Lauderdale Couple Charged With 14 Counts of Animal Cruelty In Neglect of Dogs

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“I can’t think of anything to say without upsetting too many people, by just using expletives; but I’m sure you all know what I mean; as you’re probably saying what I was thinking. All I will say is I hope these ignorant bxxxxxds get what they deserve & some serious jail time for their cowardly cruel actions. If anyone can help out the innocent little souls in the middle of all this, in whatever way possible; please see the links below.”

Ronald and Carla Cannon, the owners of a property on County Road 182 in Lauderdale County, Ala. were charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty on Thursday after 14 dogs were removed. The animals had been suffering from extreme neglect.

Ronald and Carla Cannon allegedly left these dogs to survive on their own. Skeletons of puppies and adult dogs were discovered after neighbors complained of dogs in poor health running loose and looking sick. Credit: Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter

According to 48News, Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter responded to neighborhood complaints about dogs running loose, scavenging for food, and suffering from egregious skin infections.

When authorities arrived, they found skeletons of puppies and adult dogs; the dogs had been abandoned and left to survive on their own.

It took Animal Control three days to capture all of the animals.

Ronald and Carla Cannon allegedly left these dogs to survive on their own. Skeletons of puppies and adult dogs were discovered after neighbors complained of dogs in poor health running loose and looking sick. Credit: Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter

When 48News interviewed Debbie Rapphun about the condition of the dogs and the subsequent seizure Rapphun stated:

“I hope this will show people out in the community you cannot treat animals this way. It is inhumane. These animals, no matter what people say, do have feelings. They hurt, they’re in pain, they’re starving, they’re scared.”

A tiny four-month-old dark grey puppy named Kinley has captured the hearts of many. His photographs on the Facebook page of Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter openly demonstrates the terrible consequences of animal neglect.

Kinley has been on IV fluids at a local veterinarian’s office, has severe mange, and continues to fight eye and ear infections.

All of the dogs will need extended care before they will be eligible for adoption. Most of the dogs suffer from Demodex mange which is a non-contagious form of mange mainly due to poor care and poor nutrition.

Help from local residents who want to help foster some of these dogs would be welcome. At the current time, the shelter is filled to capacity.

Please consider donating to the dogs – it’s most likely their first chance at being loved and cared for by kind humans.

To donate to the H.A.S.R.A., the shelter volunteer program, through PayPal: our email address

To drop donations off at the shelter, visit us at:

Florence Lauderdale Animal Shelter
702 East College Street
Florence, AL 35630

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Puppy Left For Dead Both Hind Legs Shot, Bill Aims To Crack Down On Animal Cruelty

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“WTF…if anybody knows the callous, cruel hearted bastard that did this; please contact the number below…do everybody a favour & get the psycho off the streets & in jail; for a very long time…with both his kneecaps blown off!!”

CRAWFORDVILLE, Fla. (WTXL)Wakulla County deputies are trying to figure out who left a puppy on the side of the road after being shot in both of his legs.

Zeke weighed only 18 pounds when he was found abandoned and left to die. He should weigh twice that much. Meanwhile Zeke will have to get stronger before he is strong enough to undergo surgery to repair one of his legs and possibly amputate the other. Credit: Friends of Wakulla County Animal Control/Facebook

Florida lawmakers just passed a bill this past legislative session aiming to crack down on this.

Wakulla County animal officers say its not uncommon for pets to be dropped off on the side of the road, but they say they’ve never found one that’s been shot.

Its the sound of pain and agony from a nearly four-month old golden shepherd that has Wakulla County Animal workers on a mission to find out who abandoned him.

“It was a very heinous, heinous act, shooting a malnourished dog,” said Dr. Guhrt.

Dr. Reed Guhrt has been treating the puppy they named Zeke since animal shelter found him shot in both of his legs last Thursday.

Zeke weighed only 18 pounds when he was found abandoned and left to die.

“There’s a possibility that this leg will have to be amputated because pieces of his bones are just missing, there are no bones left,” said Dr. Guhrt.

Zeke was also covered with ticks and fleas when they found him. Dr. Guhrt says he was shot with a high caliber gun and now he can barely walk.

The dog obtained some serious injuries and somebody caused it to an animal and didn’t have any respect to an animal life,” said Dr. Guhrt.

Its tragic incidents like this that prompted Florida lawmakers to unanimously pass tougher animal cruelty laws, that may carry fines of up to $10,000 and or misdemeanor and felony charges. Governor Rick Scott hasn’t signed the bill, but it would take effect on July 1st if he signs it or allows it to become law without his signature

Mark Carter, a Wakulla County animal control officer says they support the law hoping it will take effect this summer.

“Hopefully when you toughen up on animal cruelty or animal abuse or animal neglect maybe that puts something in their minds that says, hey I think to think twice before I do this,” said Carter.

Who harmed zeke is still a mystery but Dr. Guhrt says the good news he’s on his way to recovery.

Zeke weighed only 18 pounds when he was found abandoned and left to die. He should weigh twice that much. Meanwhile Zeke will have to get stronger before he is strong enough to undergo surgery to repair one of his legs and possibly amputate the other. Credit: Friends of Wakulla County Animal Control/Facebook

“Everyday he’s coming to the office he appears to be doing better and better,” said Dr. Guhrt.

Wakulla County animal control officers say if know of any animals being abused or know anything about this particular case you’re urged to contact them or the sheriff’s office.

Also, the Crawfordville Animal hospital is accepting donations for Zeke. Call 850-926-2089.

News Link:

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We’ve reached our initial online goal of $1,500! We’re so thankful to have gotten this much – no one expected it to be honest. Most of us saw it as a shot in the dark. This will pay for the medical bills we’ve accrued thus far with Zeke. Thank you for the bottom of our hearts.

We will still be accepting any and all donations given his surgeries will be quite extensive and costly. You can continue to donate at , through PayPal at, through mail by check or money order mailed to Cauzican Care, Inc. 245 Kenneth Circle, Crawfordville, FL 32327, or can be phoned in directly to Crawfordville Animal Hospital at 850-926-2089.

Zeke Facebook Page:

Zeke is at Wakulla County Animal Control after suffering gunshot wounds. He can’t walk and needs surgery to save his leg. Help cover his medical expenses.

Help Save Zeke:-–2?c=activity

Local Rescue Group Sets Off To Save Will, The Great Dane

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A three-year-old Great Dane was hours away from dying when Southwest Great Dane Rescue (SWGDR) in Fla., came to his aid.

When animal services picked him up, they had no idea what was wrong with the dog. They just knew he needed help and fast.

Will The Great Dane

The gentle giant had bloated and gone into torsion. If it wasn’t for SWGDR and John Mullins, the volunteer who picked him up, the dog wouldn’t be alive today.

“In the middle of the night our volunteer went over to animal services to pick him up,” said Vikki Eagan president of SWGDR. “The dog’s stomach had descended and he was just not doing well.”

Once under the care of SWGDR, veterinarian Dr. Beth Brown from West Coast Veterinary Center, examined him and took some x-rays. She prepared the dog for surgery.

“When Dr. Brown opened him up, she saw the bloat and that the stomach had twisted,” said Eagan. “The splint had also burst and it was evident this poor dog had been sick for days.”

The surgery took over three hours. One hour alone was dedicated to emptying dog’s stomach content.

According to Dr, Brown, when the dog was on the table he picked up his head and looked at her with the softest eyes she had ever seen. He showed so much will to live and because of that, his name is now Will.

“Dr. Brown said she was going to do whatever it took to save him,” said Eagan.

Will spent one week in intensive car. At first he couldn’t get up or walk, but with the help of the volunteers and his now foster mom and vet tech Christina Pelletier, Will is doing much better.

“Will came in weighing around 98 pounds,” said Pelletier “A Dane of his stature should weight 135-140 lbs.”

Will has a long road to recovery, but Pelletier and SWGDR are doing what they can to help him. His medical costs are now in the thousands and his care is not over yet.

Will requires a specialty diet of canned food, enzymes, vitamins and freeze dried meat. Val Clows of Holistic for Pets has donated these items. She will also supply Will with Rx dry diet, when he is ready to transition to eating that type of food.

“Will is so determined to live,” said Eagan. “As long as he keeps fighting, we are going to be right there with him.”

If you would like to learn more about Will, contact SWGDR Facebook page. If you would like to help Will, donations can be sent to:

3005 65th Street E
Bradenton, FL 34208
West Coast Veterinary Center
c/o Will
7910 State Road 72
Sarasota, FL 34241
PayPal on the website at

News Link:-

SWGDR web site:-

Rescued Dogs From Bosnia Looking For New Forever Homes…Can U Help

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“I received a special Newsletter via email about Bosnia dogs needing homes; so have been working on it, a little each day! I’m sharing in the hopes somebody can help give one of these sweet dogs a new start in life. They are looking for loving forever homes in & around UK; if you can’t adopt, you can always foster or help out by sponsoring! Betty & Coko are just two of the many deserved dogs, in need of some special love, after their hard start in life; so please share this with everyone! 

Founded in 2012, Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia is a volunteer group dedicated to assisting and supporting animal welfare groups in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Our work involves raising awareness of the suffering of all animals in Bosnia; raising funds for local animal welfare groups in the country to alleviate this suffering and to locate long-term homes for the rescued dogs and cats. We also raise funds to cover the extensive costs involved in re-locating these animals to countries outside Bosnia-Herzegovina.Read More:-

UK Foster Homes needed for Bosnian Dogs

As most of you know, we have a rehoming transport from Bosnia to the UK, set for June. There are still 12 rescued dogs who haven’t had anyone ask about them, or offer them home. This special newsletter focuses on just two of these dogs, Coko and Betty, so you can get to know them a little more.

Possibly your current lifestyle doesn’t permit you adopting a dog, but you’d still like to help? Have you considered fostering? This would offer a dog a safe and caring home environment (far superior to that of a Bosnian pension/kennel) as well as providing your new canine friend with house-training, human/animal contact and getting him or her used to a new domestic environment. It would also offer the opportunity of the dog finding a forever home locally!

Through fundraising, we would provide both the food and pet insurance (including public liability) for the dog while it’s in your home. In addition we would continue to work with the fosterer to promote the adoption of the dog.

If you would like more information on adoption or fostering any of the dogs, please get in touch at or visit us at

BETTY – The ‘ideal’ dog!

Young Betty was rescued as a puppy with her sisters in Sarajevo. The 10-month-old has lived in a pension (kennels) ever since.

She’s a medium sized collie-mix and is a beautiful black and golden colour.

Along with her sisters she caught canine parvovirus, sadly only Betty and her sister Lady survived.

Lady, only survivor after parvovirus - Sister To Betty

Lady, only survivor after parvovirus – Sister To Betty

Betty also had a mild case of the skin condition demodex, but is now fully recovered. She’s a gentle and lively dog. The ‘ideal’ dog as she’s been described!

As she’s spent all her life in a pension, it may take her a little time to adjust to the comforts of a real home.

However she already walks well on the leash, loves people and loves to play.

You might also like to consider adopting or fostering her along with her sisterLady , Opposite, what an adorable little face!!

Some of Betty’s pictures  Visit Betty’s web page! 

COKO – In need of special loving care.

As a puppy, Coko was thrown into a rubbish bin along with his siblings.

Sadly a canine parvovirus outbreak took the lives of many of the dogs in the pension, but Coko survived.

Because of his lowered immune system he’s now developed the skin condition demodex. We are trying to make sure he gets the best veterinary treatment for the disease, and he’s showing some improvement, but it has become clear to us that the only way he will fully recover is if we find him a home where he would get special loving care in addition to medical treatment.

The neurological causes behind demodex can only be helped with a stress-free, calm and loving environment. Such dogs need stability, familiar people and a suitable environment to live in, without this there is the possibility that the condition could re-occur. Demodex is not contagious.

Coko is a lovely mix-breed, chocolate brown in colour and about a year old. He loves to cuddle and play but is very timid and shy.

He’s spent all his life in pension, so he’ll need time and a very caring home to help him gain his confidence.

Some of Coko pictures  Visit Coko’s web page!

All the dogs featured in our pages are available for adoption in the UK, throughout Europe and beyond. Please see our Adoption Guidance page for more information on adopting one of these beautiful dogs.

How to Sponsor a dog
Not ready to adopt, but you would like to help Coko or Betty?
Simply donate via your Paypal account to and mention “Coko” or “Betty” in the Paypal message box. For other sponsorship enquiries, please contact Sandra Jensen at

PLEASE SPONSOR MY TRIP TO A NEW HOME! In June 2013 we are organising a transportation of up to 20 dogs from Bosnia to homes in the UK (and countries in between). 

The cost of preparing each dog and the transportation will be at least £300/€350/US$450 per dog.

We ask adopters for a donation towards these costs. If you would also like to make a contribution to help this dog move to its forever home, please click on our Paypal button below.

At Paypal, please make your contribution to and mention ‘journey to UK’ as well as the name of the dog you would like to sponsor. No matter how small, a regular contribution to our work will help the animals we care for in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Thank you! 
 All contributions will be acknowledged.

How to Donate
Please donate via your Paypal account to

Where does my money go?
Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia is committed to total transparency in financial accountability. AWAbosnia volunteers are unpaid, therefore ALL donations go to the animals in need in Bosnia-Herzegovina. You can view our accounts here.

Want to know more? 
Please join us on our other pages.

Web page where you can find more information on the above & also other pets that are in need of a loving home:-

Good Samaritans Rescue Dog Shot Multiple Times In The Face, Tied Up Left For Dead

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“WTF…WHY, why would anyone do such a thing? Dear God, I am shaking with rage whilst tears run down my face both in sadness & anger. Such a beautiful dog…who ever did this needs a taste of his own medicine…sick, heartless, cold, evil FXXXXXG BASTARDS!!  Watch the video below, look into Bucks face & eyes, imagine how much pain he must be in; yet he all he wants is a cuddle!!. 

CONROE, Texas – A dog is being treated for gunshot wounds in Conroe after a shocking case of animal cruelty.

Buck, shot several times, tied up in a bag & left for dead!!

Someone shot the dog several times in the face with a shotgun, tied it up in a garbage bag and left it for dead.

Someone spotted the trash bag moving on Bulldog Lane in Conroe Saturday morning. They ripped it open and the bloody dog stumbled out and collapsed.

Tami Augustyn took the dog to an emergency clinic where veterinarians discovered buckshot lodged in both eyes, his mouth, gums, shoulders and neck.

They’re calling the mixed breed dog Buck and say he’s making a remarkable recovery.

Vets say Buck’s prognosis is good, but the injuries to his eyes may cause permanent blindness.

This isn’t the first time Augustyn has rescued a dog in trouble.

“Dogs love unconditionally. You’ll never find anyone or anything that loves you like a dog. Why would you injure something like that? I don’t understand,” she told Montgomery County Police Reporter Scott Engle.

Augustyn said Buck’s medical bills will likely top $5,000 and she’s trying to raise money to help pay for them.

Facebook page has been set up for donations and to follow Buck’s progress.

You can also donate to the Animal Emergency Clinic by calling 936-539-3800 or through Paypal to

News Link:-


Published on 6 Jan 2013

Story shortly, a dog is found in the Conroe area in a trash bag tied to a fence and shot. Left for dead in near freezing temperatures.

A dog has been found sealed up in a contractor’s garbage bag after being shot with a shotgun in the face and left to die. 

A good Samaritan, Tami Augustyn, was notified by a friend that a dog had been tied up in a garbage bag and left to die along Bulldog Lane in Conroe, Texas. Tami immediately picked up the severely wounded dog and took him to Animal Emergency Clinic in Conroe, Texas where the dog is being evaluated and stabilized until they close on Monday, January 7th at 8am in which he will be transported to another vet. Under initial evaluation, the dog has been shot in the face, including in both eyes and inside his mouth, with birdshot fragments. This has left the dog either temporarily or permanently blind and will require a specialist to evaluate his eyes. The dog also needs x-rays of his hind legs to determine why he can’t walk.

The dog is affectionately being referred to as “Buck” after Buckshot. A Facebook page “Buck Needs Bucks for his Buckshot Injuries” has been created to follow his prognosis and documenting pictures of his wounds and medical bills.  (Lots of updates here)

Medical costs are increasing rapidly to save this dog (currently estimated at over $3,000) and Tami is asking people to donate by either call Animal Emergency Clinic at 936.539.3800 or via Paypal to

Rescue Steps Up To Help Bait Puppy Fight For Life

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Los Angeles, California – Mary Ann Lagana with Tails of the City Animal Rescue received an urgent call early on the morning of November 16th about a terribly injured puppy on 88th and Figueroa. Lagana felt compelled to help.

Puppy used as bait dog in dog fights

What Lagana found was a female “bait puppy” with deep, fresh wounds all over her little body. One of her legs was so badly bitten, that her bone had literally fractured. It is speculated that the puppy (now named Coco) was used at that night’s “event” and then thrown out in the street when they were done with her. Chela Landau, a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department and strong supporter of Tails of the City, describes it this way:

I know this area well. It is where Walter Citizen was arrested for cruelty to animals, having multiple dogs tied in his backyard who were used for fighting. Apart from the 22 dogs seized, most of whom were euthanized, there were untold numbers of victims like Coco, helpless little ones who were used as bait dogs because they could not defend themselves.

Dogs who were smaller, gentle dogs who could not be forced to fight no matter what, dogs whose mouths were wired shut, puppies, cats and other helpless animals are used as bait animals.

Bait dogs truly are the dark underbelly of the dog fighting world and Coco – a mere puppy – was one of its victims.

Upon arrival, Lagana could see Coco was in bad shape. Her abdomen was swollen and she had internal bleeding. Due to the extent of Coco’s injuries, she could not stand, she was shaking, in obvious shock, and her temperature was dangerously low.

Lagana and Landau rushed Coco to the vet, but the vet’s office was simply not equipped to give her the care she needed. In addition to the maladies from which she suffered as a bait puppy, she was very thin and anaemic. As such, they brought Coco to the emergency vet where it had the equipment and technology required to address critical care patients. There, Coco had to undergo a blood transfusion.

The good news is that the transfusion seemed to work a little. It is reported that Coco is “really sweet and licking and kissing everyone when they change her bandages.”

Tails of the City is currently dealing with a Compton hoarding case. Although not in a position to take on a critically injured puppy, Tails of the City did so with no hesitation. However, the vet bill is already at more than $2,500 and expected to climb significantly.

I often write articles when donations are needed to help rescue organizations – not for the likes of the HSUS or ASPCA – but, small, reputable, selfless rescues that are too often stretched so thin, they end up going into personal debt to help animals in need. As one ardent animal rescuer said, “This is truly a desperate situation where help is needed.”

If you can help defray some of the vet expenses, you can donate in the ways, specified below. No amount is too small.

  1. By PayPal to
  2. Call in your donation to VCA at (310) 657-7050 and say you want to contribute to the Coco Fund
  3. Send your donation by snail mail to: VCA, 8807 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, CA 90069
  4. Send your donation by snail mail to: Tails of the City, 2539 7th Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90018

News Link:-

New information on kitten attacked with golf club

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UPDATE: Rocky Alexander, the man who rescued Lucky, says their donation goal of $4500 has been reached. The amount was initially $3000, but the cat requires plates in his elbows rather than pins. Everyone is thrilled and hopeful the surgery will be done tomorrow. The kitten is in Louisville. Alexander says if theres any money left over, it will be donated to an animal shelter locally.


UPDATE: The man who rescued Lucky the cat tells WKYT they dropped the kitten off at a specialist in Louisville Thursday morning. He says the family was able to put the donated $1500 down for the cat’s needed surgery. He says more money is needed, however, to finish paying the bill. He says Lucky is so badly hurt that screws won’t work and the vet will have to use plates in his legs. He says there’s a chance one leg can’t be saved at all.


RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) – A family is doing all they can to help a kitten, whose front legs were broken by a man with a golf club.

Rescuer Rocky Alexander with Lucky the cat

He’s purring with two broken legs,” commented Rocky Alexander as he cradled the kitten in the vet’s office. “He’s a fighter. He wants to make it.”

Alexander rescued the kitten late Monday in Richmond. Two teens witnessed a neighbor throwing the 3-month old kitten against a concrete wall. They say they then saw the man take a golf club to its front legs.

“There’s no telling what this little guy went through that night,” Alexander said. “I think he’s been through enough and deserves to be saved.”

Veterinarians at Barnes Mill Animal Hospital say both of the kitten’s legs are broken at the elbow. The break is so bad that doctors say a specialist will have to perform the surgery. The cost for the procedure is anywhere from $1800 to $3000. Now the kitten’s new family is trying to raise money for the surgery.

“The next step is getting him to a specialist,” explained Dr. Jack Taylor of Batnes Mill Animal Hospital in Richmond. “It has to happen pretty soon because these fractures can get too old to be repaired so we’re really looking at a week to ten days.”

Dr. Taylor says in the meantime, he’s given Lucky a heavy dose of pain medication and taken care of routine shots. He says the little guy is eating well and enjoying the attention from loving people.

If you’d like to help the kitten, named Lucky, you can make a donation on PayPal.

PayPal account info:

Video & News Link:

Update:Charges filed against man accused of beating kitten with golf club

RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) – A man accused of beating a kitten with a golf club has been charged.

Around 7:30 p.m. Friday, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office charged 32-year-old Gary L. Foster, Junior with torture of a cat.

Witnesses say Foster slammed the kitten, now named Lucky, against a wall, then beat his legs with a golf club.

We’re told Lucky had surgery to repair his legs Friday. His prognosis is said to be good, but he may need a blood transfusion and more surgery.

Lucky is now being cared for in Louisville. A group of people, including the man who rescued him, was able to raise $4,500 for Lucky’s care.

According to the sheriff’s office, Foster is scheduled to be in court on September 24 at 9 a.m. at the Madison County Hall of Justice.

 News Link:


Animal Cruelty investigation underway in Hayti

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Warning: This article contains graphic images

June 28, Hayti police responded to a call at a vacant lot located on West Lincoln in Hayti, Mo. What they found were seven dogs, three were dead and four seriously injured.

June 28, Hayti police responded to a call at a vacant lot located on West Lincoln. What they found were seven dogs, three were dead and four seriously injured. Credit: Caruthersville Humane Society

Hayti police then contacted Animal Control Officer, Ricky Hooper and the Caruthersville Humane Society.

View slideshowHayti animal abuse case

Two of the deceased animals had been dead for several days and the third died more recently when choked by a combination of a chain and fence.

The four dogs found alive were taken into custody by the Caruthersville Humane Society and placed in care at the Hayti Animal Shelter where they were receiving medical care and pending further investigation into the case.

“This is a horrible, tragic case of pure animal abuse,” said Karol Wilcox, Humane Investigator and President of the Caruthersville Humane Society. “Had the call not been made or Hayti not responded quickly more of these dogs would most likely have died.”

Over the weekend two of the dogs being held as evidence were stolen from the Hayti Animal Shelter.

“After the theft of the dogs at the Hayti shelter, we returned to the property and found more animals,” said Wilcox.

A pit bull was staked to a tree with no water or food,” said Wilcox. “No one in the neighborhood seemed to know anything and this dog was taken into custody.”

Found dead from strangulation in Hayti, Mo. Credit: Caruthersville Humane Society

Wilcox said that the investigation into the theft of the two dogs is ongoing. The public is asked to keep an eye out for the animals. One dog is a Boxer Mix and the other is a Pit Bull.

“We are very distressed because one of the animals is receiving veterinary care and had puncture wounds all over it. I am even more distressed that the animals are most likely back in the hands of the bad people. It is disturbing that we have found four dead animals so far and these animals were all in pitiful condition,” said Wilcox.

It is a felony in Missouri to steal a dog. The dogs were also being held as live evidence in a criminal investigation.

“We are grateful for the concerned officers at the Hayti Police Department and their animal control officer,” said Wilcox. “They are taking this case very seriously, as are we. We want those responsible brought to justice for this situation. We are gathering money towards a reward and will not stop looking until we figure out what is happening and bring the abusers to justice.”

“A situation like this is not accidental and someone had to see someone on the property. It is obvious people have been there and anyone there would have seen the situation,” said Wilcox.

Persons with information can contact the Hayti Police Department at (573) 359-1259 Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. or the Humane Society at (573) 333-0100.

To make donations towards the reward or animal care, donors can mail a check to Caruthersville Humane Society, P.O. Box 345, Caruthersville, MO 63830 or make a secure online donation via PayPal

News Link:

Saving Nina Organized by Let’s Adopt!

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“This poor poor dog, thank goodness she is now in the capable hands of Lets Adopt. I know the group well & by sending  small donations, have helped several dogs on the brink of death. Dogs that are now well & have been adopted out to forever homes.  Lets Adopt help many animals, from the hell shelters of Istanbul, to injured street dogs. They specialize in helping animals  that are usually in dire need of surgery or treatment,  which other charities or shelters just can’t deal with.

” I know that every penny I have sent has been spent on the animal in question, as I receive updates… If I wasn’t sure about Lets Adopt, there is no way I would post it on here, I value you all far too much, to ask you to do something that I haven’t done myself! I can assure you, Lets Adopt do everything they possibly can to heal animals, that other people, have given up hope on! So please, if you can spare a dollar or two, send it to help Nina through ChipIn! I use PayPal to donate, but it accepts most credit cards, its a very easy & safe process, which ever method you use.”

Her name is Nina, and her story until now has just been a real tragedy that has ended in the images you see… We are going to try to fix things for her. Please read on.

Nina was dumped at the Shelter of Hell in Istanbul about 8 months ago. A few months ago the shelter volunteers noticed that her eye was in a terrible condition. She was taken out and moved to a private clinic.
We are told that she started a treatment that didn’t work, and this was followed by three surgeries, THREE!!
Nothing has worked. The eye didn’t get any better, and the right side of her face suffers from a series of ulcers and infections that are just not healing.
To make matters worst Nina has developed extreme anemia and this is no doubt delaying her healing process. Our vet has said that he has never seen such terrible result in a blood analytic and he can barely understand how come Nina still alive.
We are taking this case as we understand that this is far beyond what any group of volunteers can do in Istanbul.
Nina has already gone through a blood transfusion and is going to need a second one. After her blood levels are better and she is not in risk of dying of acute anemia we will take care of the eye.
The problem with the eye is a complicated case of Macropalpebral Fissure Syndrome complicated with a general infection caused by insanitary conditions and a terribly weak inmune system.
Three botched operations and her terrible anemia make things more difficult. She is going to need to have a surgery called Medial Canthoplasty, extremely delicate and only performed by an specialized surgeon.
The alternative to this treatment will likely mean the loss of the eye and worst, her death of anemia.
This is beyond what any of us can do individually, but as a group, we can do miracles.
We don’t have any time to waste… Please, if you can, contribute to Nina’s Chipin today… Let’s help this sweet baby recover her smile again..
Thank you
Viktor – May 10 8:04pm
Here is the  Link to Nina’s ChipIn page, where you can pay via Paypal or credit card, its easy & very safe to use, if it wasn’t I certainly wouldn’t use it:- (Don’t worry about the name, any money sent will go to help Nina, it’s all part of the Simba Fund)
Related, this little pup was left to die, Lets Adopt rescued him, watch the video!

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