Please Help Save The NYC Carriage Horses This Christmas

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Posting on behalf of my mum!

******ACTION ALERT – CROSS POST FAR AND WIDE: CONTACT THE ASPCA EVERY DAY (212) 876-7700, ext. 4450***********

Are you tired of seeing exploited, overworked NYC carriage horses hauling around callous tourists while dodging taxi cabs, buses and trucks?!

Are you tired of seeing the ASPCA counting their money while the NYC carriage horses continue to drop on the streets of Manhattan?! The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for the greedy and abusive carriage horse industry.

The ASPCA is supposed to monitor the carriage horses and ensure that the industry is following the city regulations. Where is the ASPCA? We have no idea.

Please contact them every day and ask them why they are not on the hack line monitoring the carriage horses who are being overworked during this busy holiday season.

Their phone number is (212) 876-7700, ext. 4450.

Please call them every day and ask them what they are doing to ban the carriage horse industry in NYC and remind them they need to be out there every day to monitor the horses and the drivers.

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Published on 17 Aug 2012

Yesterday afternoon, a six-year-old carriage horse named Oreo was spooked by a horn, broke free from his carriage and tore through dangerous NYC traffic for four blocks before being tranquilized and collapsing in front of horrified onlookers. Thankfully, Oreo is now recovering in his stable with minor scratches.

Even though you don’t live in New York City, you can still make a difference for the horses by sending a letter to City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn. Fill out the info below and click SUBMIT to tell Speaker Quinn that as a NYC visitor, you want humane electric cars, not carriage horse abuse!


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Please watch the following, it’s the first time I have; it really gives a clear insight into this industry. It is very upsetting to all animal lovers, so I guess I must say view at own discretion. I am not as strong as my mum when it comes to watching videos where animals suffer; but I know she & other animal advocates do so to get the information out & educate people on the atrocities that occur, often right under our noses. Just watch as the people pass these noble steeds, as if they were nothing but ornamental decorations.

I have just come back from seeing to our 2 horses who live in luxury & want for nothing…so to see these beautiful horses, nose to tail with exhaust fumes, dodging traffic & idiotic humans is just heart-breaking! I have been to the horse sales with my mum & seen horses that are spent, from over breeding, horse racing, abusive owners & horses who are so lame from road founder, they can hardly stand! But I bet that’s nothing compared to the horse sales where NYC carriage horses end up. Those once noble beautiful horses, now reduced to pitiful sentient beings literally on their last legs…will have one last journey, to the slaughter house! Please say NO to this cruelty!

Just a few petitions to ban NYC Horse Carriages:-

Lehigh man charged in animal cruelty case

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Deputies arrested a Lehigh Acres man on animal cruelty charges after they say two pet dogs that were in his care were found starving. 

Kevin James Gdowik was arrested Thursday morning on two counts of cruelty and unlawful confinement to animals.

Officials we spoke with say the investigation began when Lee County Domestic Animal Services received multiple complaints in late January of 2012.

After the complaint, an officer responded to Gdowik’s home and inspected three dogs. The officer found out that two dogs belonged to Gdowik and the third was a friend’s.

His two dogs were healthy and clean.

But the third, named Oreo, was emaciated, had a skin condition over 50 percent of its body, was covered in fleas and had an oozing, quarter-sized wound on its right leg.

Oreo was taken by the officer to get treated by a licensed veterinarian.

Gdowik was then issued 7 citations for various violations.

After speaking with Gdowik, officers found out that he had agreed to care for Oreo and a second dog named Hershey after the friend had moved out.

The pets had been living alone with him for several months and Hershey had reportedly died.

After that information came to light, a detective with the sheriff’s office was assigned to conduct a criminal investigation beginning in February.

As the case moved forward, on March 8, 2012, the remains of Hershey were found in an empty lot next to Gdowik’s home, where the dog had been buried.

Witnesses and a veterinary pathologist confirmed both dogs had been starved and abandoned.

Officials with the sheriff’s office say the case clearly showed Gdowik had provided necessary care to his own animals, but did not feed or provide sufficient exercise and required care for Oreo and Hershey.

The starvation and associated health problems resulting in death to Hershey, and pain and suffering to Oreo, were consistent with criminal acts under Florida law.

Officials we spoke to say Oreo has since been adopted.

Gdowik is currently in the Lee County Jail pending first appearance.


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