Local Rescue Group Sets Off To Save Will, The Great Dane

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A three-year-old Great Dane was hours away from dying when Southwest Great Dane Rescue (SWGDR) in Fla., came to his aid.

When animal services picked him up, they had no idea what was wrong with the dog. They just knew he needed help and fast.

Will The Great Dane

The gentle giant had bloated and gone into torsion. If it wasn’t for SWGDR and John Mullins, the volunteer who picked him up, the dog wouldn’t be alive today.

“In the middle of the night our volunteer went over to animal services to pick him up,” said Vikki Eagan president of SWGDR. “The dog’s stomach had descended and he was just not doing well.”

Once under the care of SWGDR, veterinarian Dr. Beth Brown from West Coast Veterinary Center, examined him and took some x-rays. She prepared the dog for surgery.

“When Dr. Brown opened him up, she saw the bloat and that the stomach had twisted,” said Eagan. “The splint had also burst and it was evident this poor dog had been sick for days.”

The surgery took over three hours. One hour alone was dedicated to emptying dog’s stomach content.

According to Dr, Brown, when the dog was on the table he picked up his head and looked at her with the softest eyes she had ever seen. He showed so much will to live and because of that, his name is now Will.

“Dr. Brown said she was going to do whatever it took to save him,” said Eagan.

Will spent one week in intensive car. At first he couldn’t get up or walk, but with the help of the volunteers and his now foster mom and vet tech Christina Pelletier, Will is doing much better.

“Will came in weighing around 98 pounds,” said Pelletier “A Dane of his stature should weight 135-140 lbs.”

Will has a long road to recovery, but Pelletier and SWGDR are doing what they can to help him. His medical costs are now in the thousands and his care is not over yet.

Will requires a specialty diet of canned food, enzymes, vitamins and freeze dried meat. Val Clows of Holistic for Pets has donated these items. She will also supply Will with Rx dry diet, when he is ready to transition to eating that type of food.

“Will is so determined to live,” said Eagan. “As long as he keeps fighting, we are going to be right there with him.”

If you would like to learn more about Will, contact SWGDR Facebook page. If you would like to help Will, donations can be sent to:

3005 65th Street E
Bradenton, FL 34208
West Coast Veterinary Center
c/o Will
7910 State Road 72
Sarasota, FL 34241
PayPal on the website at swgdr.org

News Link:-http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2013/05/local-rescue-group-sets-off-to-save-will-the-great-dane/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LifeWithDogs+%28Life+With+Dogs%29

SWGDR web site:- http://www.swgdr.org/

Mother and daughters starved Staffordshire bull terrier until it was so hungry it ate its own bed

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  • RSPCA inspector could see the animal‘s hips, ribs and spine protruding
  • Dog called Akita was caged in a room surrounded by its own faeces
  • The dog digested its bed which was made of plastic

A mother and her two daughters starved a Staffordshire bull terrier until it was so hungry it was forced to eat its own bed.

Diane Martin, 55, Amy Martin, 21, and Chloe Martin, 22, kept the dog, Akita, caged in a room surrounded by its own faeces.

The dog was discovered emaciated and with overgrown claws in September last year by the RSPCA.

A mother and her two daughters starved a Staffordshire bull terrier, pictured, until it was so hungry it started to eat its own bed. Pictured is the caged room where the dog was kept and the bed made of plastic which has been bitten into

It had been digesting its own bed – which was made of plastic – and plastic was found to be in its faeces.

Inspector Virgina Ross visited the family home in Tottenham, north London, to check on the pet’s condition.

She found a baby gate had been placed across the door of the room to prevent the dog from escaping from the foul-smelling room.

Ms Ross could see the animal’s hips, ribs and spine protruding from underneath its fur, Highbury Corner Magistrates heard.

An RSPCA inspector discovered Akita, pictured, emaciated and with overgrown claws in September last year

Prosecutor Mark Jones said: ‘It was frantic to get out of the room. There was child gate across the door which the dog was trying to climb over.’

He added that there was a soiled bed for the dog in the middle of the room which was covered in faeces, and that there was no clean space for the animal to get some respite.

Chloe told the inspector that Akita had belonged to her sister’s ex-boyfriend and that he had left it with them.

She admitted that she had been concerned about the conditions it was being kept in, saying: ‘I wouldn’t like to live like that.’

Mr Jones said the intention had been to sell the animal which had been looked after before Amy and her boyfriend split up.

The defendants then ‘turned a blind eye’ to Akita’s care and neglected her for a month until she was taken away by Ms Ross on September 18.

A forensic veterinary surgeon examined the dog and found that she weighed just 5.7kg – almost half her normal body weight.

He added that the dog was so desperate to find food that it had started trying to digest her bed. Mr Jones said: ‘Whilst at the surgery the animal was passing plastic in its faeces.

‘What the vet is saying is that this dog was eating abnormal matter. It is a common finding in dogs that have been deprived an adequate diet and were so hungry they would eat anything.

It doesn’t get any worse than that.’ He added: ‘Quite frankly, if left any longer the dog might have died.’ By November last year, Akita’s body weight had increased to 10.65 kilos and she has a new owner.

Sisters: Amy Martin, left, and Chloe Martin, right, who both had a duty to care for the dog

Addressing Amy Martin, chair of the bench Anita Morgan said: ‘We find in this that you were the most culpable.

‘This was a dog that was left in your care, but you were already a dog owner, so you understand about dogs.

‘You purposefully treated this dog in an appalling way while looking after another dog.’

Ms Morgan told Chloe and Diane Martin that although they also had a duty to care for Aikita, the bench did not feel they had been primarily responsible.

Amy was sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment, suspended for a year, and ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.

She was also banned from owning or keeping a dog for five years.

Chloe, who is four months pregnant, was given a 12 month community order and made subject to an 8pm to 6am electronically monitored curfew for eight weeks.

Their mother was given a 12 month community order and ordered carry out 150 hours of unpaid work.

The mother and daughters,from Tottenham, each admitted one count of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal, and two of failing to fulfil the duties of a person responsible for an animal’s welfare.

They were each also ordered to pay £100 each towards court costs.

News Linkhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2265813/Mother-daughters-starved-Staffordshire-bull-terrier-hungry-ate-bed.html#ixzz2Idt9h2CJ
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Neglected, Emaciated Pit Bull, Drives Push For Change In Oklahoma Dog Law

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“WTF…what is wrong with these heartless morons? I am ashamed to belong to the only species, on earth that enjoys hurting  & inflicting unnecessary pain on animals; in any way possible 😦

Another dog named Phoenix, this time out of Oklahoma, has garnered attention after the she was rescued by Animal Control from deplorable conditions.

She was found emaciated, teeming with worms, and tethered to a tree.  A local Muskogee veterinarian said he had never seen anything like it.

Everybody was upset by the pictures, and the way that she came in, the shape that she came in (here),” said Sydni Reheard, a volunteer at the Muskogee Animal Shelter.

An animal control officer told the owner, who was given a paltry fine of $250, that he would surrender the two-year-old pit bull or she would be forcibly taken.

“The citations were issued, that’s as far as the animal shelter can do,” said shelter supervisor Vikki Heuman.  “For a municipality, that’s all we can do.

But Oklahoma residents are not satisfied.  They want to see stricter laws with harsher punishments for animal abusers. “Don’t we all??”

Reheard and friend and fellow volunteer Alicia Edwards have created a Facebook page called “Justice for Phoenix,” which aims for there to be tougher laws that would discourage mistreatment of animals. “I wish them the best of luck, & truly hope they succeed because the laws available are pathetic!!”

“It’s an eye-opener for a lot of them; this goes on everywhere – even in the smallest of towns numerous animals are getting abused and neglected,” Reheard said. “Yes abuse statistics are at an all time high, why? because laws are pathetic, so they don’t deter others from abusing their animals what so ever!!”

This is especially true for pit bulls and pit bull mixes, whose sad stories of abuse and neglect choke news outlets.  The women are currently raising funds for Phoenix’s medical treatments and their cause by selling key chains with the words “Justice for Phoenix” engraved on them. “What a lovely thought, well done ladies, I sincerely hope all costs can be covered, not that you should have to raise money to pay for vets fee’s; make the bastards who committed the crime pay for them in either cash or bloody hard work”

Meanwhile, Phoenix is recovering from her days of being tied to a tree, infested with worms and slowly starving to death.

“In the five days since Phoenix came to the shelter, her condition has improved considerably,” Heuman said. “She’s still skin and bones, she moves incredibly slowly and she can barely get off the ground to jump for a treat.  But considering how she looked the day she was brought in, the change in her appearance is dramatic.” “Why oh why?? what do the owners get out of seeing their sick animal slowly dying? did they ever love them? has the dog ever been part of the family unit, thus loved? I guess the answer is NO!”

“Which begs the question why get the poor thing in the first place? Although the answer to that is simple, it’s just a cheap burglar alarm that doesn’t require batteries; over time, they become nothing more than an inanimate object, that is slowly left to starve to death… a slapped wrist, for the price of a living breathing, feeling, wanting, loveable animal that bleeds & hurts the same as we do…it’s just so F-ing wrong.”

“I think they should open up ALCATRAZ & let all the animal abusers live there, if they want to eat, they have to grow it, if they want heating, they have to build it. Stop bloody fussing these ignorant heartless pigs, all Judges need to grow some balls & give out the toughest sentence they can. If they personally don’t think there is a law that covers the abuse, then they should open up the legislation & help to get it changed!!”

The one thing that hasn’t changed is her fiercely positive spirit. “Her tail hasn’t stopped wagging,” Heuman said.

phoenix 4

Image of Phoenix taken from her face book page

A dog bed, food and treats have been donated to Phoenix.  The strong dog lets people know when she wants attention by walking over to them, sitting, and putting her head in their laps.

“She has faith in people when I sure wouldn’t have any, that’s for sure,” Reheard noted. “Perhaps the only animal that is able & so willing to forgive their owners even after each beating!”

Dog-lovers are already clamouring for the chance to adopt her, but it will be at least two months before she has fully recuperated. “My question here is, if so many people want this dog, this pit-bull, is it only because of her special case? If they want a pit-bull that badly, the shelters are bursting at the seams with them, 100’s are being put to sleep every day, so why don’t these people who want to offer a home to Phoenix; go get a shelter dog??”

“We want to make sure she goes to the absolute right home — someone who is just going to spoil her rotten,” Heuman said.

Supporters can find additional Facebook information on Phoenix at:- https://www.facebook.com/groups/388117871270378/

phoenix pin

Here are the tags that the ladies said they would use to help fund the dogs vet bills etc. see the Face book link for advice on purchasing

News Link:-http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2012/12/neglected-emaciated-pit-bull-drives-push-for-change-in-oklahoma-dog-laws/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LifeWithDogs+%28Life+With+Dogs%29

Starved Dog Found At Clinic’s Doorstep In Freezing Conditions

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OMG…the poor wee thing, I will be sending lots of healing prayers of warmth & life tonight for this lost little soul. Seriously, you would have to be a real F-ing heartless bxxxxxd to leave such a weak pup as this, in such freezing temperatures!! See the video I have posted separately!” 

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – A veterinary clinic allegedly did not open its doors for a starving dog, and an alert Rural-Metro ambulance crew came to its aid.


Your prayers are desperately needed for this little one, it’s only 50/50 that she survives!

Click here to watch Video or see it posted on my Twitter & Face book pages.:-Starved dog found at clinic’s doorstep

Two Rural-Metro paramedics, assigned to the corner of Kensington and Fillmore Avenues, found an emaciated pit bull, lying on the frigid pavement on Wednesday. The dog was so weak, she couldn’t even raise her head.

EMT Norine Hoch said, “As my partner was pulling into the driveway, all of a sudden, she started going, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’ It was, like, 32 degrees outside, and she was skin and bones. If we [had gotten there] seconds later, she would probably would have been frozen to death.”

The dog was lying in the parking lot of the Anderson Inner City Animal Hospital. Which is why Hoch says, she’s shocked at what happened when they knocked on the hospital door.

A gentleman came to the door, and he said, ‘I know she’s there. I called the SPCA. They’re on their way.’ And slammed the door in our face.”

Hoch and her partner wrapped the pit bull in blankets and applied heat packs. Their supervisor drove her in a fly car to the SPCA shelter in Tonawanda.

Field supervisor Michael Arquette said, “It was very heartbreaking to see just how thin, weak, and how cold she was to the touch. They were very saddened, but very happy to see us bring the puppy in, instead of just leaving it there.”

This is not the first time Dr. Hector Anderson’s clinic has been accused of refusing help for a sick animal abandoned on its doorstep.

In 2009, “Kenny,” a malnourished cocker spaniel, lay outside the hospital for over 24 hours before anyone even called the SPCAKenny had to be put to sleep three days later, and the SPCA filed a complaint against Dr. Anderson.

When we went to the hospital looking for answers Thursday night, an employee told News 4 the clinic is closed on Wednesdays. She said the man who answered the door is a custodian, who’s not authorized to handle animals.

Because of this latest incident, the SPCA Serving Erie County is again investigating the Anderson Inner City Animal Hospital. In fact, the paramedics are going to give statements to investigators Friday morning.

The SPCA says the puppy is very touch-and-go. Vets are still keeping her warm with hot water bottles. They think she’s very young, but she is so severely starved, vets say it’s impossible to determine her age.

Doctors are doing tests, to see if her internal organs are still functioning. They say it is impossible to tell, at this point, if she’ll survive.

Video posted separately to Face book & Twitter; due to Lockerz being such a naff program…sorry! 

News Link:-http://www.wivb.com/dpp/news/buffalo/starved-dog-found-at-clinics-doorstep

Two Horses Dead in Wyoming County Animal Neglect

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WYOMING COUNTY, WV -59 News first told you of animal abuse in Tazewell County a month ago.

Now another case, this time in Wyoming County, is even worse. Police are looking for a man named Donnie Ellis on animal cruelty charges. Two horses are dead due to not being properly fed in the Reedy Creek area.

59News reporter Jessie Gavin tells what makes this case so appalling.

“Warning, some of these images may be disturbing:”-http://www.wvnstv.com/story/20231921/two-horses-dead-in-wyoming-county-animal-neglect?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=8019332

We’re told Donnie Ellis was offered a deal. Instead of paying rent for his home, all he had to do was feed and take care of four horses because the owner was unable to care for them. Now officers are looking at why they say he intentionally neglected to feed two of them for quite some time.

“In this particular case I would think it’s just a fact of being cruel to the animals and just being lazy. Just didn’t take the time to care for the horses,” said Wyoming County Humane Officer Ray Farmer.

Farmer talks through how officers became aware of what was happening.

“Two officers that answered the complaint on Monday, they found two dead horses. One of them was in the barn and there was no food or water present, the other one was at an outside facility and it too didn’t have access to food or water.

From what I understand, the gentleman that was supposed to be caring for the horses, did have access to food and water, he just wasn’t providing it to the horses. The one horse appeared to be deceased for several days, possibly longer than a month. The other one had probably just died within the last week,” he said.

The other two horses under Ellis’ care are being taken care of and are expected to live.

“His brother came and got the horses and took them to his facility. Those two horses at this time are getting proper care and that’s something that we are going to follow up on to see that they are getting taken care of properly,” he said.

News Link:-http://www.wvnstv.com/story/20231921/two-horses-dead-in-wyoming-county-animal-neglect

Bridgeton Dog Owner Enters Not guilty Plea In Animal Cruelty Case

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“What a heartless bxxxxxd…I hope this so called fire-fighter whom people look up to for saving lives; is given the bum’s rush…he is not worthy of the title fire-fighter; I hope all his colleagues refuse to work with him, so he is given the sack…seriously, how could anyone look at this poor dog & not think …OMG…he needs “FOOD??? Moreover, how can the owner plead not guilty? there is a simple test for dogs like this…put food in front of them, if they eat it, then they look like they do because the F-ing owner has starved the poor thing!”

BRIDGETON — The fire-fighter cited by authorities for animal cruelty for letting his dog become emaciated with sores all over his body while tied in the backyard has pleaded not guilty to the charges in court.
Alexander Centeno, of East Commerce Street, appeared in Bridgeton Municipal Court on Thursday and told the judge he would release the Great Dane if the charges were dropped.

“You know what I said to that!” responded Cumberland County SPCA Executive Director Bev Greco.  “No way.”
A trial date of Dec. 13, at 2 p.m., has been set.

Acting on a tip from the Bridgeton animal control officer, on Nov. 20, Cumberland County SPCA cruelty agents seized the emaciated Great Dane from a property at 568 E. Commerce St.

Centeno, was charged with failure to maintain proper sustenance, which included failure to provide proper veterinary care. The dog, believed to be 4 years old, has a history with the SPCA.
“We were called out about this same dog eight months ago,” said SPCA cruelty agent Diane Luellan-Lilla at the time. “The owner was cited for violations, but complied and the case was closed.

The dog is recovering. Since Nov. 20, Centeno is being charged $10 a day room and board for the dog plus a veterinarian’s examination and medication expenses.

Those charges added up to $190 when Luellan-Lilla first contacted Centeno by phone the day after the seizure.

She told Centeno the monetary charges would cease as soon as he came to the shelter and signed papers to release the dog. He declined and announced he was retaining a lawyer.

Centeno was not home the day of the seizure and no one answered the door, but other dogs were inside.

They are believed to be owned by Centeno’s wife. At least $90 in additional charges have accrued.

News Link:http://www.nj.com/cumberland/index.ssf/2012/11/bridgeton_dog_owner_enters_not.html

Horror Shelter in Hreša, Bosnia – Dogs In Desperate Need

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“Sharing for & on behalf of my good friend & animal advocate, Sandra Jensen…owner of the following blog. Rather than re-blog I wanted to repost , as I know sometimes  re-blogs can be overlooked when we are busy or in a rush…I admit, I have overlooked people’s re-blogs sometimes, because I’m in a rush or because it is not of the same topic etc!! 

But this is of the same topic “ANIMALS” & these dogs are in terrible state. Take a look at the dogs in the slide show below, no animal should suffer this way, their Government must be shamed into taking care of these innocent sentient beings. So please sign & share the petition Sandra has created; at the bottom of this post.

Sandra has done so much to help these victims…but she needs our help…she has also set up a ChipIn account for those who can spare a few dollars to help feed these dogs. Bosnia & surrounding towns are terrible place’s for any unloved animal to live…please…lets share our love with them & please share this with all your friends!”

“To these dogs $1 could make all the difference, when hungry! Most of us tend to forget that our Towns or Countries take care of dogs in need. So please, spare a thought for these little guy’s, they desperately need extra help…If it were not for the volunteers (who should be called angels), who knows how many would go without food. I know everybody is busy & it’s the run up to Christmas, but I wouldn’t ask if it were not important!! Thanks in advance x”

Jelena Paunović of Život BiH was contacted last night about a shelter in Hreša district, on the outskirts of Sarajevo. She went there with volunteers and took photographs.

She went again this morning with food.This is what she discovered:

Over 50 dogs are being kept in entirely inhumane conditions, without adequate food or water or veterinary treatment, that numerous dogs are kept in tiny cages, that dead dogs are left amongst living dogs. Dogs have open wounds. Puppies are starving.

Furthermore, witnesses said that any non-purebred dog caught by the shelter is killed, and that purebred dogs are stolen from owners and only released to the owner if a ransom is paid.

One person said: “They only want purebred dogs because they can sell them. They just do not care about strays! They are killing them constantly! And also, they are stealing the dogs from people’s yards if they are purebred and selling them. One worker of the shelter I spoke to said that I have to pay 100 EUR if I want my dog back. When I arrived at Hresa shelter (it takes me about one hour!) they killed my dog in their car. My God I was ready to pay the ransom!

Jelena was told by Slaviša Jovčić, the manager of the shelter and director of Glog, the company that built the shelter, that he was promised 130 000 KM from the municipalities for the shelter, but the full amount of the money was never paid by the municipality and therefore Slaviša Jovčić cannot ensure the care of the dogs.

What can be done? It will cost 20 euros a day to feed the dogs through the winter. It will cost animal welfare volunteers from Sarajevo 15 euros for each trip they make to check on the dogs and bring food. There is nowhere to release them to other than the streets.

There are no foster homes for them, and ‘pension’ will cost at least 80 euros per dog.

Maybe we can a) raise funds for food and b) bring international attention so the authorities are forced to do something. If you have any contacts with international animal welfare organisations please let them know.

 Sandra Jensen (owner of this blog) has  started a petition, please, spare a minute of your time to sign and share, it is the very least one can do to help these poor dogs:

Please Sign Petition:- Demand Investigation into Horror Shelter in Hresa, Bosnia

Sandra Jensen:http://inmemoryofvucko.wordpress.com/2012/11/01/horror-shelter-in-hresa-bosnia/

And please contact the Mayor of the district directly – by mail, email, telephone and fax. The dogs only hope is if we show the Bosnian Government that we know, and that we will not sit by and let these dogs suffer. 

Bojo Gašanović
Opština Istočni Stari Grad
Hreša bb,
71144 Hreša, Istočni Stari Grad,
Istočno Sarajevo
Telefon: +387 (0) 57 265 117
Fax: +387 (0)57 265 114

E-mail: info@opstinaisg.net

You can also contact the local commissioner:
Snjezana Jovicic +387 (0) 57 265 117

Sample letter – better if you personalise it:

I request that the Government of Bosnian and Herzegovina, the Istocni Stari Grad authorities and municipality mayor Bojo Gašanović in particular, investigate the matter of the Hreša dog shelter.

We have reliable reports and eyewitness accounts substantiated by photographs that over 50 dogs are being kept in inhumane conditions, without adequate food or water or veterinary treatment, that numerous dogs are kept in tiny cages, that dead dogs are left amongst living dogs. Furthermore, there are reports that any non-purebred dog caught by the shelter is killed, and that purebred dogs are stolen from owners and only released to the owner if a ransom is paid.

It is understood that Slaviša Jovčić, the manager of the shelter and director of Glog, the company that built the shelter, was promised 130 000 KM from the municipalities for the shelter, but the full amount of the money was never paid by the municipality and therefore Slaviša Jovčić cannot ensure the care of the dogs.

We demand that a full investigation is undertaken, that the municipality ensures that the facility is immediately provided with funds to care for these dogs. Modern practices must be implemented, giving food and fresh water and the facility be must be kept sanitary and properly staffed with veterinary professionals so the animals are cared for and, ultimately, caring homes need to be found for these dogs.

This situation has sparked a global outcry and we look to the Bosnian and Herzegovinan justice system and authorities to conform with EU standards regarding animal welfare, and to apply the law that was passed in Bosnia Herzegovina incorporating these EU standards.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Sandra Jenson has also  started a ChipIn, please donate.

Or donate directly, but state it is for the dogs in Hresa: DONATE VIA PAYPAL

Please do all you can to send this around the globe, no dogs should have to live like this!

From Word Press Blog:-http://inmemoryofvucko.wordpress.com/2012/11/01/horror-shelter-in-hresa-bosnia/

Volunteers (Angels) The Association for protection and welfare of animals “Život BiH”:-http://inmemoryofvucko.wordpress.com/how-to-help/zivot-bih/

Farmingdale Couple Convicted of Animal Abuse

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“I know this beautiful dog passed over Rainbow Bridge in 2010, but it didn’t stop me from shedding a few tears for him. Such a gentle giant, he didn’t deserve to be ill treated, no animal does! Why do people get pets, only to abandoned them when they’ve had enough. Can’t be bothered to walk or play with the dog anymore, CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO FEED THE DAMN DOG either”. R.I.P  Zack x

They could face up to one year in jail on the charge after discovery of their emaciated dog, Zack.

A Farmingdale couple whose Great Dane was found emaciated from neglect has been convicted of animal neglect by a Nassau County Jury.

Rose Neira, 32, and her husband Danny Neira, 41, a New York City police officer, were convicted of misdemeanor animal neglect after being accused of failing to provide food and medical care for their dog, Zack. The jury took just three hours to convict the couple, whose dog weighed just 87 pounds when it was found by authorities.

The animal, despite extensive rehabilitative efforts by veterinarians including surgery, died about a month later.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said the couple faces up to one year in jail. They are due back in court Dec. 11 for sentencing.

“There is no excuse or explanation for this level of cruelty and neglect, and I am shocked that these two people, one of whom is a police officer, did nothing while Zack wasted away in front of their eyes,” Rice said.

The case dates to Nov. 22, 2010, when district attorney investigators and members of the DA’s Animal Crimes Unit went to the Neiras’ home after receiving multiple tips that an animal was being neglected there.

Investigators found a 2-year-old Great Dane named Zack, “grossly emaciated with protruding ribs and its backbone visible through its skin,” Rice said.

When questioned by investigators, Rose Neira initially claimed that the dog’s condition was due to parasites, but she could not provide the name of a veterinarian for the animal, nor could she produce any medication that was being administered to the animal. She stated that she kept the Great Dane in the kitchen, taking it out only once a night, and that she had not sought veterinary treatment for more than a year.

Danny Neira is an officer with the New York Police Department, the district attorney’s office said.


Prosecutors obtained a warrant to seize the dog the following day and the Town of Oyster Bay’s Animal Control transported it to Oyster Bay Animal Hospital, where it was treated by a veterinarian for 10 days.

In addition to the dog’s emaciated appearance, its nails were damaged and overgrown and its ear cavities were caked with dirt and grease. Zack’s multiple health issues forced veterinarians to feed him intravenously, authorities said.

A normal, healthy Great Dane should weigh between 120 and 150 pounds. Zack succumbed to multiple health problems on Dec. 1, 2010 while still receiving around-the-clock veterinary care.

Assistant District Attorney Matthew Libroia of the Animal Crimes Unit is prosecuting the case for the DA’s Office. The Neiras are represented by Robert DelGrosso.

Numerous reptiles, turtles, birds and fish were also observed living in unsanitary conditions inside the Neira home, many of which were seized by authorities.

Rice issued a thank you to the Town of Oyster Bay, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and the Suffolk County SPCA for their assistance in this case.

I strongly encourage anyone who is aware of an animal being abused or neglected to contact my office’s Animal Abuse hotline at (516) 571-ACHL,” Rice said.

Video footage of Zack taken by DA Investigators can be viewed on DA Rice’s YouTube page

News Link:-http://farmingdale.patch.com/articles/farmingdale-couple-convicted-of-animal-abuse

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Danny and Rose Neira were convicted of neglecting their their Great Dane, Zach. This video was taken by an investigator from District Attorney Kathleen Rice’s Animal Crimes Unit. Though vets tried to save Zach, his organs had deteriorated too much to survive. His visible ribs and vertebrae, unclipped nails, and dirty ears are additional evidence of neglect. DA Rice created the animal crimes unit to protect animals like Zack, but also because those who are cruel to animals often harm people too. To report animal abuse in Nassau County, call the anonymous Animal Crimes Hotline at (516) 680-8624.


No more animals for Fremont donkey abuser

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“WTF…Why no prison? did she plead she was mentally ill, to to get off so lightly, a bit of Alzheimers?  Sod her age, if she can drive a tractor at 76, she is fitter than most, so 60 days in jail, wouldn’t hurt her. Please, she couldn’t argue that it wasn’t with intent, she knew she was bloody dragging Henry for a mile! FF’s Sake…she deserved more punishment…Age shouldn’t be an issue, abuse is abuse, & this women was known for her lack of care or treatment of animals. At the very least she could have paid her fine & been banned for life from keeping animals…especially when she is known to the Human Society!”

“She was already known to the Humane Society, so what does that tell you?? That she didn’t give a shit about the animals…suppose if the donkey had died…she might have had to pay the fine…it’s a bloody joke, seriously, why bother going to court? It’s just a waste of tax payers money!! Animals obviously mean sod all to some judges, bloody knob heads… You can tell the judges that love animals & those that go bow, fish or wildlife hunting on a weekend!”

A 76-year-old woman who dragged a donkey behind a tractor for a mile pleaded no contest to a single count of animal cruelty this week.


Virginia Secrist, who lives in Fremont, was found guilty of the charge and was ordered to surrender ownership of the 14 animals she once had on her Napoleon Road farm.

She also was barred from owning any farm animals for 10 years. “WOW, impressed…NOT”

A 60-day jail sentence and $500 fine were suspended, assuming she complies with terms of probation, according to Woodville Sandusky County Court records.

Humane society officers charged Secrist for the July incident, after working with her for about a month to take better care of her farm animals, which appeared to be malnourished.

But Sandusky County animal cruelty investigator Kelley Askins got a tip on July 26 that the donkey had been dragged.

When she went to Secrist’s farm to check out the tip, it was obvious that the donkey, called Henry, had been dragged and Secrist readily admitted that she had towed him for about a mile after he fell while he was hooked up to the back of her tractor.

The donkey had suffered severe injuries, road rash that left severe abrasions and flesh wounds, including a 3-inch hole in his head that left his skull exposed.

Human society officers seized all 14 animals from Secrist and placed them in foster care. Besides Henry, Secrist had five other donkeys, three horses, one sheep and four goats.

Henry and a few of the other animals have officially been adopted, and Askins is waiting for official word from the other foster families as to whether they want to keep the rest of the animals permanently or not.

As for Secrist’s sentence, Askins feels that justice truly was served. “Oh, please, well if that’s what they think is justice, God help the rest of the animals that live in that town!” 

People have been telling me she just got a slap on the wrist. But if you lived with animals your entire life, and suddenly you can’t have them any more  that is the most severe punishment we could have dealt to her,” Askins said. “Are they having a laugh? this isn’t severe…it’s just changed to a slap on the legs, not the hands…it’s pathetic that the poor wee donkey, obviously means so little.

As part of Secrist’s sentence, she also was ordered to repay the Sandusky County Humane Society for the vet bills for the donkey, which totalled $203.

Another animal cruelty case out of Sandusky County, stemming from an August 2011 discovery that Susan Baker, 69, had 38 dogs in her Washington Township home, is still pending in the Woodville court.

Baker was charged with 38 counts of animal cruelty after police her lying unresponsive in a recliner in her home and dozens of feces covered dogs. (Not sure what the above means, could be ‘police found her lying’)

Her case is scheduled for another hearing in November.

Askins hopes it’s the last pretrial hearing on the case. Prosecutors and Baker seem to have reached a standstill in plea negotiations.

“I’ve said this a million times, but hopefully this is the last one. She’s going to have to plead out, or she’s going to have to go to trial,” Askins said. “What is it with all this plea bargaining etc. there shouldn’t be any bargaining going on with any case of cruelty to animals, what’s done is done, animal abuse can’t be bargained!”

News Link:http://www.sanduskyregister.com/article/2686616

2 dogs found emaciated; owner charged with animal cruelty

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One of two dogs confiscated Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012, in Paw Paw Township, is shown. / Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office

Authorities in south western Michigan have charged a woman with cruelty to animals after they confiscated a pair of emaciated dogs found chained up outside an apparently vacant home.

The Van Buren County sheriff‘s department says the dogs’ owner 33-year-old Brandi Espinosa pleaded not guilty at her arraignment Thursday in District Court in Paw Paw.

She was released. Her next hearing is scheduled for Oct. 26.

One of two dogs confiscated Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012, in Paw Paw Township, is shown. / Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office

A message seeking comment was left Friday by The Associated Press at a telephone listing for Espinosa.

The court said it didn’t know whether she had a lawyer.

The sheriff’s department says the mixed breed dogs found Wednesday in Paw Paw Township, about 50 miles southwest of Grand Rapids, are part pit bull.




The dogs are being cared for by Van Buren County Animal Control.



News Link:-http://www.freep.com/article/20120928/NEWS06/120928030/2-dogs-found-emaciated-woman-charged-with-animal-cruelty?odyssey=obinsite

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