UPDATE: Circus Malta: Petition Supporting Animal Circuses Gains 5,000 Signatures

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Thursday 9 January 2014

Most animal charities & the public want to see a ban worldwide of wild animals being used in circuses. Now the owner of this circus is circulating his own petition to keep his Malta circus open. So please if you don’t agree with animals performing degrading tricks, kept behind bars & of course the cruelty that has been documented in circuses: PLEASE SIGN THE PETITIONS BELOW. We can’t let this circus continue, if it does through its petition, the flood gates for circuses using wild animals may open again; that would be tragic after all the hard work has been done to stop them!!

Circus promoter says 2013 could be last year for animal circuses in Malta due to the proposed ban.

But circus promoter Silvio Zammit has collected 5,000 signatures as part of a petition to overturn a proposal to ban animal circuses.

The circus has now moved to Ghajnsielem, Gozo, where Zammit hopes to continue collecting more signatures. The petition will then be passed on to the competent authorities.

Zammit, who has been bringing circuses to Malta for the past 16 years, said he could not allow the banning of animal circuses from Malta without taking any action.

“It was a personal initiative after finding out that the government had moved on to publish a White Paper proposing to ban animal circuses,” he said.

See all the animals, such as, Long horn cattle, Donkeys, Lama, Camels, Lions, Tigers, Zebra, Elephant, Giraffe, Baboon, Horses, Ponies, Donkeys performing pitiful & degrading acts; acts they would never do in the wild. The animal acts stop at 12 mins; then the human artists perform!I believe the only thing not seen is the Hippo; but is in a video below!!

Circo Orfei Floriana Malta 1st January 2012

Uploaded on 2 Jan 2012 – By levelone12

He argued that only 390 persons took part in the consultation process initiated by the government, of which 49% said they were against such a circus.

“We know that the majority of these were NGOs, and NGOs do not reflect popular opinion. I am doing this petition on my own. I know that there are many others who would like to sign it, but I have neither the time nor the manpower to go on a nation-wide petition,” Zammit said.

He said he was “very happy” with the number of signatures collected: “This shows that the Maltese do love the circus. They won’t flood the streets of Valletta with placards to support the circus.”

He also said that a number of MPs from both sides of the House visited Circo Orfei this winter. “Some came with their children while others accompanied their grandchildren. They thanked me for the level of the show and all said they had fun,” Zammit said.

He however refused to name them.

The debate as to whether Malta should ban animal circuses for good has been going on for a number of years, with animal rights NGOs insisting that circuses solely operate to maximise profits while completely disregarding the safety of the animals and the adverse effects they may impose.

Animal Rights Coalition said veterinarians only attend to the animal’s physical needs and as a result, the psychological issues brought about by the circuses are not being addressed.

With a number of countries moving to ban animal circuses for good, Zammit said in Italy alone there were 800 circuses. He said the UK was one of the countries which will stop animal circuses as from next year. “But this was the result of many circuses caught mistreating their animals,” he said, adding that the circus he brought to Malta did not see animals performing any tricks and only a minimal part of the show was dedicated to animals.My pic4

Zammit argued that the circus animals were born in captivity “and therefore they do not know otherwise. Their trainers threat them like their pets”.

He said Animal Welfare Department officials and veterinarians made regular checks to verify that the animals were well-kept.

Circo Orfei’s travelling team is made up of 60 people, whose living depends on the shows, Zammit said.

“This is their life. They are a community who live on the road and have been doing so for years on end. This is how they earn a living… their bread and butter,” he said.

The Animal Rights Coalition has also called for a full ban on dolphinaria and aquaria. The coalition has said it was unjust to deny dolphins the right to roam free in their natural habitat and called for the ban on dolphinariums as these restrict the creatures to a mere pool.

The Coalition also said that this should extend to aquaria as in this case, animals are likewise being “confined to cages and restricted from roaming in their natural habitat”.

Protesters outside circus. Image from http://www.timesofmalta.com

But Zammit feels that two weights and two measures were being applied when talking about animal circuses and aquaria.

He also said that circuses gave people the opportunity to see animals which would otherwise require them to travel abroad to zoos or safaris.

He insisted that a proper discussion was required and said he agreed that animals like elephants, pandas and monkeys should be banned. “What we have in our circus are horses, ponies, donkeys and tigers,” he said, adding that tigers in captivity lived for an average of 25 years while those in the wild lived for 12 years.

Circo Orfei also has a hippo and an emu as part of their travelling repertoire. 

News Link:http://www.maltatoday.com.mt/en/newsdetails/news/national/Petition-supporting-animal-circuses-gains-5-000-signatures-20140108

Petitions to ban wild animals in circuses:-We must get the ban in place before this circus succeeds with their petition to continue

Published on 7 Jan 2013 – This video shows the hippo in the ring, but its towards the end of the video, after the trapeze act! What the hell is a hippo doing in a circus? Bloody outrageous!! Search Circo Orfei on You Tube to see all the animals when not entertaining  :-http://youtu.be/GEMx3YVIRmg 

Published on 10 Jan 2013 – Tiger & Lion Act:-http://youtu.be/aHeMPaW_d20

Published on 6 Sep 2013 – This is about the lions & tigers in the outside enclosure plus RARE WHITE LIONS & TIGERS?? Are they interbreeding??:-http://youtu.be/K40RjOFsX4c

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Do Your Cookies and Shampoo Contain “Deforestation?”

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Forests are being cleared at an alarming rate to make room for new palm oil plantations. Take action!

Palm oil is used in thousands of products we use every day, from baked goods to shampoo.

Unfortunately, palm oil is produced at a tremendous expense to our planet’s forests.

These forests are being cleared at an alarming rate to make room for new palm oil plantations.

This deforestation causes about 15 percent of global warming emissions worldwide!

The good news is that we have the power to change this story.

Businesses can grow palm oil on degraded land instead of forested land and existing plantations can increase crop yields to avoid the need to further expand into forests.

In June, the U.S. government announced a new joint initiative with the Consumer Goods Forum to make ingredients like palm oil deforestation-free.

Please urge the CEOs of Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble, and Kraft Foods to ensure all the products made or sold by member companies globally are deforestation-free.

Please sign this petition to save wildlife:http://theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com/clickToGive/campaign.faces?siteId=3&campaign=UnionOfConcernedScientists-Deforestation&ThirdPartyClicks=ETA_020713_UnionOfConcernedScientists-Deforestation_F

The Sumatran Orangutan: Ending Palm Oil Deforestation

Published on 23 May 2012

Dog death spurs petition drive

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The death of a Dachshund dog has spurred a petition drive to strengthen animal cruelty laws in Arkansas.

In June, J.J. wandered away for a moment from his farm in Fulton County when a neighbor shot and killed him, said his owner, Donna Spicer of Glencoe.

Spicer explained that she had adopted J.J. two months earlier from an animal shelter in Thayer, Mo. She kept the 7-inch, 20-pound dog on a leash for the first few weeks. On June 10, she let him out on their 9-acre property without a leash, and while she was feeding horses, the dog wandered off down the driveway, she said.

Spicer started walking up the street toward the neighbor’s yard to find him when she heard a rifle shot and the dog yelp, she said. By the second shot, she saw J.J. lying in the neighbor’s yard, she said.

“When you see your little Dachshund puppy blown away. …” Spicer said. “This should not be happening.”

The neighbor who shot the dog, Kenneth Crews, was convicted in Fulton County District Court on July 25 of cruelty to animals, an unclassified misdemeanor, and was fined $500, according to information from Fulton County District Court.

Spicer praised the sheriff’s office for its role in the case, but indicated she is not happy with the sentence Crews received.

She says she wants those convicted of animal cruelty to serve time in jail or pay larger fines, payable to animal shelters.

“This is the classic case of people using every excuse in the world to shoot animals,” Spicer said. “It’s not right. They are defenseless animals.”

Under Arkansas law, cruelty to animals — which includes killing or injuring any animal owned by another person without legal consent of the owner — is an unclassified misdemeanor.

Those convicted may be fined between $150 to $1,000 and may be imprisoned up to a year in jail or ordered to complete community service.

The state’s animal cruelty law was made tougher in 2009, with efforts from Baxter County Sheriff John Montgomery.

The amended law makes an offense of aggravated cruelty to a dog, cat or horse a Class D felony, as well as providing a 5-year enhanced penalty for abusing animals in the presence of a child.

Spicer has contacted a local state senator and plans to contact legislators again early next year, after the November general election is over.

In the meantime, Spicer has delivered petitions to many area businesses for people to sign in an attempt to gain harsher penalties for animal cruelty.

Spicer would like to have 2,500 signatures, and so far, has more than 900 signatures, she said.

“J.J.’s dead,” Spicer said. “There’s nothing more I can do for my dog. …This is to protect the defenseless.”

More information about the cause can be found on the website www.change.org/petitions/j-j-deserves-justice or on the Facebook page “Justice for J.J.”

Petitions also can be found at Petco, Shampooch and Sloane Pet Clinic in Mountain Home; Hair Hut in Salem; Diggity Dog and the post office in Glencoe; Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals and inside the mall at Horseshoe Bend; North Arkansas Veterinary Hospital in Ash Flat; and All Pet and Equine Supply in Batesville

News Link:-http://www.baxterbulletin.com/article/20120914/NEWS01/309140020/Dog-death-spurs-petition-drive?nclick_check=1

Please; If you love Dogs or Cats – Sign These Petitions – Watch Video – Help To Stop This!!

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Write your emails here about this disgusting trade


Only 10% of the pet dogs live to their full life in S. Korea. Remaining 90% are either abandoned or sold to the dog meat traders or to “Gae Soju” (means “Dog Elixir”) places.
Shocking and shameful statistics!
Another lie of the dog meat industry that they only slaughter dogs that are raised in farms as meat. As this TV program exposes all dogs are eaten in S. Korea. Meat dogs, pet dogs, old dogs, sick dogs, puppies,… As we all know dogs are dogs. Just because they are raised as meat doesn’t mean that they are less intelligent or they will suffer less.

As long as the S. Korean government allows this barbaric and cruel practice, the high rate of abandonment of pet dogs will continue and the gruesome dog meat industry will thrive.

You can make a difference. Please sign the petitions below and tell the S. Korean government that we are outraged about this horrific injustice to the man’s best friends and we demand that they ban this practice once and for all.

당신은 애완견을 먹고 있습니다/KBS소비자고발













Petitions in Spanish (Español):





Petitions in German (Deutsch):

Petition in French (Française):

See more at this You Tube site:- http://www.youtube.com/user/Againstdogmeat

Please go to this site for more info & petitions:-http://profileengine.com/groups/profile/423436000/stop-eating-cats-and-dogs-in-korea

Humane Society:

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Ban All Animal-Tested Cosmetics in the EU

Humane Society:.

Please click the above to sign the petition & read the status to date

Thank you

Born Free USA: Action Alert Center

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Born Free USA: Action Alert Center.

Please click the above for alerts & petitions to sign

Thank you

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