Edgworth man left horses to survive in ‘filth’

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“I’m going to keep my eye on this, Will keep you informed.  I despise anyone who neglects horses! Most of you know I have horses but rarely get to see them due to my disability…they are my best friends whom I miss so much, wouldn’t trade them for anything. So when I see horses that have been neglected like this…by someone who has no excuse whatsoever for leaving them to rot in a field…well It kinda REALLY PXXX’S ME OFF”

“I want to see this man pay for what he has done. Some Real Jail time, not a Mr Noddy suspended sentence!! Those poor horses must be in dreadful pain; It killing me knowing they have been suffering, starved of everything, even love!! My best friend is called Karma, hope it’s not long before she pays a visit to this poor excuse of a human!”

LICE-INFESTED, worm-ridden horses were left to ‘live in filth’ in muddy, overgrazed fields, a court has heard.

Philip Davies is accused by the RSPCA of failing to look after 17 horses which he kept on land in Edgworth.

Hyndburn Magistrates Court heard the animals were underweight and had mite, lice and worm infestations, foot rot, and liver damage caused by eating poisonous ragwort weeds.

Davies, 65, of Plantation Road, Edgworth, has been charged with 56 animal cruelty offences brought forward during the RSPCA prosecution.

He has pleaded not guilty to 53 counts of causing unnecessary suffering relating to the horses in his care on land off Plantation Road, but admitted they had been kept in an unsatisfactory environment.

The defendant pleaded guilty to one count of failing to protect 14 horses from pain, injury, suffering and disease, and two counts of failing to provide a suitable environment.

Iain O’Donnell, prosecuting, said the RSPCA were called to the land on the evening of Monday, November 28, last year after reports from about an exhausted horse tangled in barbed wire, caked in mud, and unable to stand. The horse had collapsed earlier that day and Mr Davies had been advised to put it into stables.

The court heard after rescuing the horse with assistance from neighbours, inspectors arranged to move it and meet with Mr Davies during daylight hours. Inspector Lyndsey Taylor revisited the land two days later and expressed her concerns about the field.

Several visits later, Chief Inspector Cathy Hyde served a notice on Mr Davies to find alternative housing for the horses, but this was not met.

District Judge Peter Ward, sitting at the court, heard that RSPCA inspectors were so worried for the animals’ welfare they ordered the removal of the horses.

Davies tried to appeal the removal but the correct paperwork was not completed.

This is a supposed horse lover!!

In the meantime a vet attended and found the environment unsuitable, with little grazing and no shelter. The RSPCA then rounded up 14 of the 16 untamed horses and took them for treatment and rehabilitation. The final two had to be sedated before being transferred to stables in Bolton.

Equine vet Simon Constable told the court he inspected them and said there was evidence they had been ‘constantly standing in filthy conditions’. While giving evidence in the court about a black shire cross, he said: “The foot was full of faeces and mud. The horse had been suffering for at least two months, as a conservative estimate.

“This was obvious by the putrid smell associated with thrush and rotting flesh and sensitive tissue.”

He said this was mirrored in the majority of the horses. Test results showed the animals had “severe” mite and lice infestation. He said: “They were itching, biting and scratching themselves. There was evidence of self harm of all the horses.”

He also claimed the animals were suffering liver damage, caused by eating ragwort, a claim disputed by the defence solicitor.


News Link:http://www.thisislancashire.co.uk/news/10003280.Edgworth_man_left_horses_to_survive_in__filth_/

Celebrate A Victory – California Foie Gras Ban Takes Effect July 1

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July 1 marks the realization of a long-awaited, incredible victory for animals in California. In 2004, IDA helped pass a law that banned foie gras, the enlarged livers of force-fed ducks and geese. Force-feeding is the extremely cruel practice of inserting a long, wide tube down the throat to force in many times the amount of food that a bird would normally eat, until the liver is engorged with disease. Legislators sided with scientists, veterinarians and advocates who exposed this cruelty. The food industry BizarroFoieGras_jpgwas given eight years to comply.

The ban finally takes effect on July 1, after which this cruel dish may no longer be produced or sold in California. Chefs who defy the ban are subject to a $1,000 citation. This is cause for celebration, though some chefs and restaurants are hinting that they will find creative ways to serve foie gras anyway, such as by charging a “corkage fee” to prepare foie gras that customers bring in themselves. There is also speculation that some will sell items such as toast at exhorbitant fees, and then tack on “free” foie gras to go with it. That’s still illegal.

You can help IDA monitor and ensure compliance with the law. If you live in (or visit) California and see any business selling foie gras, please tell us so we can contact the proper enforcement agency. Email hope@idausa.org with any information about violations.

News Link:-http://ida.convio.net/site/MessageViewer?em_id=23941.0&printer_friendly=1

Foie Gras: Animal Cruelty and Consumer Threat (2012 version)

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“Would this be allowed if it were any other animal??  Birds feel pain too, force feeding them which deliberately causes them to succumb to a variety of illness’s is blatant animal abuse in my eyes. Why is this still allowed to happen, humans kill enough animals…this is a delicacy…not part of our staple diet..therefore not needed!” 


Published on 9 May 2012 by 

More at http://www.aldf.org/foiegras — The Animal Legal Defense Fund and several others filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for violating the federal Poultry Products Inspection Act (PPIA) by allowing adulterated poultry—in the form of foie gras—to be sold to consumers. Under PPIA, the USDA is responsible for condemning all poultry products that come from diseased birds. Foie gras consists of the pathologically diseased livers of ducks who are force-fed massive amounts of grain, inducing the disease of hepatic lipidosis, which causes their livers to swell to ten times their normal size.

Please Take action athttp://www.aldf.org/foiegras

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