Another Horrific Case Of Animal Abuse : R.I.P Lilly

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“This makes me so fxxxxxg mad, why have a bloody dog & keep it chained in the basement?? I just don’t understand the mentality of these blatant abusers! Poor Lily, she never even got to know what being loved felt like, which makes me so sad that my tears won’t stop! I wish I could be there for all those animals, whose time has come… just to hug them, hold them close & whisper in their ear that they are loved, even if only for several minutes before their final journey! Lilly’s suffering was so bad, she was put to sleep. I hope she was loved & hugged very closely before her final breath!  R.I.P Lilly; run wild & free now you have crossed Rainbows bridge!

“To all the bastards that do this to countless animals, karma is a bitch, your time will come…just a shame I can’t get there first! For everybody else reading this, if you have a pet, go give them a hug, hugs are great, they fit all sizes…tell them they are loved…to be loved cost’s absolutely nothing!”

CORNWALL, Ontario – Last month a Cornwall couple, Glenn and Angie Nielsen, were found guilty of three charges of animal cruelty under the Ontario SPCA Act.

The charges included permitting distress to an animal; failing to provide adequate and appropriate medical attention and failing to provide for the general welfare of an animal.

On Feb. 8, Ontario SPCA agents attended the residence of the Nielsens after receiving a complaint concerning a beagle-type dog named Lilly. Ontario SPCA Officers found the beagle in the basement in a horrific condition.

Lilly was suffering from bare and irritated red skin, similar to alligator skin, large warts, nails so long they were growing into the pads of her feet, difficultly standing or walking and a strong odour was coming from her.

Ontario SPCA agents issued compliance orders to have Lilly examined by a veterinarian within 24 hours. The orders were not met and the Nielsens surrendered Lilly to the Ontario SPCA.

Lilly was taken directly to a local animal hospital in Cornwall where she was examined by a veterinarian. The dog was found to be severely ill and in immediate distress due to abuse and chronic neglect. The only appropriate course of action was to have Lilly humanely euthanized.

The Nielsens received a two-year probation, a fine of $1,100 and a lifetime ban from living with, caring for, or owning an animal. – Video – Lilly The Hero Dog

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Added On May 9, 2012
Lilly the pit bull is being hailed as a hero after pulling her owner out of the path of a freight train. WCVB reports.

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MSPCA-Angell – Update On Hero Dog Lilly Doing Well

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We have an extraordinary update to share about Lilly the hero Pit Bull! As her story has gone ‘round the world, so many of you have contributed towards her care. We have now raised about $60,000 for our Pet Care Assistance fund.

This fund, which is always in need of donations, helps support families such as Lilly’s, and helps pay medical care costs for homeless animals in our Adoption Centers, as well as for animals who arrive at the MSPCA as a result of cruelty cases.

We are thrilled beyond measure that all of Lilly’s care here at Angell will be paid for, and that her story will live on in all of the animals she will help in the future.

Thank you so much for your contributions, your well wishes and your many messages of support for Lilly, her family and the medical staff at Angell Animal Medical Center.

Oh, and here she is gettin’ her exercise on at Angell 🙂

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Heroic Pit bull injured after saving owner from oncoming train near Boston

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An 8-year-old Pit bull named Lilly is being credited with saving her owner from being struck and killed by a freight train late last week.

The harrowing situation took place on May 3 in Shirley, Mass. after Lilly’s guardian collapsed on the train tracks.

According to a story published today at My Fox Boston , the train’s engineer witnessed Lilly pulling her owner, Christine Spain, off of the tracks. Despite efforts to stop the train, Lilly was struck and suffered serious injuries.

The impact from the massive train de-gloved Lily‘s right foot and fractured her pelvis. The heroic dog also suffered several internal injuries. Unfortunately, the veterinarians were not able to save Lilly’s injured leg.

Thanks to Lilly’s amazing efforts, the woman who collapsed on the tracks did not suffer any injuries.

According to the report, even when first responders arrived to the scene, Lilly stayed by the side of her unconscious guardian.

Right now, Lilly is recovering from her injuries at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston. Lilly’s veterinary expenses are high and a fund has been established to help raise what is necessary to facilitate her full recovery.

Please click here  to learn more about how you can help Lilly financially.

An absolutely amazing rescue effort by an extraordinarily devoted dog. Good girl Lilly.

Read more here .

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