“Please sign the petition below, related to the previous link. These vile individuals need to seriously pay for the torturous, heinous acts committed upon 2 (1 pregnant) primates. The picture below is slightly blurred, thank goodness! I Can’t believe they thought posting such graphic pictures, of their vile actions, to face book would be ok..these are not children, they are soldiers, who walk around with deadly weapons.!!”

July 24, 2012 – petition started by Occupy for Animals!

A horrible crime against animals happened last week in Vietnam: three Vietnamese soldiers tortured, skinned alive, eviscerated and barbecued two monkeys – a male and a pregnant female.

One of them had posted the pictures on Facebook triggering a public outcry in Vietnam that had finally lead to the arrest of these murderers who have admitted the killings.

What is very worrying about the incident is that the young soldier who posted the photos on Facebook did not think he did anything wrong, says Nga Pham from BBC Vietnamese.

By signing this petition, a message will be sent instantly to the Vietnamese authorities calling for severe punishment of the abusers and that thus, an example is being set. Furthermore, do we ask the Vietnamese government to introduce a mandatory animal rights and animal welfare education in all primary schools because it appears from this incident, that some Vietnamese citizens do not realize that torturing and killing sentient beings is wrong and that it is a criminal act.

For more information about this crime, please see our website but be WARNED that the article contains a very shocking picture:


Petition Link1:-http://www.change.org/petitions/vietnam-punish-the-animal-abusers-who-tortured-and-killed-the-two-monkeys?utm_campaign=petition_page&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition

Petition Link2:http://www.thepetitionsite.com/449/567/689/demand-justice-for-endangered-monkeys-killed-in-vietnam/?cid=FB_TAF_NPO

Petition link3:-http://forcechange.com/27601/demand-justice-for-endangered-monkeys-killed-in-vietnam/