GRAPHIC IMAGE: Horse starved in Citrus County; animal lovers appalled

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“How the hell could she let the mare get so bad & not ask for help or advice as to why the horse wasn’t gaining weight? Any real horse owner knows’ that teeth need to be filed down at least once a year! I get my horse done twice as it doesn’t take long for a tooth to start irritating the gum due to being sharp or hooks to cause pain, which will stop the horse eating properly. How come it took until it was on it’s last legs before someone noticed it? Was it locked away where nobody could see it? I just can’t fathom why nobody spoke up earlier, perhaps then the mare may have stood a chance! Sod falling out with neighbours; when an animals life is in danger, you speak up!! Didn’t the previous owner see it’s condition going down? So many questions because this just shouldn’t happen in this day & age!”

Floral City, Florida – “I cried her name, I said, ‘Mary, Mary — how could they do this to you?'” says a sobbing Cheryl Pence. 

She’s talking about Mary, an Arabian mare she used to own. She saw Mary again Thursday afternoon, right before she died.

When animal control officers arrived at the horse‘s current home near Floral City, Mary was down on the ground, too weak to stand — simply a breathing carcass.

“Deplorable, emaciated, there’s really not a term for it — it’s beyond emaciation,” says Animal Control Officer Terry Funderburk of the horse’s condition.

PHOTOS: Severely neglected horse euthanized, woman arrested **WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES**

The horse’s owner, Tammi Kampman, was arrested and faces an animal cruelty charge. A vet says the mare’s teeth were so uncared for, that she could not physically eat.

Kampman was arrested on one misdemeanor count of animal cruelty after a severely emaciated horse was euthanized. WARNING: Graphic photos

“It had no way to process the food put in front of it,” explains Animal Control Supervisor Lora Peckham. “It literally starved to death, because of a lack of medical care.”

The arrest report indicates that over the past year people in this rural neighbourhood, including other horse owners, had offered to help the family. And Pence, who had given the family Mary four years ago so their girls could ride, begged to get Mary back.

“I said, ‘but if you can’t take care of her, I can take her back. I’m happy to take her back; I love this horse,'” Pence says.

But according to Citrus County Animal Control, no one called them to report the neglected horse. Some residents told investigators they didn’t want to cause hard feelings in the neighbourhood and Pence thought someone else had picked up the phone. “In situations like this I would rather fall out with a whole bloody City; than not report a suffering animal!”

When 10 News knocked on the mobile home’s door today, we were told to go away, so we don’t know why this horse was allowed to suffer for so long. However, we did see several cars at the house and a bass boat out back.

“She took no action to get a vet on property,” said Peckham.

Yet, because there isn’t an indication of “intentional abuse”, Peckham explained that state law allows only a misdemeanor charge. Kampman bonded out of jail on Thursday. “Perhaps not intentional abuse but the owner isn’t blind, she saw the state of the horse & didn’t get a vet out….I call that intentional negligence, which should be accountable for as it is clearly animal abuse to leave a horse in that condition!” 

Mary was so far gone she had to be euthanized and her former owner is now left with photographs of better days and a gnawing guilt.

Appalling, horse starved to death

“She’s in horse heaven and she’s not suffering,” says Pence. “But I will never do that again. I will never give away a horse again.”

Animal Control Officers say it’s important for people to officially report animal abuse or neglect. And if owners find themselves in a situation where they don’t have the money, time, or will to properly care for animal, officials urge owners to ask county agencies or area rescue groups for help.

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Animal Abuse Suspect Pleads Not Guilty To Charges

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“Remember this sick bitch? pleaded not guilty, even though she had a diary of dates & times that she tortured that poor dog, stabbing it & even saying she got pleasure from seeing the dog being hurt. Only her & God know what other vile things she did to that innocent dog…should a person capable of doing the above; be able to walk the streets, perhaps even get another pet?”

“There is only one place she needs to go & that’s Jail! I’ll tell you what, if she gets off with her ‘not guilty plea’ I will stop doing this blog…what’s the point in carrying on if the Judicial system does not see fit to put these unstable sick psychopaths beings behind bars!!”

WAUSAU, WI (WSAU) – The woman accused of poisoning and stabbing her boyfriend’s dog last summer has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Sick, twisted & evil, tortured dog, stabbed it

Sean D. Janas is charged with mistreatment of animals, exposing a domestic animal to a poisonous substance, and obstructing an officer.

Prosecutors say kept a detailed diary with entries about how she forced the lab-shepherd mix to ingest bleach and drain cleaner, and got pleasure from watching the animal suffer. The dog named Mary died June 4th.

This case has brought animal lovers out in support of stronger penalties for abuse, and efforts to seek the maximum possible penalties for Janas if convicted. “Never mind ‘if’, it will be when she is convicted, she has to be jailed, she is a danger to society as a whole; with a very evil, twisted mind!!

Sean Janas is currently jailed on a $2,500 dollar cash bond. If convicted, she could get five years in prison and over $30,000 in fines. Attorneys for both sides will work out future court appearances during a scheduling meeting later this week.

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Hundred people bring pets to Wausau courthouse during animal cruelty trial

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– About 100 people brought their pets to the courthouse in Wausau yesterday – the same day a woman appeared in court for the torturing-and-death of her boyfriend’s dog.

The case of 20-year-old Sean Janas of Wausau has attracted international publicity.

WAUSAU – About 100 people brought their pets to the courthouse in Wausau yesterday – the same day a woman appeared in court for the torturing-and-death of her boyfriend’s dog.

Prosecutors said she wrote in a diary about enjoying how four-year-old Mary – a German shepherd and Labrador mix – was suffering. Officials said Janas poisoned Mary to death in June. Yesterday, Janas was ordered to stand trial after she waived her right to a preliminary hearing in Marathon County Circuit Court. She’s expected to enter pleas November 12th to charges of animal mistreatment, poisoning an animal, and obstructing police.

Yesterday’s pet demonstration was called the “March for Mary.” Stacy Cole of Wausau radio station WIFC has been making people aware of the dog’s plight – and she says people from around the world are asking the defendant be fully punished. And t they’re also asking for tougher anti-cruelty laws. Almost 50,000 people have signed online petitions in support of the dog that was killed. Prosecutor Lamont Jacobson said he has received thousands of e-mails saying the same thing.

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Wausau Woman Accused Of Poisoning Dog, Cutting It’s Throat

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“Cases of intentional cruelty are the ones of greatest concern to the general public”.
“Animal cruelty crimes suggest the offenders are a risk to society as a whole!”

Please contact the judge and ask for the harshest punishment given by law!! Marathon County Circuit Judge Michael Moran 715-261-1381. 
The Honourable Gregory E. Grau
Marathon County Circuit Court
500 Forest Street
Wausau, WI 54403

Lamont Jacobson, Esq
Marathon County District Attorney’s Office
500 Forest Street
Wausau, WI 54403

Remember this face – Would you want her in your neighbourhood? Don’t worry, I will be keeping my eye on this one for you!

WAUSAU — A 20-year-old Wausau woman was in Marathon County Jail on Monday on charges that she slit the throat of her boyfriend’s dog after poisoning it with Drano and bleach.

Sean D. Janas appeared in Marathon County Circuit Court and was held in jail on a $2,500 cash bond. She is charged with felony mistreatment of animals, giving poison to an animal and obstructing an officer. She faces more than five years in prison and $30,000 in fines if convicted of all charges.

Marathon County Assistant District Attorney LaMont Jacobson said Janas kept a diary with “disturbing content” in relation to the abuse suffered by the dog, a 4-year-old German shepherdLabrador mix named Mary.

According to the criminal complaint, Janus wrote a number of entries in the diary detailing her ongoing abuse of the dog.

“I need to find a way to kill her without it looking like I killed her,Janus wrote. “ I’ve done lots of things already. I’ve given her drano, bleach and a lot of pain pills lol one night she got all tweaked out because of it, it was so funny.”

In another entry:

I have never hated an animal so much in my life, much less hate one or beat one. But the pleasure I get from watching her whimper in pain and cry out for help as I shove drano and bleach down her throat is like no other,Janus wrote.

According to the criminal complaint, police believe Mary was killed June 4 after suffering months of abuse. A veterinarian told police the dog had been brought to a local clinic on April 11 for treatment after a resident found the animal wandering in the street, bleeding from her head. Mary’s owner reported the animal had been vomiting blood for about a week prior to its death.

Marathon County Circuit Judge Michael Moran ordered Janas to have no contact with animals while the case is pending.

“ I’ve read the criminal complaint, and the diary entries,” Moran said. “If these allegations are correct, they are very disturbing.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Oct. 31.

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Soldier ordered to pay ex-wife $25,000 after kicking her cat to death

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A cat-abusing thug who brutally kicked his ex-wife’s cat to death has been convicted of animal cruelty and ordered to pay $25,000 in damages.

Justin Chlarson, 32, was looking after Mary on May 28 2010, and was the only person to come into contact with her that day, a Thurston County court heard.

Two days later, his former wife, Vorhies Flores, found a lump on her pet’s side and noticed that the skin around her abdomen was dark red.

Brutal: Mary the cat was viciously beaten by her owner's ex-husband, dying four days after sustaining injuries

Mary’s breathing was heavy and she was refusing to eat or drink, causing Flores to become increasingly worried about her.

After seeking veterinary help at the Steamboat Animal Hospital, Flores discovered that her kitty had suffered a vicious attack, described in court papers as ‘an intentional traumatic injury’.

48 hours later the long haired Calico died from injuries caused by being kicked in the abdomen, thought to have been sustained four days earlier on the day she was being watched by Chlarson.

He had previously sent a text message to Flores threatening Mary.

Flores, 23, has battled to get justice for her cat, who was part of the family for 10 years. She was awarded $15,000 damages for the ‘intrinsic value of the cat’ and a further $10,000 to compensate for emotional suffering.

But the reward will never take the place of Mary in her life.

‘As nice as it was to hear that I won, that was nice, but it doesn’t bring my cat back,’ Vorhies Flores told the Olympian. ‘There was no amount of money that could have made me feel better.’

Chlarson, an active-duty reservist who has been ordered to take anger management courses, pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree animal cruelty, admitting pushing the cat off a bed.

He was sentenced to a suspended 90-day jail sentence and a $1,000 fine and ordered to have no contact with cats for two years.

Chlarson has since moved to California remaining in the military and will not be appealing the decision

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