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Greyhound racing authorities publicly call it ‘abhorrent’. They also say it has been ‘outlawed’. But that hasn’t stopped high profile trainers across the country from subjecting defenceless animals to barbaric live baiting rituals in an attempt to gain a ‘winning’ edge on the racetrack.

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Published on 18 Feb 2015

They’re the victims you’ll never see at the racetrack. Tied up, terrified, and savagely mauled in widespread ‘live baiting’ sessions. Groundbreaking Animals Australia / Animal Liberation Qld investigations uncover the shocking truth. More @

***WARNING*** Please note that this video contains footage of which many will find distressing. To take immediate action to help animals without watching the video, head to


Native possums — a protected species — were also tied to lures and flung violently around training tracks. Before being used as live bait, one mother possum watched on helplessly as her baby was killed in front of her.


Piglets — one of the most intelligent and sensitive of all species — were a common choice among live baiters. Their futile squeals could be heard as their bodies were torn apart.


After several laps, rabbits with pieces torn from their bodies twitch and writhe in agony. Their spine-chilling screams ring out across the training track.


While investigation footage captured only piglets, rabbits and possums — kittens have long been reported to be among the victims of live baiting, too.

Investigation footage shows naturally gentle dogs provoked into displaying aggressive and violent behaviour in ‘blooding’ sessions. Those who don’t race fast enough to turn a profit are often killed — sometimes they are shot.

The inherent conflict of interest presented by those ‘promoting’ the sport also ‘policing’ it could not be more damning. While self-regulation continues, there can be little hope that live baiting will ever be eradicated from this industry.

You can help put a stop to this cruelty. Make your voice heard today.

The damning Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Qld investigations have revealed that this sadistic training method is all too common.Terrified piglets, rabbits and native possums are all victims of live baiting — tied to lures, flung around racetracks at breakneck speeds, and then mauled to death. Some animals who survived their first attack were ‘re-used’ multiple times…

Bait‘ animals are not the only victims of this industry. Greyhounds themselves — naturally gentle dogs — are often kept in deplorable living conditions off-track. Live baiters will taunt and incite their dogs to chase, attack, and ultimately kill small animals.

If dogs fail to ‘perform’, they too may be killed. Industry-wide, some 18,000 greyhounds are killed every year because they aren’t deemed fast enough to win races.

The big question is — how can state governments and sponsors continue to support an industry that has been exposed for such abhorrent widespread illegal activity?

With the horrific revelations of live baiting cruelty in the greyhound racing industry following our investigations, I have been desperate to share with you a side to greyhounds that didn’t make it to the media this week. This little video has gone viral — watch it now and you’ll see why!

Published on 22 Feb 2015

If you’ve ever wanted a gentle, loyal, loving couch-potato to share your home with, consider adopting or fostering a greyhound today:

Despite their deep pockets, greyhound racing authorities have utterly failed to take effective action to address shocking brutality and illegal activity at the heart of this ‘sport’. Apparently, they didn’t even know about it. That is, until investigations by two small charities on a shoestring budget exposed routine and systemic ‘live baiting’…

 Something else that will you make you smile: Schweppes, Hyundai and Bendigo Bank are just some of the big names to end their support of this cruel industry in recent days:
Schweppes, Hyundai, McDonald's, Autobarn, Bendigo Bank, Century 21In fact, of all the major corporate supporters, just one company continues to support greyhound racing. Click here to see who’s left.
 The greyhound racing industry is on notice. Those who are willing to tie up, torture and kill animals in pursuit of a ‘win’ now have a national spotlight on their activities for the first time. With dozens of trainers now suspended, thousands of possums, rabbits and piglets will now be spared from the horror of being used as ‘live bait’. But while greyhound racing continues, we fear that innocent animals will still be tied up and mauled to death on private training tracks — albeit more carefully hidden.

If you haven’t already, please click here to add your voice to over 100,000 people taking a stand against greyhound racing cruelty. If you have — please share this with your friends and family today.


Together we can end greyhound racing cruelty, once and for all.

 Lyn White AM
Campaign Director

 Thank you.

Animals Australia and our colleagues at Animal Liberation Qld have been overwhelmed by the response to our investigations into the greyhound racing industry. Because you spoke out, this industry is under more scrutiny than ever before. State governments have launched inquiries; industry heavyweights have been stood down; sponsors are backing out; and commentators are questioning the future of the ‘sport’. Importantly, thousands of animals will be spared from the terror of being used as ‘live bait’. But there’s still much to do.

Please keep your voices loud, for the animals.

Animals AustraliaAnimal Liberation Qld

GREAT BRITAIN – Dark side of Greyhound Racing Investigation by BBC Panorama full Documentary 2014

Published on 4 Nov 2014

Panorama –
The integrity of greyhound racing has been called into question by a Panorama investigation which has exposed blatant cheating and the drugging of dogs at the heart of the sport.
The undercover investigation caught a trainer revealing how he dopes greyhounds in order to effect betting coups – some of which he claims to have paid out up to £150,000.
The programme’s findings have prompted animal welfare campaigners to call for the government to reconsider the sport’s self-regulatory status.

Pigs ‘kicked, bludgeoned’ at NSW piggery

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Activists have released film they say shows buckets of dead piglets, workers beating sows and fly infestations at a NSW piggery.

It’s believed authorities raided the piggery on Friday night after Animal Liberation delivered footage of filthy conditions and cruel slaughtering practices.

“This piggery is one of the worst examples of factory farming where animals are treated like ‘production machines’ and no thought is given to their capacity to suffer,” the group’s NSW executive director Mark Pearson said.

“Images also included buckets of dead piglets, a sledge hammer used to bludgeon pigs, and sows with open sores.”

For ref. only

The CEO of industry lobby Australian Pork Limited, Andrew Spencer, said he was “utterly appalled” at the footage.

“The majority of pork producers in Australia rigorously adhere to world best practice when it comes to animal welfare,” he said in a statement.

“There is no way that we can tolerate treating pigs like this.”

Mr Pearson told AAP his group gathered and verified footage for two months before contacting authorities on Thursday.

He said pigs were notoriously difficult to kill humanely.

“Out of all the animals that go through an abattoir the ones that stay conscious longest are pigs,” he said on Saturday.

“You’ve got to be really on the ball.”

Animal Liberation last year released footage of animals being mistreated at Hawkesbury Valley Meat Processors, in Sydney’s northwest, prompting the government to shut the facility down and launch reforms to safeguard animal welfare in the state.

From July 1 next year, it will be compulsory for NSW abattoirs to have animal welfare officers monitor and take responsibility for the wellbeing of animals.

Random audits of animal welfare compliance will also be ramped up.

Police would not comment except to say that investigations were continuing.

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Cruelty suspected as cat hits car on Hume Highway

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Police believe a cat was deliberately thrown from a highway overpass into oncoming traffic on the south-western outskirts of Sydney last night.

A 60-year-old man was driving south on the Hume Highway at Menangle when the fully grown cat smashed into his windscreen and then hit the road at about 7:00pm (AEST).

Police were called and found the cat dead nearby.

The driver was not injured and was able to continue his journey with a cracked windscreen and extensive damage to the car’s roof.

Inspector Dean Smith says it is possible but not likely that the incident was an accident.

“It’s disturbing. The difficulty we have is that the gentleman who was driving the vehicle didn’t see the cat being thrown,” he said.

“It certainly may be the case that the cat has fallen and hasn’t been thrown, so what we’re looking at now is anyone who may have been in the area at the time to contact Campbelltown Local Area Command.

“Either the cat has fallen from the area – I mean that doesn’t happen too often, I’ve never heard of an incident like that where a cat’s fallen – or it may be someone has thrown it from the walkway.”

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Fines total $2000 over neglect of thoroughbred gelding

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“I for one am sick of hearing people get away with petty fines etc. They would be better off making them work unpaid but supervised of course. Get all abusers shoveling shit at local disabled riding stables, or some other hard labor job!! It’s just makes me so flaming angry that a horse suffered in agony & paid with it’s life, & all he gets is a fine, oh & good behavior bond!”

“It’s a pxxs take, the fine wouldn’t even cover the cost of the horse, if it was a thoroughbred! I tell you what, if I wasn’t in such bad health I would go to law school an study my butt off to become a judge…then they would know what paying for a crime really meant!”

A New South Wales man has been fined $A2000, plus costs, on two charges over the care of a thoroughbred gelding.

Jason Johnson, of Bonshaw, appeared in Inverell Local Court last week to be sentenced for animal cruelty offences.

He had pleaded guilty at an earlier Court appearance to two charges – aggravated cruelty and failure to provide proper and sufficient food to his horse.

A New South Wales police officer had gone to the Bonshaw property on May 3 last year in response to a complaint about a horse that was down.

The thoroughbred gelding was in extremely poor condition and too weak to stand without collapsing, the New South Wales RSPCA said.

The police officer contacted an RSPCA inspector, who issued instructions to the property owner to seek immediate veterinary treatment or have the horse humanely euthanized.

The horse was euthanized later that day.

During an interview the following day, Johnson admitted he was aware there was very little feed available in the paddock and that the horse had not received any supplementary feeding for five days prior to its death.

Johnson was convicted and fined $A1000 for each of the two charges.

He was placed on a Section 9 good behaviour bond for 12 months and ordered to pay $A162 in court costs.

Johnson was also ordered to present to NSW Police for fingerprinting.

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“OMG…are they mad? Perhaps it’s just me, but I can just see those kids that are born evil little monsters, making an animal suffer & telling all their mates about it. Then it won’t be long before another animal cops it, probably the family pet. This is outrageous, in fact it’s unfxxxxxg believable that any sane person would think of such a thing”

“IN FACT, JUST FOR THIS POST, I WANT TO HEAR YOUR COMMENTS ON THIS MATTER…I will not post abusive or other wise inappropriate comments!”

New laws proposed in New South Wales are set to allow children as young as 12, armed with bows and arrows, dogs, and knives, to hunt feral animals without adult supervision.

The new guidelines have been drawn up by the NSW Game Council, the State Government body which regulates hunting.

Children are already allowed to hunt feral animals, but they cannot do it alone.

The head of the NSW Game Council, Brian Boyle, says the age limits are being lowered to encourage families to get involved. 

Mr Boyle told local ABC radio the proposed changes to the Game and Feral Animal Control Act put more control in the hands of parents. 

“The child could still be supervised, they still have to have their parents’ permission to be able to do that, and their parents are the best people placed to make that decision, not people outside,” he said. “Some parents are not fit to have kids let alone telling them to go out & hunt”

He says the changes are also about also ensuring cleaner, more humane kills.

“The animal has to be lined up, has to be broadside on. It’s a heart or lung shot so that it is taken humanely. If the animal’s disturbed you could have a chance that the animal moves and the shot is not perfect. So it is about animal welfare concerns,” he said. “Killing animals for fun is not animal welfare you idiot. He’s talking like it’s a family day out at Disney Land”

State Greens MP David Shoebridge says he is alarmed at the prospect of solo, child hunters stalking their prey. “Yes, I am alarmed, just thinking about what kids could do to an animal”

“It permits minors to be out in public land with bows and arrows or pig dogs and knives, unsupervised by adults, putting, not only themselves at risk, but other users of the public land at risk and I think people should be very troubled by that. It’s an unregulated access to public land,” he said. “At least he sees sense”

“I think most people are troubled by the concept that a 12-year-old will come home from school, put the schoolbag up on the hook at home, meet up with some friends, get five pig dogs and head off into the state forest to stab pigs together with the benefit of wild dogs.

“And they’d probably would be equally troubled if they were out in a state forest without adult supervision with bows and arrows.

Read the rest:-

“What do you think? I am allowing comments on this to see whether it is just me, that can see what this insane proposal could lead to…..” 

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