“I’ve just received this email from my good friend & animal warrior Carol. It’s great to know more animals will be spared the agony of being used as guinea pigs, for human cosmetics….so I wanted to share it!”
May 8, 2012

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PETA Grant Enables Scientists to Guide Chinese Officials in Non-Animal Test Use

Beijing — Chinese officials are in the final stages of approving the use of
the country’s very first non-animal test method for cosmetics ingredients,
thanks to guidance from scientists funded by PETA US. The 3T3 Neutral Red
Uptake Phototoxicity Assay, which tests chemicals for their potential
toxicity when they come into contact with sunlight and is already in wide
use in the U.S. and the E.U., is scheduled to be accepted in China by late
summer. Before now, China has required cosmetics companies to test
ingredients and products only on animals.

PETA US awarded a grant to scientists at the Institute for In Vitro Sciences
http://www.iivs.org/ late last year after learning that China was
requiring cosmetics companies Avon, Estée Lauder, and Mary Kay—which had
been on PETA’s list of companies that don’t test cosmetics on animals
for decades—to pay for tests on animals in order to market their products in
China. Scientists from IIVS traveled to China several times to offer their
expertise and guidance.

“We’re delighted that this grant has helped jump-start the acceptance of
non-animal tests in China and grateful to Chinese officials for being so
open to these discussions,

” says PETA Asia Vice President Jason Baker. “We
congratulate them for acting swiftly to implement the first of several
available non-animal tests.”

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