Dutch artist turns dead cat into remote-controlled helicopter, dubbed ‘Orvillecopter’

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“I’m lost for words!”

‘Half cat, half machine’ made into art project after pet was hit by car

Cats may get nine lives, but not quite like this.

A Dutch artist, upset over losing his beloved pet, Orville, had the animal stuffed and transformed its body into a remote-controlled helicopterSky News reported Monday.

The “half cat, half machine” piece of art was dubbed the “Orvillecopter.” The cat, who was killed when it was hit by a car, was named after famed American aviator Orville Wright.

“After a period of mourning, he received his propellers posthumously,” Jansen said.

The ‘Orvillecopter’ by Dutch artist Bart Jansen (l.), which he create with the help of Arjen Beltman, flies in a gallery as part of the KunstRAI art festival in Amsterdam.

A video posted to YouTube shows the flying feline slowly hover several feet in the air in a park, it’s body permanantely spread eagle with propellors on its front paws.

Artist Bart Jansen teamed up with radio control helicopter expert Arjen Beltman after having a taxidermist preserve the pussy cat, Reuters reported.

The bizarre creation was then unveiled at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam on Saturday.

The Orvillecopter doesn’t fly quite right, however, a glitch Jansen hopes to fix.

“He will receive more powerful engines and larger props for his birthday,” Jansen said, adding that he hoped the upgrades will allow for a more “steady flight.

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Pepsi drops sponsorship of horse show after video of animal abuse

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“What a shame Coca-Cola can’t do a similar kind act & stop sponsoring Rodeo’s that kill & maim animals.!”

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (Reuters) – Soft drink maker Pepsi said on Thursday that it was dropping sponsorship of a prestigious national horse show, one day after ABC News broadcast footage of a horse in training for a show being beaten by a trainer.

The Walking Horse National Celebration said that Pepsi had been a sponsor since 2010 of the nation’s leading competition for Tennessee Walking Horses, a breed known for its high-stepping gait.

“We have ended our sponsorship of the event,” Pepsi spokesman Vincent Bozek said on Thursday without elaborating.

Neither Pepsi nor officials of the horse show would confirm the reason for the cancellation of the sponsorship. But an expert on the Tennessee Walking Horse show circuit, who asked not to be identified, said he believed it was because of the ABC News report, which showed an abusive practice known as “soring.”

The Humane Society of the United States conducted an undercover investigation and filmed the video which was given to ABC News and broadcast, said Keith Dane, the society’s director of equine protection.

An animal rights activist went to work in a horse barn and secretly taped the abuse in March and April, 2011. It shows the horses being beaten with wooden sticks and poked with electric cattle prods. The horses’ ankles were slathered with caustic chemicals and ankles wrapped with plastic to amplify the pain.

The chemicals induce pain and cause the horse to raise its front legs high while in the show ring.

Soring has been such a pervasive practice among Tennessee Walking Horse trainers that in 2009 the industry set up an organization and hired veterinarians to tour shows and inspect the horses.

Dr. Stephen Mullins, president of SHOW, the organization that inspects the horses, said he was disgusted by the video.

“For any animal to be abused like that … I totally disagree with that,” Mullins said.

Read more:-http://news.yahoo.com/pepsi-drops-sponsorship-horse-show-video-animal-abuse-034301812–sector.html

Ohio to return wild animals to family that allowed panic escape

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“Talk about another accident waiting to happen…are they crazy??”

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Reuters) – Five wild animals will soon be returned to the widow of a man who released them into the Ohio countryside last year, state officials said on Monday, raising concerns of a repeat of the panic that gripped the state when dozens of beasts including lions, tigers and bears roamed free. 

Seven months after Terry Thompson released 56 exotic animals near Zanesville, Ohio, and then committed suicide, the Ohio legislature still is struggling to draft regulations on wild animal ownership. Ohio is one of only a handful of states with no restrictions on exotic animal ownership.

The state Agriculture Department said on Monday it had no legal way to prevent the five remaining animals – a spotted leopard, a black leopard, two Celebes Macaquemonkeys and a brown bear – from being given back to Thompson’s widow, Marilyn.

She has said she will take them back to the farm and put them in the cages they fled last October.

“This raises concerns, as she has indicated the cages have not been repaired, and has repeatedly refused to allow animal welfare experts to evaluate if conditions are safe for the animals and sufficient to prevent them from escaping and endangering the community,” the Agriculture Department said.

The agency said the only hope of preventing their return to the Thompson family within 24 hours from the Columbus Zoo is for the county Humane Society to seek a court order to inspect the farm.

“Until then we can only hope that local officials choose to act to prevent another tragedy,” the Agriculture Department said.

The local Humane Society could not immediately be reached for comment.

After Thompson, who had been charged with animal cruelty 11 times since 2004, released the lions, tigers and other wild animals last October, law enforcement officials had to go on a big game hunt. Authorities warned residents to stay inside while they killed 49 of the 56 animals.

Six were captured and sent to the Columbus Zoo but one spotted leopard later died there. Another animal was presumed eaten by others and was never accounted for.

The surviving animals have been held at the Columbus Zoo.

The state Senate passed a bill last week that would ban Ohio residents from buying lions, tigers, bears,elephants, wolves, alligators, crocodiles, and certain kinds of monkeys as pets, unless they follow strict guidelines.

Existing owners of wild animals can keep them if they follow the new rules, which include permit fees, registration and constructing proper facilities. The Ohio House may not vote on the measure until the end of May.

News Link:- http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-04-30/news/sns-rt-us-usa-animals-ohiobre83t0wx-20120430_1_wild-animals-animal-cruelty-ohio-house


Poachers kill 200 elephants in Cameroon killing spree | Reuters

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Poachers have killed more than 200 elephants in Cameroon in just six weeks, in a “massacre” fuelled by Asian demand for ivory. A local government official said heavily armed poachers from Chad and Sudan had decimated the elephant population of Bouba Ndjida National Park in Cameroon’s far north in a dry season killing spree.

“We are talking about a very serious case of trans-frontier poaching, involving well-armed poachers with modern weapons from Sudan and Chad who are decimating this wildlife species to make quick money from the international ivory trade,” said Gambo Haman, governor of Cameroon’s North region.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) said cross-border poaching was common during the dry season but the scale of the killings so far this year was unprecedented. “This latest massacre is massive and has no comparison to those of the preceding years,” the group said in a statement.

via Poachers kill 200 elephants in Cameroon killing spree | Reuters.

Girl reportedly guarded by lions – World news – Africa – msnbc.com

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The girl, missing for a week, had been taken by seven men who wanted to force her to marry one of them, said Sgt. Wondimu Wedajo, speaking by telephone from the provincial capital of Bita Genet, about 350 miles southwest of Addis Ababa.

She was beaten repeatedly before she was found June 9 by police and relatives on the outskirts of Bita Genet, Wondimu said. She had been guarded by the lions for about half a day, he said.

via Girl reportedly guarded by lions – World news – Africa – msnbc.com.

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