A live Dog; Dropped Off At Animal Shelter Wrapped In Sealed Plastic Bags (Photos)

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“WTF…Yes you read the title right! Why in hells name would you take the time to drop a dog off at a pound, but first try to suffocate it with plastic bags??presumably so that it would be dead;by the time the box was opened???? I am literally gobsmacked & sickened by this despicable cold-hearted, callous, cruel & cowardly act!! Did the bxxxxxds think if they dropped it off, they would get away with it;by saying that’s how they found the dog?? wouldn’t surprise me!!  They are sick in the head & danger to other animals, anyone who can place a plastic bag over the head of a living  breathing being; is a danger to society in general, they are psycho’s.”

“They MUST be forced to suffer the consequences of their actions! Nothing less than a long jail sentence, a fine, & banned from ever owning animals for life!! I wish they could experience how it feels to be forced to go without oxygen, food, water & be covered in sores & ulcers; for the same amount of time poor Champ suffered!!”

“Thank God the desk clerk checked the parcel; she could have just placed it in a corner to open at a later time! Had she done so, the poor dog would surely have died from lack of oxygen! Kudos to the desk clerk, the people who caught up with the cowardly owners that did this & also S.A.F.E. Animal Rescuefor willing to care for the poor dog, now named Champ. Please keep him in your prayers & while you’re at it, pray those that did this; get the punishment they deserve…evil sick MF’s!”

It’s beyond belief realizing that a pair of cowardly culprits dropped off their malnourished, severely neglected dog at the Los Angeles West Valley Animal Shelter a few days ago wrapped in a sealed plastic bag and left him on the clerk’s counter before just walking off.

Champ was found wrapped in two sealed plastic bags and left on the counter of an animal shelter. His story of apparent neglect is heartbreaking. Photo credit: S.A.F.E. Animal Rescue

 Thinking the package was a routine delivery, the clerk was shocked when she opened it and discovered a blue, blooded dog who wasn’t moving. One plastic bag was sealed over the dog’s head, and another plastic bag was tied around his neck.

The clerk immediately rushed the dog to the clinic where the veterinarian staff was able to revive the defenseless little guy who was severely matted and hardly able to move

Malnourished and covered with skin ulcers, this five year old mixed breed terrier is now receiving lots of tender, loving care. Credit: S.A.F.E. Animal Rescue/Facebook

His body was covered with open wounds and ulcers as the staff shaved him down. The tiny starved dog weighed only seven pounds; he should have weighed twice that amount. He has been named Chamsky, but more informally he is now called Champ.
S.A.F.E. Animal Rescue is caring for Champ who has now been placed in foster care after his initial veterinarian evaluation. Malnutrition and having been deprived of oxygen play a major part in his medical issues, but Champ is getting medicated baths, and several medications for his skin ulcers and infections.
Champ’s slow recovery can be followed on Facebook by clicking here.

Malnourished and covered with skin ulcers, this five year old mixed breed terrier is now receiving lots of tender, loving care. Credit: S.A.F.E. Animal Rescue/Facebook

The shelter staff were able to catch the animal abusers in the parking lot of West Valley Animal Shelter, and they are being charged with animal cruelty. Champ will be evidence of their abuse in court one day.
If you would like to help with Champ’s long, anticipated recovery, S.A.F.E. Animal Rescue’s paypal address is SAFEanimalrescue@yahoo.com. Their mailing address is: SAFE Animal Rescue, 2060D Ave. De Los Arboles, No. 193, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 or through SAFEanimalrescue.com/donations

Dog rescued from sealed plastic bag discarded on Kentucky roadside

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“WTF…there are some vile, sinister, evil, cold hearted, animal abusing, psycho’s that live amongst us. I’m all cried out, the poor wee thing looks like his whole life has been lived in hell; judging by how timid he is. Somebody purposely broke his bones, by blunt force trauma, then tossed him in a carrier bag, tied it up & threw it out with the trash!! No normal rational, sane person would do such a thing; these people are dangerous.”

“I don’t need to remind you that the worlds most savage brutal killers started off their sick lives by killing animals; these abominations need to be plucked out of normal society & dealt with properly. Stop with the stupid suspended sentences, they are as much use as chocolate fire guards! Prison is too good for most abusers. They should all be put on a desert island, surrounded by sharks, thousands of miles away, far from where decent human beings live!.” 

“Somebody must recognise that sad little face, a very timid scared dog…PLEASE I BEG YOU…if any of you know who’s it is or who it belonged to, anything that might lead the police to the monster that did this, please contact them. Imagine if it were your dog, how you would feel?? I may well of got the story wrong, he could be some dear old lady’s lap dog, snatched from it’s own front yard. Don’t feel pressured into protecting the person who did this…if you are, then you are no better than them. Forget them saying they would protect you, if you were in a pickle, bollocks, they would either run a mile or dob you in if it meant saving themselves…So do yourself a favour, rid them from your friendship circle & tell the police!!

” Guys, our collective prayers are needed for this little guy, he has got a lot of mending to do, especially in his heart. I hope all works out well & he ends up being somebody’s little lap dog or the baby of the family!!”

On Tuesday evening, along a Louisville, Ky. roadside, a small dog was found inside of a sealed, plastic bag; thrown away like unwanted trash.

Thrown away like trash Credit: Shamrock Foundation

Amazingly, the little dog, not weighing even four pounds, was still alive, albeit injured and sickly. “That’s not much more than my chihuahua weighs, just to give you an idea of how small & fragile he is”

According to the Shamrock Foundation, the dog, now known as “Karma,” has multiple broken bones, was covered in fleas and, is understandably, terrified.

Thrown away like trash Credit: Shamrock Foundation

On Wednesday, the rescue organization shared the following update with their Facebook fans:

So this boy suffered criminal neglect before being tied up in a sealed trash bag and ended up on the side of the road. The fractures are fresh and are from a blunt force trauma like being dropped or thrown down on concrete. He will be under observation today at Blue Pearl.

Karma is too weak to undergo surgery at this time, and he is on strict crate rest.

Anyone interested in making a financial contribution towards Karma’s care can do so at this link to the Shamrock Foundation.

Thrown out like trash, poor little dog in plastic carry bag

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/dog-rescued-from-sealed-plastic-bag-discarded-on-kentucky-roadside


Protesters greet alleged dog killer at court – Video

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A Branford man made a brief court appearance Tuesday after being charged with choking his dog to death when it misbehaved, and animal activists were there to greet him.

Alex Wullaert, 22, appeared Tuesday morning in New Haven Superior Court on animal cruelty and littering charges.

He has remained free on a promise to appear in court after being arrested last week when his dog was found dead inside a plastic bag in Madison in June.

A microchip found inside the dog’s body helped lead police to Wullaert.

Melissa Izzo said she works at the animal shelter where the dog, Desmond, was adopted.

“He was an absolutely wonderful dog,” she said. “He was sweet and affectionate and quiet.”

Police said Wullaert confessed to strangling the pit bull-boxer mix after it urinated on his leg and bit him.

At court Tuesday, several people carrying signs greeted Wullaert as he walked into – and out of – court. Some of the protesters even walked along side Wullaert, shouting “coward” and “murderer” at him.

Wullaert said in court papers that he put flowers on the lake where he tossed the dog’s body.

Activists have set up a Facebook page “Justice for Desmond” to help organize their protest.

Court officials said the case was continued until June 5.

News Link:-http://www.wfsb.com/story/18421089/branford-man-due-in-court-for-dog-cruelty-case

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