HSUS: Meet Billy, Rescued From a Puppy Mill

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“Puppy Mill dogs, are literally dying to give you a puppy!!

Please don’t get a puppy from the above, as you will be supporting the confinement of a dog, kept in a small cage for most of its adult life, with only one purpose, to have as many babies as possible!  Puppy’s that come from puppy mills can be very poorly, their parents are treated appallingly. The lack of proper food, water, sunshine, even exercise…means the parents lack the nutrients to pass to their babies. They are force  bred until they are of no more use; then they are either given away or thrown out with the trash…their owners will not pay to feed a dog that has stopped producing puppies; it’s lost income!”

“One place you can get a healthy dog from, who has had his shots etc. is a shelter…why not rescue a cute dog like Billy! They have so much to give, they just want to love & be loved; please give them a second chance, give them the gift of life!”

The Humane Society of the United States has put together an absolutely touching and wonderful video documenting the rescue of a breeding dog named “Billy” from a puppy mill in North Carolina.

“He had been locked in that cage for so long, the bars had rusted shut—but his life changed when his rescuer, Adam, pried the bars open and gave him a second chance,” the organization says.

Bill’s story is part of the HSUS’s “Be a Hero” holiday campaign, with a goal of raising $1.5M to help other animals like Billy escape the horrors of puppy mills

Meet Billy, Rescued From a Puppy Mill

Published on 3 Dec 2012

Meet Billy, rescued from a North Carolina puppy mill. Please be a hero for other animals like Billy by making a donation today:http://www.humanesociety.org/hero2.

Police search for a woman facing 25 counts of animal cruelty

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WHITE COUNTY, AR – Investigators have charged a White County woman with 25 counts of animal cruelty but found something unexpected when they arrived at her home Wednesday.

Empty bags of dog food. Trash everywhere, covered with animal waste.  White County detectives this afternoon converging on a house 126 Crystal Creek Road west of SearcyThey found dog chains, cages, a few chickens, but no dogs.

“We’re very active about pursuing people who are treating animals in a cruel way and right now we’re wanting to make sure these dogs are being taken care of in a way they’re supposed to be taken care of,” Cpl Steve Hernandez says.

Investigators believe there were several dogs in the pens yesterday because a detective saw them.  Where they’re at now, that’s the big question.

“Through an investigation, if we’re going to come out and actually get the animals ourselves, we’ve never showed up and within 24 hours, 25 dogs are gone,” Hernandez says.

Now investigators want to find Lisa Burnett. Detectives say the 23-yea old was arrested and convicted of misdemeanor animal cruelty three years ago.

Now she’s under investigation again after detectives picked up an anonymous tip of dogs not getting enough food and suffering in poor health.

“Right now, we don’t know if she is trying to do the right thing and take care of the dogs or she is trying to hide the dogs from us and continue what she was doing,” Hernandez says.

The goal now, find her and the dogs alive.

Detectives say Burnett could face an additional charge of hindering an investigation if its learned she is intentionally concealing the location of the dogs.

News Link:-http://m.fox16.com/display/574/story/22d5bd91ec2064d8a8ed907af5c8f511

SEARCY, Ark. (KTHV) — White County officials say a Searcy woman faces 25 counts of animal cruelty for allegedly running a puppy mill.

Deputies say a tip led them to believe Lisa Burnett, 23, was running a puppy mill out of her home on Crystal Creek Road.

According to the report, authorities found several small dogs, many with mange. Deputies decided to confiscate all of the dogs Tuesday in order to get them proper treatment.

When deputies and a Bald Knob Animal Control Officer arrived 24 hours later Burnett, all the dogs and their cages were missing. “(Bald knob Animal Control Officer…lol…I didn’t write that)”

The sheriff’s department believes Burnett may not be giving the dogs the care that they need and possibly continuing the cruelty to the dogs.

Animal cruelty is a felony. Burnett has been charged with this same crime in 2008 and was convicted in 2009.

News Link:http://www.todaysthv.com/news/article/224355/2/Searcy-woman-faces-25-counts-of-animal-cruelty

A revealing report about the problems in the Belgian puppy farms

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“Posted on behalf of my fellow animal warrior; @StrayWays on Twitter”

“Please do watch the video, it is very informative & educational but as one would expect, it has it’s sad moments too!. Like when a lady talks about a puppy mill bitch she rescued, who simply froze once out of the cage, she had never known the touch of a loving hand! Or the German Shepherd mix, so scared, forgotten what it’s like to walk, so he crawls along in the dirt, until he realizes he can actually stand tall & walk …I find that simply heartbreaking. These female dogs are denied the most basic of things, they are there for one thing only…the bitches are purely bred to death!

“I didn’t know there were so many puppy mills in Belgium & I’m guessing I’m not the only one! So please help by watching, or at the very least just clicking like & rating the video, then hopefully the Belgium TV networks will take notice. The more that watch, the more that are aware, the more likely we are to get these heinous puppy mills closed down…please, do it for the dogs!! Thank you.”

Just. Click. Play – You don’t have to watch, just press play – I’ll explain after the video.

I know you have seen videos like this before. I know you hate to look at it again. You don’t have to watch it. I only need you to press play.

Published on 13 Jul 2012 by 

A revealing report about the problems in the Belgian puppy farms. The English version of “Een hond in een Zak”

You pressed play! Thank you!

Now I can explain. The video reveals more than 160 puppy mills and puppy trafficker operations in Belgium. One of the smaller countries in Europe about the size of New York. The thing is that Belgium TV networks refused to air this very well-researched documentary. The rescue group behind the video, Animal Trust, decided to go viral.

If they would score a high number of “views”, the rescue group can use those numbers to convince the Belgium TV networks to air it. If the quality of the documentary won’t help, maybe viewer ratings will. No network refuses good viewer ratings.

That’s why you pressing “play” in this case is so important.

People must know. People that don’t read blogs like this one. Normal Belgium’s that see television and don’t know this is going on in their country. They have a right to know. First when they know, change can start. Because they are the next generation of puppy buyers.

You probably also thought that Europe was far ahead in solving the issue with puppy mills and puppy trafficking; like a lot of Europeans actually also think.

The reality is unfortunately the opposite. And it is not only Belgium, it is a lot more expanded than that. If you would like to know more how Europe is really doing, read our guest blog over at Cindy Lu’s Muse about puppy mills in Europe: Wake-Up Call For Western Europe.

Today bloggers around the world unite for dog rescue and the rights of dogs. Visit the organizersBlog CatalogDog Rescue Success or Be The Change For Animals for more. Keep on reading and sharing!

You are not cheating me right? Please go back and press play. Alright then, I beg you. Officially.



Update July 26:
For bloggers that would like to help getting the word out, I made a small video widget that you can show in your blog’s sidebar. An example of it is on the top-right of this blog. The widget contains the video, and a link to this page explaining the background of why it is important. To get it, grab the code below the widget, and copy/paste it as HTML on your blog’s sidebar.

Former Puppy Mill Owner Extradited From Las Vegas – 8 News NOW

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HONOLULU (AP) — A man accused of managing a Hawaii puppy mill has been extradited from Las Vegas to face animal cruelty charges.

Former Puppy Mill Owner Extradited From Las Vegas - 8 News NOW

The Honolulu prosecutor’s office said arrived in Honolulu Friday and will appear at a bail hearing Thursday.

He’s charged with 153 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty in connection with conditions at a now-defunct Waimanalo puppy mill.

Facility owner Bradley International Inc., pleaded no contest to the charges in December.

The Hawaiian Humane Society seized dogs in what was called Hawaii’s biggest puppy mill operation.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Becker left Hawaii before he was served with the criminal complaint. He was detained in Las Vegas on June 8.

He’s being held on $200,000 bail and couldn’t be reached for comment Monday

via Former Puppy Mill Owner Extradited From Las Vegas – 8 News NOW.

Harrison County puppy mill bust yields 65 animals

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MARSHALL — About 65 dogs rescued this week from inhumane conditions at an apparently abandoned puppy mill in northern Harrison County were being housed Friday in Marshall and Fort Worth to await adoption. At least one animal died during the rescue.

No arrests have been made.

About 65 dogs were taken from a property in northern Harrison County described by officials as a puppy mill. Officials said many of the animals were infested with fleas, covered with feces and had fur accumulated under their toenails.

The dogs, mainly Shih Tzus and other small breeds, were discovered after authorities received multiple complaints about a puppy mill at the location southeast of Harleton.

“The smell was bad,” said Constable Robert Wood, whose investigation of the property led him to a batch of dogs locked inside a portable building among feces, fur the animals had shed and stifling heat.

Finding no one at the property, Wood went to a neighboring residence. There, he said, he was told the owner of the dogs had moved to Odessa about two months ago. The owner was supposedly paying someone $1,000 a month to take care of the dogs.

The neighbor had a key and was able to let Wood into the building where he spotted the dogs.

After discovering even more dogs outside the building in kennels hidden by tall weeds, Wood called the Humane Society of Harrison County for assistance.

“This was way bigger than I could handle,” he said.

The humane society’s Kay Hill said she was shocked by the conditions she found.

“They were hot and suffering,” Hill said of the panting dogs, noting three air conditioning units in the building were turned on but blowing hot air. The thermostat on one of the air conditioners was set to 90 degrees. “Algae was growing on buckets of water and dogs were trying to stand in buckets to get cool.”

Other water containers were bone dry, Wood said.

Hill said many of the dogs were infested with fleas, covered with feces, and had fur accumulated under their toenails.

Some had eye ulcers.

Additionally, she said, chemicals found in the room apparently being used to treat heartworm and other conditions had not been prescribed by a veterinarian. One, she said, was intended for treating farm animals.

Many of the rescued dogs were housed at the Marshall Animal Shelter while awaiting transport Friday to the Humane Society of North Texas in Fort Worth.

One puppy died while being transported for treatment.

Six of the dogs remained Friday at the Harrison County Humane Society’s The Pet Place.

One of them is expecting a litter any day. About 60 puppies and adult dogs were taken to Fort Worth, where they await adoption.

“We’ve already adopted some out,” Hill said, adding some pregnant dogs would go to foster families until they deliver. “We’ve got a lot going to foster care.”

About 35 of the dogs were Shih Tzus, but Pekingese, Pomeranians and one Cavalier King Charles also were found.

“Every dog she had was a purebred dog,” Hill said of the absent breeder. She said it appeared the mill was producing “designer” dogs, mainly a Pekingese and Yorkshire Terrier mix.

Commercial dog and cat breeders in Texas are licensed and regulated under the so-called puppy mill bill passed by the last Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry this past June. The law requires that every person who breeds more than 11 dogs or cats at one time obtain an occupational license.

In addition to the licensing requirements, minimum standards of care have been put in place.

Wood, the constable, said making an arrest in this week’s case could come later. First, he said, the dogs had to be saved.

“We were concerned about the safety and well-being of the dogs,” Wood said. “This was strictly a humane mission.”

News Link:-http://www.news-journal.com/news/local/harrison-county-puppy-mill-bust-yields-animals/article_3e243570-fbe1-5ae6-8ec6-5a3e1951f940.html

76-year-old Elberta woman charged in animal cruelty case (Updated)

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MOBILE, Alabama — A 76-year-old Elberta woman who was running a dog-breeding facility at her home was charged Tuesday with animal neglect and cruelty, running a business without a license and administering rabies vaccines without a certificate or license.

The charges filed against Beverly Baker, who lives on Krehling Road, are all misdemeanors, Elberta Police Chief Stan DeVane said.

The Humane Society rescued 51 dogs from the Elberta house, said Deneen Balistere, the group’s dog adoption coordinator.

Police shut down the “puppy mill” last week after leaders with the Baldwin County Humane Society were informed that the dogs were thin and malnourished and had no food.

A couple who had been living with Baker in exchange for caring for the dogs notified the humane society about the poor conditions of the dogs, which ranged from poodles to malti-poos, Yorkies and Pekinese.

The number of animals increased over the weekend when one of the dogs had 16 puppies, Balistere said.

She said all of the rescued dogs survived and are “doing extremely well and are all with veterinarians.”

She said four animal care facilities are taking care of the dogs.

The rescued dogs will be part of a pet adoption Friday and Saturday at the PetSmart at the Eastern Shore Centre. Forever Homes and Baldwin Humane Society-BARC are sponsoring the adoption.

In a separate animal neglect case in late January, more than 100 neglected dogs and cats were rescued from Purple Hearted Puppies in Summerdale and the Robertsdale home of one of its operators. The owners, Roberta Downing Dueitt, 63, of Summerdale and her daughter, Sharon Nicole Dueitt, 29, of Robertsdale, are each charged with first-degree cruelty to a cat or dog, a felony, and cruelty to animals, a misdemeanor, according to Baldwin County Corrections Center records. They are free on $3,000 bail.

News link:-http://blog.al.com/live/2012/05/elberta_woman_charged_with_ani.html

Elberta Puppy Mill Shut Down | WKRG

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ELBERTA, Alabama

“This is the end to this puppy mill,” says Elberta police chief Stan DeVane as he watches 34 remaining dogs loaded up and taken off the property never to return

“It was just a deplorable situation.” After seizing 17 dogs Wednesday out of concern for their health, “they are all anemic, they all are just infested with fleas, they all emaciated. They are not in very good overall condition at all,” says Steve Williams with FurreverHomes Rescue.

Rescuers and the humane society returned to the property to try and convince puppy mill operator Beverly Baker to let the others go and it worked according to Deneen Balistere. “We were just trying to help her understand that the best course of action would be to turn the dogs over to us.”

In all, 51 dogs, yorkies, poodles, bull mastiff’s and puppies now in the custody the Baldwin County Humane Society.

It maybe the end of the puppy mill but the legal case maybe just beginning. “There may be criminal charges filed later. I’m going to get with the city attorney and talk with him either Monday or Tuesday. At that point I’ll know more where we stand as far as criminal prosecution,” says DeVane.

The final number: 51 dogs taken off the property. Four vet clinics will get them healthy and then they will be up for adoption through BARC and FurreverHomes Rescue.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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