needs a bit in its mouth to control it.
Finger crossed Lillia will be ok and just a course of antibiotics will do the job,  instead of having to have more teeth pulled. In the future she will have to have more teeth pulled out due to the disease.
So if your horse is acting up in any way, get their teeth checked first and foremost!
Well time for bed, my drugs are kicking in and I’m feeling tired now…TTFNl

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