Dog with chain and cinder block around her neck is found in canal

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By Penny Eims Dog News Examiner Subscribe Follow: September 19, 2014

Investigators in Suffolk County, New York, are trying to determine if foul play is behind the death of a dog who was found floating in a canal off of Long Island on Thursday morning, reported NECN News.

A West Islip resident made the troubling find and reached out to the local animal control for help.

Body of dog found in canalEims

The dog, described as an adult, female Rottweiler mix, had a chain and cinder block attached to her neck; a necropsy will be done to see if the dog was dead or alive when she was placed into the water.

Investigators with the Suffolk County SPCA hope to determine if the dog was intentionally drowned, or if it was an attempt for an “at sea” burial.

Aside from the disturbing items found on the dog’s body, there were no other obvious signs of trauma.

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Updated Petitions to Sign: Graphic Video: Hawthorne California Police Kill Dog, and Arrest Dog’s Owner For Filming Police

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“This post has been updated. Please sign the Petitions at the end of this post. Thank you!”

Cold, emotionless, and unforgiving police in Hawthorne, CA, shot the dog of a peaceful man who was filming the police, one out of many people filming who happened to be nearest to the police. Not only that, but for trying to hold the police accountable, he was arrested after his dog was slaughtered.

Caught on a disturbing video– a Hawthorne police officer shot a not so violent looking dog in front of several people filming the police, as they raided a house with a gang of officers, with several police cars nearby.

The man nearest to the police filming, the man who had his dog slaughtered in cold blood, was apparently the one who irritated the officers most, because at least 3 other people were filming too.

Police shoot dog

As a consequence of this man’s righteous action of filming the police to hold them accountable, he was selectively picked out and arrested.

As he was being detained, after placing his dog in his car for the dog’s own protection, he unexpectedly jumped out of the car, and began barking at the officers.

The dog really, honestly was not very threatening, and the officer could have solved the problem much more peacefully than shooting the poor dog point blank in front of a neighbourhood of witnesses. But what did the officer care?

For fun perhaps, he shot the dog several times, and it was a sad scene, as the animal lay on the pavement, twitching while the bystanders gasped in horror. The video is below this article. I strongly suggest the viewers of this article make this a widely publicized event, a viral outrage that spreads like wildfire, meant to hold the police accountable and utilize our technology in this new era that we can make corruption free.

Share this article if you will, or spread the word some other means. The police are constitutionally, legally, not allowed to do this, or anything for that matter, except keep the peace.

Police murdering dogs is an epidemic, characteristic of the police state we live in. It is our duty and well within our abilities, to change it.

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Published on 30 Jun 2013

Swat and police are waiting on people to come out of the house, when a guy pulls up to record the scene. His dog runs out the car while the cops shoot in defence.

Leon Rosby Interview EMOTIONAL | Hawthorne ca Police Kill Dog

Published on 2 Jul 2013

Police SHOOT KILL Dog GRAPHIC VIDEO | Interview Leon Rosby Distraught Owner. 

HAWTHORNE, Calif. (KABC) — Police officers shot a man’s dog in Hawthorne and it was all caught on video that has gone viral online. The Hawthorne Police Department has been inundated with angry emails and calls about the shooting.

Leon Rosby relives his pain as he watches video of his dog’s final moments before it was shot by Hawthorne police on Sunday. “They took a member of my family. They took a member of my family,” Rosby said through tears. 

Hawthorne police responded to an armed robbery on 137th Street, where a standoff ensued. Investigators said Rosby was interfering by blaring music from his car and walking within close proximity of armed officers. After Rosby put his 2-year-old Rottweiler, Max, in the car, two officers approached Rosby and handcuffed him. Moments later, Max jumped from the car and came to his owners aid.

“I said, ‘No Max. No. Stop.’ And then I came out and I said, ‘Please don’t kill my dog. Please don’t kill my dog,'” recalled Rosby. “He’s just having convulsions. He’s in pain. But he hollered out and tried to look back at me. He tried to look back at me to see if I was OK. I’m a grown man. I’m 52 years old. I never thought I’d get attached to a dog like that.” Hawthorne police wouldn’t talk to us on camera. They said they are truly sensitive to the loss of the dog, but officers feared that Max would bite them. The department said it is investigating the incident.

There were many neighbors, including children, who witnessed the shooting. “I started screaming. Now I’m traumatized. I never saw someone get shot or get killed or see anything get killed like that,” said witness Samantha Othieno. “I’m like seriously traumatized because I can’t believe they did that.”

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Camden Dog Owner Arrested for Starving Dog To Death: Laineys Story

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ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. — The owner of a dog that died earlier this week from starvation is now facing charges.

Starved Dog Died

Ian West, 25, was arrested by the sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit on a felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals. His dog, Lainey, was rescued on Friday from his home in Camden. Officials say the dog was left outside without food or water for months.

Lainey was an Australian shepherd mix, a breed which normally weighs about 45-50 pounds. But when she was found, they say she only weighed 15 pounds and was so weak, she could barely stand.

Lainey died Monday after being taken to the Rome Humane Society.

Two Rottweiler mix puppies were also taken from the home.

West was arraigned in the Town of Camden Court and is being held on $5,000 bail.

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Rome Humane Society officials say they take in at least one abused animal a month. Some who have been beaten, others neglected. But this past weekend, workers at the Humane Society say they saw one of their saddest cases yet, when an extremely emaciated dog came through their door and died from her injuries. Our Cara Thomas tells us Lainey’s story and what local animal lovers are doing to make sure the abuser is brought to justice.

ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. –“Lainey was pure, unadulterated love with everything she was going through, she always wanted to lick your hand and cuddle in your arms,” said Kim Strong, an animal behaviorist and trainer.

Lainey Starved To Death

Abused and neglected, Lainey, an Australian shepherd mix, was found last Friday at a home on Babcock Road in Camden. She was without food, without water and was only skin and bones.

Rome Humane Society’s Director Sarah Starczewski said, “You could put with one hand, your whole hand would fit finger to finger around her neck and around her stomach and waist area.”

Rescued by an Oneida County Sheriff’s deputy and the Camden dog control officer, officials say she was so weak she couldn’t even hold up her head. People involved in Lainey’s rescue believe she had been starved for months.

“He would get out of his truck every day and walk past Lainey to get into his home knowing that this dog was starving. Crying, Lainey eating stones and grass to try to survive. He was very aware of what was going on with her,” said Starczewski.

They took Lainey to the veterinarian, put her on a very strict diet and provided around the clock care, but that wasn’t enough. On Monday morning, Lainey died from starvation.

“It wasn’t her time to go. She was forced onto the rainbow bridge because nobody cared enough to stop this man,” says Strong.

The people involved in Lainey’s rescue say their biggest worry is that her abuser may get away with it as animal cruelty laws aren’t as simple as some may think.

Strong explains, “The laws are a part of the Department of Agriculture. They’re extremely confusing and most people aren’t trained in them. We don’t have an Oneida County animal control officer.”

Animal advocates say it’s time for social change. They say animal cruelty laws aren’t on the animal’s side and normally these cases are pushed under the rug. So they’re reaching out to local legislators hoping to change these laws for the better.

“We need to be fighting in her name. There needs to be a Lainey’s Law so this never happens again,” said Strong.

Officials from the Oneida County Sheriff’s office say animal cruelty charges are currently pending.

Justice for Lainey Facebook Page has been set up.

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Monday was Lainey’s Day for Humane Society

Animal rights advocates in Oneida County are starting a new push for tougher laws against animal abuse. YNN’s Andrew Sorensen tells us the story of one dog who inspired thousands of people to stand up for the cause.

Human Society Never Forget Lainey

ROME, N.Y. — Everything from the flowers to the candles is technically for Lainey.

“They’re supposed to show Lainey that we’re all standing here for her,” said advocate Kim Strong.

“Today we’re honoring a life cut short. Lainey’s Day,” Humane Society of Rome Operations Manager Sarah Starczewski said.

“Lainey’s story is the straw that broke the camel’s back,” said Strong.

Strong has taken in abused dogs before. Her dog, Sapphir,e was starved down to 19 pounds before she took him in. But this one was different.

“That kind of gentleness out of a dog that was tortured for so long broke the camel’s back for me,” she said. Lainey was found in Camden on May 17th. “I have not to date seen a dog that was starved to that point,” said Starczewski. She ended up with Starczewski at the Humane Society of Rome.

“When she would go outside, because she would want to go outside to go to the bathroom, she had to be held by someone underneath so she could actually walk without falling over,” Starczewski said.

Lainey died and her owner was charged with felony animal cruelty. But Starczewski said too often, those charges don’t stick. “It shouldn’t be okay or even looked over to do what you did to an animal and just get a slap on the wrist,” she said.

So Lainey’s death sparked a new flame. “I decided to tell her story to Facebook and we got so many people that care. Because the story was real and it’s unconscionable,” said Strong.

“Now we have over 3,000 people that are supporting this,” Starczewski explained. They’re starting with a memorial and an award to honor Lainey and rescuers. “The candles are supposed to light the way for change,” Strong said.

Strong also said she doesn’t think that alone will change people who do these kinds of things. “No. But it’s a beginning,” she said. Their ultimate goal is stiffer felony penalties to make sure those people are held accountable.

The Humane Society of Rome says they plan to give out the award on a regular basis to someone who has been a hero or a guardian to animals in the community.

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Bestiality: Vancouver Man Pleads Guilty, Handed Suspended Sentence… Your Comments???


“WTF….First off can I just say when I got this story (cos I’m still catching up), it started back in February  so I posted that story first, in date order…now this is the court appearance news”

So, let me get this right, this guy has had sex with 2 of his dogs for several years, video of  him committing these acts were found at his home…BUT HE GETS A SUSPENDED SENTENCE & 3 YEARS PROBATION??”

“Am I missing something here, I thought bestiality was a criminal act in Canada, yet this guy has had sex with his dogs, even video taped it…plus he’s been very vocal about bestiality & written articles about it; but his only court penalty is:- he is to provide a list of all the animals he owns, that he not own any female dogs and that he allow the SPCA into his home for an inspection once a month???”  

” OK  I want some one else’s opinion & input here…so comments welcome…you might want to have a look at his face book page, lots of pictures of his dogs!!

A Vancouver man was handed a suspended sentence and three years probation after pleading guilty to one count of bestiality Monday

Brian Anthony Cutteridge, 38, a former employee at a veterinarian’s office, entered his plea during a brief appearance in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver.

The offence relates to seven to nine incidents over a seven-year period, from 1998 to 2005, in which he had sex with two female dogs, a Rottweiler and a Golden Retriever.

An SPCA investigation was launched in April 2010 after a complaint was filed by a veterinarian who was concerned that Cutteridge was a potential zoophile, a person who has sex with animals, that he owned dogs and that the animals had a history of urinary tract infections.

A second complaint by an anonymous person was filed in May 2010, prompting the SPCA to open a cruelty complaint file.

Brian Cutteridge, 38, of Vancouver has been charged with bestiality. Feb.

SPCA officers attended Cutteridge’s Vancouver home and he was advised of the bestiality allegations.

Three female dogs were inspected, two of which were found to have long nails.

Cutteridge denied committing bestiality but further investigation led to the seizure of video revealing him committing the acts for which he was eventually charged.

In a joint submission by Crown and defence, prosecutor David Simpkins noted there was no evidence that either of the two female dogs, named Diana and Kalle, was physically harmed by Cutteridge.

Jason Mann, the accused’s lawyer, told B.C. Supreme Court Justice Arne Silverman that his client had accepted responsibility for his conduct.

“Mr. Cutteridge wants to make it clear that he never had any intention of harming the animals involved,” he said.

The judge noted there was no need for general deterrence for crimes that would repulse the majority of Canadians.

Just one of many pictures taken From Cutteridges  Face Book page “Sickening”

He said a jail term would have been within the appropriate range of sentences, but he couldn’t say the joint submission he accepted was outside the range. “?? In English, what the hell does that mean?”

Cutteridge’s probation conditions include that he is to provide a list of all the animals he owns, that he not own any female dogs and that he allow the SPCA into his home for an inspection once a month.

There was little mention during the proceedings of Cutteridge’s Internet writings, which argue that laws against bestiality are logically incoherent and inherently unjust.

Outside court, Cutteridge said he would not be commenting.

“I’m just glad to get this done,” he told reporters.

Mann told reporters he and Cutteridge would not be speaking about his client’s prior writings on the subject of zoophilia.

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His Facebook page:-



Bestiality: On the increase in Nigeria – Animals Should Be Protected Under Brambell’s 5 Freedoms

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 I did my first post on Bestiality Brothels in the EU way back in July, which I found disgustingly sickening, but without the voices of animal advocates etc; animals will suffer in silence & I can not allow that. Since that post I have covered several on the topic, but it never gets easier to post, especially as I read the entire post first; so I can then highlight certain sentences or phrases I deem important.”

 “Only the other day I did a post about a woman, apparently arrested for sodomising her dog. I don’t normally allow comments because I don’t have time, I would spend far too much time reading & writing comments, then be in too much pain to post stories.”

“However, due to the disturbing nature of the post, I allowed comments. Almost immediately, I got 2 comments from the woman’s daughter, professing her innocence in the matter! Perhaps she didn’t do it, but surely she must have known it was going on? I have seen pictures of sodomised dogs, it’s very noticeable; especially when the dog is near death due to internal injuries…so I don’t know how she missed the signs! Read the comments yourself, see what you make of them, leave a comment if you so wish.” 

Click this to read story & read comments:-

 In my opinion, anyone who thinks bestiality is normal or acceptable…needs serious help to make them see what they are doing is wrong, it’s both immoral & socially unacceptable. If & when Animal Abuse Registry’s are enforced, any person caught sodomising an animal should have their name on it. Animals have rights, the 5 F’s sometimes referred to as Brambell’s Five Freedoms. 

“This applies to all animals, irrelative of breed! The 5 F’s should be considered as standard worldwide. Heinous act of zoophilia, bestiality or sodomy is not ..normal people don’t see animals as sexual partners

The Farm Animal Welfare Council adopts this concept & I see no reason why bestiality can’t be included. We have a duty to protect animals from humans who seek them out as willing or equal partners”.

The welfare of an animal includes its physical and mental state and we consider that good animal welfare implies both fitness and a sense of well-being. Any animal kept by man, must at least, be protected from unnecessary suffering. 

An animal’s welfare, whether on farm, in transit, at market or at a place of slaughter should be considered in terms of ‘five freedoms’. These freedoms define ideal states rather than standards for acceptable welfare. They form a logical and comprehensive framework for analysis of welfare within any system together with the steps and compromises necessary to safeguard and improve welfare within the proper constraints of an effective livestock industry.

1. Freedom from Hunger and Thirst – by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour.

2. Freedom from Discomfort – by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area. (A resting area – being able to relax;  not be on guard in constant fear from perverted humans )

3. Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease – by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment. (This must include freedom from humans using said animal unnatural carnal copulation for personal pleasure)

4. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour – by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind. (In company of their own kind, not humans seeking personal pleasure)

5. Freedom from Fear and Distress – by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering. (This must include freedom from humans using said animal for their own sexual gratification)

With the increase in cases of bestiality among Nigerians, it is unclear why the culprits abandon the natural man-woman sexual relationship for the unconventional means of satisfying their libidos.

It is also foggy as to what could be the sexual attraction of man to animal or the sense behind the call for legitimisation of bestiality in some countries, more so  when the Senate in the United States recently passed into law bill legalising sodomy and bestiality in the U.S. military, thus giving soldiers ample opportunity to practise it freely without facing prosecution.

A U.S. born zoophile was quoted in an online text as saying that there was nothing bad in zoophilia, hence the need to have it legitimised. Said he: “I believe that bestiality, as a sexual choice, should be given the same legal rights and social respect as the heterosexual and homosexual human-human relationships.  I am a practising zoophile who regularly engages in group sex with my fully-matured Rottweilers (both male and female) who willingly and often actively reciprocate the intimate eroticity. We all enjoy it immensely, so what’s wrong with it?”

Another zoophile in the U.S., Carlos Romero, who was arrested for having sex with his donkey, told an online news medium that he practised bestiality because he never felt comfortable around people, and that he was not,”a people person.”

Animals, according to him, “are usually there for you, and their feelings are 100 per cent honest, compared to humans who stab you in the back, give you diseases, lie to you and are promiscuous.”

To Tunde Aramide, a zoologist and animal rights activist, no reasonable person could justify bestiality.Apart from being barbaric, unnatural, repugnant and unjustifiable, those who practise bestiality are abusers of animals who capitalise on the nature of these animals to take undue advantage of them. Bestiality, if you consider it critically, is synonymous with animal rape and other forms of sexual abuse against them. It is illegal and those who do it should be prosecuted.

“Though sexual behaviour of individual persons is always considered a private matter and confined to the realm of morality, no society approves of cross-species sexual intimacy. Those who abuse animals sexually or otherwise are guilty of God’s judgment, because God never wants them exploited. The animals are defenseless and voiceless, yet their basic rights to good living condition should, at least, be respected,” he added.

On why bestiality is on the increase in the country, those who speak with Sunday Tribune, said inability of many in Nigeria to see animals as creatures with defined rights had contributed to the rise.

Mrs Yewande Ogunleyin, a lawyer, said those who practised bestiality were “crude and insane persons who never see sexual molestation of animals as unlawful or unnatural. Their sense of judgement is impaired, so they can’t think properly.

Citing section (214) subsection (2) of Criminal Code, she disclosed that animals too enjoyed the protection of the law as, “any person(s) who have carnal knowledge of an animal… is guilty of felony and liable for 14 years imprisonment.

According to Johnson Oyeleke, a clinical psychologist at the Department of Psychology, University of Ibadan, bestiality is an issue bordering on personality problem, saying those who engage in it behave like animals because their perception of normal things has been impaired.

“It is purely a personality problem. Those who claimed it is their nature to engage in bestiality need clinical assessment to ascertain whether they have personality problem or not. What is the underlining factor that makes you attracted to animals in the first place?

“It shows that they  have some problems inside of them. When they come, there are some tools clinical psychologists will apply on them that will bring out those underlying factors that make them attracted to animals.”

Most clerics, who spoke with Sunday Tribune, said incidents of man sleeping with animals had spiritual implication. Some of the zoophiles, according to Pastor Ayo Adejugbe of Living Faith Church, Ibadan, “sleep with animals as a spiritual prerequisite of money-making rituals. This may sound unreasonable to those in the West, but no African, I’m sure, will dispute this.”

An Islamic leader, Alhaji Ganiyu Olujimi, said, “Islam forbids bestiality. Allah forbids any intercourse between man and animal. Those who do it are not Muslims, they practise it for spiritual reasons, probably to acquire power or money. It is not ordinary.”

High Chief Yemi Elebuibon, described bestiality as inhuman and barbaric, adding that it had no basis in African traditional religion.

“You can’t rule that out in the society, because there are goats and dogs among humans too. There is no corpus of Ifa that is in support of people sleeping with animals in order to get rich.”

A demographer with the National Population Census (NPC), Ms Beatrice Daniel, said the age bracket of zoophiles in the country ranged between 25 and 50, noting that this is suggestive of certain lopsidedness in the society and mental confusion of youths in the country.

“What is happening suggests that those who do bestiality are in for it for a purpose. It may be argued that they are insane or have other forms of psychological problems. The fact, however, remains that this society rebuffs discipline and rewards corruption or immorality and permissiveness.

Acquiring power or money with little stress holds a great appeal to these youths. If sleeping with a goat will bring money or power to somebody wallowing in poverty, he will definitely agree to sleep with as many goats as possible. It is not ordinary, and I believe people do it for a purpose other than seeking for mere sexual gratification.”

Though many are of the opinion that zoophiles need medical treatment and psychotherapy, many also believe that more of them need to be put on trial for a deterrent effect, because allowing zoophilia and zoophiles to go unpunished in any sane society weakens the moral foundation of such a society.

They can contract zoonotic diseases —Prof Oyeyemi

BESTIALITY seems to be on the increase among Nigerians these days, what do you see to this?

Professor Matthew Oyeyemi, Department of Veterinary Surgery, Univesity of Ibadan

With what we have heard and seen here, there are two categories of people that practise bestiality, those who do it for ritual purposes and those who are involved in it for pure immoral reasons.

What do you think should be the roles of animal rights activists in preventing sexual abuse of animals?
It is something that is just coming up; it is true that animals have rights. For example, you don’t maltreat them, you don’t mate animals of different species, it is unlawful and unnatural. It is only animals of same species that should be mated. If somebody violates animal rights, it has punishment under the law. Those in charge should ensure that whoever that abuses animals sexually should be punished or made to face the wrath of the law. They should be apprehended and punished.

Are you saying there is a particular legislation that protects the rights of animals in the country?
There are animal rights, but I may not be specific about this, because it is just a new thing that started to happen in our society. The first case that happened was reported about three years ago.

Could you brief us about the specific rights of animals, what rights do they enjoy under the law?
Under the law animals are supposed to be fed; they have rights to good housing; you don’t perform euthanasia on animals or test dangerous drugs on them. You don’t kill them anyhow.

Does bestiality have any health risks, especially on the part of humans who engage in it?
Yes. There  are  venereal diseases among animals which could be passed onto human beings through sexual intercourse. There was the case of a man caught around 1.00 a.m. having sex with a cow, I wouldn’t mention the place because it is still under investigation. We were  contacted to give professional advice on the issue. The guy was admitted to hospital with his manhood swollen and bruised. He  was diagnosed with a venereal disease which he  contracted from the cow.  The  man confessed to having slept with the animal. So, when there is an intercourse between an animal and man, the man is at risk of contracting venereal and other  dangerous  diseases, like campylobacteriosis, toxoplasimosis.

Do animals feel sexually attracted to human beings?
Unlike human beings, animals have time of sexual arousal called heat. During their heat period, they are aroused sexually and any animal that climbs on them at that moment can have sex with them, but we don’t encourage that because animals of different species are not allowed to mate.

Zoophiles didn’t go through proper socialisation —Dr Olley

COULD you tell us what bestiality means?
First and foremost, bestiality is a sexual deviation; it is one of the classifications of improper or unconventional sexual behaviour. Essentially, sexual deviation occurs when there is an unconventional sexual gratification. The conventional way  for sexual gratification is when there is sex between man and woman, in other words, when the female and male genders meet.

Dr Benjamin Olley, clinical psychologist, Department of Psychology, UI

However, there are people who receive sexual gratification through unconventional means. That is why they are called sexual deviants, and there are several of them; masochism, sadism, paedophile, voyeurism.

Bestiality, in essence, means receiving sexual satisfaction by sleeping deliberately with animals. It could be any animal, dogs, apes, chimpanzees etc. As a matter of fact, there is  a theory that states that the  source  of HIV/AIDS is traceable to  a sexual intercourse between a man and chimpanzee. The disease  got transmitted from the animal and it started spreading according to the theory.

In Nigeria, we have had one or two cases of humans sleeping with animals; it may not be for sexual satisfaction per se, it could be for commercial reason, like making prostitutes to sleep with dogs. But bestiality essentially happens when humans sleep with animals deliberately with the aim of having sexual excitement. It is a sexual disorder and a psychiatric condition any human being can suffer from.

What psychological factors could make one engage in the sexual practice?
Several reasons could make one engage in bestiality. It could be because one is suffering certain unresolved conflicts from childhood, it could also be  as  a  result of  lack of sexual outlets (I mean when  you  are  confined to an environment where interaction with your fellow human beings is difficult and the the only source  of  sexual attraction is an animal close by). It could be a trait of anti-social personality disorder, or a symptom of mental retardation, mentally-retarded people could lose their sense of judgment and as a result sleep with an animal.

It could also be a personality problem occasioned by one’s inability to speak or interact normally with fellow human beings. In this part of the world, one cannot rule out the possibility of supernatural forces. In other words, one could be under a strong spell to engage in bestiality. Nevertheless, the sufferers should be  made to receive adequate treatment, in form of psychotherapy or proper medical treatment.

You made mention of unresolved conflicts as a contributory factor to why many engage in bestiality, would say there are certain social forces that create or trigger  these conflicts within an individual?
According to Sigmund Freud in Psychoanalysis, a school of thought in Psychology, there are some infantile unresolved conflicts that we are not aware of, but they determine some of our behaviours. They are not spoken of, yet they are embedded right in our subconscious level and later find a way of escaping through our errors and mistakes. There are some past experiences we project into the present behaviour, and we are  not conscious of them. We need to resolve those conflicts or what Freud called “sexual pleasures or instincts” before we can do things in a worthy manner.

The sexual instinct in man will want him to satisfy his urge immediately without thinking about the consequences, but we need to teach people to  delay  their  urges. It is not everything you want you can have access to. This is one of the reasons people can’t prevent corruption. You want something you can’t afford immediately, but can’t wait till you can afford it and, as such, you do so many anti-social things just to satisfy that need. Some people are like that, because they didn’t go through proper socialisation, their consciences are not well-developed. These are the people who have unresolved conflicts in them which ought to have been resolved in time past. If you don’t resolve certain things at your tender age, you will carry  them over and begin to manifest them in your adult behaviour.

Is it right to call bestiality a sexual orientation, just like LGBT  since most people who practise it believe that their bodies are naturally conditioned to making love to animals?
Homosexuality or lesbianism is not a sexual deviation. Even though it is unconventional to some people, it is not a psychiatric condition. Depending on the school of thought you operate, homosexuality is an opinion or sexual feeling you have for someone like you. It is an orientation; it is different from bestiality. Bestiality is an unconventional means of sexual gratification.

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Owner of hanged terrier calls for tougher sentences

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A woman whose dog was hanged with its own lead has called for tougher sentences for people who harm animals.

Horrific death: Losing Buster was like losing one of my children, says owner

Julie Campbell also called for an animal abuse register so offenders can be monitored and prevented from being allowed to own pets.

The 35-year-old Limavady mother-of-three woke to find her two-year-old Jack Russell Buster hanged from a metal pole in her back yard on Tuesday morning.

She revealed yesterday that she will now have to give up her other dog, as she is leaving her home and moving into temporary accommodation in another town which cannot accommodate a dog.

Ms Campbell said that her six-month-old Rottweiler Kaiser was in the back yard when Buster was killed and that the pup has not stopped whimpering since.

There has been an outpouring of public anger at the killers and sympathy for the family.

Ms Campbell said: “I am really heartened by the support.

However, she revealed that her eldest son has not spoken since he learned what had happened.

“My son turned 15 today. He hasn’t spoken since we told him. He was unable to go to school and his birthday is ruined.”

Ms Campbell was yesterday looking at finding alternative accommodation for her family.

We are going to move away from Limavady altogether,” she said, adding that “the impact has been too deep”.

“I was brought up (here) — my mum (and nan) live in the estate and all my friends. It’s terrible that we have to move away. “I think we maybe have to give our other dog away so we are going to go through that as well.”

Ms Campbell hopes that the fate of Buster and Cody, the border collie who died after being set on fire last month, will lead to more legal protection for animals in Northern Ireland.

“People that would do that to a pet should never be allowed to have a pet, and they should be really harshly punished for killing a dog, they should be jailed.

“The law should be changed to make sure of that and to keep a register of who they are.”

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Family’s horror as police officer shoots dead their beloved pet dog before trying to clean up the evidence – but it’s all caught on video

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  • Raul Ayala claims his dog was shot ‘in cold blood’ by police officer Ray Huffman
  • Video shows the cop firing several shots at the dog before dragging it away and washing the blood away with a hose
  • Town stands by Officer Huffman, saying that the shooting was justified

A heartbroken father claims a police officer shot his family’s dog ‘in cold blood’ in a gruesome act by a local police officer – all caught by his home securitycameras.

Family tragedy: The Ayala family looked to Bos as a guard dog

Raul Ayala of Lyman, Nebraska, said he had gone into town on September 22 with his wife and children, leaving his 18-month-old Rottweiler, Bos, in the yard.

He later received a call from his brother-in-law, saying that he had heard shots being fired and went to the house to find Bos was dead.

After returning to his house, Mr Ayala looked at his home security tapes, where he saw the officer fire about four shots from close range.

Bos can be seen spinning in place before collapsing and writhing on the sidewalk.

The video was also posted on YouTube on October 14 by Pittsburgh Cop Block, an organisation dedicated to naming and shaming police officers believed to have used excessive force or brutality

The police officer, Ray Huffman of the Lyman Police Department, claimed that he had only shot Bos after pepper spray was ineffective – and that the dog had lunged at him.

A post on the ‘Justice for Bos Ayala’ Facebook page reads: ‘He protected us with all he had he wasn’t just a dog he was more like family my baby who didn’t deserve what happen (sic).’

Also on the video, the officer comes into the shot as Bos lays dying, grabs the animal by one of his back legs, and drags him off to the side.

He then takes a hose that was hanging nearby and uses it to rinse the blood off the concrete. He tosses the hose on the ground just before the video ends.

Police said that Huffman washed the blood away because he did not want the family to see it.

The family is now calling for Huffman’s dismissal from the Lyman Police Department.

But the village won’t budge, saying that it has numerous witnesses ‘who saw the dog acting aggressively and that it was not the first time.’

The Village of Lyman said in a statement that it ‘supports the actions taken by Officer Huffman and will defend such actions unless it is proven that Officer Huffman acted negligently in his duties as a police officer.’

But Ayala claims the security tape shows that the village is wrong, and that the shooting was not justified.

Mr Ayala told the Star Herald: ‘Nothing in the Village of Lyman’s statement is consistent with what is shown on my video. Furthermore, nothing said by Mr Huffman is consistent with what is being shown on my video.’

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Watch video here (WARNING: Graphic content)

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A heartbroken father claims a police officer shot his family’s dog ‘in cold blood’ in a gruesome act by a local police officer – all caught by his home security cameras.

Raul Ayala of Lyman, Nebraska, said he had gone into town on September 22 with his wife and children, leaving his 18-month-old Rottweiler, Bos, in the yard.

He later received a call from his brother-in-law, saying that he had heard shots being fired and went to the house to find Bos was dead. 

Young Woman Misses Church To Save Puppy Discarded In Dumpster

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Kate Baumgartner, 22, was walking to church in Glen Carbon, IL, on Sunday when she heard a noise coming from a dumpster. She decided to investigate the barking noise, climbing into the dumpster in her Sunday’s best. Inside, Kate found an 8-week-old puppy inside a trash bag.

“I did cry,” said Kate, a student at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. “I didn’t know what I was in for when I got in a dumpster, and there was a living animal, but I was in for a surprise!”

Her mother’s neighbour is a veterinarian, so Kate took the puppy for a short check up on Sunday morning. “I made it to the vet but didn’t make it to church,” Kate said.

Kate believes the puppy is a Shepherd-Boxer mix and plans to take her in for a full veterinarian check up and shots, but from the puppy’s first assessment by the neighbour  more medical care may be required. The neighbour suspects that the puppy has bruised ribs and a tail that has been broken at least once.

Regardless of what condition the puppy is in, Kate is ready to provide whatever care the puppy, named Layla, may need.

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“I would suggest if anyone know’s of a litter looking similar to the above, or know’s of someone else having one, to inform police! Some BxxxxxD put the puppy in a trash bag alive, after hurting it, then without a care tossed it out with the trash! They must be found & punished, doesn’t take a massive effort; if everybody just thinks about whether they have seen others like the puppy above!

The address the pups came from may be the same. Either the owner dumped it as a runt, or after it was injured or someone else purchased it, then realised they didn’t want it so tossed it out. It’s the address of where those puppies came from, that may give police a link as to who so carelessly hurt the wee thing then threw it out with the trash!!”

“I can’t believe it doesn’t say to contact local police in the article!!!”



DOGS sentenced to death for mauling and killing another animal have been given a last minute reprieve.

andy dobinsondfgh

Raymond Dobinson: Appealed to save dogs

The good news for three Rottweilers who viciously killed a tiny Chihuahua followed a court appeal by their owner.

Raymond Dobinson, 59, of Great Clifton – who owned 24 Rottweilers at the time of the attack – had been ordered to have three of them destroyed for a savage attack on a Chihuahua named Theo in April last year.

But Judge Barbara Forrester, sitting with magistrates at Carlisle Crown Court

David Stevens, who has dealt with hundreds of dangerous dog cases, had inspected Mr Dobinson’s house on William Street and made several recommendations which have now been put in place.

He said: “It’s a very unfortunate incident and nobody likes to see a dog attacked.

“But these dogs have impeccable manners.

“Most dogs have that are owned by the public have failed this test. This is very stringent. I don’t take any prisoners on my assessments.”

Mr Stevens said he was “absolutely” satisfied with the measures taken by Mr Dobinson to avoid a similar incident.

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In Middle of Burning Field, Puppies Tied To Tree killed, Injured by Bee Swarm

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FALLBROOK — Three puppies died and two were critically injured in Fallbrook after they were tied to a tree beneath a hive of beesthat attacked them, authorities said Friday.

Jack Russell terrier Woody also survived swarm attack

All the dogs were about five months old and suffered numerous bee stings.

“It’s a tragic story,” said Lt. Dan DeSousa of the county Department of Animal Services.

They were found near an oak tree in the middle of a field that had been set on fire off De Luz Road, next to their owners’ residence and a trailer park, on May 31.

Two migrant workers used extinguishers to douse most of the flames before firefighters got there about noon, Cal Fire Capt. Mike Mohler said. They discovered the dead and injured dogs about 25 feet away from the 20-foot patch of scorched vegetation.

Four pups were still tied to the tree by separate ropes, DeSousa said.

Mohler said fire investigators determined that someone set the blaze, but were not yet sure if it was done intentionally.

Two Jack Russell terrier mixes died of strangulation, apparently as they strained against their ropes trying to get away from the bee swarm, DeSousa said. He said a Rottweiler broke its rope and made it about 30 feet away from the tree before dying.

Two puppies that survived dozens of stings — a mixed-breed Chihuahua named Buzz and a Jack Russell mix named Woody, both named after “Toy Story” movie characters — were improving at a veterinary hospital on Friday. When they recover sufficiently, they will be moved to a Carlsbad animal shelter and put up for adoption.

“Words fail me…watch this heart-wrenching video of the little darlings, I found on YouTube! Somebody knows these dogs & or who they belong to, do you really want to be in the company of someone so callous & heartless?? Please if you know who did this heinous crime, contact Lt. Dan DeSousa of the county Department of Animal Services”


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Five dogs were attacked by a swarm of bees in Fallbrook. Tragically, they were all tied to the tree and could not escape. The two surviving puppies, both five months old, are a male Jack Russell terrier mix and a male Chihuahua mix. It is unknown if the person who tied the puppies under the tree knew about the bee hive.

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