GRAPHIC IMAGES: Justice For Pet Dog, Brutally Killed By Police, Langzhong, China!!

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“PLEASE SIGN THESE 2 Pre-Written PETITIONS…The Chinese Government & relevant departments must show it’s people & the world, that they do not & will not, condone such random acts of horrific, sadistic killings to innocent beings; by their police force in full view of the public & children!! Those responsible should be made to pay for their sadistic torture!”

Petition 1 to sign:– by Hand In Hand With Asia’s Animal A.

Justice For Pet Dog, Brutally Killed By Police, Langzhong, China!!

Please Help To Get Justice For Dog Beaten To Death By Police

On 4th March 2014, police in Langzhong City, Sichuan, China, brutally killed a pet dog belonging to a homeless man. The killing was done during the day near a primary school for no reason at all and is totally unacceptable.

The dog was still chained when the police forcefully removed it from it’s owner who could do nothing but watch while his companion was beaten to death with sticks and shovels in front of him.

The police later issued a statement defending their actions, saying that the dog’s presence might have posed a threat to human safety but this just shows the ignorance and cruelty involved in their actions and shows the world how unfeeling they are.

The people in charge in the relevant departments of the government now need to show the world that they condemn this killing, along with Chinese citizens and people around the world, by implementing the Small Animal Protection Law.

Groups on Weibo are condemning the killing and petitions have been started.

Help Chinese activists and animal lovers get protection for their animals.
Thank you

Petition 1 click link to sign:-

Petition 2 to sign By Together for Animals in China (TACN)

Demand justice over police killing the dog of a homeless man in Langzhong. Demand animal cruelty laws in China and stop people from committing further atrocities against the innocent and vulnerable.

Homeless man’s dog beaten to death by police!

 Letter of strong protest against the horrific acts of police officials who are supposed to protect our society from violence.

We were horrified by what happened on March 4th, on the busy streets of Langzhong, in broad daylight. A stray dog, the gentle friend and companion of a homeless man, was seized by police and brutally beaten to death with a shovel and a metal pole in front of the owner of the dog, the homeless man, and a crowed of pedestrians.

This horrific violence took place near a primary school, where children could easily see what was happening.

Two of the most vulnerable individuals in our society, the innocent animal and the helpless man, were dealt some of the most violent and degrading treatment imaginable by the very people who are supposed to be protecting society from violence.

No thought was spared for the psychological impact of this terrifying, bloody act on the adults and children who witnessed it. Nor did it occur to the police that this gruesome death was inflicted in broad daylight in the vicinity of a primary school.

How have the people appointed to protect the innocent and vulnerable become so debased? Our police officials, who should be a source of pride to us, are behaving like monsters.

We, the undersigned, ask that the police be legally forbidden from committing further atrocities against the innocent and vulnerable. We would like our children to grow up in a society where they can feel confident that the police will protect people and animals; where the police are known for their kindness and bravery instead of their violence and sadism; where they behave with honour instead of depravity.—

More detailed information and the latest updates of this incident will be posted both on the TACN facebook page ( and website ( Please be sure to follow us on facebook for the updates.

Petition 2 Click here to sign:-

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2 Dogs Found Abandoned In Home Covered In Glue And Paint

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“WTF…thought I had seen it all; it appears not! Evil, sadistic animal abusing bxxxxxd’s will always walk amongst us, committing their heinous cruel animal attacks; because they are sick POS that know they can get away with it! If caught, they know they will only receive a petty punishment; which will not deter them from abusing again!! ANIMAL WELFARE & ABUSE LAWS MUST BECOME STRICTER WITH MORE SEVERE CONSEQUENCES FOR THOSE THAT ABUSE; I would like to think that harsher punishments, would at the very least, scare first time or younger offenders, enough to hopefully stop them from abusing animals ever again!!” 

Updated: Jan 31, 2014 10:08 PM GST; Reported By Nick Caloway


Animal control officers are investigating after two small dogs were found covered with blue plumber’s glue and left for dead in Nashville. 

This is downright Animal Abuse; those who did this need locking up!!

The female Chihuahuas were found Wednesday by the landlord of an abandoned home on 10th Avenue North.

The dogs had been painted all over with the glue, which eventually hardened and left the animals helpless.

Dottie Dively, the staff veterinarian at Metro Animal Control, said it could be weeks before all the glue comes off.

“We have been successful in shaving some of it,” Dively said. “We may have to shave some more under sedation.”

Divey added since being found, the dogs have been named Sapphire and Opal.

“It fits, because they truly are gems and they will be beautiful again,” she said.

Cruelty investigator Billy Biggs wasn’t shy in expressing how badly he’d like to catch those responsible.

“You go from being sad to being mad,” said Biggs. “There’s no reason to do this to an animal.”

Investigators say it’s possible it was juveniles who committed the crime.

Those responsible could face a charge of aggravated animal cruelty, which is a felony.

It will be at least four to six weeks before the dogs will be available for adoption.

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Updated Petitions to Sign: Graphic Video: Hawthorne California Police Kill Dog, and Arrest Dog’s Owner For Filming Police

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“This post has been updated. Please sign the Petitions at the end of this post. Thank you!”

Cold, emotionless, and unforgiving police in Hawthorne, CA, shot the dog of a peaceful man who was filming the police, one out of many people filming who happened to be nearest to the police. Not only that, but for trying to hold the police accountable, he was arrested after his dog was slaughtered.

Caught on a disturbing video– a Hawthorne police officer shot a not so violent looking dog in front of several people filming the police, as they raided a house with a gang of officers, with several police cars nearby.

The man nearest to the police filming, the man who had his dog slaughtered in cold blood, was apparently the one who irritated the officers most, because at least 3 other people were filming too.

Police shoot dog

As a consequence of this man’s righteous action of filming the police to hold them accountable, he was selectively picked out and arrested.

As he was being detained, after placing his dog in his car for the dog’s own protection, he unexpectedly jumped out of the car, and began barking at the officers.

The dog really, honestly was not very threatening, and the officer could have solved the problem much more peacefully than shooting the poor dog point blank in front of a neighbourhood of witnesses. But what did the officer care?

For fun perhaps, he shot the dog several times, and it was a sad scene, as the animal lay on the pavement, twitching while the bystanders gasped in horror. The video is below this article. I strongly suggest the viewers of this article make this a widely publicized event, a viral outrage that spreads like wildfire, meant to hold the police accountable and utilize our technology in this new era that we can make corruption free.

Share this article if you will, or spread the word some other means. The police are constitutionally, legally, not allowed to do this, or anything for that matter, except keep the peace.

Police murdering dogs is an epidemic, characteristic of the police state we live in. It is our duty and well within our abilities, to change it.

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Published on 30 Jun 2013

Swat and police are waiting on people to come out of the house, when a guy pulls up to record the scene. His dog runs out the car while the cops shoot in defence.

Leon Rosby Interview EMOTIONAL | Hawthorne ca Police Kill Dog

Published on 2 Jul 2013

Police SHOOT KILL Dog GRAPHIC VIDEO | Interview Leon Rosby Distraught Owner. 

HAWTHORNE, Calif. (KABC) — Police officers shot a man’s dog in Hawthorne and it was all caught on video that has gone viral online. The Hawthorne Police Department has been inundated with angry emails and calls about the shooting.

Leon Rosby relives his pain as he watches video of his dog’s final moments before it was shot by Hawthorne police on Sunday. “They took a member of my family. They took a member of my family,” Rosby said through tears. 

Hawthorne police responded to an armed robbery on 137th Street, where a standoff ensued. Investigators said Rosby was interfering by blaring music from his car and walking within close proximity of armed officers. After Rosby put his 2-year-old Rottweiler, Max, in the car, two officers approached Rosby and handcuffed him. Moments later, Max jumped from the car and came to his owners aid.

“I said, ‘No Max. No. Stop.’ And then I came out and I said, ‘Please don’t kill my dog. Please don’t kill my dog,'” recalled Rosby. “He’s just having convulsions. He’s in pain. But he hollered out and tried to look back at me. He tried to look back at me to see if I was OK. I’m a grown man. I’m 52 years old. I never thought I’d get attached to a dog like that.” Hawthorne police wouldn’t talk to us on camera. They said they are truly sensitive to the loss of the dog, but officers feared that Max would bite them. The department said it is investigating the incident.

There were many neighbors, including children, who witnessed the shooting. “I started screaming. Now I’m traumatized. I never saw someone get shot or get killed or see anything get killed like that,” said witness Samantha Othieno. “I’m like seriously traumatized because I can’t believe they did that.”

Petitions to sign:-

Grandma Accuses Granddaughter of Kicking Dog To Death

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“WTF…How on earth can this girl not face charges of animal cruelty? At 14 years old she knew what she was doing, therefore should face the consequences. If nothing is done, expect to here more animal abuse cases, involving this girl!!”

Police in Ypsilanti, Mich., have opened an investigation into a possible case of animal cruelty following a woman’s report that her dog was killed on Sunday night, reported Monday’s Ann

Few details have been released about the incident, but enough is known that it appears that family tensions are likely to be running high as the animal cruelty allegations are against the dog owner’s own granddaughter.

The dog, who is referred to as a puppy in the police report, was allegedly kicked to death by the 14-year-old granddaughter of the woman who owned the pup.

According to the report, the girl may not face charges. The police are, however, speaking to the family about what happened.

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Animal Cruelty Charge Filed, Again

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A Hubbardton woman will appear in court today to face a charge of animal cruelty for a second time.

A week after her daughter, Elizabeth M. Harke, 25, pleaded innocent to an identical charge, Suzanne M. Hegarty, 53, was scheduled to appear in Rutland criminal court this morning to answer to a misdemeanor offense of cruelty to animals by depriving them of adequate food, water, shelter, rest, sanitation or necessary medical attention.

Hegarty faced the same charge in 2009 when she accepted a plea deal from prosecutors and pleaded guilty in exchange for an eight-year deferred sentence and probation as well as a mandate that 100 animals be removed from the farm she owned in Brandon.

She was allowed to keep 17 of her pets and livestock but she was forbidden from breeding animals, was ordered to spay and neuter her pets, and make monthly veterinarian visits.

Hegarty transferred ownership of the farm at 671 Kimball Road to her daughter in 2009 but continued to make all decisions about activities on the farm where police in a court affidavit describe finding numerous malnourished or dead animals this spring.

In an interview with Rutland County Sheriff’s Deputy Milicia Lynds in April, Harke told police that while her name was on the farm “her mom Suzanne had complete control over what happened there.

“For instance, there was a point where Harke felt overwhelmed with the number of horses on the farm and wanted to sell some of them. Suzanne became very upset and demanded that they not be sold,” Lynds wrote.

The daughter went on to tell police that she could no longer enable her mother and the 25-year-old told police she was frustrated that she wasn’t allowed to work or go to college because then her mother wouldn’t have anyone to keep up the farm.

But police said the keeping up of the farm was in shambles, and Lynds described numerous discoveries of malnourished or sick animals as well as dead animals scattered around the farm.

“As I walked around with (a farmhand) you could see bones littered all over the property. There were full skeletons that were on the surface next to several calf huts,” the deputy wrote.

In an interview with a former farmhand, Wade Bridger, 47, Lynds said she learned that Hegarty had allegedly tried to hide the number of animals she owned from police.

According to the affidavit, Bridger told police that “Suzanne Hegarty had hired him to build a secret room at their residence in Hubbardton. The purpose of the room was to hide the animals Suzanne was not allowed to have in case they were raided by the police.

If convicted of the misdemeanor charges, Hegarty and Harke face up to one year in jail.

Hegarty, who will also answer today to a charge of violating her probation, could face up to another two years in jail for her prior conviction.

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LITH Woman Charged with Animal Cruelty; Dog Starves to Death

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“I know what I would do with this sick bxxxh, throw her in jail & don’t feed her! No excuse whatsoever regards food, a full bag of dog food,yet she couldn’t even be arsed to open it…what does that tell you about her? I just pray the other dog isn’t too malnourished & will survive. At the very minimal, she must be banned from ever owning or working with any animals; nothing less will do!!”

Charmain L. Krishnan, 48, of Lake in the Hills was arrested for animal cruelty.

A Lake in the Hills woman has been charged by police with two counts of animal cruelty after she allegedly didn’t feed her dogs, causing one dog to starve to death, police said.

Charmain L. Krishnan, 48, of the 2600 block of Stanton Circle, was arrested at 3:03 p.m. Wednesday, June 19, and was charged with animal cruelty and also two counts of violation of owners duties, police arrest reports show.

LITH Police Sgt. Mark Smith said McHenry County Animal Control officials had been checking on the two dogs and recently gave Krishnan dog food for the pets.

During a routine check last week, Animal Control officials found one dog dead in the yard, and removed the other dog from the home.

“She hadn’t even opened the bag of dog food, according to Animal Control,” Sgt. Smith said. “They believe the dog died of malnourishment.”

Kirshnan was released on bond, according to police reports.

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$1,000 Reward for Info Leading To An Arrest In Burning of Stray Cat

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“WTF…there are some serious psycho’s that move amongst us, without knowledge; sick bxxxxxxs! I so which I was psychic!!” 

Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes and the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) announce a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who set a cat on fire on May 24, 2013, in the Tompkins Houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

The severely burned orange tabby cat was found in the 12th floor stairwell of 200 Throop Avenue by a resident of the building, who called 911.  NYPD and FDNY responded to the scene and recovered the stray cat.  It was determined an accelerant was used to set the fire.

District Attorney Hynes said, “I find it incomprehensible why people would hurt any animal. But unfortunately, it does happen and those people need to be held accountable for their actions.

My office aggressively investigates and prosecutes animal abuse and fighting cases.  I want to commend the Animal Legal Defense Fund for their cooperation with my office in this and other cases, and for offering this reward for information.

Scott Heiser, Senior Attorney and Director of the Criminal Justice Program for the ALDF said, “We are so grateful to District Attorney Hynes and his team for their tireless efforts to bring the perpetrators of this outrageously cruel act to justice.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund posts this $1,000 reward to encourage people to come forward with information.  I hope that whoever saw this crime will do the right thing and call the hotline number.”

Police officers brought the cat to Animal Care and Control of New York City to be examined by veterinary staff who determined that the cat had suffered burns to his bodyThe fire tore through the cat’s fur and skin and melted his claws, exposing tissue. 

The cat was medically stabilized and sent to North Shore Animal League for further treatment.  Unfortunately, he passed away from his injuries.

As part of the investigation, KCDA detectives questioned building residents who reported having seen the cat living in the staircase before the attack.  They believed the cat was being fed by residents.

It is unknown if the attack occurred at 200 Throop Avenue or if he was burned elsewhere and retreated back to 200 Throop Avenue.

The attached reward flyer is being distributed in the community with the hopes of finding and arresting the suspect(s) who committed this crime.   Anyone with any information concerning this crime should call the hotline at 718-250-4400.

News Link:-

Couple Charged With Animal Cruelty After Neglected Dog Found Abandoned

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“WTF…another pair of cruel, cold hearted bxxxxxd’s; who just couldn’t be bothered anymore with their dog! It’s so cruel to leave an animal suffering, but to then toss them out like rubbish, to fend for themselves; is an unbelievably cruel & callous act! This pair both deserve jail, banned from owning animals for life & have to pay all vets fee’s incurred, whilst trying to save poor Lilly…R.I.P sweet girl, you were taken too soon, but now you can run forever, free from pain or harm & in peace; just over Rainbow’s Bridge XXX

OLD TOWN, Maine — A former Hudson couple was summoned Wednesday in connection with what Old Town police Officer Deborah Holmes called perhaps the worst case of neglect she has encountered in her 26 years in law enforcement.

Charged with animal cruelty were Jerry Thomas, 53, and his 55-year-old wife, Kathy Thomas, Holmes said.

Lily, a 5-year-old German shepherd, was found Saturday on Bennoch Road in Old Town, where her owners allegedly abandoned her. The dog was euthanized on Wednesday, after staff members of Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Brewer, who had been providing medical care for her, discovered she was full of cancer. Her owners have been charged with animal cruelty. R.I.P sweet girl x

She was in really rough shape,” Holmes said about Lily, the 5-year-old German shepherd the couple allegedly abandoned early Saturday morning in the pouring rain off a turnaround along Bennoch Road.

“She had little to no hair on her back and legs and she was covered in bugs. Her skin was leathery,” Holmes said Wednesday. The officer said that the dog also was thin and had infected ears. Ticks were embedded around its neck and nails, which were so long they were curled under.

Holmes said Lily was “very skittish.” Holmes said she had a witness stay with the dog while she went to a nearby convenience store to get a breakfast sandwich that she then tried to use to coax Lily into her vehicle.

“She wasn’t having any of that,” said Holmes. The dog, however, eventually developed the confidence to go with Holmes after Holmes put her on a lead. She took Lily to Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Brewer, where the staff bathed her, groomed her and gave her medication.

The witness was able to provide the license plate number of the dark-colored truck seen near where the dog was found and Holmes used it to trace the couple to their former home in Hudson, where their former landlord confirmed they had owned a German shepherd. Holmes eventually traced the couple to the Ranger Inn in Bangor where they had been staying.

Holmes contacted the pair and on Wednesday, they came to the Old Town Police Department, where both were charged with animal cruelty.

Jerry Thomas initially denied having left the dog, saying that he had pulled over along Bennoch Road to relieve himself. He then allegedly told the officer he accepted full responsibility for the incident, but Holmes said she decided to charge both of the Thomases because Lily’s condition appeared to be the result of long-term neglect and “there is no way [Kathy Thomas] could have come home every night and not seen it.”

Holmes said that the couple eventually told her they no longer were able to care for the dog.

On Wednesday, staff at the veterinary clinic found cancer throughout Lily’s body and euthanized her, Holmes said.

“I was really hoping for a different outcome,” Holmes said, adding that several people who had learned of Lily’s plight on the Old Town Police Department’s Facebook page had offered to adopt her.

Holmes said the couple is scheduled to appear at the Penobscot Judicial Center on July 18 to respond to the charges.

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Bridgeton Woman Charged With Animal Abuse

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BRIDGETON, Mo. – A Bridgeton woman was charged with animal abuse, this week, after police spotted her dog being dragged behind her pickup truck on I-70.

St. Charles Police say 33-year-old Amy Taylor was travelling between 60-and-65 miles an hour while dragging a dog named Coco on May 22.

Taylor told police she had just picked up the dog at a veterinarian and placed him in a small kennel in the back of the truck. She says she didn’t know how the dog got out and wound-up being dragged along the interstate.

Police say Taylor did, however, admit that she knew there were no screws to hold the kennel together. “So just how did she expect the dog to remain in a kennel with nothing to hold it together? stupid bxxxh!!”

Taylor has been charged with a misdemeanour.

Police say Coco was severely injured at the time but is now in good condition, expecting to make a full recovery.

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Prosecutors: Man Kills Neighbor’s Dog For Biting $3.78 Shirt

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“Another candidate for hell…psycho piece of Sxxt…dog should have taken his bloody arm off!! R.I.P little guy!”

A Chicago man was ordered held in lieu of $80,000 bail Sunday after he allegedly beat and stabbed a neighbor’s dog to death that had bit his shirt through a fence.

Damien Wilkerson (Chicago Police Dept.) Killed A Dog Because It Tore His Cheap Shirt

Damien Wilkerson, 34, of the 700 block of North Pine Avenue, faces felony animal cruelty charges in connection to the incident, which took place Saturday, according to Cook County Bond Court records.

Witnesses told police they saw Wilkerson beating the dog near his home Saturday while holding a knife, according to court records.

Wilkerson told the witnesses he was going to kill the dog, according to court records, and police found a dead dog in a nearby alley trash can when they arrived.

“Yeah I killed that … dog,” Wilkerson told police, according to court documents.

Wilkerson went after the dog after it bit and tore his shirt through a fence, according to court documents.

“I don’t give a …,” Wilkerson said to police, according to court documents. “The dog tore my shirt. This … cost $3.78.”

After the dog bit his shirt, Wilkerson hopped the fence and began beating the dog with a milk crate, according to court records.

Wilkerson told police the animal went for his neck but that he “choked the dog out,” according to court records.

Wilkerson, who authorities say is an admitted member of the Insane Vice Lords gang, told police another puppy had run away, according to court documents.

“I ain’t gonna let no dogs or no … punk me,” he said, according to court documents.

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