Man who killed young dog for chasing after a rodent has been sentenced to jail; for only 15 days…What’s the bloody point???

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According to Tuesday’s publication of the Oregonian, a Portland, Oregon, man who shot and killed a young dog who chased a rodent into a hole, has been sentenced to jail time.

On Tuesday, 60-year-old Michael Robert Hutchinson pleaded no contest to felony first-degree aggravated animal abuse and misdemeanor possession of a loaded firearm in public – charges which stemmed from the fatal shooting of a one-year-old dog named “Marley.”

60-year-old Michael Robert Hutchinson

Hutchinson will only spend 15 days behind bars for the January incident which claimed the life of the terrier mix who belonged to Priscilla Bush. Hutchinson was said to be angry that Marley had chased a Nutria into a hole – the man fed the large rodents who lived near his trailer and he did not want the dog to harm them.

In addition to jail time, Hutchinson, who has a prior criminal history, must not own an animal for the next five years and he has been sentenced to 24 hours of community service.

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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Breaking The Spirit Of Baby Elephants – For Domestication i.e. Circuses

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“Several days ago I posted a picture of how baby elephants are trained. Now I want to show the video, of how these gentle sentient beings are ripped from their mothers & forced to endure pain, whilst learning to do tricks for the circus. I have covered this previously  the links are at the bottom, worth reading if you want to know more about this”

“There can be no doubt about it, baby & adult elephants are traumatized due to horrific training. They do the tricks because they know, not doing them will end in them being hurt.”

“Ringmasters & those who control the elephants when in the circus ring, entertaining the public…are not what they seem. Most carry what looks like a posh walking stick, but hidden in the end which comes into contact with the elephants, are very sharp nails or other similar objects; purely meant to cause pain!”

“See how Ringling deal with baby elephants

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How Ringling “trains” (BREAKS) baby elephants.

“Now see how young elephants are caught in the wild, they are literally broken, their spirit gone! PLEASE do not support this cruelty by going to circuses or any place an elephant is used for the public’s pleasure…this is real, these elephants hurt, see the pain in their eye’s…remember that the next time you see one of these beautiful giants on display for your enjoyment!”

“Still-nursing baby elephants are literally dragged from their mothers, kicking and screaming. They are immobilized, beaten mercilessly, and gouged with nails for days at a time. These ritualized “training” sessions leave the elephants badly injured, traumatized, or even dead”.

“It’s called the phajaan. Capturing elephants from the wild for this trade often involves killing of mothers and other protective family members with automatic weapons. 

Phajaarn 2

Look at this baby’s face…sheer torture…brutal pain…the Phajaan

Captured calves are subjected to an extremely brutal breaking-in process where they are tied up, confined, starved, beaten and tortured in order to break their spirits. It is estimated that only one in three survive this inhumane “domestication” process.”

“After reading the above, do you now realise, why they go crazy in the circus ring, causing havoc & destruction  even killing their handlers…they can only take so much…do not blame them, blame those that abused them!

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Here are the images of the training of wild elephants that are caught for the tourist trade. Please remind yourself and tell others that by visiting elephant camps you are supporting this!

Edwin Wiek of the WFFT and Khun Lek (Sangduan Chailert) of ENP are now targeted by the DNP for speaking up about the illegal wild elephant poaching and trade. This video shows what the DNP doesn’t want you to see or know about!

 Elephants on the streets of Chiang Mai are becoming a sad yet familiar site.

Elephants on the streets of Chiang Mai are becoming a sad yet familiar site.


Is the street life any place for an elephant?

Please sign the petition to save the Asian elephant:

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Women who tossed dog out of car sentenced to 7 months in jail

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“Apologies for size of picture but I think scum like this deserve to have more than a thumbnail; so they will be recognised by all! Notice I also changed the title,’ dog tosser’ didn’t seem right!!”

A woman who threw her boyfriend’s dog into freeway traffic, killing it in December, will spend seven months in jail and barred from owning pets for five years.

Shellie Hubbard, convicted of throwing her boyfriend’s dog on the freeway, causing it to be struck and killed, is pictured here at her arraignment in January. She was sentenced Friday to seven months in jail.

The sentence was imposed Friday afternoon by Clark County Superior Court Judge Barbara Johnson. Shellie Hubbard, 46, of Portland pleaded guilty Aug. 30 to first-degree animal cruelty, third-degree assault and possession of methamphetamine.

The judge noted the seriousness of the case that sparked public interest last winter, summing up Hubbard’s actions: “It endangered other people, the victim, and then obviously the throwing of the dog in traffic” caused an animal’s death.

The crime happened the evening of Dec. 22, when Hubbard got into an argument with her boyfriend, Darwin Vonschirmer, while Vonschirmer was driving south on Interstate 205. The couple were apparently breaking up, attorneys have said. As their car approached Padden Parkway, Hubbard struck him with a broken coffee mug, slicing his hand, troopers said at the time.

Vonschirmer pulled the car over to the shoulder. As they continued arguing, Hubbard let the Catahoula leopard hound dog, Peanut Butter, out of the car. When Vonschirmer tried to scoop up the dog, she threw Peanut Butter into traffic.

As the dog attempted to walk back to the freeway’s shoulder, it was struck by a car and died at the scene.

The sentencing range for first-degree animal cruelty is up to one year in jail. Prosecutors and the defense both recommended a seven-month sentence. Hubbard has credit for 52 days served.

“It is a substantial sentence within our sentencing ranges,” Johnson agreed, imposing the term.

The judge also ordered a substance abuse evaluation because one of Hubbard’s crimes is drug-related.

Hubbard did not wish to speak at the hearing. On her behalf, defense attorney Jeff Sowder said his client loved Peanut Butter; she even retrieved the dog’s body from the freeway 10 days after she was released from jail and buried the dog herself. “It’s disgraceful that a dogs body could rest dead on a highway for 10 days…it’s more disgraceful she professed to love the dog, she ultimately put to death!”

“I think (her boyfriend) would say the dog was both of theirs,” Sowder said.

Deputy Prosecutor Michelle Nisle read a statement written by Vonschirmer, who wasn’t present for the hearing. He said he was still grieving Peanut Butter and another dog who ran away around the same time as the incident. “If he loved the dog so much, how come he left it on a highway dead, for 10 days? I would be out all hours until I found it, if it were my pet!”

“I miss my animals every day, and I think about them every day,” he wrote, later adding: “I have forgiven her. I no longer feel threatened by her.”

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Oregon Zoo lion tries to reach baby boy – Video

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A lion approaches a young child sitting on the ground. The lion scratches, claws and lunges at the little guy, but never leaves a mark on him.

That’s because a very thick sheet of glass separates the lions from the visitors at the Oregon Zoo.

A Bend family shot incredible video of the unique interaction on a recent trip to the zoo.

“I thought it was funny. I wasn’t worried or anything,” the boy’s mother, Heather. “I mean you can see the glass is like inches thick.”

Jack, 13, is dressed in zebra stripes, and she thinks that touched a nerve in Kya the lion.

Heather said she didn’t realize the significance of the stripes until a friend pointed it out after the trip.

“That must be it. Because it was the lions and the other animals came up to us too,” she said.

RAW VIDEOLion tries to reach toddler at Oregon Zoo

NEW VIDEOBaby boy unfazed by hungry lion at Oregon Zoo

PHOTOSIs it a baby zebra? Or just a baby?

Oregon Zoo workers say the lions are always interested in their young visitors at the zoo, adding that the exhibit is completely safe, as the video proves.

While Kya was certainly interested in the boy, the feeling didn’t appear to be mutual. In fact, the child seemed pretty unfazed by the whole thing.

A voice on the tape encouraged the boy at one point to look at the lion and say, “Hi kitty, kitty.”

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