Arizona Man Gets Probation In Bestiality Case

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WTF…18 months suspended sentence?? Well considering how much court cost are…there wasn’t much point in going, was there? A shop lifter would have received a more stern sentence. Seriously, does anyone think that people who want sex with  animals are normal? Should they be allowed (especially after being arrested for either having or trying to have such heinous acts) to mingle amongst society; especially around children? Well I don’t! These people disgust & offend me, I think we all have a right to know where they are, where they live & most importantly; that the police are keeping an eye on them…which they can’t do if their on bloody probation!!

PHOENIX – A Mesa man busted in a bestiality case that stemmed from a Craigslist ad has been sentenced to 18 months of probation.


Court records show Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner Jeffrey Rueter sentenced Craig James Naylor on Friday.

Naylor was arrested in August after he met with an undercover detective and a dog at a Mesa hotel following two months of negotiations.

He told authorities at the time that he sought a dog through the online ad for sexual gratification because he had been having marital problems.

Authorities seized two computers and a cell phone as part of the investigation.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said Naylor’s was the sixth arrest of its kind for the department over the past year.

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Man pleads guilty in bestiality case

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PHOENIX — A Mesa man has admitted to using the website to try to have sex with a dog.

Craig James Naylor, 47, entered a guilty plea Thursday to a charge of conspiracy to commit bestiality. He is due back in court on November 16 for sentencing.

Naylor was arrested back in August following an undercover operation by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies came in contact with Naylor through Craigslist, and spent two months exchanging emails about a dog.

Naylor eventually agreed to meet up with deputies to have sex with the dog, but he was arrested before the animal was brought into the room.

Naylor isn’t the only person who has used Craigslist to try to commit bestiality.

Several people have been arrested and convicted in the past two years for using the website to locate animals.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has written letters to Craigslist’s CEO asking that the company work harder to make sure that people aren’t using the site to commit illegal acts.

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Sheriff: Man shot Chihuahua puppy in the face with BB gun

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Montgomery County Sheriff deputies have charged a man with animal cruelty and resisting arrest after he allegedly shot his neighbor’s one year old Chihuahua in the face with a BB gun.

The man, Joseph Sheridan Martin, of Amsterdam, has allegedly threatened the dog months before by delivering a typed letter to the dog’s owner “expressing his hatred for dogs and stated that even though the dog was not a threat to attack him or anyone else, he would kick it if the dog came onto his property” a sheriff’s office press release on the arrest said.

Deputies said Martin admitted to shooting the dog, and that it had not come onto his property.

When he was told him he was under arrest, Martin fled, allegedly slamming the door on the arm of a deputy. Martin has been charged with animal cruelty, resisting arrest and harassment in the second degree.

He was arraigned and remanded to the Montgomery Correctional Facility on $1,000 cash bail or $2,500 bond.

“I can’t find any reports on the Chihuahua’s condition.”

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Queen Creek man suspected of animal cruelty

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A man was arrested Thursday after deputies found two dogs, one dead and one severely dehydrated, at his home near 20th Street and Empire Boulevard in Queen Creek, officials said.

Ronnie Haynes, 59, was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty after authorities received a call stating there was a dead animal on Haynes’ property. Deputies found the two dogs in an enclosed area, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. One was dead and the second one was extremely lethargic and dehydrated and left without food or water, officials said.

In an interview with police, Haynes told authorities that he had seen the animals the night before between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. and they both seemed fine. Haynes said he feeds the animals every other day and gives them water daily, officials said.“This guy’s middle name must be Pinocchio!”

Deputies reportedly found no sign of water near the dogs.

The dog found alive is being treated for dehydration at Palm Glen Animal Hospital in Phoenix, according to deputies.

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Wittmann woman accused of animal abuse

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A woman was arrested in Wittmann on suspicion of 14 counts of animal crueltyWednesday morning, officials said.

Charlene Scott, 56, was arrested in Wittmann on suspicion of 14 counts of animal cruelty. Officials went to her home after finding a 3- to 4-month old puppy in need of emergency medical treatment

The Animal Crimes Unit of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office conducted a search warrant at the home of Charlene Scott, 56, after finding a 3- to 4-month old puppy in need of emergency medical treatment, according to Officer Christopher Hegstrom of the Sheriff’s Office.

In their search, deputies found one dead puppy and seized three adult female dogs, two adult male dogs and nine puppies, Hegstrom said.

He said the animals received medical attention after being taken from the home.

The Sheriff’s Office had been in contact with Scott about her animals since September, according to officials.

Police said she was negligent and that her animals had chronic tick infestations that caused hair loss and skin inflammation.

Scott had failed to treat her animals after police said they had given her recommendations over the past several months, according to Hegstrom.

Deputies said Scott showed an inability to properly care for her animals.

Wittmann is located about 35 miles northwest of Phoenix.
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