Tiger cubs stars of Japanese safari park – video

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“Why are the public allowed to play with such young cubs?? This is so wrong…yet again…animals exploited for money!”

  • Monday 30 July 2012

Four tiger cubs born on 3 June are already the stars of Japan’s Fuji safari park, west of Tokyo.

The cubs delight visitors, who are able to play with the newborn felines after feeding them formula under the supervision of park caretakers. A newborn black jaguar is also preparing for its debut at the park, along with new lion cubs

You can tell from their scarred little noses that they are probably kept in tiny holding cells.  Big cats will constantly pace when confined to quarters that are too small.  The missing nose hair is a good indicator of an early life where they had very little space!

Good Zoos Do Not Allow Contact

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News Link:http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/video/2012/jul/30/tiger-cubs-japanese-safari-video?newsfeed=true

News Link:http://911animalabuse.com/2012/08/04/good-zoos-do-not-allow-contact/

Lions Feed on Live Animals In Iran Zoo – Horrific Video

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“This is shocking to say the least, feeding time at a small Zoo in the North of Iran, has totally outraged, shocked & made me cry! .

We all know captive animals in zoo’s are fed raw meat, as that is their staple diet. Most zoo’s would feed the meat of a dead animal, as nobody wants to see a live animal torn apart in front of their eyes, or do they?.

Some safari park themed zoo’s in Japan/China, where the big cats are kept in large open enclosure, certainly do like to feed live animals. At these locations, one can  ride into the middle of the pride to watch, at feeding times. Once several of the little mini vans have circled the pride of lions, another truck appears. This is a tip up truck, the alarm is sounded, everyone takes out their camera’s to catch the horrific sceptical that follows.  The truck slowly tips its load…& a live cow falls out. The cow barley has a chance to stand before the beasts are on it, tearing apart! The crowds start to cheer & lift their small children up to the windows so they can see the lions devouring a cow, whilst it bellows in excruciating pain!

One would have to be very cold-hearted to even want to watch something like the above happen.  I know animals  in the wild, catch & kill or eat prey alive. But an animal being kept a prisoner in a zoo or safari park just isn’t the same. The lions don’t have to hunt for their food, it’s given to them daily. So there is no need to feed live animals, feeding live animals is  done purely for entertainment purposes, which of course brings in more money!

Somebody sent me a You tube video of  a small  zoo in the North of Iran, which has 3 lions.  The lion enclosure isn’t very big, but at least the lions can lay on grass as opposed to the usual concrete enclosures.  Thick glass walls separate the lions from the public, so you can get very up close & personal with the lions.

Unfortunately, this zoo also likes to entertain the public at feeding times too…but they don’t put a cow in, which is bad enough…they put a live donkey in. The video is 15 minutes long, the time it took for the lion to asphyxiate the poor donkey by grasping its neck. The other lions didn’t bother to  wait, until it was dead. They may have been starved for a few day’s, I don’t know as there is no written words that accompany the video, in fact I can’t find much at all on this grim video.

It really angers & upsets me to know that this happening, it is just barbaric. But judging by the large crowd, who glorified in  taking pictures & videos of the lions feeding, it seemed an organised event. Perhaps the people pay more on feeding days. It also bothered me that once again, small children were at the front of the crowds.

What sort of message is this inappropriate spectacle sending to children, who are allowed to watch, even take pictures of such brutal bloody spectacles… it certainly won’t teach them that all living beings have feelings like pain, nor that all animals deserve freedom from pain & it certainly won’t teach them to respect animals when they are older. What the hell are the parents thinking; several of those children are  animal abusers in the making. 

For Gods sake, if you want to see an animal devour another, go to the natural habitat where said animal lives. No zoo should allow captive  animals to kill their own dinner, let alone have the public to pay to watch…It needs to be banned ASAP!!”

Please note – Viewer discretion is strongly advised.  (All done in the name of entertainment, to make money…Sick!)

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