Four Year Sentence in St. Louis “House Of Horrors” Torture Case

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Darick Stallworth of St. Louis, who pleaded guilty to three counts of felony animal abuse and torture and two counts of animal abuse and abandonment, was sentenced to four years in prisonon Thursday morning.

Darick D. Stallworth, 31, was charged May 22, 2012, with animal abuse and neglect in connection with the torturing and mutilating of five dogs inside a vacant building in St. Louis.

This marks the first successful felony prosecution in St. Louis since the city has stepped up efforts to fight animal abuse.

Back in May, Randy Grim, the owner of Stray Rescue of St. Louis was contacted by police about a dead dog that was hanging from a second-story window of an abandoned apartment building. When Randy and other members of Stray Rescue checked out the apartment building with police they found five dead dogs, all of which had clearly been tortured.

The five deceased pit bull dogs had been hanged, strangled and burned. Stray Rescue, which responds to many animal abuse cases described the scene as “one of the most horrendous cases of animal abuse we have ever encountered.”

Stray Rescue Founder Randy Grim


Defense attorneys for Stallworth petitioned the judge for leniency and asked for only probation because 31-year-old Stallworth has an IQ of only 54 and has never been in trouble before. Stallworth’s parents believe sending him to prison serves no purpose and that he needs counselling and rehabilitation.

Many supporters of Stray Rescue showed up to the courthouse for the sentencing. Grim said the sentencing was “a start” and added, “This case will haunt me for the rest of my life. It’s ingrained in my brain forever and it’s like a nightmare that’s always in the back of your mind.”

The severity of this case, along with other animal abuse cases in St. Louis, has led to the creation of the St. Louis Animal Cruelty Task Force. Their goal is to raise awareness, increase convictions and deter future animal abuse. Grim whose rescue organization was a key member to the creation of the task force stated, “This is a new day in St. Louis, and I want to see this become one of the most humane cities in the country, not just with the animals but with each other.”

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L.E.A.S.H – New Non-Profit Animal Rescue Dedicated To Helping Abandoned and Abused Animals

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“I Wish these guys all the best for the future in their new venture.”

A new non-profit organization has been formed in Aiken County called L.E.A.S.H. This organization was formed July 3rd of this year, 2012. L.E.A.S.H is an animal rescue against euthanasia and is dedicated in helping lost and neglected animals find their “forever homes”.

Jess and Lars Swearington III are the founders of L.E.A.S.H and they have dedicated their time and energy on ensuring the safety of animals around the Aiken and North Augusta areas.

One of the key volunteers for L.E.A.S.H is Teresa Cox, who is in charge of the kennel operations and has spent most of her volunteer time caring for the animals that have been brought into the rescue and she also assists in preparing them for adoptions and foster homes. The process of preparing them for their foster home involves medically treating them, socializing them, and observing them until it is certain that they are ready to leave the rescue. Many of the animals come in needing immediate nutrition and immediate medical attention and some just need the tender loving care that they have been denied.

In an interview with Swearington, we asked him what made him decide to create L.E.A.S.H. and what was the mission they wished to achieve. Swearington responded by saying “We saw a need in our community. On a daily basis my wife and I saw the abandoned, the neglected, and the abused. One day we saw enough. The key to our organization is simple. “Every animal deserves a chance; a chance to be loved, to be cherished, to smile. Every animal deserves to be saved, to not fear, to be brought home to safety.”

As of right now there have been 22 dogs rescued, 3 dogs adopted, and 2 dogs currently in foster care. Donations are taken online through their chip-in account at and all proceeds are dispersed for various needs within the organization including but not limited to: basic operational costs, medical care, and food. Dispersing of proceeds are according to the highest needs first.  To donate or volunteer you can go online to facebook L.E.A.S.H or you can E-mail them at

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“Sunder” The Elephant Needs Our Help!

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You may have heard or recall the post I did earlier,that just before the London Olympic Games , Paul McCartney halted rehearsals to make an urgent plea in behalf of a suffering young elephant.

Now, PETA India has obtained new photographic evidence of the abuse that the elephant is enduring while being used as a living begging bowl and beaten by a vicious, inept young mahout (trainer). 

At just 13 years old, Sunder has already experienced terrible torment. Kept in chains in a dark shed at the Jyotiba Temple in Maharashtra, India, he is unable to take even a single step without causing a spike to jab his skin.

When he is taken out of the shed in order to beg for money for this wealthy temple, the mahout controls him with a spiked chain, a sharp bullhook (which is like a fireplace poker), and other weapons that force Sunder to follow orders out of fear of being struck.

Sunder is often seen with fresh wounds that he sustained during beatings, and the marks that cover his body stand as evidence of years of abuse.

PETA India–supported program, Animal Rahat , was finally given permission to provide the elephant with veterinary care for his right eye, which was likely injured from being jabbed with a bullhook.

Sunder is also denied adequate food and water and never experiences anything that is natural and important to him, such as exploring the woods and enjoying the company of other elephants.

A complaint has been filed with police against Sunder’s mahout, since the torment that he inflicts on the elephant is in violation of the Wildlife Protection acts of 1972 and 2002 and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

PETA India and the veterinarians present are also requesting that Forest Minister Dr. Patangrao Shripatrao Kadam use his authority to have Sunder surrendered and retired to a proper sanctuary that PETA India has standing by to receive him.

Help free Sunder! E-mail the forest minister, Dr. Kadam, and urge him to free Sunder without a moment’s delay.


News Link:

Action Alert:–

Care2 Petition:


“I was trying to find a video of the actual elephant but couldn’t, found the one below though…Just think about the abuse these magnificent beast have to endure…& people wonder why some of them, turn on their mahouts!  The guys in the video certainly didn’t like it when they realised they had been caught on tape abusing the elephant”.

Guruvayoor Elephant Mahouts

Published on 26 Jul 2012 by 

Dear Friends I shot this video when I visited Elephant Sanctuary at Guruvayoor, (Thrissur Dist. Kerala, India.) on 3rd of January 2010. This is very cruel , people behaviour towards animals. I was threatened while I was shooting this video and such a difficulty I could finish it. I kept this video all these days under the cover. I heard that elephant named “Arjun” is not in a position to walk as the mahouts hit him to the core and left leg had broken. Considering Arjuns case he is one of the best elephants in Kerala. I seriously don’t know why these government servants behave this way to Elephants. 
Please share video if you love ELEPHANTS

A revealing report about the problems in the Belgian puppy farms

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“Posted on behalf of my fellow animal warrior; @StrayWays on Twitter”

“Please do watch the video, it is very informative & educational but as one would expect, it has it’s sad moments too!. Like when a lady talks about a puppy mill bitch she rescued, who simply froze once out of the cage, she had never known the touch of a loving hand! Or the German Shepherd mix, so scared, forgotten what it’s like to walk, so he crawls along in the dirt, until he realizes he can actually stand tall & walk …I find that simply heartbreaking. These female dogs are denied the most basic of things, they are there for one thing only…the bitches are purely bred to death!

“I didn’t know there were so many puppy mills in Belgium & I’m guessing I’m not the only one! So please help by watching, or at the very least just clicking like & rating the video, then hopefully the Belgium TV networks will take notice. The more that watch, the more that are aware, the more likely we are to get these heinous puppy mills closed down…please, do it for the dogs!! Thank you.”

Just. Click. Play – You don’t have to watch, just press play – I’ll explain after the video.

I know you have seen videos like this before. I know you hate to look at it again. You don’t have to watch it. I only need you to press play.

Published on 13 Jul 2012 by 

A revealing report about the problems in the Belgian puppy farms. The English version of “Een hond in een Zak”

You pressed play! Thank you!

Now I can explain. The video reveals more than 160 puppy mills and puppy trafficker operations in Belgium. One of the smaller countries in Europe about the size of New York. The thing is that Belgium TV networks refused to air this very well-researched documentary. The rescue group behind the video, Animal Trust, decided to go viral.

If they would score a high number of “views”, the rescue group can use those numbers to convince the Belgium TV networks to air it. If the quality of the documentary won’t help, maybe viewer ratings will. No network refuses good viewer ratings.

That’s why you pressing “play” in this case is so important.

People must know. People that don’t read blogs like this one. Normal Belgium’s that see television and don’t know this is going on in their country. They have a right to know. First when they know, change can start. Because they are the next generation of puppy buyers.

You probably also thought that Europe was far ahead in solving the issue with puppy mills and puppy trafficking; like a lot of Europeans actually also think.

The reality is unfortunately the opposite. And it is not only Belgium, it is a lot more expanded than that. If you would like to know more how Europe is really doing, read our guest blog over at Cindy Lu’s Muse about puppy mills in Europe: Wake-Up Call For Western Europe.

Today bloggers around the world unite for dog rescue and the rights of dogs. Visit the organizersBlog CatalogDog Rescue Success or Be The Change For Animals for more. Keep on reading and sharing!

You are not cheating me right? Please go back and press play. Alright then, I beg you. Officially.



Update July 26:
For bloggers that would like to help getting the word out, I made a small video widget that you can show in your blog’s sidebar. An example of it is on the top-right of this blog. The widget contains the video, and a link to this page explaining the background of why it is important. To get it, grab the code below the widget, and copy/paste it as HTML on your blog’s sidebar.

AZ Dog survives being thrown from moving vehicle

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A puppy thrown from a moving vehicle is getting a new lease on life, thanks to an Maricopa County animal rescue group.

Here is Juno in Helping Orphaned Hounds’ care.

The puppy, named Juno, suffered two broken elbows and severe road rash after she was tossed from a moving car.

The dog was within a mere two hours of being euthanized when the group Helping Orphaned Hounds claimed her and took her in.

“They gave us a brief window of two hours because it was inhumane to keep her without pain management,” Helping Orphaned Hounds spokesman Jason Rieker said.

Funding for Juno’s care will come from the Phoenix Animal Care Coalition’s Lulu‘s Angel Fund.

The fund was created earlier this year to help pay for treatment in severe animal neglect or abuse cases.

Video & news link:-

Here is the Helping Orphaned Hounds link, for anyone who wishes to help these poor wee souls:-

Who We Are and Our Mission:

Helping Orphaned Hounds Rescue is a small volunteer based, no-kill 501(c)3 non-profit rescue dedicated to saving the lives of homeless, stray, abandoned, abused and neglected dogs in Arizona♥.

HOH has two main goals:

  • To find loving qualified homes for homeless dogs/puppies with people who are able to    provide the pet with a permanent home.
  • To promote spaying and neutering, thereby reducing the tragic consequences of pet overpopulation.

Abused puppy left for dead

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EL PASO, Texas — 

A puppy adopted from No Kill El Paso animal shelter had been left for dead in the dessert two months later.

The founder of the rescue group received a call this weekend that she had been found abandoned.

No Kill El Paso brought the puppy to the Eastwood Animal Clinic to be evaluated. Veterinarians said the dog has a complicated break that could only result from “trauma.”

X-rays reveal a complicated break that vets say could potentially cost $10,000 in surgery to fix.

Since the shelter can’t afford that Socks will need a splint but will always walk with a limp.

If the splint doesn’t heal, the break the leg could need to be amputated. 

No Kill El Paso has been constantly trying to find the family who originally adopted and abandoned socks, but they address they listed on their adoption forms doesn’t match and no one is answering the phone or returning emails.

KFOX14 tried to track down the family. They did no answer their door or our phone calls.

No Kill El Paso said they are referring the case to animal services to be investigated for abuse and neglect.

No Kill El Paso started a website to raise money to offset the pups medical bills.

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South Florida abandoned dog sliced by machete in desperate need of help

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An abandoned American Bulldog was discovered Saturday morning in the parking lot at a Circle K convenience store in Homestead. The dog, no older than two-years was hacked with a machete and left to lanquish in agony until a local rescue organization arranged to immediately transport the suffering animal to Crossroads Animal Hospital at Kendallfor emergency treatment.

Now named Destiny, this young American Bulldog was cruelly attacked by someone with a machete. Photo credit: Pet Rescue & Adoption Center, Inc in Boca Raton

Now named Destiny by her rescuers Pet Rescue and Adoption Centers Inc., the organization is desperate to raise the funds needed for her recovery. After surgery and treatment Destiny’s veterinarian bills have already exceeded $700.

Homestead was ground zero for Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and is nestled between the Biscayne National Park areas and the Everglades National Park.

Sadly the Everglades area has become a huge dumping ground where irresponsible owners continue to abandon their dogs. Volunteers at the Pet Rescue and Adoption Centers along with other humane rescue organizations share the heartbreaking jobs of rescuing dogs of all sizes and ages; almost all needing medical intervention.

Many of these abandoned dogs have fallen prey to snakes and alligators, many are emaciated, and others are just extremely frightened to have been thrown away like yesterday’s trash. Continued funding for these innocent animals is imperative.

In addition Destiny will need extensive rehabilitation, either in a foster home or with an experienced person who will adopt Destiny and offer her a forever home.

The rescue group hopes to raise funding for her medical bills and future care. To help Destiny, donations can be sent toPet Rescue & Adoption Center, PO Box 132, Boca Raton, Florida 33429, telephone (561)-305-2623, or contact Lisa You can also access information about the organization by clicking here.

If you have any information as to the person(s) responsible for Destiny’s injuries, please contact Lisa All information will be kept confidential. Please help to end animal abuse and cruelty.

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7 bags of mutilated dogs found Dead NE Houston street

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Video at link below HOUSTON –

Seven garbage bags full of dead and decomposing dogs were discovered earlier this week on a Northeast Houston street near the Eastex Freeway and Little York.

Volunteers with the rescue group Corridor Rescue made the gruesome discovery while feeding and taking care of strays in the area.

“It’s very upsetting, all of our volunteers are very upset,” said Anna Barbosa, a volunteer with the group. “We work out here every day to help these dogs and cats. We’re doing it to make their lives better. Somebody out here is torturing these animals.”

The area of town is known to many as the Corridor of Cruelty and that’s exactly what the rescue group discovered. The black, plastic garbage bags were dumped near a ditch. Some were covered with rain water, others were covered with bugs.

“Maybe somebody grabbed all these dogs and decided to mutilate and torture them. We don’t know what happened here,” Barbosa said.

The group is making it their mission to find out what happened and put a stop to it. Barbosa admits they have found on occasion a dead dog in the field before, but never like this.

“This is severe because this is more than one dog. This is seven bags full of dead dogs,” she said.

Now they plan to contact the police and Crime Stoppers to help clean up the area and find the person who did this.

“That’s our goal. We want to put a stop to this. We have too many homeless dogs in this city.”

Video & News Link:-

Hercules needs your help 5-month-old puppy suffered abuse, neglect – Video

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Despite being abused and neglected, Hercules is a sweet little puppy.

At just 5 months old, this white boxer puppy has suffered two broken legs and neglect.

An Eastpointe resident saw the puppy dragging his own body around using only his front legs called Animal Control.

Animal Control required the owner to seek medical attention for the injured puppy, but according to “4 Paws 1 Heart” rescue group, the owner declined all treatment for the pup.

According to veterinarian Dr. Maddy Lutz, the pup’s injuries were caused by extreme blunt force and are about two months old.

“Some examples of this type of trauma include being hit by a car, beaten with a bat, or kicked with the intent to cause bodily harm,” Lutz said. “The dog’s pain and emotional discomfort would have been immediately evident.”

On May 8, Hercules owner, Martin Everett Nelson, pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and given one year of probation.

Donate to this healing puppy

Despite all the pain he endures, he still gives face washes with his kisses, plays with his toys and wags his tail nonstop.

Hercules still needs more care, which is getting expensive.

If you would like to help, you can send a donation to:

4 Paws 1 Heart

P.O. Box 84
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

Or, people can donate on line through the organizations website

See the video here:-

Animal rescue group offers $1000 reward to find N.Y. brutal kitten murderers

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“OMG…Somebody must know these evil bastards, because I’ll bet their bragging about it to someone. PLEASE if you know anything, get in touch with Guardians of Rescues”

Guardians of Rescue, a 501(c) 3 is a compassionate group of volunteers who come to the aid of those in distress. Last Friday, a volunteer from a local group who helps to maintain feral cats in the Ronkonkoma, New York area of Veterans Memorial Highway and Sycamore made a heinous discovery when she found three-day old kittens brutally beaten and tortured.

A $1000 reward has been offered by the rescue group for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for killing the kittens.

Between May 3 at 10:00 in the morning and May 4, someone came in and ripped eight defenseless kittens from their hiding places and crushed their skulls and their tiny little bodies. Several had penetrating wounds indicative of torture.

Veterinarian reports confirm the kittens were killed by humans.

Feral cats in some degree have reverted to a wild state. Most of the first generation cats were either abandoned, lost or runaways and learned to live in the outdoor environment with little human contact. A large population of feral cats live in abandoned buildings, barns, warehouses, and near alleyways where they find food in dumpsters or garbage cans.

As the plight of the feral cats has become more public, volunteers frequently monitor the colonies and use the popular Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs which enable the feral cats to live in their accepted wild state and not produce anymore kittens thus preventing an increase in the cat population and lessening the chances of injury through fighting.

The feral colony where these kittens were murdered is now under 24 hour surveillance. The Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is currently investigating the crime. If you have any information about this brutual crime, please call the SPCA hotline at 631-382-7722.

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