Emergency rescue: Abused mother gives birth just 8 hours after rescue

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“This post is as I received it via email on the 10th, sorry my PC is still misbehaving!”

Urgent Report from National Shelter Director Susie Coston

Dear Julie,

Donate now to help.Just days ago, our Emergency Rescue Team was called to the scene of a factory pig farm where we were alerted to the horrifying abuse of a pregnant breeding pig.

What happened to this expecting mother would make your blood run cold.

As the factory farm workers tried to move her from a tiny gestation crate to a cramped farrowing pen to give birth, she was brutally kicked, beaten, and burned with an electrified cattle prod across the entire length of her body.

After the poor animal finally collapsed, workers dragged her by her ears into the crate.

Mother sow in factory farm.This suffering pig – now named “Julia” – is safe at Farm Sanctuary, but she desperately needs your help. Donate now to support our Emergency Rescue Fund because, sadly, I’ve only begun to tell you about this sow’s harrowing tale.  

When we arrived on the scene and opened Julia’s crate, she reluctantly got to her feet. But her eyes stayed fixed on us — looking from face to face as if she expected to be hit or kicked at any moment. The abusive worker referred to her as “feisty,” but all I saw was deep fear — and I was terribly worried for her.

Yet, I had no idea how urgent her situation really was.

Just eight hours after Julia arrived at our New York Shelter, this terrified, abused sow gave birth to 16 premature piglets. 

Now we are caring for our rescued mother and her 16 preemies. It is touch-and-go for all of them — we have the entire staff at our national headquarters helping to provide medical care, feedings, fluids, and necessary medications 24 hours a day. “So is the person/s who did this going to be charged with animal abuse? he should be! What’s the farms name? they should also pay for the keep of this sow & her piglets, why should the get off scott free? If they are abusing pigs in this way, they need investigating.”

To help provide around-the-clock care during this critical time, a dedicated Farm Sanctuary supporter has offered to match dollar-for-dollar any contribution you make to our Emergency Rescue Fund. Your matched donation will be worth twice as much and will support this rescue and future rescues, as well as the ongoing and lifelong care of these animals and others like them.

JuliaDonate now to have your gift go twice as far during this urgent time.

Due to the physical and emotional stress of the abuse — followed immediately by labor — Julia’s condition is extremely fragile. We are watching her closely for any signs of change and are ready to respond.

Additionally, many of the piglets were born weighing barely 2 pounds. They are frail, hungry, and susceptible to many illnesses and ailments. One or more of these babies will need critical care — it is not a question of if but when — and expenses are already mounting quickly.

Just knowing that one of our Farm Sanctuary supporters cares enough to match contributions received through this email gives me hope — and I hope it inspires you to be as generous as possible. Together, we can save this family and others like them and give them the freedom to live their lives as the happy, intelligent animals that you and I know pigs to be — the freedom that the factory farm industry so cruelly denies.

BabiesI’ll never forget the terror in Julia’s eyes as she slowly stepped up the ramp to our transport trailer. After being kicked, shocked, dragged by her ears, and forced into a crate just days before, how could she trust us? In these initial days, we’ve shown her the friendship and love she probably has never known — and she already responds to us with the sweet gentleness of a trusted companion. But she desperately needs one more friend … you. 

Please help Farm Sanctuary save this special pig and her babies, and others like them in need of care by rushing a lifesaving contribution to our Emergency Rescue Fund.

Donations made through this email will be matched by an anonymous supporter up to $39,000. Thank you for helping during this urgent rescue!


UK Pig Farm Investigation Exposes Horrific Suffering in High Welfare Facilities

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Animal Equality has carried out an undercover investigation into East Anglian Pig Company, which is the third largest pig meat producer of the UK. EAP is a member of Freedom Food and is audited and monitored by Assured Food Standards (AFS). Over 120 hours of footage and recorded conversations, as well as 281 photos, provide a truly shocking insight into the so called high standards of the British pig industry.

The Animal Equality investigator documented the misery of pigs at The East Anglian Pig Company, specifically:

• Sickly piglets were killed by blunt force trauma. These animals were grasped by their hind limbs and brutally whipped head-first multiple times against a hard surface. In some instances, where the animals did not die following the blunt force head trauma, a worker tried to suffocate the piglets by placing his hand on the animal’s muzzle and then placing his foot over the throat.

• Extreme confinement within sow stalls and farrowing crates resulted in the pigs being subject to extreme movement restrictions, as they were unable to turn around.

• Stereotypies were readily observed. Female pigs were frequently observed bar-biting, and one pig demonstrated excessive swaying behaviour.

• Pigs appeared to suffer significant injuries. Deep abrasions were evident on the backs of some individuals, and several piglets were lame or paraplegic, probably as a result of spinal trauma.

• Piglets appeared to have abrasions and ulcerative lesions on their joints. Such wounds can lead to secondary infections as a result of bacterial and ammonia contamination from the environment, further perpetuating the condition.

• Several dead piglets were present in the farrowing crates, most likely to be the result of crushing from their mothers.

• Piglets were beaten in the head with an iron bar, and an adult lame pig was shown with a twine muzzle over the snout. The animal was struggling and clearly suffering.

• Several amputated tail segments were observed as a result of tail docking, which was carried out as a routine procedure. Tail docking in commercial piggery units is normally performed on young piglets without the use of anesthetic and can be a highly painful procedure.

•Workers moved adult pigs by kicking them and one female pig was repeatedly slapped and punched across her sensitive muzzle and head.

• Weaners were thrown aggressively around by their fragile limbs.

•A worker grabbed an adult pig by his tail for restraint whilst cutting and hacking the caudal thigh. The animal was not afforded any sedation or anesthesia.

WARNING – Viewer Discretion advised – but everyone should see this – You need to know where your meat comes from & the abuses the animals have to suffer!!

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Animal Equality documents Spainish pig farms

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A look at the pig farms in Spain – Birth to Slaughter –  Evidence of abuse & cruelty

This case once again highlight the horror that animals have usually exploited by the meat industry, a situation that has been extensively documented Animal Equality for two years investigating 172 farms of ten Spanish regions and the result can be seen on the website GranjasDeCerdos. org

The majority of Spanish society believes that it is wrong to harm animals when it can be avoided and animals in general, not just dogs and cats with whom we live, deserve to be considered and respected. Entities recognized internationally as theAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics U.S. and their counterparts from Canada andNew Zealand endorse a vegan diet without animal products, which provides all necessary nutrients, a position that is shared by the Government of Catalonia andAndalusia in Spain.

From Animal Equality encourage citizens to opt for a vegan diet without animal products, with which we can still enjoy our meals without contributing to the exploitation and violence against animals. Millions of people around the world have already taken this step, thus helping to end the violence that constantly suffering of animals used for food, as all research shows that we have been doing for years and the video of this investigation .

The following video is over 40 mins long showing a pigs journey from birth to death. It is extremely graphic so please viewer discretion is advised.

It will open your eyes though – It was a similar video that made me vegetarian!

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Animal Equality shows the sadism and brutality hidden in the pig farm of El Escobar de Murcia

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The images published by Animal Equality shows once again the horror experienced by animals exploited by the meat industry, this time in a pig farm in Murcia.

In a shocking and only evidence offered to Animal Equality in a video interview, the operator claims to have witnessed more than fifty times the slaughter sows with swords, which as it happens regularly every week since he entered in 2009 to work on the farm

From Animal Equality today released a shocking video images recorded on the pig farm of El Escobar, located in Fuente Alamo de Murcia. It showed some scenes of violence to animals raised for food more brutal than our Research Team has had the opportunity to see, and because of which we have filed the corresponding criminal complaint through a crime of mistreatment of animals.

The video in question shows staff-including farm-makers and operators:

• Hitting hard on the head bristles with iron bars.

• Attacking the animals with large swords that pierce your sides repeatedly to kill them, including rales, after several minutes of agony. We also see how the operators move the swords stuck in the body of the bristles to aggravate your inner wounds, mocking their suffering at the camera as well as kicking and jumping on them to beat them with his elbow.

Opening the abdomen and uterus of sows with a knife to extract, live piglets that were to give birth. They also are torn intestines, liver and other organs, after several minutes of poking around inside their bodies with their hands and while the victims writhe and scream in pain. This practice is performed on pregnant sows can not be sent to slaughter for being lame or being unable to walk. The bristles are victims of this brutality abandoned after dying, their bodies stretched on the ground, until they eventually die.

It is terribly ironic that this farm was awarded in 2008 by the meat industry with Porc d’Or prize for piglets born alive.

Miguel Rodriguez Brown, an anesthesiologist at the Veterinary Hospital of the University Complutense of Madrid, declared on these facts:

“It’s the most horrible thing I’ve seen in my career about the treatment of animals. The suffering to which they are subjected is comparable to that we would suffer in that situation. The animals have suffered extreme pain and unmatched brutality. “

The renowned veterinarian and expert on bioethics of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics in the UK Andrew Knight said about the images published by Animal Equality:

“The treatment to these pigs is the most brutal abuse of farm animals I’ve seen in my life.Workers are clearly enjoying some of their behaviors. Treatment to these pigs is shockingly cruel and is, in fact, sadistic. “

By signing this petition you are sending a letter to the Directorate General of Livestock and Fisheries of Murcia to request the immediate closure of the farm and the corresponding penalties for all the facts.:-http://actuable.es/peticiones/exige-cierre-la-granja-cerdos-escobar-por

Warning: This video contains very graphic images 

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