A cat-abusing thug who brutally kicked his ex-wife’s cat to death has been convicted of animal cruelty and ordered to pay $25,000 in damages.

Justin Chlarson, 32, was looking after Mary on May 28 2010, and was the only person to come into contact with her that day, a Thurston County court heard.

Two days later, his former wife, Vorhies Flores, found a lump on her pet’s side and noticed that the skin around her abdomen was dark red.

Brutal: Mary the cat was viciously beaten by her owner's ex-husband, dying four days after sustaining injuries

Mary’s breathing was heavy and she was refusing to eat or drink, causing Flores to become increasingly worried about her.

After seeking veterinary help at the Steamboat Animal Hospital, Flores discovered that her kitty had suffered a vicious attack, described in court papers as ‘an intentional traumatic injury’.

48 hours later the long haired Calico died from injuries caused by being kicked in the abdomen, thought to have been sustained four days earlier on the day she was being watched by Chlarson.

He had previously sent a text message to Flores threatening Mary.

Flores, 23, has battled to get justice for her cat, who was part of the family for 10 years. She was awarded $15,000 damages for the ‘intrinsic value of the cat’ and a further $10,000 to compensate for emotional suffering.

But the reward will never take the place of Mary in her life.

‘As nice as it was to hear that I won, that was nice, but it doesn’t bring my cat back,’ Vorhies Flores told the Olympian. ‘There was no amount of money that could have made me feel better.’

Chlarson, an active-duty reservist who has been ordered to take anger management courses, pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree animal cruelty, admitting pushing the cat off a bed.

He was sentenced to a suspended 90-day jail sentence and a $1,000 fine and ordered to have no contact with cats for two years.

Chlarson has since moved to California remaining in the military and will not be appealing the decision

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