Kittens killed in arson attack on house in Wigan

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Four feral kittens died after an arson attack at an empty house.

They were killed along with their mother at the property on Larkhill Avenue, Wigan, at around 9.30pm last night.

Police are investigating reports that two men were seen to break in before the fire started in the living room.

The kittens, who were just days old, were taken by an RSPCA officer to Greater Manchester Animal Hospital, but their condition deteriorated and they were put to sleep.

A joint police and fire service probe is under-way.

“If anyone knows who did this, please contact the police, killing animals is a crime & those who commit such an act must be punished before they turn their evil ways towards children or adults!”

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Thug tortured and killed his pet dog

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“OMG…these thugs were off to easily, I hope their names are burned into the minds of everyone who lives around them, & they are forever reminded of their heinous crime!”

AN animal charity is warning of the dangers of using the internet to sell pets after a dog was tortured and killed just days after its new owner bought it.

Sean Deakin, aged 19, hit Staffordshire Bull Terrier Tyson 20 times with a hammer before stabbing him with a knife at Birchfield Avenue, Atherton, magistrates were told.

He then dumped the pet in a wheelie bin outside.

Deakin, who now lives in Greenhill Road, Wakefield, was jailed for 20 weeks at Manchester Magistrates Court after being found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and failing to provide proper and necessary vet care.

RSPCA inspector Danni Jennings said: “What this dog went through was absolutely horrific.

“The court heard that it was hit with a hammer around 20 times then, three hours later, when Deakin noticed it had urinated, he chased the dog around the flat, kicking and punching it.

“When they got to the kitchen he picked up a knife and stabbed it. Deakin then went out, returning shortly before Tyson died of his injuries, around eight hours after the initial attack. The body was found dumped in a wheelie bin outside.

“Tyson was tortured. He was an innocent animal who had done nothing wrong but to have the misfortune of finding himself in the care of this couple.”

 The dog was being advertised for sale for £50 by Deakin’s girlfriend, Sarah Tame, aged 19, on a listings website site at the time it was killed.

Insp Jennings added: “I hope this case highlights the danger of websites where pets are given away or sold and that people think twice before using them.

“This is an area where no checks are being made.

“Responsible owners should not use these forums to acquire or pass on unwanted animals and people should only take on animals from reputable breeders or rescue organisations.

Tame was given a 12-month community order including 150 hours of unpaid work and was ordered to pay a £200 fine.

She was banned from keeping any animals for 10 years, and another dog was taken from her.

She had previously pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Tyson by failing to provide proper and necessary vet care following his stabbing.

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Teenager, battered dog with hammer 20 times and stabbed it through chest before leaving home to sign on at the JobCentre

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  • Sean Deakin had only owned the dog for a few days
  • Staffordshire bull terrier Tyson took eight hours to die
  • Deakin offered the court no explanation for the abuse

    Cruel: Sean Deakin, 19, battered his dog with a hammer before stabbing it in the chest and leaving it to die

A 19-year-old faces jail after he battered his new dog with a hammer, stabbed it in the chest and left it to die in agony.

Unemployed Sean Deakin left the male Staffordshire bull terrier dying on the kitchen floor of his flat while he went to the JobCentre to sign on.

The cruel youth returned to find the dog – which he had owned only a few days – lying immobile and vomiting.

In all, the dog – named Tyson – took eight agonising hours to die. A witness to the attack alerted RSPCA officers, who found Tyson’s body in a wheelie bin outside Deakin’s home four days later.

Deakin was arrested and charged with three counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

He denied the offences but was found guilty at Manchester magistrates court and now faces up to six months behind bars.

The court heard Deakin and his girlfriend Sarah Tame, 19, had taken ownership of Tyson just days before the attack after answering an advert on classifieds website Gumtree in May last year.

At around 3am, he struck the dog around 20 times on the head with a hammer. No explanation was given in court. Three hours later, Deakin woke and noticed the dog had urinated on his bed.

He chased it around the kitchen, trapped it between his legs and stabbed in it the chest with a six-inch knife he had grabbed from a drawer.

Deakin then went to sign on, returning shortly before Tyson died at 2pm. Inspector Danielle Jennings, of the RSPCA, said the attack was the worst case she had ever encountered.

‘This was an absolutely heinous crime against an innocent animal who had done nothing wrong other than suffer the misfortune of being taken into that flat,’ she said.

‘In four years as an inspector this is without a doubt the worst attack on an animal I have encountered.

‘Almost as soon as Tyson arrived in the flat a pattern of abuse which amounted to torture began.

‘It is a concern that animals are being so easily given away online, seemingly without any checks.’

Chairman of the Bench Hugh Keachie told Deakin the starting point for such crimes was a custodial sentence.

He said: ‘As a bench this offence absolutely appalled us and we need to make sure you understand how serious this is.’

Tame pleaded guilty to one count of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal at an earlier hearing for not seeking veterinary attention for Tyson.

Deakin, formerly of Birchfield Avenue, Atherton, Wigan, will be sentenced at Manchester magistrates court on June 28.

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Dog Found Burned, Impaled In Manchester, NH

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Video at link below – “I’ll bet it was kids!”

MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – Police in Manchester are investigating a horrible case of animal abuse. A small dog was discovered impaled and burned on a wooded trail near a complex of Little League fields.

“I came across what I thought was a stump,” said Francis Smith, who was walking his dog on the path this morning. “I thought someone just lit a fire in the middle of the path. After looking closer at it, It realized it was a little puppy.” He called 911.

Police later figured out it wasn’t a puppy, but an older small breed. They say it was either a Chihuahua or a Pomeranian that had been stabbed with a small stick.

A charred spot on the ground remained as children gathered for baseball hours later. “I was absolutely disgusted that my kids are running around here,” said Casey Level. “That is quite disturbing,” added Shawn Wilson, who was there with his children.

Neighbors on the other side of the path were also troubled by the news. “It takes a sick person to do something like that,” said Mary Godzyk, who said she did not hear anything overnight. Police say the dog was left there sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

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