Personal: I’m Back But Only For A short While

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Hi All

Firstly, may I just say thank you to those who sent get well wishes etc. I really appreciate your kind words & prayers. 

Well, the prayers worked, it’s been several weeks since I had this first part of spinal surgery & I’m pleased to say it went as well as could be expected, as has my recovery! I’m feeling stronger, which means I am now able to get to my desktop computer; to communicate with you guys!

However, this is only the first of possibly several surgery’s, which obviously means no posts again; whilst in hospital & at home recovering. Yes I have a laptop & iPad, but my wireless internet range is pants, it won’t reach my bedroom; so I can’t post anything until I am able to get to my desktop computer, sorry!

But, for now, until I go back into hospital & pain allowing, I think I could manage a couple of posts a day; but like I said pain allowing, so don’t hold me to

Once again, thanks to everybody who sent well wishes, I will let you know when I go back into hospital; that way you will know the reason why there are no posts.


P.S. If ever days go by without me posting anything; it means I’m either in hospital or in too much pain to get to my desktop….don’t ever think I’ve given up on trying to educate people to the horrors of global animal abuse!!

A Personal Note

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Dear followers

i have been asked to write on behalf of Jules, the owner & writer of this blog; for the lack of animal posts etc.

Unfortunately Jules has & still is, very poorly, so she asked me to apologise, on her behalf, to those who follow her blog. She does not know when she will be well enough to resume her posts; but she asks that followers please be patient. She greatly values & appreciates the support, from all those who have taken the time to join this blog.

As is always the case, when her medical problems get in the way of her passion, she feels frustrated & angry that she cant keep you updated with the latest posts, regarding worldwide animal abuse.

However, I feel sure you can understand her situation & join myself, in wishing Jules a speedy recovery & a quick return to this blog.


John (friend)

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