Personal: I’m Back But Only For A short While

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Hi All

Firstly, may I just say thank you to those who sent get well wishes etc. I really appreciate your kind words & prayers. 

Well, the prayers worked, it’s been several weeks since I had this first part of spinal surgery & I’m pleased to say it went as well as could be expected, as has my recovery! I’m feeling stronger, which means I am now able to get to my desktop computer; to communicate with you guys!

However, this is only the first of possibly several surgery’s, which obviously means no posts again; whilst in hospital & at home recovering. Yes I have a laptop & iPad, but my wireless internet range is pants, it won’t reach my bedroom; so I can’t post anything until I am able to get to my desktop computer, sorry!

But, for now, until I go back into hospital & pain allowing, I think I could manage a couple of posts a day; but like I said pain allowing, so don’t hold me to

Once again, thanks to everybody who sent well wishes, I will let you know when I go back into hospital; that way you will know the reason why there are no posts.



P.S. If ever days go by without me posting anything; it means I’m either in hospital or in too much pain to get to my desktop….don’t ever think I’ve given up on trying to educate people to the horrors of global animal abuse!!

My apologies

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I’m really sorry for the lack of posts, but I’m getting to the last few stages of coming off tablet & oral Morphine, so I can have a Morphine pump fitted inside my body instead. That and another infection are giving me some rather unpleasant side effects; making me feel really unwell.

I do hope you guys can bear with me ( especially new followers ) & be patient for posts; whilst I’m going through this difficult period.
Those that know me know I hate being offline, as I class this blog seriously, its my life since becoming disabled & one of the only ways, bar giving money to charities; that I can help raise awareness to the atrocities of worldwide animal abuse.

I’m hoping I will be able to do a few posts before hospital; if I can get to my main pc! My wireless broadband is sxxt. its taken me ages to type this from my bed; on my ipad….😡

Anyhow, I will keep you informed on whats happening & hope to be back posting daily; ASAP.

All the best
Jules 🐴

Personal: Just A Quick Note About Future Posts

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Hi folks

“Me, again, sorry, but I just had a brainwave; or in my case, more of a ripple…lol”

“As you know, due to my present circumstances (if you read the last personal post) my time online is precious, due to increasing pain! This is because the strength of oral morphine I take, is decreasing weekly; to prepare my body for an operation to have a morphine pump fitted (Which better bloody work after all this!!!) Obviously the extra pain, is stopping me from being able to get to my main PC, to post stories!”

“I am more than aware of how far behind I am, with recent news articles & stories; many are backed up on my pc just waiting for me to post! All of which makes me very frustrated. But I think there is a way I could post a little more; that is if I stop editing stories like I do!!!”

“Yes, I am guilty of wanting to make posts look more interesting & appealing on the eye. I like highlighting the best bits, as some people don’t want to, or don’t have time to read the full article; I often skim over stories when I don’t have time to read the full post. But I also like to use colours to highlight names, I use pictures & image galleries. I like researching more about the stories; so I can include any relevant petitions etc.

“I see nothing wrong with how I edit the stories, however doing so, is very time-consuming, something I just don’t have right now!”

“So, I think whilst my time online is limited…I could get more done, if I just post stories “as is”, just how they are printed in their online news format, without me giving them a makeover; so to speak! Plus I will just use the basic categories too (I know, my posts contain a lot of categories…lol) I just like stories to be found easily, that’s all!”

“I’m sure by posting stories & articles without adding my extra touches…it will enable me to post a little more! Once again, my sincere apologies for the lack of news items, with some being past their due date; I can only go as fast as my body is able!! Hopefully once the surgery is done, I will have all the time in the world to edit, & do makeovers on as many stories as I like!!”

“Like I said, I have a few stories backed up, but they will by now be past their online postdates;  my apologies!”

P.S. Many many thanks to all those who sent birthday wishes! I was & still am, quite touched by the kindness & thoughtfulness; of people whom I only know through a keyboard!

Plus, with a lot of sheer determination, encouragement & help from family & friends…after 6 months confined at home due to pain…I finally managed the journey to the livery yard & got to see my horses; which, of course, was the best present ever! I can’t thank those involved enough; aside from saying “I love you guys”! 


Apologies For The Lack Of Posts

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Apologies for the lack of posts, but my mother was rushed into hospital a week last Saturday with another ruptured disc;  they are still  unsure if they will operate as the risk of total paralyses is a real possibility. Anyhow she wanted me to let you know & she hopes to be back ASAP.

My mum sends Christmas Greetings to you all. She hopes to be able to send New Year Greetings herself.

Kind Regards

Jemma (mum’s daughter)

A Public Apology to ‘Wild Horse Foundation’ On Twitter

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This is a public apology to the ‘Wild Horse Foundation’ On Twitter 

On the 16th of September 2012, I did a news post regards a criminal complaint against “Let ‘Em Run, a horse group.

Unfortunately I made a mistake in the title of the post (all of which automatically are posted to Twitter) & wrongly wrote the following post title:-

“Criminal complaint filed against a Wild Horse Foundation”

This was incorrect… the title of the post should have read:-

“Criminal complaint filed against a wild horse advocacy group”.

“My sincere apologies to “ Wild Horse Foundation” for any inconvenience my mistake may have caused. I can only apologise & say that it was a genuine mistake on  my part, for which I am deeply sorry for.”

” I have re-posted the story (along with my apology) with the correct post title. Had I only edited the post title, the URL would have remained the same, with (the-horse-foundation) as an error in the link”

“The correct post is below; again, I am so sorry for the mistake I made & hope this apology is of satisfaction to you.”

I Officially Hate

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Hi folks  Offtopic

So sorry to those who didn’t get my Tweet, things have been a bit bonkers recently, so my apologies for the lack of posts too. If I have learnt one thing through this, it’s always remember to pack your own phone charger!!

What should have been an overnight stay in hospital (which was why I never mentioned it) turned into a mini-series of Greys Anatomy! So you might as well be in the picture, should this ever happen again. I would hate for people to think I’ve just got bored & left. So in the future, if my post suddenly cease, it’s probably because I’m stuck in a hospital somewhere, with no means of communication. Wall bash

As some of you know, a bad horse riding accident left me disabled, with permanent spinal damage & chronic pain; which literally rules my life. Have you never wondered why some days there are more post’s than others? It’s not a lack of news, far from it, it’s more a case of how many stories can I get posted, before pain stops me!

Anyway’s, although I am on enough daily drugs to knock out a baby elephant, sometimes I need a wee bit more, just to help control the pain, give my brain a break & keep me sane.  So, every now & again I go into hospital for epidural’s, injections & nerve blocks; although they don’t always work, nor do they always go to plan… as I was about to find out…yet again! Cry

The pain associated with Bacterial meningitis isn’t something you forget easily, so I knew when the pounding feet of the Irish Riverdance started in my head & my neck felt stiffer than a no. 9 golf iron; I wasn’t going to be home in time to watch EastEnders. However, I guess I was lucky in an odd way, knowing the symptoms & already being in hospital, meant I received prompt treatment, so was able to make a quick recovery.

It’s safe to say, this will be the last time I let surgeons use my back as a dartboard, it kinda scared the crap out of me the first time & this was no different!. So not only did I miss out on the pain relief, I so desperately needed, I’ve ended up with more. As if that’s not enough, another zillion or so brain cells have jumped ship…so I will be having even more ‘blonde moments’ than before … actually, scrub that…there more likely to be ‘highlighted blonde moments’…so I might as well apologise now, for all the mistakes I will be making in the future. 😳 

Obviously, I’m now back home, feeling like I’ve been on a weeks booze cruise & been dragged through several hedges backwards! If fighting animal abuse didn’t mean so much to me, I could quite easily walk away (pardon the pun) much to the delight of my family, who are always moaning about my health being more important than having my fingers glued to the keyboard, bla bla bla; I guess they just don’t understand the need I have, to want to help animals & expose their suffering.

When my disability became too bad & stopped me fighting from the front lines, so to speak, I was mortified. I wanted to do more than just send monthly donations etc. I wanted to be back in with the action. But simple things I used to take for granted, like distributing flyers, boycotting the next circus etc. were out of the question, I couldn’t do anything, because I was house/bed bound, I just felt, so dam useless & worthless.

 But after a while, I discovered I could still contribute & help spread the awareness of global animal abuse, using the only resource available to me, the computer; if & when pain allowed. Sites like Care2, Myspace, blogs & now Word Press, have enable me to carry on exposing evil animal abusers & educate people to the suffering humans cause, not just to pets, but to animals on factory farms & in entertainment venues, all over the world.

This is now my purpose in life, when my pain allows, of course…I will never stop fighting for the rights of animals, not while my eyes can still see & these hands can still type, as for the rest of my body, forget it! But this is not a hobby for me, I consider it my full time job, so in the past, when I have had to miss a day or two because of pain or even having a week in hospital, I’ve felt bad, but I’ve always managed to somehow keep up…now it’s so different! 😯

For the last several months, due to the economy & more people speaking up about animal abuse, there have been far too many news stories for me to post. Even before hospital, I was having to trash many articles, just to keep up to date, which made me feel terribly guilty. 

So you can imagine how I feel now, having had so much time off, there are hundreds of articles on animal abuse etc. that I am going to have to sift through, the majority, ending up in the bin, to make room for tomorrows news stories. So my apologies if I post news that has already done the rounds!

It just saddens me that I can’t post them all, simply because all wronged animals deserve to have their stories told, the world needs to know the pain of each sentient being, that has suffered at the hands of mankind.

Forgive the above & my poor sense of humour (it’s all I got left…lol) but it’s good to talk, even better to be back! I just don’t want people thinking I don’t care any more, because that couldn’t be further from the truth…I promise next time to have my phone & charger, at all times…lol…I can’t promise how many stories a day I will post, but I can promise I will try my dammed hardest!! 


Personal – Computer Problems

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Hi folks

Just letting you know, I am having some technical problems with my computer, hardware issues to be exact. However, for now, it seems to be working with the tweaks I did yesterday, but sure as eggs is eggs, the dam thing will die again when I least expect it!

So, if posts suddenly stop, you know why! With the problem being hardware, it may take me a while to fix… 😦  But please bear with me, I will be back up & posting ASAP.

If the problem can’t be fixed, I will just have to buy a new computer. Being disabled & housebound, my computer is my lifeline regards all things relating to animal welfare. I need it to expose those who harm animals, to educate & raise public awareness to the horrors animals endure, at the hands of humans.

Animal abuse is rife & on a global scale, I have never seen so many cases of animals being intentionally harmed. The problem is getting worse, partly because the law is so lax! Abusers are getting away with committing heinous crimes & not being punished enough, to deter others from doing the same. We need laws changing, to protect those without a voice, which means the public have to stand up & demand changes.

I get far more stories than I can post, I just hope some of the stories are enough, enough to make people want to make a difference; to change the lives of animals around the world…one can but try!!

May I take this opportunity to thank you for following this blog, it really means a lot to have your support. 🙂



Please Note – PC Problem :(

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Hi All

I wanted to let you know that I am having technical difficulties with my computer (this is just my kind of luck…typical & on my birthday too!!).  Don’t worry, it’s nothing like a virus etc. it’s a hardware problem. I can’t quite work out what yet, I tried to fix it yesterday, which is why there was only one post. I have tried all the usual tricks but alas, no luck….I think it’s died 😦

I have had to borrow a friends pc to write this, I didn’t want you all thinking I had cleared off somewhere & not told you. However, in order to get back up & running, I may have to do a full PC Restore, which is a pain in the butt & takes forever but I can see no alternative as everything else has failed. So unless I can find the problem today, I’m afraid there will be no post’s for a while.

I do hope you are willing to bear with me through this little glitch, I feel honored that you follow me & my little blog, seeing as it’s not professional like the rest, but I do try my best, under the circumstances.

For those of you who don’t already know, I am disabled & I don’t get out much at all now. Pain dictates so much of my life, which is why some days have more posts than others.  I rely heavily on my PC, for everything, so it is imperative that I get it fixed or chucked out the window, whichever comes first…lol

Regards fighting animal abuse, I have been an animal advocate since a very young age & used to be very active in helping the cause. However, since my riding accident, which left me wheelchair bound, writing letters & supporting petitions was about all I could do.

Until now, having learnt the basics of word press & creating this blog, albeit not a professional one, I have found a new way to bring much needed attention to the plight of animal suffering around the world. It’s also made me feel a little more useful to the cause too! 

By posting stories, news, views & petitions from around the globe, I can raise even more awareness regards animal abuse & the horrific ways in which humans treat these sentient beings. Some posts are distressing, they upset me too, but if I don’t read or watch them, how can I begin to even help?

Many thanks for clicking that “Follow” icon, I didn’t expect to get one follower, so I really do appreciate each & every one of you!  Stay right where you are, I hope to be back up & running asap…helping all those without a voice, live a better life, in any way I can.


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