UPDATE: Hope The Abused Pug, Doing Well & Helping Other Dogs

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Hope, a pug mix that was found badly abused in Texas in July, is recovering well with her new family the Moncriefs.

Not only is Hope living a happy life now, she and the Moncriefs are helping other dogs in need.

Hope as she is now

Hope was found in July with electrical tape wrapped around her snout and her tongue swollen and protruding out of her mouth. Her new owner Kit Moncrief recalls Kit’s condition, “I saw her at the vet the week they brought her in, and I was horrified. I mean, number one,  her nose was terrible, and you could see the bone in her nose.

She was cutliterally somebody tried to cut, with a hatchet or an ax, cut her head off – she had a hundred and some odd stitches all around her head.” The search still continues for whoever is responsible for her torture. A $35,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest.

Although the search continues for Hope’s abuser, Hope continues to get better and adjust to her new Life.

Hope when she was found

The Moncriefs along with other have started The Saving Hope Foundation, a non-profit organization created in honor of animals like Hope.

The organization’s main goal is to help end animal euthanasia in shelters in America by helping people afford their pets and not surrender them.

Hope is now not only recovering and doing well, but helping other dogs in need.

The Moncrief’s brought her to Wag pet boutique in Fort Worth, Texas on Thursday for a “Meet Hope” event, which included three rescue groups on site with adoptable pets. Nearly 50 people packed the boutique to see Hope, including the animal control officers who rescued her and the veterinarian who worked on her, Rhonda Sears.

Hope and Sears had a joyous reunion, as Hope jumped onto Sears giving her hugs and kisses. Although Hope was the worst case Sears had seen in her 13 years as a vet, now she sees Hope is very happy, “Look at her now! She’s a good girl, and got the light in her eyes,” Sears said.

Hope seems to be settling in well at her new home with the Moncriefs. “She’s just come to our house like she’s always belonged there,” Moncrief said. Tons of people applied to adopt Hope, and the Moncriefs are thankful that Hope came home with them, “She’s been a blessing to us,” she said, “You save ‘em once, and they save you a hundred times over.”

News Link:-http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2012/09/update-hope-the-abused-texas-pug-doing-well-and-helping-other-dogs/


Alleged dog shooter facing felony charge

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ROGUE RIVERA Gold Hill man faces a felony animal abuse charge after allegedly shooting his bulldog in the mouth with a rifle and then leaving the animal tied outside a veterinary clinic.

Jayson Wayne King, 27, gave Rogue River police and his girlfriend inconsistent stories about what led him to shoot the dog on June 14, police said.

King said the dog attacked some pet goats on his property in the 3000 block of Galls Creek Road in Gold Hill, said police Chief Ken Lewis. King said he shot the dog from 30 yards away with a .243-caliber rifle to protect the goats, Lewis said.

The bullet entered the dog’s mouth and burst out the bottom of its jaw, said Lewis, who isn’t buying King’s story.

“If you think about it, the dog would have to have its mouth open at the time the shot was fired,” Lewis said. “And then the bullet would have to enter at an angle suggesting the shooter was above the target.”

Lewis said he believes King placed the barrel directly into the dog’s mouth and fired.

“You can shoot a dog in self-defense or if you are protecting livestock,” Lewis said. “I don’t think that’s the case here.”

Champ, as the dog has been named by staff caring for him at the Sanctuary One animal shelter in the Applegate, shows no signs that he will suffer long-term effects from the bullet.

Champ initially was taken to Best Friends Animal Hospital in Talent for emergency surgery. Based on clinic X-rays, the shot most likely was “execution style” from close range, Lewis said. The bullet fractured the jawbone in two places, forcing the surgeon to wire it together.

King was interviewed inside the Jackson County Jail, where he was lodged Wednesday on an unrelated domestic violence charge, Lewis said.

Lewis said his department will recommend additional charges of aggravated animal abuse, a felony, attempted aggravated animal abuse and animal abandonment.

King’s girlfriend was cited for animal abandonment. Lewis believes she was aware the dog was left outside the clinic.

“It’s illegal to drop a dog off at a location and leave, even if it is a veterinary office,” Lewis said.

Lewis said the girlfriend was not home when King reportedly shot the dog.

Champ continues to recover at Sanctuary One, where he is receiving obedience training and is socializing with other dogs. Once he’s properly trained, he may be able to be adopted.

Inquiries about the possibility of adopting Champ can be made by calling Sanctuary One at 541-899-8627 or emailinginfo@SanctuaryOne.org

News Link:http://news.opb.org/article/alleged_dog_shooter_facing_felony_charge/

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