Ernest Dempsey — Hardly anybody is more compliant than some media sources when it comes to protecting names of important people, like ministers, in cases that otherwise would bring skyscrapers to the ground by their heinous nature.

The story of Mijo’s brutal killing in Oriole St Alamo, Texas, which has been presented, or twisted, by a popular news channel in a ministerially correct manner is one such recent case.

Mijo was struck repeatedly with a machete when he rambled on to enter a neighbor’s property, or so it has been claimed.

Reporting on the incident, Action 4 News tells that on May 10th, an ex-military employee Luis Ortiz found his dear pet dog Mijo lying in a pool of blood “just inches from his home”.

The channel reports that Luis traced the trail of the blood to the “end of the street” and called the county’s sheriff’s office immediately to file a report of the dog’s killing.

Obtaining the report’s copy from the police, Action 4 News report states that it wasn’t the first time Mijo ventured into that “neighbor-in-question’s yard”. But this time, as the channel refers to the report, Mijo got aggressive, as claimed by the neighbor, and made him fear for his life. So he hit him with a machete to drive him away from his property and family. Further, since the dog was on the neighbor’s property, the sheriff’s office says no charges will be filed.

Readers may already have noticed how the news protected the name of the dog’s killer, all the while referring to him as “neighbor”. For those who already don’t know, this “neighbor” accused of killing the dog brutally by repeated strokes of a machete, he is in fact Texan minister Jose Salazar who lives near Luis Ortiz.

Usually, media reports in detail on people and places involved, unless deliberately holding back names to protect the privacy of people for safety concerns. In this case, the minister’s name already was on blogs and social media as the person who killed the dog. But maybe, Jose Salazar’s name was not to be revealed in so-called “professional” media sources because the time spent in spelling it was needed for including more distortions in the report.

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