Abattoir Turkey Workers Sacked Over Animal Cruelty: Company To Bow To Animal Rights & Install CCTV

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“YES…Now that’s what you call a victory! I actually admire this company for immediately sacking those responsible & even more so; for bowing to Animal Rights pressure & having CCTV installed.”

“People…this sort of abuse goes on in many slaughter-houses, but those companies don’t want us, their CUSTOMERS, to know about it, which is why they are shitting their pants & want Ag-Gag bills to be introduced, to PROTECT THEM; WHY? Why should they be protected & thus allowed to carry on abusing animals??”

“DON’T WE the public have a right to know what happens behind slaughter-house doors?? YES! But if I went undercover to film animal abuse, I would then be CLASSED AS A TERRORISTS…who when caught would be treated like terrorists & face serious jail time!!”

“WHAT THE HELL DOES TAKING A VIDEO OR GOING UNDERCOVER TO EXPOSE ANIMAL ABUSE HAVE TO DO WITH TERRORISM? The only thing that remotely links us to the word “Terrorists” in any Dictionary is;” being part of a group” I’m no more of a terrorist than I am a duck!!”

Five workers at an abattoir in Sydney’s south-west have been sacked over animal cruelty captured in a video that emerged this week.

Company will bow to AR & install CCTV to stop further abuse going unseen

Inghams, which runs the Tahmoor abattoir, where the abuse footage was covertly filmed, confirmed on Friday night that it had sacked five employees involved in animal abuse.

“Inghams does not tolerate the mistreatment of our livestock,” company CEO Kevin McBain said in a statement. “A full investigation of the incident at Tahmoor processing plant is ongoing.”

He also confirmed that the company would bow to calls from animal rights groups to install CCTV cameras in the “live bird handling areas” of its abattoirs to guard against future abuse.

Animal Liberation – an animal rights groupreleased footage, recorded covertly at the Tahmoor plant over a two-week period in February, that showed turkeys being bashed, kicked and stomped.

The group said 140 hours of footage was handed anonymously to the animal rights group several days ago.

It was unclear whether a worker was responsible for placing the hidden camera inside the abattoir, according to Animal Liberation spokeswoman, Emma Hurst.

Ms Hurst said she had identified in the footage 136 instances of animal cruelty and aggravated animal cruelty – which was classified as cruelty that was so bad it led to the animal’s death, or injuries so severe it would be cruel to keep the animal alive.

You can see a total disrespect of these animals. There are scenes where they’ve put the music up very, very loud, the workers are screaming, jumping about, dancing, picking up the turkeys, dancing while holding onto the turkeys, throwing them onto the shackles, and just that whole mentality as though these animals don’t have feelings, that they’re objects.”

Ms Hurst said the footage had been handed to the NSW Police Assistant Commissioner for Rural Crime, and to rural crime detectives in Campsie.

One veterinarian asked to review the footage and prepare a report for the animal rights group told ABC’s Lateline that it was “among the worst [cases of animal cruelty] I’ve ever seen”.

News Linkhttp://www.smh.com.au/national/abattoir-workers-sacked-over-animal-cruelty-20130322-2gl48.html#ixzz2OT9bbX9r

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Animal rights group reaches settlement with now defunct Live Oak hatchery

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LIVE OAK – A Washington-based animal rights group has reached a settlement with the now-defunct Cal-Cruz Hatcheries of Live Oak in a lawsuit alleging widespread animal abuse and neglect.

The hatchery, which processed millions of chickens and ducks each year, is no longer in operation and its representatives have agreed to no longer own or have custody of any animal that’s not a pet.

Compassion Over Killing, represented by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, filed a suit against Cal-Cruz in January, arguing the hatchery was violating California Business and Professions Code by practicing unlawful animal cruelty. The allegations stemmed from an investigation in 2009 in which an employee of Compassion over Killing secretly documented the treatment of chickens and ducks with a hidden video camera.

Viewer Discretion is Advised 

That footage was turned over to county Animal Services officials, who conducted their own investigation and gave their findings to the Santa Cruz District Attorney’s Office. The DA’s office declined to file charges, saying at the time that while it shared the public’s revulsion at the abuse of animals, there wasn’t enough evidence to build a criminal case against Cal-Cruz specifically.

Compassion Over Killing turned to the civil court, reaching a settlement Monday with Cal-Cruz and owner Brian Collins in what the nonprofit animal advocacy group calls the “first time allegations of animal cruelty were successfully resolved using this civil law.” The organization’s suit claimed that Collins and the hatchery were using unlawful business practices that unfairly harmed competition in the poultry industry.

Among other complaints, Compassion Over Killing claimed Cal-Cruz employees were “operating heavy machinery in a manner that regularly mutilates hatchlings,” that they drowned baby birds in buckets of waste and threw hatchlings several feet into trash bins where they remained for several hours.

Read the rest of this news:-http://www.contracostatimes.com/california/ci_20842303/animal-rights-group-reaches-settlement-now-defunct-live

Punish the man who burned a dog alive & strengthen S. Korea’s Animal Protection Laws

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Warning Viewer Discretion is Advised Dog Burned Alive in Gimje, S. Korea!


This incident took place around April 20, 2012 in the vicinity of Gimje Central Middle School in Gimje, S. Korea. These photographs were obtained by CARE(Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth) from the Gimje Central Middle School students who photographed and videotaped this incident and CARE has confirmed all the facts of this case from another informant as well.

Warning Viewer Discretion is Advised

Published on 4 May 2012 by 

According to student witnesses, this dog known as “Hindoongi” which means white dog is hanged and burned alive with a torch fire by a man who lives in that area. Students stated that Hindoongi suffered the pain of being slowly burned alive by portable torch and he seemed to have eventually died of shock.

This case where a dog is burned alive in broad daylight in front of young students shows vividly how serious the problem of animal cruelty is in S. Korean society and how backward their consciousness is about animal protection. CARE will once again actively fight to make sure the prison sentence is given for this unforgivable crime and Gimje Police is currently investigating this case. The students know the identity of this man so this animal abuser is expected to be arrested quickly.  Even if this man is convicted the maximum punishment for his heinous crime is only 10,000,000 KRW (approx $8,800 USD) or one year in jail in S. Korea.  This is definitely not enough punishment for such a horrendous and unspeakable cruelty.

These types of atrocities happens too often in S. Korea because eating dogs is accepted as a norm thanks to their government’s shameful indifference to their dog meat industry where 2 million dogs are tortured and slaughtered every year.  This case happens to be photographed and videotaped making it possible for the animal rights groups to pursue the animal cruelty charge against this man.  However, dogs are being tortured and eaten hidden from people’s view in secrecy all the time in S. Korea.  This is a shame of S. Korea, a nation that has achieved miraculous economic and political progresses, that their animal protection law is stuck in the stone ages.

Without banning the dog meat trade and strengthening the Animal Protection Law to the global standard, South Korea will not enjoy the respect commensurate with the country’s international stature.  I will not support South Korean businesses or visit South Korea until these horrors come to an end.

Please sign petition here:-http://www.change.org/petitions/punish-the-man-who-burned-a-dog-alive-strengthen-s-korea-s-animal-protection-laws

Please also sign the petition to the Director of Animal Welfare, Kyo-Young, Seo. (Scroll down for the English text) http://www.careanimalrights.org/you-young-ahn/

Canyon Lake Residents Warned About Impending Release Of Convicted Cat Killer

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(Warning: Story is graphic)

RIVERSIDE (CBS) — Members of an animal rights group are alerting Canyon Lake residents about the imminent release from prison of a man twice-convicted of mutilating and killing cats.

Timothy Arie Kooyman will be paroled next month from Avenal State Prison, apparently returning to Canyon Lake to live with his parents.

In January 2011, Kooyman was sentenced to two years, eight months for torturing and killing three cats in a Corona motel room. After serving just more than half of his sentence, the 28-year-old convicted felon is being released based on good behavior.

“Many, many house pets and young children live in Canyon Lake. We’re not advocating vigilantism, but people need to be aware that he will be among them,” Contra Costa County-based Voices for Pets founder Leroy Moyer told City News Service.

This week, Moyer and other members of the group began emailing, snail-mailing and hand-distributing more than 500 fliers about the Kooyman case and advising residents to keep their animals safe and secure. Canyon Lake is a gated community with a population of 11,000.

The flier notes that the majority of serial killers “have a background of cruelty to animals.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation would not disclose what date Kooyman will be released from prison, saying only it would be sometime in the latter part of June.

Kooyman was already serving the last few months of a five-year prison term in 2010 for animal cruelty and arson in Rancho Cucamonga when Riverside County prosecutors — after repeated requests from Voices for Pets and other animal rights advocates — filed charges against him in connection with the Corona case.

According to trial testimony, while staying at the National Inn just off the Riverside (91) Freeway, Kooyman took possession of three cats — a calico, a black-and-white tabby and a Siamese — he lured to his motel room with food.

Kooyman bragged about snapping the calico’s legs and running over it with his truck, a detective testified. He said Kooyman became mad when the black-and-white cat “wouldn’t love him” and reportedly sliced hit the cat’s stomach and torso with two hacks from an axe, then decapitated the dying animal.

Kooyman killed the Siamese last, first attempting to drown it and later cutting her open with a scalpel.

“He’s a sociopath. He cannot stop,” Moyer says. “He is addicted to the power of inflicting suffering. He actually gets off on it. What he did — it’s the worst of the worst.

In the San Bernardino County case, Kooyman cut off several cats’ tails with scissors and set one ablaze while it was still alive, tossing the animal into a bush, igniting a small brush fire, according to investigators.

News Link:-http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/05/04/canyon-lake-residents-warned-about-impending-release-of-convicted-cat-killer/

Animal rights groups seek performance ban

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Animal rights groups are calling for a ban on all animal performances in China, including live  shows, petting zoos and photo sessions.

However, their campaign – which also calls for a ban on dolphin shows – is said by some to have gone too far.

Animal performances and circus shows, especially in Beijing, have “seriously impaired the country’s and city’s image with brutality and savage behavior”, Liu Huili, an animal rights supporter and researcher with Green Beagle, a Beijing-based non-governmental organization, said at a symposium on Saturday.

Attendees at the symposium, including researchers and volunteers from Green Beagle, China Zoo Watch and the Beijing Loving Animals Foundation, proposed the performance ban, especially in the capital city.

China Zoo Watch conducted a study from January 2011 to the end of March, in which it sampled more than 40 zoos nationwide. It found that animal performances, which it claims often involve acts of cruelty, are common nationwide.

About 50 percent of urban zoos, 91 percent of animal parks and 89 percent of aquariums offer such performances, according to the survey.

Performances include animal wire walking, jumping through fire loops, standing upsidedown and boxing, which “might seriously impair the animals’ physical and psychological health”, Liu said.

“Exactly…the video below’s show animals who must have been physically & psychologically damaged to carry out these wretched stunts; is no animal safe from circus cruelty??

In Beijing, the wildlife park in Daxing district offers shows of dogs jumping through fireloops, and another wildlife park near the Badaling section of the Great Wall featureswolves and tigers jumping across fiery circles and bears playing with flaming sticks, the survey found.

Both parks declined to comment on the issue when reached by China Daily on Sunday.

Liu Nonglin, a senior engineer of the Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens, said a zoo should be a demonstration site for animal protection.

Read the 2nd page here:-Peoples Daily online.com

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