Second Dog In Pennsylvania Forced To Perish In Flames

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Coatesville, PA police responding to a fire Friday night were horrified when what they thought to be a brush fire turned out to be a cage containing the charred remains of a dog.

The University of Pennsylvania will be performing a necropsy to determine if the dog died prior to being set ablaze, but it seems apparent that the dog was purposely confined to cause as much suffering as possible.

“No matter how many scenes of animal cruelty, especially of dogs set on fire, you never get used to it,” Chester County SPCA spokesman Rich Britton stated.  “This is a companion animal, this is someone’s loved one, that’s how we look at it.  This treatment is intolerable; no one should accept this, that’s why we’re looking to the public for help.”

This is the second such incident since June.  A Yorkie was trapped in plastic bags, which were doused with an accelerant and set on fire.  Officials deemed the sight too disturbing and graphic to disclose photo.  Concerned owners of the missing dog were horror stricken to find out what happened to their cherished pet on the news.

Animal Protective Services officer Craig Baxter was shocked at the condition of the dog upon its initial examination.

“In the eight years that I’ve been here I’ve never seen something so horrific,” Baxter said. “How someone could do this to an animal is beyond my belief.”

Pennsylvania authorities are desperate to put an end to this vicious and ghastly trend.  Anyone with information is asked to notify the Coatesville police or the SPCA.  The contact number for the SPCA is 610-692-6113, extension 213.  For those wishing to remain anonymous, the Philadelphia Animal Rescue Examiner tip-line may be reached at 215-821-9281.

All pet owners, particularly those in the Pennsylvania area, are reminded to keep an especially close watch on their beloved pets, and to immediately report any suspect animal activity or abuse to the proper authorities.

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Video just obtained of kitten torture by Philadelphia restaurant owner

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A restaurant owner in the Logan section of Philadelphia was arrested and charged on Thursday with multiple counts of animal cruelty after Police observed the actions on video.

Viewer Discretion Is Advised

Published on 28 Jul 2012 by 

Man caught on camera abusing kittens

The Pennsylvania SPCA was alerted to the situation by Philadelphia Police who were investigating another situation in the area.

While reviewing surveillance tapes of the property, the police discovered footage of the man, believed to be the business owner, intentionally harming the cats in the back alley, according to George Bengal, head of Humane Law Enforcement for the Pennsylvania SPCA.

“The images caught on the tape were extremely disturbing,” said Bengal. “He was swinging the cats by their tails and throwing them around and other acts of cruelty.”

SPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement Department arrested 25 year old Yu Zhen Chen , at the Red Star restaurant on the 4900 block of Old York Road charging him four misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty of the first degree and four summary counts for torturing four kittens earlier this week.

After executing a search warrant the mother cat and 2 of the kittens as seen on the tape were brought to safety at the PSPCA headquarters in Philadelphia.

The cats have been named Carmella, Sonic, and Eko by PSPCA staff members.

Additional charges are pending.

Click here to follow the Philadelphia Animal Rescue Examiner on Facebook and Twitter.

Urgent tips can be texted or called in to our Tip-line at 215-821-9281.

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Burned dog Hercules perks up, fights for life in NJ vet clinic

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Hercules is living up to his name.

When he was found on July 5 on West Cheltenham Ave. in north Philadelphia, the pit bull puppy was more flesh than fur, suffering from burns covering more than 75 percent of his body.

Today he is making great strides, fighting hard against the odds.

For two weeks the staff at Crown Veterinary Specialists in Lebanon, NJ have toiled 24/7 to bring the nearly six-month old youngster back to life.

Dr. Wendy Ross says Hercules is now able to eat and stand on his own and be touched without crying in pain. He’s also been taken off drip antibiotics and is  receiving medication orally.

Best of all, she said, he’s starting to show his personality. “He’s perking up, coming out of his cage and climbing into people’s laps,” she said.

Hercules underwent a grafting procedure today that Ross said will allow him full movement in his hind end. The medical device firm, Integra, donated material made from cow tendons and used on human burn victims, to repair deep wounds on his right hind leg. Because Hercules suffered such extensive burns, there was no available skin on his body to use and allowing the wounds to heal naturally would have meant restricted movement in his leg.

Ross reported this afternoon: “So far, so good.” She said while Hercules is largely out of the woods as far as life-threatening infections are concerned, that he will be monitored to ensure his body accepts the graft material.

R.I.P Sweet Chloe

Hercules was found a week after another pit bull puppy, Chloe, was set aflame and abandoned about a mile away, on West Grey Ave. in Germantown. Chloe succumbed to her wounds despite the best efforts of veterinarians at Crown. 

Meanwhile, humane law enforcement officers are continuing to pursue leads in both cases. Reward funds stand at $5,000 for Chloe and $1,500 for Hercules. Volunteers are canvassing the neighborhoods. alerting residents to the rewards, said Wendy Marano, spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania SPCA.

Last week several hundred people turned out for a rally, Justice for Chloe and Hercules, at the PSPCA last week. District Attorney Seth Williams was among the speakers.

Donations are needed to help pay for Hercules’ costly and continuing round-the-clock care over the next several weeks before he is able to be placed in a new home.

The PSPCA has relinquished ownership of Hercules to the Animal Alliance of NJ, a rescue that specializes in treating and finding homes for the most severely injured and abused animals – many of them saved from the streets of Philadelphia.

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PSPCA: Third Philadelphia’s pet set on fire; rally planned

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“WTF…sorry but this makes me so mad, these people are obviously not in their right mind, no sane person would purposely set a puppy on fire! or would they? Wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t kids…but whoever it was, they need to be caught & thrown in jail for several years, not months!”

For the third time in less than a month, a pet has been discovered with serious burns after being set ablaze.

Hercules was found suffering from severe burns in the city’s West Oak Lane section.… (Pennsylvania SPCA )

The latest victim, a pit bull puppy, was found in severe pain by a passerby in Philadelphia’s West Oak Lane section. The four-month-old pup, spotted wandering on West Cheltenham Avenue, had been burned on the legs and back and left to die, said a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Hercules, who is expected to survive, was first taken to PSPCA headquarters then transferred to a shelter hospital in New Jersey for emergency care, said spokeswoman Wendy Marano. The puppy remained in serious condition this afternoon at Animal Alliance of NJ in Lambertville.

The case follows two others in less than fortnight.

“This is an extremely troubling trend,” said Marc Peralta, chief operating officer of the Pennsylvania SPCA.

On Sunday, a man who barricaded himself inside a South Philadelphia rowhouse reportedly killed a small cat, set it on fire, and hung it on a fence on the side of his house. The man, who lived on the 1800 block of Dickinson, later surrendered to police.

Last week, a young pit bull named Chloe died of severe burns after being set on fire near the 700 block of Gray Street in the East Germantown section. Investigators have several leads, Marano said. PSPCA officials do not know if the two pit bull incidents are related.

Chloe, a young pit bull, was found severely burned in an East Germantown neighborhood.

The PSPCA is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever set fire to Chloe.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has also put up another $1,000.

“We see a lot of cases of animal abuse in the city,” said Marano, “but setting an animal on fire and leaving it to die is just heinous. We need the community to stand with us and not tolerate these kind of acts.”

The PSPCA is planning a rally, Justice for Chloe, to bring attention to extreme animal cruelty within the city limits. “Justice for Chloe” will begin at 7 p.m. on Thursday, July 12 at the Pennsylvania SPCA’s headquarters at 350 E. Erie Avenue.

“We don’t know what causes people to do this,” Marano said. “It appears to be a spur of the moment kind of action.

“We can’t even get into the mind of someone who would do this,” she said. “But one thing’s certain, we can’t let anyone get away with these acts.”

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Anyone with information is asked to call the Anti-Cruelty Hotline at 866-601-7722. Donations to the reward fund can be made at or call 215-426-6304 Ext. 272.

Milwaukee Police arrest man for starting dog on fire

“I have been trying to find out more about this case, as yet nothing but will keep looking…If these scum bags don’t get prison time, I don’t know what it will take to get an animal abuser banged up!”

The Milwaukee Police Department is reporting that they took a 23-year-old man into custody for animal cruelty. The suspect was arrested in the 4400 block of N.54th Street Friday evening after attempting to set the family dog on fire .

The Boxer was conveyed to a local animal hospital for treatment for burns over 25 percent of its body. More information to follow as it becomes available.

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Caught On Camera: Animal Abuse In Harlan County

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The wife of a Harlan County man accused in a case of animal abuse says she captured the whole incident on camera.

It was a brutal attack on man’s best friend. The beating, so graphic, LEX 18 could only show you a portion of it. But the man seen in the video kicks the dog over and over again in the face and the stomach, then drags the animals along the ground by a chain.

“I was disgusted,” said Alexis Brock, who says she shot the video as she watched the abuse in horror. “I knew that I had to get it out there. I knew it had to be seen.”

Brock said the man caught on camera is her husband, Henry Brock, arrested in March in Harlan County, accused of torturing and seriously injuring a dog, even shocking it with a cattle prod.

“I’ve been scared of what he might do to me. And for so long I’ve hid the truth, but it’s time for it to come out.”

According to Brock, the whole time, the couple’s two-year-old son was watching.

“I was trying to get him back not to where he could see it. But I wanted to get that video because I knew it had to be brought out. I wanted someone to believe me.”

State Police confirm they arrested Henry Brock after receiving cell phone footage of the abuse, but they have not said if this is that video.

“This man’s violent. This stuff needs to be stopped,” said Alexis Brock.

Alexis Brock says the dog is now just fine and is living in a new home.

Henry Brock bonded out of the Harlan County jail. His next court appearance is scheduled for early May.

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