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Greyhound racing authorities publicly call it ‘abhorrent’. They also say it has been ‘outlawed’. But that hasn’t stopped high profile trainers across the country from subjecting defenceless animals to barbaric live baiting rituals in an attempt to gain a ‘winning’ edge on the racetrack.

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Published on 18 Feb 2015

They’re the victims you’ll never see at the racetrack. Tied up, terrified, and savagely mauled in widespread ‘live baiting’ sessions. Groundbreaking Animals Australia / Animal Liberation Qld investigations uncover the shocking truth. More @

***WARNING*** Please note that this video contains footage of which many will find distressing. To take immediate action to help animals without watching the video, head to


Native possums — a protected species — were also tied to lures and flung violently around training tracks. Before being used as live bait, one mother possum watched on helplessly as her baby was killed in front of her.


Piglets — one of the most intelligent and sensitive of all species — were a common choice among live baiters. Their futile squeals could be heard as their bodies were torn apart.


After several laps, rabbits with pieces torn from their bodies twitch and writhe in agony. Their spine-chilling screams ring out across the training track.


While investigation footage captured only piglets, rabbits and possums — kittens have long been reported to be among the victims of live baiting, too.

Investigation footage shows naturally gentle dogs provoked into displaying aggressive and violent behaviour in ‘blooding’ sessions. Those who don’t race fast enough to turn a profit are often killed — sometimes they are shot.

The inherent conflict of interest presented by those ‘promoting’ the sport also ‘policing’ it could not be more damning. While self-regulation continues, there can be little hope that live baiting will ever be eradicated from this industry.

You can help put a stop to this cruelty. Make your voice heard today.

The damning Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Qld investigations have revealed that this sadistic training method is all too common.Terrified piglets, rabbits and native possums are all victims of live baiting — tied to lures, flung around racetracks at breakneck speeds, and then mauled to death. Some animals who survived their first attack were ‘re-used’ multiple times…

Bait‘ animals are not the only victims of this industry. Greyhounds themselves — naturally gentle dogs — are often kept in deplorable living conditions off-track. Live baiters will taunt and incite their dogs to chase, attack, and ultimately kill small animals.

If dogs fail to ‘perform’, they too may be killed. Industry-wide, some 18,000 greyhounds are killed every year because they aren’t deemed fast enough to win races.

The big question is — how can state governments and sponsors continue to support an industry that has been exposed for such abhorrent widespread illegal activity?

With the horrific revelations of live baiting cruelty in the greyhound racing industry following our investigations, I have been desperate to share with you a side to greyhounds that didn’t make it to the media this week. This little video has gone viral — watch it now and you’ll see why!

Published on 22 Feb 2015

If you’ve ever wanted a gentle, loyal, loving couch-potato to share your home with, consider adopting or fostering a greyhound today:

Despite their deep pockets, greyhound racing authorities have utterly failed to take effective action to address shocking brutality and illegal activity at the heart of this ‘sport’. Apparently, they didn’t even know about it. That is, until investigations by two small charities on a shoestring budget exposed routine and systemic ‘live baiting’…

 Something else that will you make you smile: Schweppes, Hyundai and Bendigo Bank are just some of the big names to end their support of this cruel industry in recent days:
Schweppes, Hyundai, McDonald's, Autobarn, Bendigo Bank, Century 21In fact, of all the major corporate supporters, just one company continues to support greyhound racing. Click here to see who’s left.
 The greyhound racing industry is on notice. Those who are willing to tie up, torture and kill animals in pursuit of a ‘win’ now have a national spotlight on their activities for the first time. With dozens of trainers now suspended, thousands of possums, rabbits and piglets will now be spared from the horror of being used as ‘live bait’. But while greyhound racing continues, we fear that innocent animals will still be tied up and mauled to death on private training tracks — albeit more carefully hidden.

If you haven’t already, please click here to add your voice to over 100,000 people taking a stand against greyhound racing cruelty. If you have — please share this with your friends and family today.


Together we can end greyhound racing cruelty, once and for all.

 Lyn White AM
Campaign Director

 Thank you.

Animals Australia and our colleagues at Animal Liberation Qld have been overwhelmed by the response to our investigations into the greyhound racing industry. Because you spoke out, this industry is under more scrutiny than ever before. State governments have launched inquiries; industry heavyweights have been stood down; sponsors are backing out; and commentators are questioning the future of the ‘sport’. Importantly, thousands of animals will be spared from the terror of being used as ‘live bait’. But there’s still much to do.

Please keep your voices loud, for the animals.

Animals AustraliaAnimal Liberation Qld

GREAT BRITAIN – Dark side of Greyhound Racing Investigation by BBC Panorama full Documentary 2014

Published on 4 Nov 2014

Panorama –
The integrity of greyhound racing has been called into question by a Panorama investigation which has exposed blatant cheating and the drugging of dogs at the heart of the sport.
The undercover investigation caught a trainer revealing how he dopes greyhounds in order to effect betting coups – some of which he claims to have paid out up to £150,000.
The programme’s findings have prompted animal welfare campaigners to call for the government to reconsider the sport’s self-regulatory status.

Breaking News: DPP Takes Over The Dog Porn Scandal Case

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Earlier, it was reported that Christopher Weissenrieder and the group of girls alleged to have been taking part in dog pornography were not going to be charged with bestiality when they were arraigned before a Mombasa Law Court Tuesday morning.

The Mombasa court even released the girls on a KSh100,000 bond each while Chris was released on a Ksh1 million bond and their case set to be heard in July.

However, the Director of Public Prosecution has taken up the case and is said to have added the charge of “Unnatural act with a dog.”

Announcing this new development, blogger/journalist Dennis Itumbi lauded the DPP on the move.

Earlier, there was discomfort among Kenyans who aired their grievances via social media after it became apparent that both Chris and the girls were not going to face bestiality charges.

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Uproar over pig-dogging ‘blood sport’

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“Those who intentionally sets their dogs, on a group of wild pigs, knowing full well the dogs are at risks of serious injury or even death…shouldn’t be owning any dogs! This is not a hobby, it’s a disgraceful blood sport, carried out in the name of entertainment, with ever greedy eyes, on the prize! They appear void of any respect for these animals, nor are they bothered about the pain & suffering they endure.!” 

Animal rights activists are up in arms over a brutal and highly aggressive form of hunting known as pigdoggingViewer discretion is advised 

Barbarity or Hobby?

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The practice involves training dogs to hunt and kill wild boars and is the only form of conservation hunting in Australia that pits two animals against each other.

Some consider pig-dogging as the ultimate adrenalin rush – a man’s sport on which they spend tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Others, however, say it is nothing but animal torture.

And in a move that has outraged activists and politicians, hunters have been posting videos of the brutal killings on the internet.

Most of the videos obtained by 7.30 were too distressing to broadcast.

Some show feral pigs being grossly mutilated before being re-released into forests and hunters using staple guns to close the wounds of their maimed dogs.

One video shows hunters who have caught and trapped a group of wild pigs in the name of training.

Three pigs lie dead while a young feral pig is slowly mauled to death by a pup with minimal protective armour.

The pig-dogging enthusiasts in the video are just some of many that film their kills and post them online for other like-minded hunters to watch and enjoy.

The videos are taken down soon after they are posted, before the authorities have a chance to investigate.

‘Adrenalin rush’

Pig-doggers from around the country pour into the annual Dog A Hog competition, based about 65 kilometres west of Mackay in Queensland.

Most people at the hunt have been at it for 72 hours straight. For Ryan Berrigan, there is nothing better than the thrill of hunting and killing a pig.

Mr Berrigan spends tens of thousands a year on his hobby.

“It’s the best thing since sliced bread when you come across one. When your dog is swinging off a boar, there’s no better feeling that you get,” he said.

“You can put me on any show ride and any Disneyland parks or whatever you got, but it won’t give me the adrenalin that can. Nothing can.”

Hunters admit their dogs might get hurt but say the animals would not take part if they did not enjoy it.

Hunter Todd Hanson says it is a bigger rush hunting with a dog than using a gun.

“You’ve got to get in there and get amongst them and that. With a gun, you shoot and it’s dead,” he said.

Growing popularity

Pig-dogging is a sport that is drawing more competitors.

Hunter Greg McDaniel points to the size of crowds as an indicator of the sport’s growing popularity, comparing it to fishing.

“Sheilas do it. Sometimes it can gross out sheilas, but there’s plenty of soft blokes out there that get grossed out a bit,” he said.

Pig-dogging even has its own dedicated magazines; for the enthusiast, it is light reading.But it is the material showing up on the internet that concerns responsible hunters like Natalie Watson.

“There are a lot of people out there who don’t treat their dogs real well and that’s the big thing,” she said.

“And that’s where a lot of it comes from – people that abuse their dogs and also abuse the animals they catch, where they tie them up and let their dogs chew them up for hours and stuff like that.

“I have heard of that happening and there are quite a few people out there doing it, but they’re just the ones that spoil it for everyone else.”

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Bull riders on the defensive

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Former Hunter Valley local Brendon Clark is defending his sport ahead of the Professional Bull Riding 2012 Australian Cup Series which kicks off in Newcastle today.

Animal welfare activists are calling for the sport to be banned and have organised a protest outside Newcastle’s Entertainment Centre.

PBR organisers have had to defend the sport after a major retail chain withdrew its support for a Queensland rodeo after pressure from animal cruelty groups.

The Newcastle PBR event is named in honour of the Morpeth-raised rider, who’s been competing in the sports’ top competition in the United States for a decade.

He is aiming for back-to-back wins at the Newcastle competition after taking out last year’s title.

The use flank straps in bull-riding is often raised as an example of cruelty to the animals, but Clark says those concerns are unfounded.

“The unfortunate part about what’s happened there is people are just so uneducated about our sport and they don’t really know the logistics of it and what actually happens,” he said.

“There is a lot of different stories going around like we tie their private parts up to make them buck and that’s definitely as far from the truth as what really happens.”

Local University student and animal welfare activist Amy Johnson has organised the protest, and is calling for the sport to be banned.

She says she is not convinced by assurances from bull-riders.

“Newcastle Council has actually banned animal circuses in Newcastle and if you compare the two industries, they’re very, very similar,” she said.

“The abuse that these animals endure is the same as circus animals.

“They’re caged and confined, they’ve been taken away from natural environments, enslaved all for human entertainment.”

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People power saves QLD turtles and dugongs

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“Personal thanks to anyone who signed the petitions & took action from this blog…your’e GREAT”

Animals Australia supporters and caring people across Australia have won a landmark victory for turtles and dugongs in Far North Queensland. They will now be fully protected under the Animal Care and Protection Act thanks to you — and spared from brutal hunting methods.

In March this year, campaigning by Animals Australia and animal advocates, Colin Riddell, Bob Irwin and Rupert Imhoff led to two hard-hitting reports on ABC’s 7.30, exposing terrible cruelty to turtles and dugongs in ‘traditional’ hunts in far north Queensland. Footage revealed turtles slowly butchered while still alive and dugongsdragged behind speed boats until they drowned.

Over several years, thousands of outraged Animals Australia supporters and concerned individuals have written to the QLD Government calling on them to act. Under this public pressure, the new QLD LNP Government pledged to remove animal cruelty exemptions that had left these animals vulnerable, within its first 100 days in office.

This week it honoured that promise, with Agriculture Minister John McVeigh introducing legislation to state parliament to ensure dugongs and turtles are protected by the same cruelty laws that protect other animals. Local Indigenous elders have also shown their support for the decision.

Sea turtles and dugongs subjected to cruel hunting methods, along with other animals that are traditionally hunted such as kangaroos and goannas, all feel pain, fear and distress — regardless of who the perpetrator is. Cultures the world over are now acknowledging that tradition is no excuse for cruelty. This legislation will help to spare turtles and dugongs the worst of their suffering.

If you were one of the thousands of people who took action to protect turtles and dugongs then we sincerely thank you for helping make this important victory possible. Please take a moment to also thank the QLD Government for this significant decision.

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Traditional hunting ‘not animal cruelty’

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“Here we go with that word again, being used as an excuse to carry on doing something we know is cruel & unnecessary…TRADITION…perhaps once many years ago, they needed to kill the turtles & dugongs for food because there was nothing else to eat…but not now! I am sick of seeing this word flaunted around as an excuse to keep   killing animals, when there is no need!”

Torres Strait islanders are warning the Queensland government that its plans to apply animal cruelty laws to traditional hunters could end up in the High Court.

For thousands of years the islanders have hunted turtles and dugongs for food and to preserve their ancient custom. But there’s anger in the islands: they feel they’ve been portrayed as senseless slaughterers.

The state government says the changes will not affect native title rights, which are protected by an international treaty, and will hold talks with indigenous groups before the amended law is enforced.

“It’s our tradition to go out and hunt,” said Toshie Kris, chair of the federal Torres Strait Regional Authority. “It’s our lore and we need to give recognition and respect to that law through legislation.”

The Torres Strait Treaty with Papua New Guinea guarantees the islanders’ traditional hunting rights, overriding federal and Queensland law.

Toshie Kris condemns the secret filming earlier this year by ABC Television, which allegedly showed the cutting up of a live turtle.

“It did portray us very bad, with the cutting of turtle and dugong, the practice and methods used,” said Mr Kris. “[It] was a completely a different perspective on how traditional owners practice traditional hunting in the Torres Strait.”

Broadcast during the Queensland election campaign, the footage caused outrage on the mainland and the opposition Liberal National Party (LNP) vowed to act.

Now in government, the LNP plans to remove existing exemptions to animal cruelty laws covering all traditional hunters.

“A court would find that the butchering of a turtles while they’re still alive is absolutely cruel, and I would expect the majority of the population, including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander population would agree with me on that,” said John McVeigh, the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries minister.

Under the Queensland Animal Care and Protection Act, cruelty breaches are punishable with a $100,000 fine and up to two years in jail.

“If for example a complaint is received, we’ll have specialist investigators from my department, with assistance from other agencies, that would investigate the alleged offences,” Mr McVeigh said.

“Depending on the community, that may be done with or through community leaders, on a very cooperative basis.”

But Torres Strait islanders said they were not properly consulted and are keen to negotiate with the government, to a point.

“You could see traditional owners over our region getting up and standing up for their birth rights and if needed be take it to the High Court,” Mr Kris said.

Following this month’s 20th anniversary of the High Court recognition of Mabo and native title rights, Queensland could again face a costly legal battle.

Video & News Link:-‘not-animal-cruelty’


Stop Treating the Great Barrier Reef as a Dump

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The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most beautiful landmarks on Earth and unique, being the world’s largest living structure. It forms the home of a great variety of mammals, fish, turtles and invertebrates, supports thousands of jobs and brings pleasure to millions of locals and tourists every year.

For reasons best known to itself, the Australian government has decided that one of its top tourist attractions also makes a handy garbage dump, allowing an unprecedented stream of industrial developments to go ahead in the area.

UNESCO has given Australia 6 months to stop barely controlled dumping, dredging and shipping in and around the Great Barrier Reef before the World Heritage Site is declared as being in critical danger.

Tell the Australian government to get its act together and stop destroying this amazing natural resource for the sake of short term profit.

Please, sign the petition:-


Mindless cruelty: Kangaroo shot with arrow

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The RSPCA is appealing to the public to help find a kangaroo with an arrow embedded in its shoulder, which was last seen south of Brisbane.

The animal was seen on the edge of bushland in the Boronia Park Reserve at Park Ridge yesterday.

“We’re hoping we may still be able to save it,” RSPCA officer Rebecca Melotte said in a statement today.

Another kangaroo was shot with an arrow in the same area last year.

Earlier this month vets had to put down a baby wallaby found shot through the neck with an arrow at Corinda in Brisbane’s west.

RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty says it’s incomprehensible that someone could shoot native wildlife for pleasure.

“Our native wildlife is facing an uphill battle to survive because of habitat destruction without having to put up with this type of mindless cruelty,’’ he said.

Anyone with information should contact the 1300 ANIMAL hotline

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Sea Shepherd Calls for Immediate Action Against Cruel Butchery and Illegal Trade of Dugong and Sea Turtles

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Since 2009, Colin Riddell and Bob Irwin of  “Save Australian Dugongs and Turtles” have been at the forefront trying to save Australia‘s fast disappearing turtles and dugongs. What they have uncovered with the help of former Sea Shepherd volunteer Rupert Imhoff, is compelling evidence of the cruel butchery and illegal trade of endangered dugongs and turtles in Queensland.

They have obtained shocking footage of the live slaughter of vulnerable dugongs and endangered green sea turtles, with some animals taking days to die. Endangered green sea turtles are being tied up, flipped onto their backs and left to suffer a painful death. Some are even being hacked at while still alive, with some taking over 7 minutes to die. The full expose can be seen here with a warning; this story contains distressing footage.

Community leaders admit that the primarily indigenous trade of dugong and sea turtle meat and products uses native title rights as its cover.  The trade in endangered green turtles and dugongs has now become a black market industry.

Read more:- Sea Shepherd Calls for Immediate Action Against Cruel Butchery and Illegal Trade of Dugong and Sea Turtles

Warning – Distressing scenes – Viewer Discretion Advised

7.30 – ABC News

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7.30 – ABC, posted with vodpod

Circus Dancing cows – What next, performing fish??

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The Circus Royale has been touring the state, with Ipswich the final stop in Queensland before moving the show to South Australia.

Circus owner Damien Syren said the show would provide entertainment for people of all sorts.

“This is real circus, the way we remember it from our childhood,” he said. “It’s big, exciting and wonderful family entertainment. “There is something for everyone to enjoy.”

One of the Circus Royale’s more unusual attractions is its three performing black and white cows.

The cattle travel in a purpose built semi-trailer, which also holds the circus’ geese, goats, camels, llamas, horses and ponies.

Circus Royale head trainer Robin Howell said the cattle were a unique attraction.

“Circus Royale is the first to include performing animals of the bovine variety in its line-up,” he said.

“They are a unique attraction.”

Mr Howell said the multi-talented waltzing and dancing Friesians had so far been a hit with patrons, especially farmers.

“Now when I drive down the road and see farmers with their cows I look at them in a completely different light.” The cattle will be joined by dogs, camels and horses as well as acrobats and clowns.

via Dancing cows milk applause | Ipswich Events | Whats on in Ipswich | Ipswich Queensland Times.

“What the….performing cow’s? I’m lost for words!!

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