Dog with chain and cinder block around her neck is found in canal

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By Penny Eims Dog News Examiner Subscribe Follow: September 19, 2014

Investigators in Suffolk County, New York, are trying to determine if foul play is behind the death of a dog who was found floating in a canal off of Long Island on Thursday morning, reported NECN News.

A West Islip resident made the troubling find and reached out to the local animal control for help.

Body of dog found in canalEims

The dog, described as an adult, female Rottweiler mix, had a chain and cinder block attached to her neck; a necropsy will be done to see if the dog was dead or alive when she was placed into the water.

Investigators with the Suffolk County SPCA hope to determine if the dog was intentionally drowned, or if it was an attempt for an “at sea” burial.

Aside from the disturbing items found on the dog’s body, there were no other obvious signs of trauma.

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Alligator dies after being hit by zoo stoned in João Pessoa

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“I find it hard to believe a stone could cause a spinal fracture, on a reptile with such thick skin…nor kill it…a brick or something heavier could cause fracture…but still, I doubt that would kill it? If you look at the picture there is a large rock behind the gator on the left side, middle of picture. There also looks to be something like a piece of pipe or similar object, near the front right side. Or perhaps it was caused during a fight or when the alligator was moved; either way it’s laying in some disgusting crap! It’s just one more of a million reasons why wild animals should not be caged, they have no escape from a more dominant species, they can’t hide anywhere!.”

A yellow alligator at Park Zoobotânico Arruda Camara, known as Bica, in João Pessoa, died on Monday (15) after being hit by a stone thrown by a visitor. According to park director, Jair Azevedo, the report of the autopsy, which does not define exactly when the incident occurred, shows that the animal had a spinal fracture.

According to a necropsy; animal had spinal fracture after being hit by stoned

“How thick skin of an animal, technicians only realized what had happened when he started to show the first symptoms. The alligator was paralyzed, unable to walk, “reported the director of Bica.

Jair Azevedo said that an inquiry has been opened by the direction of the park to determine under what circumstances the alligator was hit by stone. Will also be determined if there was a failure in monitoring.

The director believes that the incident happened because the animal was removed from the enclosure where it was and put in a smaller, leaving the alligator closest to the visitors. “We had to take this approach because he was very domineering, and lived fighting with other animals. If we had not done that, he would have killed the others, “he explained.

At Park House Arruda, according to the direction, there are 30 alligators of the same species. “It’s a fairly common species here but facts like these are always regrettable. We would like to alert the public to respect animals. The public should have an observer of behavior, and not put food, throw stones, “punctuated the park director.

Jair Azevedo also said that investigations must be completed within 15 days. “If it is pointed out something more serious in the death of the animal, we ask the support of the city administration,” he concluded.

Editor’s Note: We are faced with two violence. The first is to forcibly remove the animals from nature, to confine them in prisons known as zoos. The second violence is most glaring in the eyes, but as brutal as the first: the cruelty of throwing a stone against a sentient being is one of the most terrible consequences experienced by animals exploited and tortured by the cruel nature of which many human beings are endowed. The ANDA regrets for all animals who suffer and agonize in human hands, always arguing that all forms of exploitation, violence and disrespect for life is severely opposed.

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Hero K9 Finds Elderly Man Missing for Four Days

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An elderly Long Island physician is alive after a four day ordeal thanks to Chase, a 4 yr. old German Shepherd member of the NY State Park Police. Dr. Jerome Nadler went fly fishing on Labor Day at a Smithtown, NY nature preserve and did not return that evening.

Chase  and hishandler, Chase first located a container of floatant which is used to keep fly fishing lures buoyant. Dr. Nadler was then found approximately 50 feet away from the container and semi-conscious. Despite commands to return from his handler, Chase remained faithfully beside the stricken man until police officers came and rescued the doctor. Nadler was airlifted from the scene and taken to Stony Brook Hospital.
 Nadler was in a clearing hidden from view by dense brush and thicket about a mile from where he had been fishing, shortly after noon on Thursday. Dr. Nadler’s son, Matthew Nadler, claims that “the dog made all the difference”. New York State Park Police Chief Richard O’Donnell commented on Wednesday that canines “can do things that feet sometimes can’t. The dog is definitely a hero”.
His family did not expect the 76 yr. old man to be found alive after days spent in rain and high humidity. “We just could not believe that this man was still alive,” said canine officer William Krolikiewicz. “For an older gentleman that was in the woods for four days, in my opinion he was in excellent condition.” According to police, Nadler was covered in “about a million bug bites” and was dehydrated. His condition is serious, but he is expected to recover.
And he has the dog to thank for it.

Puppy suffers broken neck after being tossed from car in NY – SPCA offers reward

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Joey suffered a multiple neck fractures after being thrown from a moving car.

A $2,000 reward is being offered by theSuffolk County SPCA for information leading to the arrest of the person who put a pit bull puppy in a plastic bag and tossed him out the window of a moving car.

Last Saturday afternoon, another driver witnessed the puppy being thrown onto Pilgrim Psychiatric Center property near the Sagtikos Parkway in Brentwood and called authorities.

Islip Animal Shelter personnel brought the puppy to Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island(VMCLI) in West Islip following the incident, where he was named Joey.

 Click here to watch NBC News video of Joey.

According to the veterinarians who treated him, he suffered multiple neck fractures, was malnourished, and has bite wounds on his neck, which authorities say might indicate he was used as a bait dog.

If you would like to contribute to the Joey Donation Fund for his medical care, you can do so by calling VMCLI at (631) 587-0800, or mail your check to: VMCLI, 75 Sunrise Hwy., West Islip, NY 11795-2033. Be sure to indicate it is for Joey.

Anyone who may may have seen or knows anything about this incident is being asked to call the Suffolk County SPCA at 631-382-7722.

Animal Cruelty in New York: 8 Feral Kittens Killed

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Animal cruelty authorities are seeking swift arrest of a perpetrator for the murder and abuse of eight feral kittens.

The reward for information leading to the arrest of a sadistic kitten killer, who first abused the kittens and then brutally murdered them, initially was $4,000, but today, based on how brutally the kittens were killed, the reward has been raised to $6,000, according to the Guardians of Rescue’s Facebook Page.

The animal abuse took place between May 3 and May 4 in Ronkonkoma, Suffolk County, on Long Island, New York.

According to an item recently published on CBS New York, authorities are trying to find the person who is responsible for this heinous act of animal cruelty. The eight dead kittens were discovered last week by a woman, identified only as Lori, who was caring for a colony of feral cats and kittens in Bohemia.

Frank Floridia, an animal worker from Guardians of Rescue said Lori discovered the eight kittens, who had been taken away from the feral cat colony and subsequently mutilated. The kittens ranged from 3 days old to 3 weeks-of-age.

Floridia said the kittens were “stepped on, crushed and beaten with some kind of tool that caused puncture wounds.” Following the veterinary examination, according to Floridia, the veterinarian concluded their injuries were not in any way caused by wildlife.

The veterinarian ascertained that all the kittens had died from massive skull traumas and blunt force body injuries. He added, “To come here and see something like this is just an outrage. . . I would love to see this person caught, convicted and put in jail.

Guardians of Rescue reported that Chaps and Midnight, the kittens’ mothers, have been searching desperately for their babies. Lori said she “found the two mothers huddling together, very frantic.”

Adding to the mystery about the reason these eight feral kittens were so brutally killed, Guardians of Rescue reported that the surrounding community had welcomed and were enjoying the kittens, with no threats made concerning the feral colony.

In an attempt to draw greater attention to the case, Guardians of Rescue uploaded graphic photographs of the murdered kittens on their Facebook page, and will be publishing regular updates on the situation.

Anyone who has any information about this heinous act of animal cruelty, please call the SPCA hotline at 1-631-382-7722, contact Guardians of Rescue at 1-888-287-3864, or email]

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