Lucy is an American Staffordshire Terrier that endured unimaginable hardship when she was found on the streets of Colombia over a year ago. She appears to have been repeatedly used as a breeding dog and when she was found by a Good Samaritan, her nose and jaw were badly broken and she was starving. 

Lucy was taken in by a kind foster family for several months in Colombia, where she regained her strength. When a volunteer at Stray from the Heart in New York heard about Lucy’s plight the woman arranged for her to fly to New York where she has been under the care of the rescue ever since.

Lucy’s facial bones never healed properly from her injuries, but thankfully a specialist said she is in no pain and she has no problems eating or drinking. As Lucy was not suffering, Stray from the Heart decided against putting her through the extensive surgery, which would basically have been cosmetic.

Since arriving in the United States, Lucy has gone to rehabilitation and her foster family in Connecticut say she’s a laid back and easy going dog. Despite all the abuse she suffered, she loves people and really loves small dogs. Maybe its because they remind her of all the puppies she gave birth to in the past.

It’s been nearly a year since Lucy arrived in New York, and she’s still waiting for a forever home and for that special family who will look past her unique features and see her loving personality shining through.

Stray from the Heart will adopt Lucy out to a home on the East Coast and to a home where she’s the one and only or with small dogs. Details on who to contact if you, or someone you know may be interested in adopting Lucy are on Lucy’s Petfinder listing.

“The unimaginable horror this poor dog must have faced, at the hands of humans. But as usual in these cases, the dog is willing to forgive because they have just the hugest of hearts, bursting with love for those they will call ‘Master’.  Well I think Lucy deserves more than a ‘Master’ she deserves to be loved as an equal”.

“Lucy deserves to be given back all the years, that she probably went without any love…you would think dogs like this, breeding dogs, who spend the majority of time in a cage they can barely turn around in, would snap at any human hand. When breeding dogs are no longer viable, they are turfed out to anyone that will have them. It was probably a mate doing then a favour by taking her, perhaps they decided Lucy might be good for something, a guard dog? Obviously not, so unwanted & beaten, they probably, threw her out too!  If I had gone through such a terrible life of trauma, I wouldn’t be so quick to forgive…nor forget!!”

“Which is why dog’s like this are going to be such a joy to own. I would gladly love to have Lucy if my situation was different! Lucy needs someone who can look at her & love all of her, not someone who doesn’t like her face…I think her face is adorable & so deserving of true love, someone to cuddle up on the bed with, watch TV next to someone on the settee. I sincerely hope & pray Lucy gets a family that can give her a lifetime of love; she deserves nothing less…if you can’t love that face, your not going to be able to love the dog!”

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