Rest in Peace Kilo xx

“This is so tragic… I just don’t understand or see clearly, why the officers had to shoot the police dog so brutally like that! The dog handler was shot in the legs so I’m presuming it wasn’t a life or death scenario…he still had his voice, so he should have commanded the dog to retreat & held him close until another dog handler or vet could get to the scene & if necessary, sedate the dog, for everyone’s safety.” 

” It doesn’t say if the gunman killed the innocent man or the police did, by mistake…just as I think they made a huge mistake, by killing an innocent dog, just doing his duty; protecting his owner. If the wounds were not life threatening, why couldn’t they have just waited for back up to come with a sedative for the dog? The gunman had already taken his own life, so they were out of danger! I would love to hear what Kilo’s police handler truthfully feels about the situation!”

Devastating, new information has been shared about the Anderson, Ind. Police K-9 who was killed on Thursday night in Pendleton, Ind.

Initial reports stated only that the dog, a Belgian malinois named “Kilo,” had been killed at some point in the midst of the fire-fight between the suspect, Jim Kenneth Bailey, 59, of New Castle, and officers.

According to information published Friday at the San Francisco Chronicle, Kilo was not killed by the gunman, or in the cross-fire, he was intentionally shot and killed by another police officer.

Kilo was apparently protecting his fallen partner, Officer Marty Dulworth, who had been shot in the legs.

Tragically, Kilo’s efforts to protect his fallen handler led him to react to the other officers who were attempting to assist the injured man.

One of the officers who was trying to provide aid to the fallen officer was bitten by Kilo.

The protective dog was gunned down and died at the scene.

Also killed in the shooting was an innocent civilian, John Neil Shull, and the gunman, who apparently died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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