Devastating End For Leah, The Dog Rescued in Texas fire

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Dog rescued in Texas has died

“OMG…Can’t see for tears!!. That’s it, not posting any more tonight in honour of Leah…I was only writing about her the other day, cried then too, due to the fire–fighters efforts to keep her alive! The fire-fighters worked so hard & seemed to get her breathing again, I can’t begin to imagine their grief, along with the family’s!”

“My heart is heavy with pain, I don’t even know the dog, but I get attached just through writing about them! But, its time for Leah to run free & wild just like she did when she was a puppy. Once over Rainbow’s Bridge, she will have no pain, only pleasure & she will see all your friends too. Plus when it’s time her family will be re-united with her, for lots of cuddles…God Bless you sweet heart, you will be missed by so many & never forgotten, especially by the fire-fighters that tried to save you…I bet their shedding tears too!  R.I.P Leah xxx”

The heart-warming tale of a dog rescued by Arlington, Texas fire-fighters has turned tragic.

According to Wednesday’s publication ofWFAA News, the dog, named “Leah,” who was saved from a fire thanks to the efforts of a dedicated team of fire-fighters, has since passed away.

Initially, the prognosis for the dog’s recovery was promising.

Fire-fighters worked for an hour to revive the dog who was trapped inside of a house which was engulfed in flames.

But the damage to the dog’s body proved too much and she died on Sunday as a result.

Another pet, a cat, also died in the devastating blaze.

Those who learned of the fire-fighters  efforts were touched by their compassion and dedication to the ailing dog – Leah’s untimely death does not take away from their heroic efforts.

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Loyal Dog Sacrifices His Own Life To Save Suicidal Owner

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“R.I.P Little one, I hope you have found your way over Rainbow’s Bridge & are now running free through the grass, with all the other special pets. Who say’s dogs are just animals & should be treated as such?”

A loyal canine sacrificed his own life to save his suicidal owner from an oncoming train.

The 48 yr. old Kazakhstani man reportedly consumed an entire bottle of vodka and laid down on the railroad tracks to commit suicide when the train ran over him.

Witnesses in Karaganda reported that the dog of unknown breed saw his unconscious owner in danger and began to pull him from the tracks.

The train conductors saw the dog and man on the tracks and desperately attempted to halt the speeding train in time.

The dog managed to get the unnamed man off of the tracks with broken ribs and a shoulder injury.

The brave dog couldn’t get off the tracks in time and the locomotive hit the lower half of his body.

He died at the scene.

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