Owner HACKED OFF dog’s legs with a machete to stop him jumping over the garden fence (but he’ll soon walk again with prosthetic paws)

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“Wouldn’t any normal owner just higher the gate, or am I just being stupid? would that be too simple…Fxxxxxg arse holes, I suppose they got off with a slapped wrist, if they were caught, can’t find anything to suggest they were prosecuted. Oh, how animals must hate us human beings & I don’t blame them one bit! I would take this baby in a heartbeat if I could, somebody is going to get a little angel!” 

A dog which had his back legs cut off with a machete has learned to walk again thanks to the attention of dedicated specialists.

Fabio, a four-year-old Maltese, was cruelly mutilated by a previous owner after attempting to climb over a chain-link fence.

Now he is set to be fitted with a new pair of prosthetic legs to stop him suffering from agonising pain as he runs around exploring the world.

The adorable dog was rescued from his abusive home in Miami by Florida Poodle Rescue last month, according to ABC Action News. (see ABC story below)

When he was taken in his back legs had been cut off just above the paw joint – the equivalent of the human ankle

Joani Ellis, from the rescue home, suggested his legs were ‘probably tied off with some type of tying mechanism and hacked off with a machete’.

She added: ‘The story was that his feet were cut off because he was trying to be an escape artist and climb a chain link fence.

Rehabilitation: Fabio is set to be given prosthetic legs to avoid the pain he seems to feel while walking

However, the adventurous pet is nonetheless able to walk around – albeit at a reduced pace – and is looking for new home.

This week Fabio was flown to New Orleans for specialist treatment by leading veterinarian Allison Barca.

She told ABC that the dog was ‘making it on his own’, but appeared confident that her team would be able to alleviate his continuing pain and discomfort.

Dr Barca has experience with animal prosthetics, having helped to fit a Shetland pony with a new leg in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

On parade: The dog could be joining his new roommates marching in a New Orleans second line parade

And she said that Fabio is likely to require similar treatment, receiving artificial extensions to his limbs which will help his mobility.

I just think he needs something to help the stumps to feel comfortable as they remodel through life and to keep them protected from hitting the ground,’ she said.

‘You just can’t order a set of boots that are going to strap to his legs. They’re going to have to be altered to fit this little dog individually.’

The unfortunate pet will be housed at a rehabilitation home for injured dogs, and could soon join his new roommates at a second line parade in the city.

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Another take on the story

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Four-year-old Fabio, a Maltese, is moving around Monday afternoon like he does most days, slowly but surely. But starting tomorrow, Fabio’s life will likely change forever; for the better.

“Fabio will fly to New Orleans and he will be examined by Dr. Allison Barca.  She’s put together of team of specialists to examine him,” said Joani Ellis of Florida Poodle Rescue.

His back legs hacked off just below the joint by someone who didn’t want him to jump over a backyard fence, Fabio has adapted and gets by at his own speed.

“Fabio does not need us.  Fabio’s making it on his own.  We’re just going to try to make it better for him,” said Dr. Barca by phone from New Orleans.

Dr. Barca was part of a group that outfitted Molly the Shetland pony with a prosthetic leg after Hurricane Katrina.  Barca says there’s several avenues of help to explore when it comes to Fabio.

“I just think he needs something to help the stumps to feel comfortable as they remodel through life and to keep them protected from hitting the ground.  The two little booties are not going to match. In other words, you just can’t order a set of boots that are going to strap to his legs.  They’re going to have to be altered to fit this little dog individually,” explained Barca.

Fabio will also spend time at Dag’s House, a rehab home for dogs with physical challenges.  Some of those dogs have even walked in second-line parades in the Big Easy.

“I would love to be waving a handkerchief and following Fabio in a second-line parade, that would be my dream,” Ellis said.

Big plans for such a small dog who once faced some pretty tough odds.

News Linkhttp://www.abcactionnews.com/dpp/news/region_pinellas/dog-fabio-heads-to-new-orleans-for-help-with-walking#ixzz2NTpaH2lj


Faith The Pony – Our beautiful little three legged Amputee

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“WOW… 2000 posts…I’ve finally achieved something that means a lot to me. Being disabled I find it hard to do anything where I feel like I have actually done something worthwhile or made a difference. All my achievements used to be with my horses etc. & animal welfare activities. I used to love going to horse sales & doing undercover work for local area managers from World Horse Welfare. I can’t do any of the things I used to do, pain rules & dictates my life.  So I’m going to pat my self on the back & say well done….I never thought I would manage 200… so yes, I am rather chuffed with my little self.”

 “So I wanted something special to mark the occasion, something that I love…yup horses…just check out this little cheeky chap. I also wanted to show this, to prove that in horse racing, when a horse falls & breaks a leg etc. they don’t have to be put down…there is no excuse to shoot them, when they can recover like Faith. There are many amputee horses with prosthetic legs, but then again, they have owners who love them as pets, not as money makers!! Enjoy!”

“And little Cookie, thrown out like trash…I will never understand how a human heart can be so cruel. Yet I am so happy places like this exist. Visit their website to see the marvellous work they do!”

Published on 21 Sep 2012 by 

Faith is doing very well and will be returning from the vets in Barcelona to the Rescue Centre this autumn 2012. With her new prosthetic leg, she will return to her soft grassed garden and her friends. 

We will continue to post updates on her facebook page (Faith the Pony) and you are more than welcome to come and visit her during the open days once she has returned, to see just how wonderfully she is doing.

For more information on Faith 
Subscribe to her facebook Faith the Pony


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On Easter Saturday we received an emergency call for help after a pony was found abandoned to die on waste ground in Benijofar.
Spotted by a group of children, the pony was in a shocking state – half bald and covered in mud and faeces.
Our volunteers rushed to the scene with an officer from Benijofar police. When they arrived they found the pony lying on a pathway.
It looked as though she had simply lain down to die. She could not have survived much longer. If it had not been for the children who found her and the fast action of Benijofar Police and council calling us, we would have been dealing with a dead pony.

Or contact the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre

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Run by experienced and qualified volunteers working for the welfare of horses, ponies and donkeys.

Our Aims and Objectives
Rescue abandoned, neglected, abused or unwanted horses, ponies and donkeys
Provide rescued horses a safe haven and rehabilitate them through kindness and care
Work with authorities to improve the enforcement of animal mistreatment laws and help ensure cases of cruelty against horses are prosecuted
Promote respect and care of horses through education and example
Campaign for improved laws, regulations and practice to safeguard horses from abuse

Maybe you can’t change the world by saving one horse – but you can change the world for the horse you save

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We find them starving, abused, scared and alone
And we give them back dignity freedom hope and love


Rescued dog gets special prosthetic legs to walk again

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A dog named Lemon Pie was the victim of a violent act by criminal gangs in Mexico.

When he arrived at a rescue shelter called Canine Miracles he was missing his front paws. They did not want to give up on Lemon Pie, but they knew he would need special help in order to walk again. That’s when the group set out to raise the money to get Lemon Pie two front prosthetic limbs to give him the power to walk and play again!

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A dog in Mexico has been given a new lease of life after receiving prosthetic legs.

It is claimed that the dog, named Lemon Pie, had his paws cut off by members of a criminal gang.

He was found in a rubbish bin in the city of Fresnillo.

Tim Allman reports.

News Link:http://www.dogheirs.com/larne/posts/1786-rescued-dog-gets-special-prosthetic-legs-to-walk-again

Four Prosthetic Legs Give Dog New Life (VIDEO)

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“This is not a new story, but having just seen it, I wanted to share it with you. Remember, many animals are intentionally harmed in certain Country’s, Street dogs & cats are seen as vermin…this dog is a lucky survivor…God Bless those who give these animals back their lives!”

“But remember for each one rescued, many more are left starving, alone, afraid & unwanted…there is only one way to reduce street animals & I’m not talking about killing or maiming them, nor putting them in portable cremation bins….I’m talking about spay & neuter…deal with the problem, not the results of the problem!!! “

From Midnight the miniature horse to Hope the baby giraffe, several animals have overcome deformed or missing limbs with the help of prosthetics. But Naki’o the dog overcame nearly impossible odds. The abandoned and malnourished puppy lost all four paws after freezing in a puddle

Naki’o is the first dog to be fitted with a complete set of bionic legs that work naturally to allow him to run, jump and even swim. The prosthetics were designed and fitted in a pioneering procedure by Martin Kaufmann, founder of Orthopets.

Abandoned by a family fleeing their foreclosed home and their mother dead, Naki’o and his brothers and sisters barely survived the harsh Nebraskan winter. Weakened by malnourishment, the red heeler puppy stepped into an icy puddle in the basement and got his four paws stuck in freezing water.

At just five weeks old the litter was taken to an animal rescue center. Under the shelter’s care Naki’o’s paws, lost to severe frostbite, healed to rounded stumps.

Veterinary technician Christie Tomlinson was on the look out for a playmate for her Jack Russell terrier mix Poki when she came across Naki’o. Fearful of the pain that walking and playing with other dogs would cause, Naki’o resigned himself to crawling along on his belly at home and at the veterinary clinic’s doggy daycare.

Christie organized a fundraiser to pay for Naki’o to have his two back legs fitted with prosthetics. He took to these so enthusiastically, that Orthopets decided to complete the process free of charge. It was the first time they’d fitted an animal with a complete set of new legs.

At first walking on all four prosthetics was challenging, but Naki’o adapted quickly, learning how to use the devices as though they were his natural legs. After just a few days he was running and bounding. The prosthetics are built to mimic the muscle and bone of dog limbs, allowing them to do everything a normal dog would do.

Christie is amazed at her pet’s motivation and joy for life. “Naki’o can now not only chase after a ball with other dogs, but he can beat them to the catch!”

News Link:-http://www.globalanimal.org/2011/06/23/four-prosthetic-legs-give-dog-new-life-video/43292/

Watch this amazing video of a dog fitted with four prosthetic limbs

Uploaded by  on 20 Jun 2011

Incredible Features Exclusive Story – Naki’o is the first dog to be fitted with a complete set of bionic paws that work naturally to allow him to run, jump and even swim. Nakio received the paws after his own were severely hurt from stepping into an ice puddle as a puppy. The prosthetics were designed and fitted in a pioneering procedure by Martin Kaufmann, founder of Orthopets. Read more here:


See our blog for more amazing stories: http://incrediblefeatures.com/blog

Doomed dog gets new prosthetic paw

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A playful dog that lost a paw was set to be euthanized in California when a veterinary technician stepped in to save him and helped him get a prosthetic paw.

Skip the pit bull was two months old when his owners discovered he had a bone deformity. They could not afford treatment and his paw eventually fell off.

“There was some bone exposed and that’s when we said, you need to make a decision: either amputation or go ahead with euthanasia,” veterinarian Dr. Betty Lawson told ABC News’ Fresno affiliate KFSN.

The owners, unable to care for him, gave the pup to the Merced Veterinary Clinic, where Skip was scheduled to be euthanized. But then, veterinary technician Xenia Onofre intervened and took Skip in. “He was young and he was a puppy. I felt like he deserved a chance to be a dog and be a puppy,” Onofre told KFSN.

Two surgeries and months of treatment were unsuccessful. Doctors tried to graft skin from the bottom of Skip’s limb, but he was not tolerating it, rubbing and scratching despite the cone around his neck.

That’s when Lawson contacted Spencer Greene at Merced’s Hanger Clinic, the same clinic that made the first ever prosthetic dolphin tail for Winter, a bottlenose dolphin who lost her tail after it got tangled in a crab trap in 2005. The story inspired the 2011 movie “Dolphin Tale.”

Greene took on the challenge.

“Without that paw, it puts stress on the other joints of his body, wearing him out prematurely,” Greene told ABCNews.com. “We needed to do something so he could walk on that leg.”

Greene made a mold of Skip’s limb so that he could build a prosthetic that fit just right. Greene describes the device as “almost like a little cup that comes up the back of his leg” with two straps on the front to secure it and padding on the inside for comfort.

“He just literally took off running when he had it on,” Greene said.

Now, Skip is “able to run longer and play like other dogs,” according to the Hanger Clinic.

“It’s a great little project. We did it free of charge as a way to give back. It’s just been very gratifying,” Greene said. “Things have really changed for him.”

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Link to News site:-ABC News

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