Elephant shot dead in Bandipur

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Aug 17, 2012 – MYSORE: An elephant has been shot dead at Bandipur tiger reserve on Friday.

The tusker, aged some 6 years, has been shot at the forest border in Hoskurmala, a tribal hamlet near Sargur in Heggadadevanakote. The incident came to light early in the morning when the field staff were patrolling the area.

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While the elephant has been shot from close range given the nature of the injuries it has sustained, the poaching is ruled out as the killers have fled the scene immediately after the attack. Conservator of forests of Bandipur Kumar Pushkar told TOI the tusker has been shot from county made weapon. It is suspected that the elephant was shot dead in the wee hours, he stated. “It is first such incident in the tiger reserve in recent years,” he said. The elephant is young and its tusks were intact, he said.

An inspection of the site by the officials has indicated that the tusker had died within minutes. She was ran some 200 meters from where it was shot at and had collapsed. It is suspected that the tusker had separated from the herd and wandered in the forested area. It is suspected that it had charged at the attackers, who panicked and fired at it. The bullet has pierced its lungs leading to its death. The bullet has been recovered. The officials said villagers use the country made weapons to tackle boar and elephant menace. It is an illegal weapon. The forest officials have interrogated some in the connection with the case and have filed a case against unknown persons.

Leopard caught in wire snare dies

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MYSORE: A leopard trapped in a wire snare inside Bandipur tiger reserve died on Friday.

This comes two months after a gang of poachers was arrested for placing jaw traps inside the Biligiri Ranga Tiger (BRT) wildlife sanctuary.

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Authorities suspect that the trap was laid by locals to catch a boar or a hare. The leopard, around 8 years, was found dead in a snare in N Begur forest range near Katwalu village. The feline died because of the injuries sustained while trying to claw out of the snare, said forest officials. A Special Tiger Protection Force team has been asked to probe the crime along with jurisdiction forest officers, said Kumar Pushkar, director, Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

Authorities have intensified checks inside the forest and said that they have not discovered any other snares in the reserved area. Pushkar ruled out the role of any organized gang laying the trap. “Going by the way the trap was laid we are sure that it was done by the locals,” he added.

In July BRT reserve authorities had arrested a six-member gang from Haryana for laying jaw traps for tigers inside the reserve area. The jaw traps would be activated in the night. In the morning they would be dismantled and stowed away.

Following their arrest, patrolling was intensified and checks were conducted to discover traps.

Former Kumki Kavita unwell

Kavita, an elephant from the K Gudi elephant camp, a regular at the Dasara celebrations since years is battling for survival.

The 75-year-old kumki (accompanying) elephant has poor vision in one eye because of which it has been a victim of minor accidents in the forest. Recently it stumbled in the forest injuring herself badly.


The elephant is weak and unwell from the past 15 days. No veterinarian from the department has visited K Gudi camp to treat the elephant. “It is aged and there is no point in treating it,” allegedly said a doctor when he was told of the elephant’s suffering.

However, Biligiri Ranga Tiger (BRT) wildlife sanctuary director Vijaya Mohan Raj denied that elephants in the camps are being neglected . He denied allegations that Kavita was not being treated. “In fact, we have started giving special food to the elephant so that she gains energy. She is responding to treatment.” he said.

News Link:-http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-09-15/mysore/33862059_1_jaw-traps-bandipur-tiger-reserve-elephant

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