SAD UPDATE: Emaciated Dog Left To Fend For Himself In Extreme Cold

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UPDATE 12th December:-

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Francis has passed away. He left peacefully during surgery, and we are thankful that he did not die on the cold streetIf only for a short time, he knew what it meant to be loved and cared for. From the bottom of our hearts, we are forever grateful for your support of Francis and all of the others we have yet to rescue as we trudge along through this frigid weather. Francis’ rescue story is below…

December 10, Life for a dog dubbed “Francis,” has been hard. When the biting, bitter cold hit St. Louis, Mo., what was formerly difficult became nearly life-ending.

Rescuers with Stray Rescue of St. Louis came upon Francis on Tuesday; the beleaguered senior dog was clearly in distress and in need of immediate help.

Francis’ skeletal body was gently lifted from the frozen ground and he was carried to a vehicle which would transport him to an emergency veterinary team.

As the temperatures dip below freezing, our worries rise. During this extreme weather, the deck is stacked against even the healthiest of street dogs. Sadly, there are also other, more susceptible four-legged friends out there – senior dogs and puppies who really struggle to survive in the elements. As soon as Randy and Donna knew he was in the best hands possible, they were out the door and back in the rescue Jeep again.

The elderly shepherd, who is estimated to be 10 years of age, was placed on I.V. fluids, provided with oxygen and warmed with heated blankets.

The rescue agency captured video of Francis’ first moments at the veterinary hospital; it is painfully evident that the dog is defeated, exhausted and on the brink of nearly giving up altogether.

Francis is not yet out of the woods, but today, for the first time in far too long, he is warm, safe and receiving the compassion and kindness that he deserves.

News Link:-

Randy and Donna hit the streets like they do every day and, with the temperatures turning bitter cold, their typical sense of urgency was even greater. Responding to another call, they turned down an alley. As they drove, Donna shouted to stop the car. They simultaneously saw the frigid, defeated body of a Shepard Mix, and Randy jumped out of the car – knowing right away that this dog needed to get warm… immediately. Randy named him Franics, as in Franics of Assisi, patron saint of animals. This sweet old dog needs all the help he can get.

Rushing back to the Stray Rescue Trauma Centre, Randy called ahead to alert the vet staff about what he was bringing back.Watch the video below to see an intimate look at Francis arriving at the shelter and our amazing vet team jumping into action.

Francis Rescue

Published on 10 Dec 2013

Rescuing Francis from frigid winter temperatures. See the entire story

Please keep thinking positive thoughts for Francis, and we will post updates as they become available. You can make a difference right now by contributing to his medical care, and the medical care of future rescues as we fight to save as many as possible this winter. During this critical time, the need is greater than ever.

Thankfully, because of the generosity of the Stray Rescue family, hope is never far away during this season of giving. Please click the link below to donate to The Stracks Fund, our emergency medical fund.

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Facebook page:

Forestry Minister Commits to Dolphin Protection

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“It will be amazing if this really happens, praying it does & that it will be the start of many more rescues of these beautiful sentient beings!”

World-renowned dolphin activist Richard O’Barry has praised Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan for agreeing to help end the dolphin trade in Indonesia

The minister met with O’Barry and the Jakarta Animal Aid Network on Tuesday following a discussion last week on dolphin protection.

Patrons interact with dolphins at Akame restaurant in Bali on Wednesday. Th Forestry Minister has called for their release. (EPA Photo)

Patrons interact with dolphins at Akame restaurant in Bali on Wednesday. Th Forestry Minister has called for their release. (EPA Photo)

 Zulkifli on Wednesday travelled to Bali to investigate dolphins being kept inside Akame restaurant, which were captured by the travel show company Wersut Seguni Indonesia.

“I think he’s a hero. He never knew about the issue and as soon as he did he moved to action,” O’Barry said. “He’s going to get lots of positive international public attention for what he’s doing.” 

O’Barry, who stars in the Academy Award-winning documentary “The Cove,” first came to Indonesia after hearing about what he believed to be the last travelling dolphin circus in the world.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the minister said he was shocked to learn about travelling dolphin shows and that he wanted to work with the JAAN to protect dolphins. 

In 2010, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the JAAN and the Forest Ministry to protect, save and rehabilitate captured dolphins in Indonesia.

However, since March 2011, following a change in the director of the ministry, the discussions stalled. 

JAAN co-founder Femke den Haas alleged that local levels of the forestry agency prevented the minister being informed about the issue, as they were receiving kickbacks from the travelling dolphin shows. She added that JAAN had been trying to reach the minister for two years. 

Zulkifli said that he had not received letters sent to him about the issue and was not aware that an MoU had been signed. 

It was hidden from him because people were looking for profit, not protection,” she said.

O’Barry said he was confident the minister did not know the true depth of the issue until last week’s discussion.

“ I’m 73 and I’ve learned to be able to read people’s body language. When I gave him the MoU [at the discussion], I could tell he was reading it for the first time,” he said. 

The JAAN hopes the captive dolphins at the Bali restaurant will be the first candidates to go to a dolphin rehabilitation center in Karimunjawa, Central Java.

The center is currently empty, but is ready to admit dolphins. O’Barry said it was not common for dolphins to be rehabilitated. 

“When they get captured, they rarely get another chance at life,” he said.

Sign the petition here:-

News Link:-

Bali – captive dolphins 2011

Uploaded on 17 Feb 2011

30 years since campaigning to free captive dolphins i stumbled on these pathetic conditions in a new purpose built resort at LOVINA, BALI I have been offering to the owners the concept that this six year old prison where there are 3 of the original 4 dolphins performing regular circus acts several times a day – and have to put up with the invasion of humans paying for a ‘unique spiritual experience’ see for yourself it is my intention to use my expertise and social network to stage serious educational, spiritual and healing events at this resort if the owner will allow us to set the captives free as the waters around bali are swarming with free ranging dolphins
one has already since it opened
dr estelle myers

Free to roam: Moment rescued lions are released into the wild

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  • Animals confiscated from private owner in Serbia who bought them from Belgrade Zoo in 2009
  • Animal welfare charity helped transfer them to South African sanctuary

Three lions being kept by a private owner in Serbia have been confiscated and relocated to a South African wildlife sanctuary.

Ivan, Cornel and Lepa were being held in a private roadside zoo in Novi Pazar after the owner acquired them from Belgrade Zoo in 2009.

A year later, Serbian legislation that prohibits possession of dangerous wild animals came into force

The Serbian CITES management and enforcement authority confiscated the animals and handed to Four Paws Animal Welfare Foundation.

A Four Paws team had travelled to Belgrade on Saturday, taking care of the final preparations for the transfer to Frankfurt Airport.

There, the big cats were loaded onto an plane, which took them to their new home.

Four Paws yesterday released the three lions from Serbia and two tigers from Germany into Lionsrock Big Cats Sanctuary in South Africa.

Whiff of fresh air: Four-year-old Ivan and Cornel were among a number of lions released into a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa

Lepa, a three-year-old lioness, yawns inside a private roadside zoo in Novi Pazar, Serbia, before being relocated to South Africa

The lions arrive in cages at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa

One of the confiscated lions enjoys its new surroundings after being released into the wildlife sanctuary

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Faith The Pony – Our beautiful little three legged Amputee

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“WOW… 2000 posts…I’ve finally achieved something that means a lot to me. Being disabled I find it hard to do anything where I feel like I have actually done something worthwhile or made a difference. All my achievements used to be with my horses etc. & animal welfare activities. I used to love going to horse sales & doing undercover work for local area managers from World Horse Welfare. I can’t do any of the things I used to do, pain rules & dictates my life.  So I’m going to pat my self on the back & say well done….I never thought I would manage 200… so yes, I am rather chuffed with my little self.”

 “So I wanted something special to mark the occasion, something that I love…yup horses…just check out this little cheeky chap. I also wanted to show this, to prove that in horse racing, when a horse falls & breaks a leg etc. they don’t have to be put down…there is no excuse to shoot them, when they can recover like Faith. There are many amputee horses with prosthetic legs, but then again, they have owners who love them as pets, not as money makers!! Enjoy!”

“And little Cookie, thrown out like trash…I will never understand how a human heart can be so cruel. Yet I am so happy places like this exist. Visit their website to see the marvellous work they do!”

Published on 21 Sep 2012 by 

Faith is doing very well and will be returning from the vets in Barcelona to the Rescue Centre this autumn 2012. With her new prosthetic leg, she will return to her soft grassed garden and her friends. 

We will continue to post updates on her facebook page (Faith the Pony) and you are more than welcome to come and visit her during the open days once she has returned, to see just how wonderfully she is doing.

For more information on Faith 
Subscribe to her facebook Faith the Pony


Published on 18 Sep 2012 by 

On Easter Saturday we received an emergency call for help after a pony was found abandoned to die on waste ground in Benijofar.
Spotted by a group of children, the pony was in a shocking state – half bald and covered in mud and faeces.
Our volunteers rushed to the scene with an officer from Benijofar police. When they arrived they found the pony lying on a pathway.
It looked as though she had simply lain down to die. She could not have survived much longer. If it had not been for the children who found her and the fast action of Benijofar Police and council calling us, we would have been dealing with a dead pony.

Or contact the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre

Visit our website
Subscribe to our facebook Easy-Horse-Care-Rescue-Centre
Follow more stories on our you tube page Easy Horse Spain

Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre is a registered charity in Spain
Run by experienced and qualified volunteers working for the welfare of horses, ponies and donkeys.

Our Aims and Objectives
Rescue abandoned, neglected, abused or unwanted horses, ponies and donkeys
Provide rescued horses a safe haven and rehabilitate them through kindness and care
Work with authorities to improve the enforcement of animal mistreatment laws and help ensure cases of cruelty against horses are prosecuted
Promote respect and care of horses through education and example
Campaign for improved laws, regulations and practice to safeguard horses from abuse

Maybe you can’t change the world by saving one horse – but you can change the world for the horse you save

How Can You Help?
Sponsor a horse
Make a donation
Offer corporate sponsorship
Donate prizes for fundraising activities
Hold a car boot sale or a fundraising activity
Visit our charity shops in Quesada, San Luis or La Zenia
Volunteer you time

We find them starving, abused, scared and alone
And we give them back dignity freedom hope and love


Dog tortured with shackles is rescued in China

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“WTF…speechless at such barbaric cruelty…Can only thank God the rescuers found him, before he strangles to death!”

A dog was rescued from a hideous torture in the city of Taiyuan in north China, where animal cruelty is not illegal, by a group of rescuers who got a fright when they saw to what he had been subjected for many years.

The dog was wearing a shackle on the neck, like a collar, enormously thick, so he could barely move his head. What’s worse is that apparently it was set since he was a puppy and as his size increased, the pressure was growing.

“As the dog grew, the necklace hanged him slowly, a little more each day,” said the rescuers, who assume that the animal was used to work in a field.

“We are struck before such cruelty  We are trying to find the culprits,” said a police spokesman who also explained that the animal is recovering in a shelter.

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Groundbreaking regulation bans consumption of dog meat in Weixian County, China and promotes the human-canine bond

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n June 2012, Weixian County, in Hebei Province, became the first county in China to adopt a comprehensive regulation that bans both the consumption of dog meat and the slaughter of dogs for consumption. The enactment of the new law, which also requires rabies vaccinations for dogs in the county, came as a surprise in an area where the now-banned practices have long occurred.

While consumption of dog meat is not universally common in China, it has been a culturally accepted practice. Recently, however, there has been a groundswell of demands for protection of dogs against cruelty from within China.

In what animal welfare advocates are calling a sign of changing times, China has had at least three recent high-profile rescues, in which a total of 1,500 dogs were seized from trucks taking them for slaughter.

Evolving public views of the dog meat trade and the use of social media alerts played a role in gathering the hundreds of local advocates who participated in blockades involved with the rescues.

At the time of the three rescues, transport of dogs for the  meattrade was legal everywhere. In order to take control of the dogs, advocates had to negotiate a payment to dissuade traders driving the trucks from continuing with their cargo.

The increased inclusion of dogs as members of Chinese households could be related to growing opposition to the dog meat trade.

Local animal welfare groups have thus far footed the bill to obtain the dogs and transfer them to their shelters, so that they could be re-homed as family companions.

The rescue events gained international attention and have also helped shed light on the often compromised health of dogs bound for consumption, which in turn has raised questions about the safety of the practice for human consumers.

Opinions on the forces behind China’s changing views of dog meat differ. Some believe that a contributing factor could be the growth of the middle class in China, and with it, the increased inclusion of dogs in Chinese households as companions and family members.

Evidence that some companion dogs are being stolen and sold for slaughter could also be fueling the growing disapproval of the trade. While advocates acknowledge that they face an uphill battle in convincing more counties to enact similar progressive laws, Weixian County’s bold move effectively sets an important precedent for dog protection in China. Their action will benefit the future of the human-canine bond across that country.

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Saving Freddy: Update on a six week old pittie burned with acid in April

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Do You remember the story of Freddy, the 6 week old puppy that had Acid thrown in his face? If not, the story is below (I didn’t post it). I’m posting this not only because there is an update, but to also to show what remarkable resilience these dogs have; Freddy endured an Acid attack, then was struck with an MRSA infection, but pulled through & is now safe & happy with a new family.

“This little pup certainly went through hell at such a young age, he definitely had angels watching over him! Might I also say how grateful I am to Noah’s Ark Rescue, had they not intervened, Freddy would not have received the life saving surgeries he so desperately needed; he would probably have been put to sleep! Noah’s Ark Rescue are a charity & it is through donated funds that they can help dogs like Freddy & Otto”

Please, help us help him by donating.  We are a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.

 Contact 4084 Spring Island Okatie, SC  29909

Freddy with his new family below.  Look how big he is getting. OUR WONDERFUL BOY IS ADOPTED.


Freddy with his new Family

Look how wonderful & adorable Freddy looks now.  He is now ready to go to his new home.

Look how wonderful Freddy look’s now!

News link:

Quote from Noah’s Ark Rescue; Freddy

I know everyone is waiting anxiously to see how sweet FREDDY is doing. The good news is that our sweet boy is eating well, he is happy and comfortable and the edema in his face is slowly going down.

Freddy’s MRSA infection has improved a lot and he is feeling a thousand percent better. He is still at the vet and will be until he is over the infection.

The bad news is that the culture we did came back with MRSA, which is a resistant Staph infection. We have changed his antibiotic and he seems to be responding to it. We are doing everything we can to protect his organs while he is on this strong antibiotic.

News Link:

APRIL 2, 2012 – The past three years have seen an increase in the very worst kind of animal torture and abuse – burning. The latest victim is a 6-week-old baby pit bull mix who has been burned with acid

There have been an alarming number of cases  of dogs and cats all across the country suffering the same types of burns from caustic chemicals, boiling water, or by being set on fire.   In most cases, the abusers are not caught. Some theorize that the cases are tied to either dog fighting or meth labs, but there have also been an increasing number of youths committing these cruel acts of abuse.

Graphic Image below, do not scroll down if you don’t want to see it!

Noah’s Arks Rescue  is caring for the puppy that is the latest victim of this horrific trend. Freddy weighs only three and a half pounds. A good Samaritan found him last week on the streets of Greenville, South Carolina and rushed him to Greenville’s Animal Control shelter .

The shelter called Noah’s Arks to let them know that they had a puppy who needed their help, and the rescue stepped up to get Freddy immediate medical care. The veterinarians at Dutch Fork Animal Hospital determined that someone had poured acid on the puppy.

The acid was concentrated on Freddy’s face, which is severely burned.  He also has some burns on his feet and belly but his face is where he suffered the most damage. The acid has eroded the skin and damaged his ear canal. His eyes do not appear to be damaged, but the lids are, leaving some question as to whether or not it will affect his vision.

As is often the case in serious burns, the puppy’s wounds were critically infected, requiring that he have several surgeries to clean the area. He came in with a very low body temperature, but he has since stabilized. His biggest challenge has been the pain. While it would be nice to think that this level of abuse is rare, Noah’s Arks reports that they receive calls about chemically burned animals or animals that have been set on fire almost every week.

Jennifer Smith, president of Noah’s Arks said that Freddy is a little fighter with a strong will to live, who proves to them every day that he wants to be here. “If we hadn’t been able to control his pain and suffering, we’d have gently put him to sleep.” She said.

For now, Freddy is comfortable. He is on pain medication that controls his pain but doesn’t knock him out.  He loves being held and taken outside so he can roll around.  With the pain controlled he is a typical puppy that is loving, sweet and wants to chew, and he has a good appetite.

The vets cannot gauge how much scarring he will have, or if his fur will come back on his face.  They expect that he will have some visible scars for the rest of his life.  Freddy still has a long way to go and will be at the medical facility for a lengthy stay as he recovers. He is getting round-the-clock care.

FREDDY  acid noahs ark

All of the animals in Noah’s Arks’ Rescue get the very best medical and surgical care provided to them whether the Rescue posts a chip-in for them or not. Freddy will have to receive ongoing care while his skin tissue regenerates. If you would like to champion this little guy and make a donation to help pay for his medical care, there is a place to donate on the Noah’s Arks website.

Noah’s Arks Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer rescue that takes on some of the worst cases of animal abuse. All donations help the animals.

News Link:

Noah’s Ark Rescue Face Book:-

Please Save Pony From Slaughter – By Clicking 5 Times

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“The French Actuanimaux web site below, helps save animals from slaughter, via a simple clicking process.  Basically there are a list of names down the right side of the website, each name is an animal that needs saving. Just click the name to see the animal, then click 5 times daily on the red circle, hopefully, if enough people click, the animal will be saved from slaughter.”

“Remember this is a French site, but if you don’t have a translator, don’t worry, it’s easy to do, just click the red circle, it will only let you click 5 times per day!”

“You choose how to help, by clicking for one, or all the animals by name. The site has dogs, cats, horses, donkey’s… it doesn’t cost you anything apart from a little of your time…simple & easy! There are other ways to help, like sending an SMS or watching a video etc.  It works by advertisers giving so much per click, per animal, to have the site advertise their product… check out the home page F.A.Q section, to see how it all works!”

“For today, my dear friend & fellow animal warrior, Jill, has asked to help save this little pony, called Apache, we have till the 30th June!”

“So please, even if you only click today, it will go a long way to help save Apache from slaughter!”

Just click five times on the red circle that has the number 5 in it…every day! You can also register, to be sent a daily reminder to click  & receive updates on the animals!

 Thank you in advance 🙂

Injured, abandoned elephant shifted to Manikdoh rescue centre – Video

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PUNE: Injured elephant Chanchala who was abandoned by her mahout and had been lying in a nullah for over four days was shifted to the Manikdoh rescue centre, Junnar, by the forest department officials on Thursday.

Chanchala, who is in her forties, was used for begging on the streets. She had developed gangrene in one leg, while her other leg was injured rendering her completely immobile. She was found writhing in pain by the local people, who informed the authorities, fed the elephant, gave water and erected a temporary shed for her.

Veterinary doctors from the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) and the Katraj zoo were giving preliminary treatment to the elephant.

Forest department officials and veterinary doctors decided to shift the elephant to Junnar rescue centre for treatment on Thursday. At present, both the owner and the mahout are absconding. As per the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, using elephants to beg on the streets is a punishable offence.

A person who lives near the nullah told TOI that the mahout had camped nearby with the elephant.

“For the last 15 days, the elephant was showing difficulty in walking because of the gangrene and the injury. Four days ago, she fell into the nullah, following which the mahout went missing. His belongings are still lying here.”

Manoj Oswalanimal welfare board officer, said using elephants to beg is an offence under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. “We book such mahouts and owners, but we still find elephants being used for begging on the streets.”

Anil Khaire, director of the PCMC-run Bahinabai Chaudhary zoo, said that the mahout had been staying in Nigdi with Chanchala for over a year and had been using her for begging.

R S Kadam, range forest officer, forest department, said that the elephant was shifted to the Manikdoh rescue centre so that she could be under constant supervision of the veterinary doctor. “The elephant will also be away from human interference, since she is in distress. The rescue centre is managed by the forest department and Wildlife SOS Agra. We have informed the chief wildlife warden about the development,” he added.

Kadam said the elephant was evidently neglected by the owner and the mahout.

“We have lodged a complaint with the police and they are looking for the duo. In this case, the owner did not even have any transit permission for the elephant.”

News link:-

“I managed to find a video of this poor elephant”


Published on 11 May 2012 by 

Injured elephant Chanchala who was abandoned by her mahout and had been lying in a nullah for over four days was shifted to the Manikdoh rescue centre, Junnar, by the forest department officials


THE GREAT REUNION – I Love A Happy Ending

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Two days after the dramatic move of animals from the site of the new Konza city (see previous story), we noticed a young hartebeest trapped in the fenced area with the mot

her frantically trying to get back to it.

With the 10 foot heavy duty chain link fence standing between the mother and the calf, both stood no chance of a reunion.

We switched off our Land Rover engines as we tiptoed to the 10 foot fence.

To have minimum disruption to the calf, most of our team members had to watch from a distance as we made an effort to save the young animal.

With the nearest opening to the 10 foot fence more than ten kilometers away, we had to make sure the calf (that was luckily lying down by the fence) didn’t move.

Hitching a ride to the rest of the herd!

The young calf luckily trustingly submitted to us, allowing Martin our senior driver, to lift it from under the fence through a temporary exit we had created.

Once outside the enclosure, the startled calf attempted to run off.

With the herd of hartebeest now kilometers away, we had to drive the calf to a distance where the reunion with the mother would be easy.After  a short time, we were happy to witness the reunion of the mother and calf. The calf appeared totally at home in the midst of the other wild animals.

It always excites us when animals in such circumstances are able to be absorbed back to their wild families.

I love a happy ending!


With the Konza situation weighing heavily on our minds, we moved on, starting to plan for another go at the Naivasha area with our anti-poaching message.

With all the challenges facing our animals, time is of the essence.

Victor Mutumah- Born Free Foundation Kenya.

You can make a donation to Born Free Kenya here


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