Upsetting VIDEO: Fury over beating of horse with a stick

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“It is not the animal tied up; it’s the one doing the beating that is the animal….SICK POS….I would love to do the same to the aggressor. Arabian horses are noted for their flowing gate, & overall beauty; I would love to own one! It pains me deeply to see this sickening POS treat the horse in such a sadistic manner; I don’t know if the horse survived or not! I pray they are caught & given the appropriate sentence!!”

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Anger is growing after video footage has emerged of a man striking a horse on the forehead with a stick, causing it to collapse.
Warning footage is upsetting – Men Laugh As One Strikes An Arabian Horse
Published on 15 Feb 2014

The perpetrator is seen to be laughing following the incident, as the horse appears to struggle to regain its feet.

The footage is believed to be of two Saudi men, according to reports. At the time of writing, nearly 500,000 people had viewed the footage on YouTube.

The animal was tied to a power pole when the incident occurred.

The reaction in Saudi Arabia has been swift, with efforts under way to identify those responsible.

The footage has been circulated widely online, with many Saudis demanding that those responsible be brought to justice.

Emir Abdelaziz Ben Saad Ben Jouli, a horse breeder in the Al-Ahsa region in the country’s east, is among those seeking the arrest of the men.

“I’ve put my telephone number on Twitter, asking people who have any information about these individuals to come forward so that the police can arrest them,” he was reported as saying on The Observers website.

“I was appalled when I saw the video. I can’t understand how anyone can treat a horse – or any other animalwith such cruelty.

“I have already contacted a lawyer in order to launch legal proceedings against these people. All I want is for them to be sent to prison so that they understand the gravity of their actions and, above all, serve as a warning for others,” he said.

“This act is even more incomprehensible given that the horse, especially the pure-bred Arabian, is a very respected and pampered animal here.”

Arabian horses played a major role in the unification of Saudi Arabia, he said. King Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia’s first monarch, and his men criss-crossed the country on the back of Arabian horse as they fought to unite the country at the start of the 20th century.


Twitter users have created the hashtag #محاسبة_معذبي_الحصان (“punishment for the horse’s torturers”).

The reaction on Twitter has been fierce.

“Humans without humanity,” tweeted @RazanAlDayel.

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5-years’ jail for torturing animals in Saudi

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Punishment also involves fine of up to SR1 million

Saudi Arabia on Monday became one of a few countries to mete out severe punishment against torturing animals, announcing those caught being cruel to pets and other animals could be jailed for up to five years.

The Saudi Ministry of Agriculture announced the sentence in response to a recent film showing a Saudi man cutting off a cat’s tail with an axe after he accused the pet of damaging his car fan.

The punishment also includes a fine ranging between SR1,000 and SR1000,000, according to the London-based Saudi Arabic language daily Al-Hayat.

“That man who was reported to have cut off the cat’s tail would be prosecuted for his cruelty,” the Ministry’s assistant undersecretary for animal wealth Khaled bin Mohammed Al Fuhaid told the paper.

“The punishment for such offences could involve a fine of up to SRone million and five years in prison depending on the type and size of the offence.”

Fuhaid said the kingdom’s laws protect all livestock and pets, including animals and birds, adding that attacking an animal who does not pose danger to man constitutes a “crime and violation of Islam” in Saudi Arabia.

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Minister of Wildlife HRH Prince Bandar and Riyadh city municipality: Shut down Fantasyland zoo, relocate and treat the rescued animals.

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“Hadiqa Abu Jarrah” in Riyadh – Fantasyland zoo

“How can anyone call a row of cages a zoo? Housing an animal in a barren space, devoid of environmental enrichment, may have a serious negative effect on health, welfare & behaviour. Such situations are likely to encourage abnormal, repetitive behaviour (known as ‘stereotypic’ behaviour), self-mutilation, apathy, heightened aggression and in some cases extreme neurosis.

 “It is clear to see that no thought has been put into the animals living quarters or the well being of the animals. Failure to provide  captive wild animals with the opportunity to express normal behaviour usually has a detrimental effect, such as ill health & stereotypical behaviour (pacing, rocking etc.) These poor animals don’t have any of the.”

“The Five Freedoms form the minimum requirements for numerous articles of animal welfare legislation and guidance around the world, including the UK Zoo Licensing Act of 1981, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the UK tourist industry’s Animal Interactions Guidelines (Federation of Tour Operators, 2006).”

  • Freedom from Hunger and Thirst – by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour.
  • Freedom from Discomfort – by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area.
  • Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease – by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment.
  • Freedom to Express Normal Behavior – by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind.
  • Freedom from Fear and Distress – by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering.

“Clearly the Fantasy land zoo has none of the above, hence the animals are suffering badly. Please support these animals by signing the petition below. Also check  ‘ Blue Abaya’ Blog, as there are links to further support this action. I will forward this post to my contact at Born Free Zoo check, to see if they can help these animals in any way!”

PETITIONShut down Fantasyland zoo, relocate and treat the rescued animals.

The sickly lion didn’t have energy to move at all during visit.

Please sign this petition if you are inside or outside Saudi Arabia and circulate because we need international awareness about these blatant animal rights and law violations in Saudi Arabia.

Circuses are illegal in Saudi Arabia, and so is the importation of endangered and exotic animals according to CITES laws.

It is also illegal to abuse, sell and make money off of animals according to Islamic laws. However, the zoo at Fantasyland in thumamah, Riyadh Saudi Arabia has lions, tigers, bears, coyotes, hyenas, monkeys in small 3 meter metal cages with no food or water present. 

The animals are suffering from malnutrition, and have had teeth removed as evident in the photos and video.

These animals are clearly depressed and miserable and may be drugged and further abused physically.

This place is a zoo of horrors and must be shut down immediately and the animals humanely relocated and given veterinary care.

Please sign petition:

Extracts from Laylah  who has been to this place –  ‘ Blue Abaya’ Blog “The Zoo Of Horror’s:-blog:-

“Ever since I heard about a zoo called “Hadiqa Abu Jarrah” in Riyadh where animals are horribly mistreated it has deeply disturbed me. When we finally got the chance to go check the place out it became apparent the zoo was much worse than I had imagined.”

“The actual “zoo” which is in reality only a few small metal cages placed next to each other, is located inside the Fantasy Land amusement park on Thumamah Road. The animals have absolutely nothing in the cages, they can see and hear the others at all times. There were many ill looking, poorly animalsthere as well. The cages are outside in a hall withno air-conditioning or heating. Most shockingly they had large animals such as a grizzly bear and adult lions in tiny cages. The animals are never let out of the cages and there is only one zoo keeper taking care of them all”.

“These animals are in urgent need of help! Seeing the the zoo in all its horror and the animals there looking like they lived in hell on earth made me extremely, extremely MAD. There are not many things in this world that upset me as much as mistreatment of animals, children and women. So I decided to write this post to spread awareness of the appalling conditions of the animals held at Hadiqa Abu Jarrah.”

“The man pictured owns these animals and apparently few years back he decided to set up this zoo and the animals were brought there and placed into the small torture cells for people to come look at for a fee of 20 SAR. Previously the animals had been on the mans farm. There was no information about where or how he had gotten most of these animals but there is clear indication most must have been brought into the country illegally.”

” The man has had this grizzly bear for 10 years. We were told it was smuggled in as a baby from the U.S. Wouldn’t that be an offense punishable by a jail sentence in the States, to smuggle out an endangered species? Saudi-Arabia does not have animal protection laws and the law banning trafficking of endangered animals is clearly not enforced whatsoever, which can be seen by going into any petshop in the Kingdom.”

“His son pictured inside the hyenas cage, WHILE the hyena is having its dinner. Hyenas are such peaceful, mindful eaters right? Anyone who ever watched National Geographic channel hyena programs showing how these ferocious predators normally eat their food and react to potential threats to their meal would know just how foolish and potentially dangerous this actually is.”

“Back to the grizzly. This must be the world’s saddest, most depressed bear. He looks into the eyes of the visitor with such plea it is simply heart wrenching to watch.
The bear never got out of his prison, if you don’t count the photo sessions with “Abu Jarrah”. The zoo keeper was too afraid to even think of opening its cage in fear of his life. Grizzlies like all bears need to roam around extensively, have activities, social contacts and they also hibernate. I doubt this bear ever had the chance to have any of those things.”

“A few fans were placed here and there around the hall. During Saudi winters the night time temperatures drop near 0 Celcius(32F) and in the summer temperatures soar to the high 40s daily reaching even 53C(127C). This places the animals in great risk of hypothermia or heat stroke and dehydration.”

A baby monkey which was placed next to the bear looked pretty much frightened out of his mind and despite being locked up inside the cage had a rope tied to one of its legs.

 “I’m sure many reading this are upset and know that animals just like humans can sense pain and even emotions such as boredom, excitement, joy, frustration and fear. The only thing animals can’t do is speak out and tell us. We need to give them our voices.”

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“zoo” inside Fantasyland amusent park where animals are jailed and tortured in tiny cages with no shelter or food or water available and never let out of the cages. The owner is Saudi man called “Abu Jarrah”. More info and pics here:

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