Horribly neglected puppy discovered in Mississippi

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A terribly neglected puppy was brought to the Tunica, Miss. Humane Society today.

Though her eyes are filled with infection, so badly crusted over with pus that she cannot open them…she wags her tail.



Despite her cracked and bleeding flesh, filled in some places with maggots…she wags her tail.

Noel, as she is now called, has endured a painful life of neglect, yet still, she wags her tail.

She has, until today, been deprived of kindness and compassion, yet still she wags her tail.

Nobody knows who allowed Noel to fall into this pitiful state of health.

Right now, what is important is getting Noel the care that she needs to survive and recover.

The following update was posted on Tuesday afternoon at the Tunica Humane Society Facebook page:

It will take months and months of special care to restore this puppy’s health but we will not fail her. The indifference to these animals will not win in Tunica County.

We are here and we will heal this innocent baby. Even when I was taking these pictures, her little tail was wagging against the kennel.

How these dogs can be so forgiving, I will never understand. That is why we as humans can learn so much from these animals. They teach us to be kinder human beings.

Noel is being treated by a veterinarian for her deluge of maladies.

Please keep this neglected puppy in your thoughts as she heals from her many wounds.

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/horribly-neglected-puppy-discovered-mississippi?CID=obinsite

Dog That Ate Rocks To Try To Survive Is On Road To Recovery

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Last week an 18-month old dog called Joey was so hungry he was eating rocks. Found on the street in Tunica, Mississippi Joey was starving to death. He is now on the road to recovery.

When Joey was rescued he was so thin his ribs were poking through his skin and he could barely walk. He had been abandoned and neglected, not having been fed in months. At a year and a half old he weighed only pounds more than a puppy. He was finally saved by Tunica shelter director Sandy Williams.

Willimas brought Joey to the Central Animal Hospital where the vets there have been working hard to help him. Dr. Pam Chandler said, “He is the most emaciated that I have ever seen in a pet that was living.” Once evaluated by the vets it became clear Joey had been eating rocks in a desperate attempt to satisfy his hunger and stay alive. “They removed 14 or 15 large rocks from his colon and stomach area,” said Williams.

Williams is horrified not only that Joey was abandoned, but that no one did anything to help him for so long. “I was told when I picked him up that his owner had been in jail for several months, but how can a community turn their back on a little dog like this?

Joey is starting to recover and making big improvements. Last week the vets weren’t even sure if he would make it, but he has already gained two pounds and is thriving in the loving environment provided by the vets. “He loves to be in people’s laps,” said Dr. Jennifer Karnes. “ We’ve created a wonderful monster; Joey thinks he should be the center of attention at all times.”

Joey is being closely monitored by an internal specialist. Because of the rocks he ate he needs to be walked eight times a day. The vets still don’t know whether there will be long term damage from the rocks or not. Joey will spend at least another month at the vet recovering.

Adoption inquiries have come in from all over the country from those touched by Joey’s story. The vets are waiting until Joey’s until they have a better knowledge of what ongoing medical issues Joey may have before placing him.

Police in Tunica, Mississippi are conducting a criminal investigation into Joey’s mistreatment. They are trying to locate Joey’s owner and have been going door to door in his neighbourhood but haven’t found any leads yet.

News Link:-http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2012/11/dog-that-ate-rocks-to-try-to-survive-is-on-the-road-to-recovery/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LifeWithDogs+%28Life+With+Dogs%29

Video link:http://www.abc24.com/mediacenter/local.aspx?videoid=3814262

South Carolina Canine Victim of Extreme Animal Cruelty Fighting For Her Life

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“Surrounded by vultures…FFS…Somebody know’s this dog, PLEASE do the right thing & come forward, unless you want another dog to suffer the way Hanna has. It shouldn’t be about the money, one shouldn’t have to offer a reward of money before people will come forward with information…that just makes those who do, vultures too! God only knows what this poor girl has gone through…has nobody got a heart?”

A $1,000 reward was offered Wednesday afternoon for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person involved in Hanna’s egregious cruelty and neglect.

Hanna was found near Adams Run in South Carolina lying in a ditch surrounded by vultures. She was too weak to even stand. This is the face of animal cruelty.
Credits: Animal Rescue and Relief and Furlife German Shepherd Rescue

Had it not been for a Good Samaritan at the beginning of the week searching for another dog along Adams Run in South Carolina, who spotted the black, emaciated shepherd mix breed dog lying in a ditch surrounded by vultures, Hanna’s life would have just slipped away into painful obscurity.

That evening Michelle Reid, the director of Animal Rescue and Relief took the dog who could not stand and barely lift her head to an emergency veterinarian facility where Hanna was diagnosed as starving, dehydrated, and anaemic with both internal and external parasites. At this point, Hanna’s prognosis looks promising, however she will be re-evaluated in a few days.

Both Animal Rescue and Relief and Furlife German Shepherd Rescue responded to Hanna’s emergency and will be working together to afford Hanna the best of care as well as a new home sometime in the future.

This is the face of animal cruelty. Michelle Reid wants to remind everyone that animal cruelty should never be ignored, and Hanna’s condition didn’t just happen overnight. Other people must have seen her getting thinner or spending time isolated with no food or water. Someone must have seen this dog before. Did they just turn their back at this dog’s suffering? “Yes they did, how many people just passed her by, God it breaks my heart…I no longer want to be known as a human being!”

Animal cruelty is often a precursor to crimes against children and other adults. The majority of violent offenders have histories of animal cruelty and abuse.

A Chip-In page has been set up specifically for Hanna’s case. If you would like to contribute, please visit http://arr.chipin.com/hanna.

If you have any information about Hanna, please email either Danielle ainfo@firlifeGSR.com or Michelle at arrinc@yahoo.com.

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/south-carolina-canine-victim-of-extreme-animal-cruelty-fighting-for-her-life

Chesterfield man charged with animal cruelty

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CHESTERFIELD – A Chesterfield man was arrested Tuesday on charges that he allegedly neglected his dog.

Carroll Edward Dyke Sr. was charged with cruelty to animals, according to Chesterfield County authorities.

The charges stem from a report from Oct. 11, when Animal Control units responded to Dyke’s home on the 9400 block of Lost Forest Drive near Chester to investigate the treatment and welfare of a dog.

Upon arrival, the investigating units found that the animal had died earlier that day. The remains were taken to a veterinarian for a formal necropsy.

Dyke will have to appear at Chesterfield County General District Court on Dec. 19. Cruelty to animals is a class 1 misdemeanor.

News Link:http://progress-index.com/news/chesterfield-man-charged-with-animal-cruelty-1.1393351

Owner Charged After Over 20 Animals Seized From Home

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NASHVILLE, Mich — A woman was arrested after Barry County Deputies investigated a possible animal abuse or neglect case.

Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf said his animal control officers foundhorses and 17 cats in need of desperate help.

Marl Steinbach

The animals were taken into police custody and the owner, 64-year-old Marl Steinbach, was taken to jail.

FOX 17 has learned this isn’t the first time, Steinbach has been charged with animal cruelty.

Annie Meek is Steinbach’s neighbour on Morgan Street in Nashville, Michigan.

Whenever Meek left her home she passed by the horses kept in Steinbach pasture.

“The were getting worse and worse and worse,” she said of the horses she saw from the road. “One of the mares had all her ribs showing, her spine was really bad, you could see her hips, her backbone.”

At first Meek said she tried to help the animals herself, “We’d pick a lot of grass and feed it to it and them some hay that was sitting there.”

Then Meek said she tried to help the owner, “I said maybe you should surrender some of them.  And she said no.  And it went around and then when they came and took them away she said, she should have listened to me.”

Meek called the Barry County Sheriff’s Department to report what she said was animal neglect.

With the help of animal control, 17 cats and 7 horses were taken from the property and Steinbach was arrested.

Sheriff Leaf said he knows that people are going to want to help these animals but adds they are now in his control.

Sheriff Leaf said, “They are under veterinarian care.  And they are evidence of a crime.  So we don’t want people to come up and get involved that way.”

A Look at Steinbach’s criminal history shows an arrest in 2003 for cruelty to animals.  Neighbors say that charge also involved multiple horses.

Meek said the decision to call the sheriff’s department came down to saving lives.

I felt bad for Marl, but those horses come first,” she said.

News Link:-http://www.fox17online.com/news/fox17-owner-charged-after-over-20-animals-seized-from-home-20120913,0,3198273.story

Deputies investigate animal cruelty complaint

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” I can’t believe that Corporal Steve Hernandez is literally waiting to see if that cow gets worse before they act…it’s injured & been down for 4 day’s days already; stuck in it’s own manure! It will surely die if injured & left for much longer…I just can’t see the RSPCA leaving it to suffer like that saying  ‘lets see if it gets worse first before we act'” How much worse does it have to be? All the cow’s were skinny, dread to think what they would have looked like if the neighbour had not been feeding & watering them!

BEEBE, AR – For the entire summer, Floyd Corley watched neighbouring cows graze on dead grass, leaves and dirt.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’ve been watering the cows all summer,” said Corley. “Otherwise they wouldn’t have had no water.”

Corley says he’s watched the animals waste away for years, feeding them whenever he could afford it. But after seeing one injured cow lay in it’s own feces for four days, he called White County investigators.

“I wish somebody would load them up and take the somewhere because it’s just a matter of time before they get worse,” said Corley.

“This time of year with the drought that we’ve had, all cows are not looking that good,” said Corporal Steve Hernandez with the White County Sheriff’s Department.

That’s exactly why they’re not charging the owner just yet. With extreme drought conditions, farmers across the state are barely able to afford hay and feed and you don’t have to go far to find an underfed animal. However, Corley still believes these conditions are extreme.

“If you can’t afford to feed these animals, why don’t you sell them? They need to be sold or given to someone who can take care of them,” he said.

On the phone, the owner of the cows denied Corley’s abuse claim adding he has been treating the wounded cow. So deputies will continue to monitor the animals adding if this cow doesn’t get up within the next few days, the owner could face animal cruelty charges.

“If the cow is still there and the condition is getting worse than well start talking to the owner about charges,” said Cpl. Hernandez.

News Link:http://www.fox16.com/news/local/story/Deputies-investigate-animal-cruelty-complaint/L9C8zSqQU0e4ANMoNR2EiA.cspx?rss=315

Dog owners ‘tortured’ German Shepherd puppy by starving it to death in an excrement filled cage for seven months

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“I am literally sobbing as I type this, it pains me greatly that little Jack suffered so much in his short life. But it also makes me want to rip their heads off & %:$^@ +%!”” & (*&£%^&* £% &^%£”( “=!~{ (^at them!!  Remember their names, Paul James Brunsden & Stacey Louise Lockhurst, & their faces; so that if you come across them, you can spit in their eyes for me!! If that is their baby, for Gods sake get it put into care…if they can let a puppy die such a painful death…their not fit to care for a baby!

  • Paul James Brunsden, 25, was sent to prison for 20 weeks and banned from owning animals after admitting animal neglect
  • RSPCA inspectors found the puppy, named Jack, in a container festering with flies and maggots
  • Dartford Magistrates’ Court heard the dog’s water bowl and mouth were both filled with excrement
  • Co-owner Stacey Louise Lockhurst also warned she faces a ‘real risk’ of a prison sentence for her part in the neglect

    Dartford Magistrates’ Court heard that Paul James Brunsden, 25, let the dog starve to death in a cage filled with its own excrement

A man has been jailed after he let a German Shepherd puppy starve to death in an excrement-filled cage for up to seven months.

Paul James Brunsden, 25, was sent to prison for 20 weeks and banned from ever keeping an animal again after Dartford Magistrates’ Court heard he ‘effectively tortured’ the dog in one of the worst cases of animal cruelty investigators had ever seen. 

RSPCA inspectors found the puppy, named Jack, in a container festering with flies, maggots and strewn with rubbish.

The court also heard that a water bowl was full of excrement, as was the dog’s mouth, and that when the puppy was lifted out of the pen, the RSCPA inspector could clearly feel its spine.

‘There was a strong smell of ammonia, faeces and decomposing flesh,’ prosecutor Andrew Wiles said.

‘She (the inspector) described it as the thinnest dog she had ever seen.’

The co-owner of the dog, Stacey Louise Lockhurst, has been warned she faces a similar sentence for her part in the cruelty.

Stacey Louise Lockhurst, 27, was warned she also faces a possible jail term for her role in the neglect

Sentencing Brunsden, Judge Michael Kelly said: ‘It is one of the worst cases of animal cruelty I have ever come across. This dog was effectively tortured and neglected.’

Brunsden, of Hornchurch, East London, and 27-year-old Lockhurst both pleaded guilty to two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to the black and tan dog.

 RSPCA inspectors visited Lockhurst’s former home in Erith, in October 2010, when Jack was just 16 weeksold.They recommended the plastic box he was kept in be taken away and gave the pair advice on training.

And noticing they were struggling, the inspectors suggested they hand over ownership.

But seven months later, they found Jack dead in the same crate, covered by a curtain.

The RSPCA was called out to the address in May last year and found the dog, which was less than a year old, along with a cat and two kittens that were also seized.

At the hearing on August 1st, prosecutor Andrew Wiles said: ‘When the top of the crate was removed it was clear the dog was emaciated. 

‘There was an inch or more of faeces covering all of the floor of the crate except where the dog was laying.’

A post mortem examination showed Jack was emaciated, had no fat and almost certainly died of starvation. The examining vet concluded the puppy ‘suffered greatly and unnecessarily for a great period of time’.

Despicable: The court heard that the German Shepher puppy’s mouth was full of excrement when he was lifted out of the pen, the RSCPA inspector could clearly feel its spine

Defending Lockhurst, who was granted bail until returning for sentencing on September 7th, Robert DeBanzie said she suffered from ‘pronounced learning disabilities’.

Judge Kelly said: ‘There is a real risk you will be serving a prison sentence for this.

Defending Brunsden, Frederick Hookway argued his client had reduced culpability because he did not live at the house where the dog was kept.

Sentencing Brunsden to 20 weeks in prison and disqualifying him for life from owning animals, Judge Kelly said: ‘This is one of the worst cases of animal cruelty I have come across.

‘This dog was confined in a little cage so small it appears it could barely stand up.

It was kept there without being allowed out at all for any exercise or freedom and was starved to death. You could have released the dog. You could have provided food for it. You were offered help and advice from the RSPCA.

‘I can’t imagine any human being would have failed to recognise the suffering and distress of this dog.’ 

RSPCA Inspector Alison Fletcher said: ‘It is heartbreaking that this poor dog lived and then died in the squalor of this cage, hungry, thirsty and alone.

This kind of cruelty is simply horrendous and anyone looking at the photo of this dog can see the suffering.’

News Link:-: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2184849/Dog-owners-let-German-Shepherd-puppy-starve-death-tiny-cage-inch-deep-excrement-seven-months.html#ixzz22uHv44Yl

Two Dobermans attacked and left to die (Caution: Graphic)

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“OMG…these poor souls look like they have never had the hand of love, respect or kindness, in their entire lives…thank God an Angel found them & they are now in the care of professionals. Judging by their scars they could have easily been bait dogs, even though their breed is large, left to starve weakens one’s body, so they would have had little fight in them. It pains me greatly to see this suffering,  but I can’t stop…people have to see the truth, see what humans are capable of; because that someone may be living next door to you! Somebody must be aware that 2 Doberman dogs have disappeared from the neighborhood, please ask around everyone…the person that let these dogs suffer needs to be caught & do a spot of his/her own suffering…anything you can think of could lead to capture. So please keep this circulating!!”

The situation of two badly-injured Dobermans who were near death was brought to my attention by an amazing and compassionate advocate. Help is desperately needed for the two apparently purebred Dobermans, now named Zeus and Athena. They are currently being cared for at the Elizabethtown Veterinary Hospital in Clarkton, N.C., and their care is being coordinated by Silvia Kim, the director at A Shelter Friend, in Elizabethtown, N.C.

“Note this is the only picture I wish to share, you may look at the others for yourselves.”

Skin draped over bones

Based on the information obtained in a telephone call with Ms. Kim, these precious babies were found by the local Animal Control officer as strays, with injuries that clearly indicated they had been attacked by another dog or perhaps multiple dogs. They both have severe injuries from the attacks, and also bear the scars from what could be prior dog attacks, as well as prior beatings. Their body condition was so bad, they could not have strayed far, because they were far too sick and weak to travel.

View slideshow: Zeus and Athena with terrible injuries (CAUTION: GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Zeus is the worst of the two, with infected and festering wounds on his face and body. When found, he had ants crawling all over him and inside of the massive wound on his face. Poor little Athena was at first terrified of any sudden movements of a human hand; a definite indication that she has been beaten and abused by humans at some point, perhaps numerous times.

As if the injuries were not bad enough, they are both emaciated, with their bodies appearing to be nothing more than skin draped over bones. They were starved for who knows how long, which has made them terribly weak. Zeus had surviving by eating dirt and rocks to fill that burning emptiness in his belly from the hunger. As with most dogs neglected in the southern states, they are heartworm positive and will require treatment for that at some point.

Athena’s body shows signs that she has recently gave birth to a litter of puppies, but there were no puppies near the area where she and Zeus were found. One can only wonder what might have happened to those tiny babies, considering the amount of cruelty and neglect Zeus and Athena have been endured.

Clearly, these innocent dogs have suffered for probably their entire lives, and it was only a stroke of good luck that they were found before they both died. The networking between Animal Controland A Shelter Friend is amazing, as evidenced by the information provided by Ms. Kim. Thanks to this relationship, the euthanasia rate in that area has been reduced over the last five years from a 98% kill rate to only around 10% now. More areas should develop this kind of relationship between the shelters and the rescue groups, since more innocent lives could be saved.

Since Zeus and Athena were found as strays, there is no one to charge with his heinous act of cruelty and neglect. However, if the perpetrators can be found, appropriate charges will definitely be filed against them. Surely someone out there will recognize these two dogs, and perhaps have information about who harmed them and allowed them to be neglected so badly. Please network this story through your contacts in social media, and do what you always do so well, which is help get justice for abused animals.

The cost of the medical care for both of these precious dogs is going to be very high. A Shelter Friend is a registered 501c charitable organization, so any donations made to them to help with the medical care for Zeus and Athena is completely tax deductible. You can make donations to them here, or at the contact information at the end of the article.

Read the following on more news & ways you can help these poor dogs:-http://www.examiner.com/article/two-dobermans-attacked-and-left-to-die-caution-graphic

Four Prosthetic Legs Give Dog New Life (VIDEO)

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“This is not a new story, but having just seen it, I wanted to share it with you. Remember, many animals are intentionally harmed in certain Country’s, Street dogs & cats are seen as vermin…this dog is a lucky survivor…God Bless those who give these animals back their lives!”

“But remember for each one rescued, many more are left starving, alone, afraid & unwanted…there is only one way to reduce street animals & I’m not talking about killing or maiming them, nor putting them in portable cremation bins….I’m talking about spay & neuter…deal with the problem, not the results of the problem!!! “

From Midnight the miniature horse to Hope the baby giraffe, several animals have overcome deformed or missing limbs with the help of prosthetics. But Naki’o the dog overcame nearly impossible odds. The abandoned and malnourished puppy lost all four paws after freezing in a puddle

Naki’o is the first dog to be fitted with a complete set of bionic legs that work naturally to allow him to run, jump and even swim. The prosthetics were designed and fitted in a pioneering procedure by Martin Kaufmann, founder of Orthopets.

Abandoned by a family fleeing their foreclosed home and their mother dead, Naki’o and his brothers and sisters barely survived the harsh Nebraskan winter. Weakened by malnourishment, the red heeler puppy stepped into an icy puddle in the basement and got his four paws stuck in freezing water.

At just five weeks old the litter was taken to an animal rescue center. Under the shelter’s care Naki’o’s paws, lost to severe frostbite, healed to rounded stumps.

Veterinary technician Christie Tomlinson was on the look out for a playmate for her Jack Russell terrier mix Poki when she came across Naki’o. Fearful of the pain that walking and playing with other dogs would cause, Naki’o resigned himself to crawling along on his belly at home and at the veterinary clinic’s doggy daycare.

Christie organized a fundraiser to pay for Naki’o to have his two back legs fitted with prosthetics. He took to these so enthusiastically, that Orthopets decided to complete the process free of charge. It was the first time they’d fitted an animal with a complete set of new legs.

At first walking on all four prosthetics was challenging, but Naki’o adapted quickly, learning how to use the devices as though they were his natural legs. After just a few days he was running and bounding. The prosthetics are built to mimic the muscle and bone of dog limbs, allowing them to do everything a normal dog would do.

Christie is amazed at her pet’s motivation and joy for life. “Naki’o can now not only chase after a ball with other dogs, but he can beat them to the catch!”

News Link:-http://www.globalanimal.org/2011/06/23/four-prosthetic-legs-give-dog-new-life-video/43292/

Watch this amazing video of a dog fitted with four prosthetic limbs

Uploaded by  on 20 Jun 2011

Incredible Features Exclusive Story – Naki’o is the first dog to be fitted with a complete set of bionic paws that work naturally to allow him to run, jump and even swim. Nakio received the paws after his own were severely hurt from stepping into an ice puddle as a puppy. The prosthetics were designed and fitted in a pioneering procedure by Martin Kaufmann, founder of Orthopets. Read more here:


See our blog for more amazing stories: http://incrediblefeatures.com/blog

ASPCA: Queens Woman Charged With Animal Cruelty After Pit Bull Found ‘Near Death’

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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A Queenswoman has been arrested for allegedly neglecting and starving her young pit bull.

Zellie before receiving treatment at the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital.

Back in March, Humane Law Enforcement agents with the ASPCA were called to a home in the Richmond Hill section of Queens after someone reported a dog was tied to a tree with no food or water, officials said.

When officers arrived, the found a thin 1-year-old pit bull named Zellie collared with a padlock and tied to a tree on a short chain with no access to food or water in the back yard, according to the ASPCA.

Zellie’s owner, Shakisha Codling, turned the pup over to the ASPCA and Zellie was taken to an animal hospital for treatment.

When vets first examined Zellie, officials said she weighed only 32.1 pounds.

Veterinarians determined that Zellie was near death and if somebody hadn’t been good enough to call, she could have died from her neglect,” said Joe Pentangelo with the ASPCA.

But since then, Zellie has recovered. She gained 15 pounds in about three months and will soon be available for adoption.

News Link:-http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2012/06/18/aspca-queens-woman-charged-with-animal-cruelty-after-pit-bull-found-near-death/

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