“The following is translated from Portuguese ao ir is a little disjointed, but I’m sure you will get the drift!!. The little shit in the video, is unrelenting punching etc. I cried throughout, so please use viewer discretion. I so wish I knew who & what was said on the blacked out speech video, it could be the little shit himself…the one doing the abusing! It’s at times like these where I wished I had studied harder in languages! By God I would like to punch his maracas till their black & blue!!”

Dogs get water on the muzzle and take punches and blows to the head. 
Flagrant was done by an amateur cameraman and shown in RJTV.

Images recorded five months ago by a witness shows that animals were mistreated at Four Paws Pet Shop, located at Rua Pernambuco, in Engenho de Dentro, in the suburb of Rio According to the witness, who was outraged by the abuse, mistreatment were constant and the animals cried out in pain. Some left injured and traumatized by the beatings that took.

Published 18 October

Sought by staff RJTV, the owner of the establishment, Solange Barroso, showed surprise at the allegations. She said she never received complaints of mistreatment. “Well how would they know it was from there, its supposed to be a professional dog salon”

She acknowledged the offending animal as his own sonDaniel, 20. However, even appearing in the images, she denied that knew of the assaults. In the absence of officials, he came to work in the shop a few months ago. Currently, serves to bring and fetch the dogs at home.

“That was not my understanding. Things that are happening at the moment and you can not control you.’s So that I can say. Asking thousand excuses because, really, I do not have or what to say,” said Solange, who informed he will be away from the property, as shown by the Journal Today.

In the recording, there slaps, punches, insults and objects at the head of the animalAbundant water in the snout to drown the animal, potions. Moreover, paws and noses were tied with inappropriate objects.

“I understand that when you take an animal to a particular service, it has to be done and have more pleasure, which is a caring, understand? The animal is feeling. Since there was not so well, it was ice water, tied her mouth and blows, “said the witness.

The flagrant shows that the dog is inside the tank and gets the first punch. Then the employee strength ties with the muzzle of the animal, gives slapping, shoving and a sequence of punches.The dog calms down. Already mastered, receives a lot of water on the face, slaps and shoves new.

Pictures of amateur cameraman shows the dog aggression (Photo: Play / TV Globo)

The assaults also occur with small dogs and quiet. But the most shocking scenes are with a dog breed labrador. The animal, even dominated, receives a sequence of punches to the head. He takes almost throughout the bath, which lasts 15 minutes.

For images, you can see that the employee uses a plastic bottle to harm the dog. Then he grabs another bottle of shampoo to hit the animal. The attacks do not stop. The dog does not react, is apparently calm, but still receiving punches.

The owner of the labrador, Vera Fernandes, lives alone with Thor, 5 years. She said the dog bathes in the pet shop twice a month for a year. He said he never suspected anything wrong.

“I’m shocked. I never imagined they could do such a thing. Nãotem If patience with animal, for opening a facility to care for an animal?” Asked Vera.

Anyone who wants to report the abuse, can take three actions: seek the nearest police station or police station of Environmental Protection, in St. Kitts, in the northern zone of the city, and you can call the number 1746. After the complaint, agents of the Department of Defense Special Pets go to the site to do a survey. If the complaint is upheld, the store owner can be notified and the pet shop has a term to suit. However, if the error persists, the establishment’s business license could be suspended.

The Secretary of Defense of Animals receives on average ten complaints a day.

News Link:-http://g1.globo.com/rio-de-janeiro/noticia/2012/10/imagens-mostram-animais-sendo-agredidos-em-pet-shop-no-rio.html