White Watch: Man Guilty Of Sex With Miniature Horse And Rape, Gets 3 Years In Jail

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“WTF…how can anyone be charged with 15 years yet only do 3 when that person has admitted to the heinous offenses? Why did the judge dismiss animal abuse & domestic violence when he admitted to doing it; the women he raped has to live with that all her life! What is it with these plea deals & bargains, just who do they help? certainly not the victims.”

“This man will be out of prison soon, do you think he will be a changed man? I fear not! I think there has to be Animal Abuse Registry’s set up in every state & town, interlinked so people like this can’t get their hands on animals. I also think that bestiality, sodomy, zoophilia should be incorporated into Brommels 5 Freedoms to further protect animals & help gain tougher charges; they have such little protection as it is.”

White Man Guilty Of Sex With Miniature Horse And Rape, Gets 3 Years In JailJust 3 years….

A Wilmer, Ala. man admitted to raping a woman and sexually abusing a miniature horse  on Tuesday in a plea deal that will allow his release in less than two years.

AL.com reports that Eric Steven Easley  was sentenced to three years in prison, but he’s already spent 14 months in jail, meaning with time served, he’ll be out in 22 months. He was technically sentenced to 15 years, but the deal stipulated that all but three of those be suspended.

The site notes that neither Easley, the prosecuting attorney nor judge Joseph “Rusty” Johnston seemed fully satisfied with the plea deal, which the prosecution claimed it offered because there were “legal issues” surrounding Easley’s rape victim.

Easley was arrested  in July 2011 after a woman said he broke into her home, raped her and held her for several hours against her will, according to a previous story by AL.com.

In 2010, deputies in Mobile, Ala. said they found evidence that a miniature horse’s tail had been tied to a post and the horse had been sexually abusedaccording to the Weekly Vice.

Deputies found a wallet with Easley’s driver’s license and Social Security card at the scene.

Judge Johnston dismissed animal cruelty and domestic violence charges as part of the plea deal, but Easley admitted to the charges of rape and killing or disabling livestock

News Link:-http://whitewatch.info/2012/10/11/guilty-of-sex-with-miniature-horse-and-rape-gets-3-years-in-jail-.aspx

Child Advocates Upset About 5-year-old Living With 43 Animals

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(MOBILE, Ala.)   More controversy surrounding the apartment where 42 cats and a dog were found.

Mobile police and animal control officers responded to Country Club Woods Apartment complex yesterday after several complaints.

Two women and a 5-year old girl were living there among all the animals in that apartment.

Now, the Executive Director of the Child Advocacy Center is speaking out about the case.

He says he can’t remember a situation where this many animals were living in such a tight space, with a small child.

Pat Guyton is the Executive Director of the Child Advocacy Center in Mobile.

When he heard 42 cats and a dog were living in a one bedroom apartment with a 5-year-old child, he was disgusted.

“It’s upsetting. It’s a very unhealthy environment. Cats carry certain diseases that a child can pick up such as Cat-scratch disease, Salmonella, Roundworm,” said Guyton.

Mobile Police say cockroaches and cat feces filled the Country Club Woods apartment.

“There are even things like ringworm and other parasites that can be picked up. It places the child’s health at risk,” said Guyton.

56-year-old Linda Barnes is charged with environmental animal cruelty. Her daughter, 32-year-old Heather Barnes has not been charged, but the Department of Human Resources took custody of her 5-year-old girl.

“Studies have been done that show that people who will neglect animals will neglect children. So I think it will be important for DHR to conduct an investigation to determine if the child is being neglected,” said Guyton.

The Department of Human Resources wouldn’t comment on the case.

But police say the little girl is OK.

News Link:-http://www.local15tv.com/news/local/story/Child-Advocates-Upset-About-5-year-old-Living/88sj7thCVE6mRE5MqdjXaw.cspx

76-year-old Elberta woman charged in animal cruelty case (Updated)

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MOBILE, Alabama — A 76-year-old Elberta woman who was running a dog-breeding facility at her home was charged Tuesday with animal neglect and cruelty, running a business without a license and administering rabies vaccines without a certificate or license.

The charges filed against Beverly Baker, who lives on Krehling Road, are all misdemeanors, Elberta Police Chief Stan DeVane said.

The Humane Society rescued 51 dogs from the Elberta house, said Deneen Balistere, the group’s dog adoption coordinator.

Police shut down the “puppy mill” last week after leaders with the Baldwin County Humane Society were informed that the dogs were thin and malnourished and had no food.

A couple who had been living with Baker in exchange for caring for the dogs notified the humane society about the poor conditions of the dogs, which ranged from poodles to malti-poos, Yorkies and Pekinese.

The number of animals increased over the weekend when one of the dogs had 16 puppies, Balistere said.

She said all of the rescued dogs survived and are “doing extremely well and are all with veterinarians.”

She said four animal care facilities are taking care of the dogs.

The rescued dogs will be part of a pet adoption Friday and Saturday at the PetSmart at the Eastern Shore Centre. Forever Homes and Baldwin Humane Society-BARC are sponsoring the adoption.

In a separate animal neglect case in late January, more than 100 neglected dogs and cats were rescued from Purple Hearted Puppies in Summerdale and the Robertsdale home of one of its operators. The owners, Roberta Downing Dueitt, 63, of Summerdale and her daughter, Sharon Nicole Dueitt, 29, of Robertsdale, are each charged with first-degree cruelty to a cat or dog, a felony, and cruelty to animals, a misdemeanor, according to Baldwin County Corrections Center records. They are free on $3,000 bail.

News link:-http://blog.al.com/live/2012/05/elberta_woman_charged_with_ani.html

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