Personal: Just A Quick Note About Future Posts

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Hi folks

“Me, again, sorry, but I just had a brainwave; or in my case, more of a ripple…lol”

“As you know, due to my present circumstances (if you read the last personal post) my time online is precious, due to increasing pain! This is because the strength of oral morphine I take, is decreasing weekly; to prepare my body for an operation to have a morphine pump fitted (Which better bloody work after all this!!!) Obviously the extra pain, is stopping me from being able to get to my main PC, to post stories!”

“I am more than aware of how far behind I am, with recent news articles & stories; many are backed up on my pc just waiting for me to post! All of which makes me very frustrated. But I think there is a way I could post a little more; that is if I stop editing stories like I do!!!”

“Yes, I am guilty of wanting to make posts look more interesting & appealing on the eye. I like highlighting the best bits, as some people don’t want to, or don’t have time to read the full article; I often skim over stories when I don’t have time to read the full post. But I also like to use colours to highlight names, I use pictures & image galleries. I like researching more about the stories; so I can include any relevant petitions etc.

“I see nothing wrong with how I edit the stories, however doing so, is very time-consuming, something I just don’t have right now!”

“So, I think whilst my time online is limited…I could get more done, if I just post stories “as is”, just how they are printed in their online news format, without me giving them a makeover; so to speak! Plus I will just use the basic categories too (I know, my posts contain a lot of categories…lol) I just like stories to be found easily, that’s all!”

“I’m sure by posting stories & articles without adding my extra touches…it will enable me to post a little more! Once again, my sincere apologies for the lack of news items, with some being past their due date; I can only go as fast as my body is able!! Hopefully once the surgery is done, I will have all the time in the world to edit, & do makeovers on as many stories as I like!!”

“Like I said, I have a few stories backed up, but they will by now be past their online postdates;  my apologies!”

P.S. Many many thanks to all those who sent birthday wishes! I was & still am, quite touched by the kindness & thoughtfulness; of people whom I only know through a keyboard!

Plus, with a lot of sheer determination, encouragement & help from family & friends…after 6 months confined at home due to pain…I finally managed the journey to the livery yard & got to see my horses; which, of course, was the best present ever! I can’t thank those involved enough; aside from saying “I love you guys”! 


Brown county dog warden

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“I found this whilst trawling the news but unfortunately I forget to add the link, now I can’t find it, sorry! The new’s describes it all”

Ohio dog warden destroyed this ladies 37 dogs by gas box

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Humane Society:

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Ban All Animal-Tested Cosmetics in the EU

Humane Society:.

Please click the above to sign the petition & read the status to date

Thank you

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