Graphic content: Slaughter Of Horses Causes Outrage: Petition To Sign

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“Horses will continue to suffer if not properly restrained & the gun aimed at the right place, by someone trained to do so, for an instant death! The horses in this video were in open crates, outside, with no restraints etc. One horse actually has to be whipped to get it away from the horse in the kill pen, but when horses sense danger; they tend to stick with other horses. They are flight animals, just the sound of the gun would make them very skittish; they can smell fear & blood & being able to see their fellow horses killed straight in front of them is appalling! No horse is just going to stand there & not move its head around, i.e. no clean shot which means no instant death via a gun! . This place obviously has no empathy or respect; so let’s get the bastards closed down!”

December 13, 2012 by 

ALLEGATIONS of inhumane slaughter of horses at a western suburbs knackery have sparked outrage and prompted the Melbourne and Werribee Open Range zoos to source horsemeat from other knackeries.

Petition by Ella Edwards Melboune, Australia

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Secret footage shot by animal activists, the Coalition for Protection of Racehorses, and seen by Fairfax Media, shows several horses being killed at the Laverton Knackery, with at least one animal tied up and dragged along concrete while apparently still alive. The allegations are being investigated by the state’s meat regulator, PrimeSafe, as well as the RSPCA after Animals Australia – the group that uncovered cruelty to Australian cattle in Indonesia in 2011 – made a formal complaint.

Footage of a horse being dragged at Laverton Knackery

In a detailed letter to the Department of Primary Industries, Animals Australia claims dozens of breaches of animal cruelty, hygiene, welfare and meat industry laws, which could result in the cancellation or suspension of the business’ licence.

In one case, Animals Australia alleges a ”worker shot the horse twice, did not ensure the horse was dead, and then tied the horse to a tractor and dragged him across 60 metres of concrete and gravel after which he was found to still be breathing.

”The worker shot the horse again and the horse’s throat was then slit and the horse continued to make purposeful movements, paddling his legs and lifting his head off the ground until he eventually died.”

PrimeSafe chief executive Brian Casey said it would examine the potential breaches of the Pet Meat standard.

Mr Casey said horses are ”skittish” at the best of times but animals must always be handled and killed humanely. 

Laverton Knackery did not wish to comment when contacted on Wednesday .

The RSPCA confirmed that is conducting an investigation into animal cruelty, after receiving a complaint in November.

Last week, Animals Australia showed the video to Melbourne and Werribee zoos director Kevin Tanner. ”Zoos Victoria has ceased all supply arrangements with Laverton Pet Supplies following the presentation of evidence from Animals Australia showing inhumane treatment of horses at their premise,” Mr Tanner said. He said Zoos Victoria was also reviewing all other meat supply arrangements for all its zoos, including Healesville Sanctuary, to ensure suppliers adhere to the organisation’s Animal Welfare commitments.

Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses campaign manager Elio Celotto said the group was ”absolutely unsurprised” at the vision its activist captured.

”Primesafe, in my opinion, are not doing their job, these horses deserve to be treated with dignity,” Mr Celotto said.

Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh said he would closely monitor the investigations.

”Cruelty to animals will not be tolerated,” Mr Walsh said.Animal handling facilities that do not adhere to the rules and regulations regarding animal welfare can expect to face prosecution and have their operation licences cancelled.” “It’s no good just saying it, Welsh needs to act & prosecute all who do not adhere to rules & regulations; but then would lead to around 90% of slaughterhouses needing prosecutions!”

The allegations come amid renewed pressure on Australia’s live export trade after footage of cruelty to Australian cattle in Israeli abattoirs was screened on the ABC’s 7.30 on Tuesday night.

The new claims have again prompted calls from the Greens, independent Andrew Wilkie and some in the Labor caucus for the trade to be shut down or for tougher scrutiny by regulators.

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For Molly: Honouring A Dog That Only Wanted Love

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“A precious baby, yet another pit bull puppy used & abused, tragically at the hands of humans…who else!! Some may well say, well this was just another dog, found abused, who found a home. But remember all dogs rescued are special; their hearts all heal in their own unique ways. If I had been abused as this pup had, I wouldn’t be so quick to forgive…but that’s the difference between us & dogs or any animal…show them love & they will readily love back unconditionally.  Yes some dogs do take longer than others to heal, but rarely are there any, not willing to love; putting their hardships, behind them & always being there for you. Some dogs are just special, they have an amazing ability to make the shittiest day, be forgotten with one sweet lick…they make you laugh when you only feel like crying. This really touched my heart, & pricked my eyes with tears; this made me feel so grateful to have my 3 dogs, whom without, my life would be empty! I think anyone who has never loved a dog is missing; out on one of Gods sweetest, kindest most loyal of creatures…any ones best friend, a dog!”

“Molly, well, straight away, it was apparent that Molly had a big heart, willing to love & be loved by all.  This is where I have to question my faith, Molly had everything to live for with her new loving family. But it didn’t turn out to be a happy ending; why does the happiness of those who deserve to have the best, sometimes have it taken away??. Why can’t that happen to all the low life scum in this life, those that continually abuse, hurt, kill? I guess God, for whatever reason, sometimes, just needs the special ones, more in heaven, than on earth…well that’s the way I look at it; as hard as it is to try & come to terms with.  So yes your going to need the Kleenex for this one, because it is sad. I’m just so thankful that Molly found love & gave love, in her short time on this earth. I’m sure she is having the time of her life over Rainbow Bridge, patiently waiting to see her loved ones again. God Bless sweet baby girl. R.I.P Molly”

Molly the pit bull experienced the very worst and the very best of humankind during her very short life. Molly was brutalized as a bait dog and then left tied to a pole in the basement of an abandoned Baltimore house at six months old.

She was found by a workman, rescued, then adopted into a loving home.

Molly flourished in her new home and became attached to her dog siblings and her humans. For three months she knew happiness, comfort, companionship and love. Then a sudden and catastrophic health event ended her life.

A friend made the following memorial video in honor of Molly. It is both heartbreaking and heartwarming to watch.

WARNING: The video contains a few disturbing photos showing Molly’s injuries when she was found.

The creator of the memorial video writes:

Molly, at 6 months old, was found in a basement, tied to a pole… it appeared she’d been used as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring. With love and support, Molly healed and continued to love both people and dogs, despite what was done to her.

On February 1st Molly took a sudden turn, just when things seemed so hopeful, and developed a profound infection of her entire hind end. It progressed so quickly it ruptured disks in her spine, paralysing her.

Molly had fought hard, but she would not be coming home this time… This video is in honour of Molly, and all those who loved and cared for her. Run Free Molly, thank you for giving us a second chance.

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In Memory of Molly – Gone but never forgotten xxx

Published on 2 Feb 2013

Molly, at 6 months old, was found in a basement, tied to a pole… it appeared she’d been used as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring. With Love and support, Molly healed and continued to love both people and dogs, despite what was done to her. On February 1st Molly took a sudden turn, just when things seemed so hopeful, and developed a profound infection of her entire hind end. It progressed so quickly it ruptured disks in her spine, paralysing her. Molly had fought hard, but she would not be coming home this time… This video is in honour of Molly, and all those who loved and cared for her. Run Free Molly, thank you for giving us a second chance.

Molly’s Page:
Molly’s Rescue:

Magistrate ‘sickened’ by starved dog

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A man who allowed his dog to starve to death through neglect has been fined $2000 and disqualified from being in charge of a pet for five years.

Melbourne Magistrates Court today heard Troy Simpson, 30, failed to provide sufficient food for his six-year-old Staffordshire pit bull terrier-cross, Missy, over two weeks in September and October last year.

The court heard an ambulance officer from Lort Smith Animal Hospital attended Simpson’s home, in the Melbourne‘s northern suburbs, on October 11 and found the dog dead in a kennel in the backyard.

The officer described the dog as being in a “shocking condition” and in an “extremely emaciated” state, the court heard.

Inspector Jason Nichols, for the RSPCA, told the court Simpson’s offence was at the serious end of the scale of animal cruelty.

Simpson pleaded guilty to one count of inflicting aggravated cruelty on an animal.

Magistrate Ian Watkins told the court he was sickened by photographs of the dead dog and that Simpson had no excuse for neglecting the animal.

“I couldn’t imagine the pain and suffering that animal went through as it suffered from malnutrition,” he said.

“There is no excuse for neglecting that animal in the way you did.”

Simpson’s defence counsel, who refused to give her first name when approached by The Age and asked that she be referred to as Miss Fischer, conceded in court that Missy died in “nasty circumstances”.

She told the court Simpson had left Missy in his backyard when he moved out of his property and began living with his ill sister, and only checked on the dog at nights.

“He knew she was getting skinnier but the light outside the back wasn’t good and he didn’t want to upset the neighbours,” she said. She told the court Simpson had fallen out with his neighbours.

Miss Fischer told the court Simpson had owned Missy since she was an eight-week-old pup and was worried about her condition, and had planned to buy some food once a Centrelink payment was made.

Simpson was on a pension for an intellectual disability, she said. But the court was told the dog was neglected for a long time.

Inspector Nichols said the veterinarian who examined Missy’s body at the animal hospital found the dog was “severely emaciated” with its bones visible, faecal staining consistent with diarrhoea and that her left eye was ulcerated.

“The veterinarian held the view anyone who would have seen the dog would have realised she needed urgent veterinary attention,” Inspector Nichols said.

Simpson was also ordered to pay $440 in court costs.

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Home Store Deals News Blog Our Mission About Us Advertise With Us Bloody Carnage As Sheep Spill Onto Highway In Australia

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A truck transporting 400 sheep along the western ring road overpass in Laverton crashed on an overpass around 9PM Thursday, spilling animals onto cars below.

Terrified motorists tried to avoid the falling sheep while the truck came to rest overhanging the overpass above the Princes Freeway.

Television footage showed the truck dangling precariously off the overpass and dead sheep littering the highway below.

The truck was involved in what was apparently a one-vehicle accident, rolling over on a notoriously bad bend in the road. Witnesses behind the transport vehicle said that speed had not appeared to be a factor.

At least two vehicles were hit by falling sheep. One of the vehicles rolled numerous times but the occupants were not injured. The dead and dying sheep littered the highway just North of Melbourne. It was a scene of bloody carnage as dazed and injured animals wandered through the wreckage and among the corpses of the other animals. More than 200 sheep were killed in the crash, and the RSPCA reportedly shot the injuredPIX 11 reported that only ten animals survived.

Residents of the area were appalled that news reports showed no concern for the animals and addressed only the humans involved in the accident, saying “no injuries or deaths.” Many were upset that reports did not include whether or not any sheep survived and what was done with them. There are conflicting reports about where the sheep were headed. Some say they were headed for slaughter, others that they were being shipped for wool. The ten that survived are believed to have been sent along for slaughter.

A witness at the scene, Alicia Kennedy, said it was horrific and distressing.

Lisa Bower Raven said it was horrible to see sheep still hanging from the side of the truck, just waiting to fall to their deaths.

This accident was just the latest in a string of animal transport mishaps in Australia in recent years. Less than two months ago, chicken crates fell off of a transport truck scattering dead chickens all over Princes highwayA month ago, a cow fell off of a transport on the Hume. On May 10, a truck carrying cows tipped over on the same freeway in Werribee.

Many Australians believe the animal transport laws should be changed. Some truck drivers are defending the driver in this accident, saying that when livestock moves around during transport, it shifts the weight in the truck, causing instability. Animal advocates disagree, saying that sheep are generally packed so tightly into transport trucks that they can barely move. In this case, there were stacked three levels high.  In all the preceding cases of animal transport highway accidents, there were no tops on the transports.

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Seosan Dog Farm Investigation

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KARA – Korea Animal Rights Advocates

Little has changed over the years regarding the dog meat industry in Korea. The selling and processing of dog meat is still technically illegal. The situation could be summed up with this paradox: it is illegal to produce and consume dog meat but it is not against the law.

Debate continues on its legalization but an impasse remains at the moment between the Korean government and animal welfare groups, meaning that everything continues on now as it has done in the past.


A Dog’s Life: dogs live in tiny cages above the ground all their lives. They are separated from their mothers at an early age and some are slaughtered as pups; they do not feel what walking on the ground is like; they cannot mingle with other dogs other than those in cages beside them; they suffer summer heat and freezing winters outdoors; they are not given water; they have to eat human food waste such as kimchi; they get no exercise; they have been known to have their eardrums burst to prevent them from barking–every natural instinct they have is thwarted by the inhumane and tortuous conditions they must live under.

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