“This heartless pig, has to be sent down for this, the dog growled, oh boo bloody hoo!! Was the growl even aimed at him? Probably not, as the dog was playing with another dog at the time. Crikey, you want to hear my dogs when they all start playing, especially if it’s one toy that all 3 of them want at the same time; the smallest one barks the loudest, my tiny Chihuahua! But if you were walking past on the opposite side of the gate that you can’t see over, one would think they were killing each other fighting!! But their dogs, that’s what they do when they get excited, they try to scare the other dogs off by a growl, but it’s playful growl; more like a “come & get it if you dare” type of growl!”

“What the hell was this knob head doing, walking around with a shotgun, in his hand, in the first place?? Was it in case he came across a polar bear hiding in the bushes?? Get him sent down for killing the dog & carrying a firearm outside in a public place!; what if those dogs were playing with young kids at the same time, doesn’t bear thinking; about does it??”

It took a jury just 30 minutes to find Charles Cutler, 56, of Marne, Iowa, guilty of misdemeanor animal abuse for shooting and killing a dog, reported Wednesday’s ABC 7 News.

Cutler shot and killed a one-year-old Labrador retriever named “Wrigley,” back on December 24, 2012,

Wrigley was with his guardian, Denver school teacher Stacey Ernat, who had stopped at a friend’s home in Marne while on vacation. Wrigley was outside, playing in the snow with another dog at the time.

Cutler defended his actions, stating that the young dog had growled at him and that he feared for his safety, so he got his shotgun and opened fire.

Ernat was devastated by the shooting.

Not long after her dog’s death, she described what happened after Wrigley was hit to WTVR News,

She was curled up in a ball, really scared and confused why she was hurt so bad, so I picked her up and I held her an I told her it was gonna be okay,

Cutler will be sentenced on May 6 – he could face up to two years in prison.” Keep your fingers crossed folks!”

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/iowa-man-who-shot-dog-playing-the-snow-is-found-guilty-of-animal-abuse